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Michelle Obama presses health reform message

By Dan Eggen and Garance Franke-Ruta
First lady Michelle Obama waded into the health-care reform debate Friday with a video message aimed at women, saying that her husband's proposed overhaul of the insurance system "is about ensuring that everyone in this country can care for their families."

The appearance by the first lady is part of the White House's multifaceted push for health-care reform legislation, which is edging closer to floor debates in the House and Senate, and comes at the conclusion of a week where a broad array of administration, think tank and media leaders have sought to focus attention on the status of women. Obama's comments are notably more personal in nature than recent public remarks by her husband, which have generally focused on the broader policy goals of reform and its impact on middle-class Americans and the economy.

Speaking as part of a 5-minute pro-reform video on the iVillage website, Michelle Obama relates the story of a medical scare the Obamas had with their youngest daughter Sasha, then an infant, who was rushed to the emergency room amid concerns that she had developed meningitis. "That moment in our lives flashes through my mind when we talk about health-care reform," Obama says. "How if we hadn't had insurance, if we couldn't afford a doctor, we might have waited until it was too late."

Also posted on the White House blog, the video, "Why Health Insurance Reform Matters to Women," was released just hours before the first lady hosted a White House event marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month along with Jill Biden.

The iVillage website is soliciting questions about the video and the president's health-reform goals for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who appears in the video with Michelle Obama and will provide videotaped answers to some of the queries online next Friday.

iVillage is owned by the NBC Universal, which this week has been holding a week-long programming event on the status of women in America in conjunction with the release of "The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything," a study by California first lady Maria Shriver in partnership with the liberal Center for American Progress (CAP) in Washington, D.C. CAP's president, John Podesta, served as co-chair of the Obama transition effort and the group is generally seen as being close to the White House. Oprah Winfrey, a close friend of Shriver's and a long-time supporter of the president's, provided an introduction for the report.

On Monday, CAP held a forum with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to focus on the worklife issues addressed by the report.

Posted at 1:15 PM ET on Oct 23, 2009  | Category:  Health Care
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Public Option gets new life?

Who benefits? These must be the beneficiaries of the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world. It is certainly not the people who will have to pay our debts in future generations. Our present debts are obscene and not manageable by this generation. Only thieves at heart would enlarge these debts. Think of the critics, from the President & Congress on down, of Bernie Madoff (and his jail term). Hypocrites all!

There are NO, ZIP, NADA 30-35 million people without medical care in this country. By law anyone can walk into any hospital emergency room and receive care and they do walk in, legal and illegal alike.

Tell me who is prepared to pay the following debts of our country in this generation?

US Currency abroad $1-2 trillion
US Government Debt $14 trillion
Unfunded Social Security & Medicare Liabilities $40-50 trillion
Deficit spending next 10 years $10 trillion
Proposed Medicare "reform" cash costs in next ten years $1 trillion and $5 to 7 trillion more in new unfunded liabilities to be added to the debt.

Do you believe it is moral to load up future generations with our current & prospective debt of $69 to 84 trillion or a rounded $230-$270,000 EACH? Do the math and check my numbers and remember the Forbes 400 richest in our country only have $1.2 +or- trillion in total ASSETS.

Do you even have the cash on hand to pay the annual interest at 5% or $11-13,000.00 rounded for each of us. AND NO IT ISN'T BUSH'S FAULT! It is our collective fault and has been for at least 60 years. We let Congress (and Presidents) of all parties hook us on spending future generations’ wealth.

This year is the straw that breaks the camel's back because the world is wising up to our Ponzi scheme!

Posted by: PRRWRITER | October 26, 2009 11:00 AM

The taxpayer should not be forced to pay health insurance. We should not have to pay for health insurance for people with addictions. Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drug money, immoral establishments and advertisers of these addictions should be held responsible for the homes, food, health insurance, and jobs of these people.
Healthy lifestyle education should be the first step.

