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Supreme Court

Court Watch: Senate Meetings

By Garance Franke-Ruta
Today in court news:

* Judge Sonia Sotomayor today meets with key senators on the hill, Michael A. Fletcher and Shailagh Murray report.

* Such meetings can be make or break for Supreme Court candidates, Roll Call's John Stanton notes. "Republicans and Democrats alike credited [Harriet Miers'] collapse to a poor performance in her meetings with Senators -- the lawmakers didn't feel she had the intellectual weight or experience to merit a lifetime appointment to the high court. That, coupled with an aggressive Internet campaign by liberal and conservative opponents, quickly brought the nomination down.

"Conversely, Chief Justice John Roberts was a hit with lawmakers when he made the rounds in 2005 -- particularly with Leahy, who was then the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee."

* Anita Hill, who attended Yale Law School with Sotomayor, speaks up on her former classmate to, telling the interviewer: "I think she's a great choice not simply because she's a Latina. She has acknowledged that as part of her identity, in a way that I think is very responsible and wise. She has said, 'This is the perspective that I come from.' But she has also said, 'I understand that perspective, but I try not to allow that to lend itself to bias.' I like that kind of embracing of one's own identity, but also self-reflection. It means she's going to be aware of who she is and understand how that plays in her decision-making, but she is also going to be quite aware of the rule of law and have great respect for the rule of law, and be able to apply it. We are enriched in the judiciary by having both those concepts in one person, and so what some people have found troubling about her I actually find refreshingly candid and self-aware."

* And The Post's editorial board comes out against "sexist assumptions" in the debate over Sotomayor's qualifications.

Posted at 11:59 AM ET on Jun 2, 2009  | Category:  Supreme Court
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GOP Senators need to publicly and forcefully refute the hate speech coming from their own party's conservative base. Sessions needs to stand with Sotomayor and declare that she is not a 'Latina woman racist."

Posted by: parkerfl1 | June 2, 2009 12:39 PM

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