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N. Korea Gives Obama a Holiday Test

By Ben Pershing
We'll never know whether North Korea consulted the American holiday calendar before deciding to conduct a nuclear test and test-fire missiles Monday -- three years ago, similar missile tests occurred around July 4th -- but deliberately or not, the secretive regime did President Obama a favor by committing its latest provocation during Memorial Day weekend. That timing served to muffled and delay the reaction from administration critics, who are only now returning from vacation to start criticizing Obama for his alleged foreign policy weakness.

Just in case the world didn't get the message yesterday, North Korea reportedly launched two more missiles today. The moves are widely seen as a test of the new president's mettle, and its decision to eschew a policy of isolation in favor of engagement with rogue nations. It's still unclear whether the White House was officially surprised by the timing of the nuclear test, but it is clear that the administration wants to project an air of determination and strength.

Of course, Obama's wasn't too worried to squeeze in a round of golf Monday. To use an increasingly common but still irritating word, the "optics" are never good when the president plays golf. But again, it was a holiday, so how many Americans noticed?

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By Ben Pershing  |  May 26, 2009; 8:21 AM ET
Categories:  The Rundown  
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Somehow all the talk of how Kim is a crackpot eccentric, while Obama is portrayed as fatherly, all-knowing, and wise doesn’t quite square with reality when the “crackpot” is running circles around our flawless messiah.

This is the same Obama that was apparently busy with his puppy-vetting process or playing basketball while the Russians where nabbing our Afghan supply air-base in Kyrgizstan.

Obama is endangering our national security, a failure of his most primary duty as president… maybe we should draw a line here?

Living in a celebrity-driven/liberal/MSM fantasy world is not a right of Obama supporters to cling-to indefinitely, as it’s both the voters and the press’ duty to make informed, good-faith decisions… not waste power making a hollow fashion statement instead.

It’s rapidly getting to the point where this kind of willfully-ignorant “thinking” is not just irresponsible, but dangerous. Obamania’s sheeple are deeply delusional, and as Obama’s enablers, these fools are going to get us killed.

Posted by: ReaganiteRepublican | May 26, 2009 2:09 PM | Report abuse

All I see are people who are trying to paint a picture of their desire of President Obama. The pressure is mounting everyday on that man and I believe he is in that position to turn the things around. All the violence we witnessed under President Bush against the Europian countries will not be the case under Obama soon. I would like to see him meet the living Human, Nelson Mandela. I would love to see an American Prsident Obama creating peace, taking care of the atmosphere pollution levels of His nation America and an American state that enters clean and clear international trades and relations truthfully.

Posted by: 209529139ukznacza | May 26, 2009 12:29 PM | Report abuse

What should the US do about North Korea?


Posted by: usadblake | May 26, 2009 11:55 AM | Report abuse

The following statement in the article is what I was most interested in.

"returning from vacation to start criticizing Obama for his alleged foreign policy weakness."

I hope in my lifetime America finds the true written and agreed to meaning for the word weakness. Based on the prevailing media culture, strength is indicated by violence while weakness is indicated by the use of intelligent thought, timing and not jumping on the panic button every time North Korea or Iran tests or fires a nuclear bomb or delivery missile. Bush, as a result of his weak intellect, was a brash reactionary that did nothing to prevent the future actions of North Korea. In fact, his naming of North Korea did more harm than good. When you are driving on the street and someone gives you the finger, do you react or think? Those that react are more likely to start a chain reaction that could end up in a violent end. Those that think, take the license number down and plans his or her next move. All Presidents are tested on a daily basis from little to big problems. President Obama is no more susceptible to testing than any other president before him. For a president that has only been in office for a little over 140 days, we have unrealistic expectations that he can fix and turn around the problems that were created over an 8 year period.

Posted by: Jody2 | May 26, 2009 11:51 AM | Report abuse

so why is it OK for Israel to own 250 nuclear weapons that are enough to destroy the entire world, and N Koreal cannot?
Double standards
oh I forgot Israel is above the law..sorry

Posted by: cuteboy | May 26, 2009 10:34 AM | Report abuse

So, when can we expect Micheal Moore to use Obama golfing in his next "documentary"?

Posted by: JakeD | May 26, 2009 10:07 AM | Report abuse

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