Posted by: shuttdlrl | October 26, 2009 7:47 AM

“””Isn't a change the better that this first lady speaks out on matters of substance? Health care policy is very complex but it is just common sense that removing profiteering will make health care more affordable. If we can have tort reform without using caps we can get doctors to be more sensitive to their patients instead of their own preservation.”””
Michelle Obama is a lawyer. She and Obama know NOTHING about HC. “DO NO harm.” What do you call it when a non HC professional, forces a bill made by other non HC professionals, down everyone’s throat???? HARM!!!!! Why is it, Michelle and Obama are not offering Americans their great HC policy???? Since we pay taxes $$$, and pay their salaries on the hill, we the people should have the top of the line HC policy while Obama and the hill employees take HC3200. After all, not only are we paying their salaries, they have been allowed huge spending sprees and lavished vacations all paid by us, too. So, NOOO this Obamacare is unacceptable. In short, they take HC3200, we take their HC policy. They can't have it both ways, unless of course you live in a dictatorship.

BTW, what substance exactly and specifically??? So, you don’t think hard working Doctors and medical professionals should make any profit but it’s OK for big government, Obama and unions to collect these HC profits [and no teliing where else these profits will go]instead???? That’s called stealing and coveting!!! You are using “Coveting and stealing” as justification for your feelings of entitlement. Give me any profits you make --- I do not care how hard you work --just give me, give me, give me, me, me! This is exactly what you have said here. Government’s big problem right now is their need for power and control by taking all profits for their own greed and so they can then, spend some more, distribute it, so guess what --- they can get everyone dependent on big government. In other words -- Hello Communism. All b/c hc professionals make some profit once in a while. Sounds pretty selfish and entitled to me. This administration has you pro Obamacare people, brainwashed. Careful what you wish for.

Posted by: annlawler26 | October 24, 2009 11:28 PM

Wow Georgieporgie,

I'm impressed! Your concerns are mine as well. How about the $300,000.00, should Michelle not have had a cap on this salary?

How about patient dumping? Brother, just after this one incident - everyone should run for the hills. Jeeeez.

Both Obama and Michelle want their "claim to fame" as the very 1st President, to pass a socialized HC bill. If it passes --- contrary to what Obama thinks --- Obamacare will be his waterloo.

Obama and Michelle are both lawyers!!! Yet, they want to change 1/6 of our economy on something they know nothing about, except for patient dumping. Here is some "Poetic justice" - a panal of medical doctors redesigning the whole law program for lawyers and clients from a to z - schooling and everything. Then placing caps on top of all of this....

If Obamascam passes - gone are the best in the world hospitals such as MDAnderson - Houston and Mao-MN....This would make a huge difference to anyone that has knowledge of these two hospitals.

Economist are saying, Obamascam will finally bankrupt America. So, our next president and/or dictator, may be a China citizen.

We have a doctor shortage now. 45% say they will quit if Obamacare passes. Wow! This is some high quality HC policy that Obama has in store for everyone. But, he has to continue to get that union monopoly, one way or another.

Posted by: annlawler26 | October 24, 2009 10:54 PM

Here's an idea for marketing histamine blockers. Focus on the right wing they are such a dyspeptic group.

Posted by: Gator-ron | October 23, 2009 5:17 PM

If Barack and Michelle Obama announced tomorrow that they had found a way to cure cancer. Some of the lunatics who post on this board would say it was part of their evil, socialist plan to put good American doctors out of work.

Michelle Obama has got her own mind. She, like any other woman in America, can and should speak out on policies that she supports and explain why she supports them. If you don't agree with her, please express your disagreement without being personal and mean-spirited.

Posted by: asja | October 23, 2009 4:05 PM

Mrs Obama has good old common sense. Isn't a change the better that this first lady speaks out on matters of substance? Health care policy is very complex but it is just common sense that removing profiteering will make health care more affordable. If we can have tort reform without using caps we can get doctors to be more sensitive to their patients instead of their own preservation.

