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Obama Wants Healthier Workers

By Ed O'Keefe
You know the saying that if you want to get ahead in your job it's wise to dress like the boss? Federal employees may also want to start exercising like him.

As President Obama continues his health care reform efforts today, he's asked aides to identify the best private-sector employee wellness and prevention practices and consider adopting similar plans for federal employees and federal workplaces. The Office of Personnel Management will work with the Office of Health Reform, the National Economic Council, the Labor Department and the Office of Management and Budget to develop the plan, according to the White House.

"The President hopes that by encouraging more employers to adopt similar programs, we can improve the productivity of our workforce, delay or avoid many of the complications of chronic diseases, and slow medical cost growth," a news release said.

Obama met this morning with state health officials and the CEOs of companies that operate employee health care programs, including Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, REI, Safeway and the director of an Ohio state government program developed to reduce health risks for Buckeye State employees.

The president's announcement comes as the General Services Administration prepares to take a healthy step next month and close smoking lounges in the 1,500 federal buildings it manages.

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By Web Politics Editor  |  May 12, 2009; 12:59 PM ET
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All I know is I'm on Medicare plus supplemental health insurance and I'm still paying close to a grand a month for medications, just to stay alive. Sterling Greenwood/Aspen Free Press

Posted by: AspenFreePress | May 12, 2009 5:10 PM | Report abuse


That the point--to discuss health care with---BUSINESS LEADERS. For profit business shouldn't be involved in health care at all? THE PEOPLE do not need middleman anymore, as they become rich of the backs of sick people. It will be very interesting to see what is enacted on Capitol Hill? Too much money to be made by both parties, for UHC to succeed. Large Campaign Contributions buys a lot of influence in our politics? Let us see if the majority of Democrats and President Obama are really concerned about the working man? Just remember that Health care is a trillion dollar---FOR PROFIT--- industry in America, that does not work for the average person.

When you have seen family members dying because they have denied medical care, as they had insufficient coverage. When your sick child could not afford 14 drugs to keep them alive. Yes! I think its time for a European type health care, without worrying about co-pays and premiums? Only the wealthy like the broken system the way it is because they can afford everything they need, including home visits by prestigious physicians. We--THE AMERICAN PEOPLE--are given less service, less preventative medicine--specially if you have been laid-off from your job. However the fact that hundreds of thousands of well-heeled investors, including our senators and Congressman who make massive profits in the medical industry--AS THAT IS WHAT IT IS--AN INDUSTRY? The million dollar ads on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies are already here to scare people off a European system Their biggest worry is that it will eat into their enormous profits? Nobody on the lower pay scale will get decent humane medical care, while the monolithic for-profit insurance companies are involved, as they will bleed every penny they can from us. Before the British legal and illegal immigration invasion of the 1950's, my distant relatives assured me they received first class health care from the government.

Just have to ensure illegal nationals go home to get health care--NOT ON THE BACKS OF TAXPAYERS? CALL YOUR SENATORS & REPRESENTATIVES AND DEMAND IT?

Posted by: infinity555 | May 12, 2009 3:53 PM | Report abuse

i forgot to mention....
re: human dignity in the workplace issue...

how can you concentrate on healthy federal workers (state, local, county included) - when the "atmosphere" of the workplace in America is not conducive to good health?

Rude supervisors at 8AM in the morning.
Good ole boys swearing more times than Tony Montana in Scarface
Good girly networks that if you aren't in their circle (you know the ones that chit chat for 2 hours from 8am to 10am when they first get in the office)----
if you aren't with them, you're out.
oh.....and let's not forget the workplace that has no respect or regard to the hard workers that actually stay out of email and off the Internet, do their work...
but hecky darn, aren't related to the boss?

forget health
better change your pattern of behavior of rudeness and brow beating.

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | May 12, 2009 3:28 PM | Report abuse

i understand where the Prez is coming from.
state government - any given agency will have a "wellness dept".
this has been going on for about 10 years or less.
Our health services dept at the capital has it for the state employees...
thing's not much of a program.
free massages is about all you get.

and your taxpayer money is going to supply 4 people within that "wellness dept" with a job, that they will do approx. 8 hours out of 40 hours a week
of true work.

talk about free money.
oh yeah prez...create a program like this and watch the free money go with the wind while producing no more healthier of an employee than when you started.

i want that new jaguar anyway. thanks

Posted by: TheBabeNemo | May 12, 2009 3:07 PM | Report abuse

All over the country, innovative ideas are being implemented in the workplace to improve the health of workers and reduce the rising rate of health care spending. Skyrocketing health care costs are crushing families and companies, impeding businesses’ ability to expand and compete, and stunting the country’s economic growth. Some employers and unions – spanning industries, firm size, and workforce demographics – are using creative approaches to reverse that trend in their workplaces. Here is what the Obama administration just released.

Posted by: iDEA4U | May 12, 2009 2:26 PM | Report abuse

Sick Joke and Obama's Not Laughing

Posted by: aratunes | May 12, 2009 1:39 PM | Report abuse

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