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Joe Biden

Biden to Visit Beirut

By Glenn Kessler
The White House announced this afternoon that Vice President Biden will visit Beirut tomorrow as part of an effort to show support for "an independent and sovereign Lebanon" at a time when the Iran-backed Hezbollah, which the United States considers a terrorist organization, appears increasingly poised to make big gains in next month's election. Biden will also announce military assistance to Lebanon's armed forces, the White House said.

The planned visit is interesting enough, but so is the announcement. Normally, senior U.S. officials never announce in advance that they are traveling to Beirut, for security reasons. The main airport is located in the Southern part of the city and diplomatic motorcades generally have to travel through Hezbollah-controlled territory to get to Beirut's center for meetings.

Indeed, when Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Beirut last month, her trip was shrouded in secrecy. Reporters on her plane were barred from even reporting that she was going there until after she had already landed in the country.

Posted at 4:33 PM ET on May 21, 2009  | Category:  Joe Biden
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If the US has any extra money, it should be used to pay down the national debt, as China currently owns the US.

Joe Biden is in Lebanon demonstrating the hypocrisy of the US by trying to buy an election. Shame on him and the US, which goes around world preaching to countries about the greatness of democracy.

The US prides itself on the freedom that americans have to choose their leaders, but the US has no qualms about denying Arabs the right to choose their leaders. Examples are the Palestinians, Iraqis, and Lebanese. Wonder if Israel has anything to do with the action the US is taking.

Hope Lebanon tells Biden where he can put his US dollars, and vote Hezbollah into office.

US and Israel are the sources of conflict and violence in the Middle East. They will lead us into an unnecessary war with Iran and the arab countries, which will end in armageddon.

Posted by: marge9 | May 22, 2009 8:03 PM

Dear A-col moron. Lebanon is not a combat zone. On June 7, they will be having the most important elections the Mideast has had - maybe ever. But you wouldn't bother to inform yourself about anything, seeing as you're just looking for a platform to spew your rightwing propaganda.

Posted by: JoshHamilton | May 22, 2009 11:01 AM

Sending this clown to a combat zone is criminal. In defense of the Vice President, he doesn't commit all those gaffs on purpose; he just isn't bright enough to avoid them. Joe ("5-deferment") is the reason every American should pray every evening for Obama's good health! He will go down in history as the dumbest and most inept vice president of all times; by contrast he makes Palin look smart and Dan Quayle absolutely brilliant.

Of course, he proved he might just be a Military Expert by the way he avoided any brush with armed conflict during his youth when he successfully dodged the draft during Vietnam (he and Dick Cheney did everything short of maiming themselves which neither had the guts to do – I guess it’s a prerequisite for VP). Again, by contrast here Biden makes "W" look like a war hero! (For the record, Bush flying antique Air National Guard Convair F-102s was probably in more danger than I was during an extended CIB-earning tour in Vietnam!).

It appears President Obama has already assigned Biden the role of designated "butt of jokes" for the late night comedians -- a role for which he is eminently well qualified and ideally suited. The Obama challenge will be "Hidin Biden" for four years!

Posted by: A-COL | May 21, 2009 7:12 PM

I'd say anyone with Syrian Connections like Biden enjoys;

is HARDLY what I'd call a show of support against Hissybollah!

Posted by: SAINT---The | May 21, 2009 4:37 PM

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