Tort reform without caps means better health care.

Posted by: Gator-ron | October 23, 2009 3:56 PM

Mrs. Obama: First, do no harm." Tell POTUS to BAN silent microwave/laser attacks against Americans. Citizens are being physically degraded, neurologically impaired -- TORTURED.



Thousands of unjustly targeted Americans are being damaged by the devastating physiological effects of being silently irradiated by microwave and laser radiation "directed energy weapons"...

...the weaponization of the electromagnetic spectrum, a silent "final solution" that may have the nation's political leadership in its ideological cross-hairs.

This technology is capable of altering moods, emotions, inducing fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, confusion, life-altering injury, disease and a slow-kill death.

And key elements of the Obama administration -- chief among them the defense/security/intel establishment -- are proliferating these technologies by various modalities, reported to include terrestrial and satellite electromagnetic microwave/laser emissions -- in one iteration, disguised as cell towers.

American citizens and families targeted by this covert torture matrix also are subject to financial sabotage that decimates their livelihoods and financial resources...

...and relentless "community stalking" -- harassment, surreptitious home entries and vandalism by government-enabled vigilantes affiliated with federally-funded community policing and anti-terrorism organizations.

Warrantless, covert placement of GPS tracking devices and misuse of cell phone technology to hunt down the unjustly targeted enables this grassroots terrorism.

But the Obama administration continues to allow these warrantless intrusions into the lives of unjustly targeted American families.

By its naivete -- its unquestioning rubber-stamp approval of the deployment of these destructive technologies and programs -- the Obama administration risks presiding over the destruction of democracy, the rule of law, and personal liberty.


BAN the use of microwave/laser directed energy weapons on U.S. citizens or any human being as cruel and unusual and a crime against humanity.

BAN the warrantless tracking of individuals with GPS devices, or via cell phones -- the electronic backbone of an American Gestapo now operating on YOUR watch.

The bureaucratic saboteurs and Dr. Strangeloves behind these multi-agency crimes against humanity and the Constitution must be removed from power, immediately, before this silent genocide claims more victims -- endangering the Obama presidency while making a mockery of the rule of law.

OR (if link is corrupted/disabled): RE: "GESTAPO USA"

Posted by: scrivener50 | October 23, 2009 3:32 PM

Michelle, if you want to be President, then by all means, please run in 2016.

If you want to be a Senator or a Congresswoman from Illinois -- then, by all means, please run in 2010.

But, you are currently the First Lady. I don't care about your gender, I only care about the fact that we, the American People, elected your husband to be President. NOT YOU.

So please, stay out of politics, unless you are going to pursue your own elective office (for which you are highly qualified).

Posted by: trambusto | October 23, 2009 2:12 PM

I have questions, Michelle. What did you and David Axelrod actually do at that same University of Chicago Hospital to deserve $300,000 a year? (After Barack became Senator and they got a Million Dollar Earmark). Was that quid pro qou?

Another question. What went on with the secret White House meetings with AMA and Hospitals?

Another question. Why should we believe Sebelius, as she was a 10 year Lobbyist for Trial Lawyers (Personal Injury Ambulance Chasers)? Isn't THAT the reason why the "health reform" got turned into "health INSURANCE reform?"


Thought not.

Big Bad Insurance Companies. Not health reform.

This will work as well as the stimulus bill and the Bailouts for Big Business.

Final question: How do regular people, not having any medical training, get $300K jobs at a hospital to shuttle off poor folks to clinics instead of "stinking up" the ER?

Answer: Have your husband elected by the crooked Chicago political machine.

We don't believe you, Michelle.

Your made-up sob stories of poor, poor Michelle didn't work too well in Copenhagen either.

But it was a great fling in self adoration and free luxury travel, no?

Posted by: georgieporgie2 | October 23, 2009 1:42 PM

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