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Obama Defenders Emerge in Photo Flap

By Garance Franke-Ruta
The Drudge Report has been pushing the story, but Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times today is pushing back against interpretations of a photo from the G-8 meeting in L'Aquila, Italy, that suggest Obama was casting a glance at more than the floor.

"There has been interest in a certain photo of the president during this photo-op, and I have mentioned what I saw from my perspective to several of you, so here it is for everyone," Dinan wrote White House reporters in an unusual next-day addendum to his press pool report on the event Thursday.

"Pooler had eyes on Obama for most of the event, and in particular as they group entered and as the juniors (the teenage student that accompanied each leader) were leaving the stage. I did not see anything from my perspective that looked like the president checking out anyone. I did see him act as traffic cop and keep things running. Obama greeted most, if not all, of the juniors."

Good Morning America this morning ran videotape of the president at the photo shoot with leader's families which appeared to show him looking left and right at the steps on which he and the juniors were to pose, and assisting one young woman with descending a step. It was during this transaction that he looked in the same direction as French President Nicolas Sarkozy and was captured on film.

The video, however, makes clear that Sarkozy's eyes were not as focused as the president's on the stage set-up. See for yourself below:

Posted at 6:42 PM ET on Jul 10, 2009  | Category:  Obama Abroad
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Anything to drag this President down. The funny thing is that it won't happen and that is frustrating the heck out of the Obama haters. Imagine, an articulate, intelligent, confident, strong Black man with a beautiful intelligent, articulate, confident wife and beautiful smart, well mannered children as First Family. They are representing us proudly and some people out there can't stand it. Those people are so afraid that he might just succeed in bringing this country back that they are spending all their time doing everything they can to bring this President down. We've seen it before with another great President, Clinton. To bad when they ran the country they did such an awful job. Jealous much?

Posted by: catmomtx | July 11, 2009 5:36 PM

Of course, he is checking out her a@@. He's a politician....Maybe he is tired of masculine females and is looking into the more feminine version....

Posted by: tdl62 | July 11, 2009 12:17 PM


None of those Republicans were President. Bill Clinton was, and America doesn't need to go through that again.

Posted by: JakeD | July 11, 2009 10:13 AM

my god you mean we have elected a human who is attracted to the opposite sex?

where are sanford, vitter, ensign, craig, and all the other right wing moralizers when we need them?

Posted by: mikepatrick1 | July 11, 2009 4:53 AM

Why would I think our prez had a moment of weekness. He was caught in the act admiring a minor..Looking is OK next time he may pull a Clinton. We're keeping our eye on him....

Posted by: MOMLEE | July 11, 2009 2:09 AM

Call it what you want just like my grandpa use to say if you dont look you are dead now are you all saying he is not human give it a rest it is what it is let it go in the long run he saw he looked no more no less If you want 24 seven coverage of someone you find he is human sorry lie to yourself but i saw the video what ever it takes so you can sleep at night I sleep just fine knowing the truth

Posted by: heyUwakeup | July 10, 2009 11:44 PM

and the truly said thing is that to this moment 7:30pm Friday night Drudge STILL has that photo and headline on his site

Posted by: awb75 | July 10, 2009 7:39 PM

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