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After Finance Vote, 'Now Comes the Hard Part'

By Ben Pershing
In a health-care debate that has often been as fast-paced and only slightly more interesting than watching paint dry, all sides agreed that Tuesday's Senate Finance Committee vote to approve reform legislation was a monumentally momentous milestone.

"We are now closer than ever before to passing health reform," President Obama said. "After months of relentless courting and suspense," Olympia Snowe decided to vote for the Finance panel's bill, the New York Times reports, and "remarks silenced the packed committee room, riveted colleagues and thrilled the White House." With just a hint of sarcasm, the Wall Street Journal editorial board writes, "These are the days of miracles and wonders," mocking the idea that creating a new entitlement program would somehow reduce the cost of health care.

Get ready for lots of headlines that say, "Now Comes the Hard Part" (and expect to see the same headline again before the House and Senate bills go to conference.) Harry Reid is now in charge -- sort of. "The notion that anyone is now actually in control of this process is an illusion. But to the extent that anyone's hand is on the tiller, it is Reid's," Time observes. Jonathan Cohn writes out a list of the top ten priorities he believes negotiators should fight for as the reform bill progresses through the Senate.

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By Ben Pershing  |  October 14, 2009; 8:22 AM ET
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We need transparency from our elected public officials!

They should post the final bill on the internet for a reasonable amount of time. This will allow the media and the public time to review the proposed legislation and identify the earmarks that the special interests and lobbyists have inserted in back room deals.

This will allow the CBO sufficient time to score the legislation so the taxpayers will know the final costs.

We need transparency.

Posted by: mwhoke | October 14, 2009 11:14 AM | Report abuse

The hardest part was producing this first draft...with several revisions something meaningful with eventually emerge.
" A journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step."

Posted by: Victoria5 | October 14, 2009 10:53 AM | Report abuse


Access to health care doesn't help untold thousands of unjustly targeted Americans recover from the devastating physiological effects of being silently irradiated by microwave and laser radiation "directed energy weapons"...

...the weaponization of the electromagnetic spectrum, a silent "final solution" that may have the nation's political leadership in its ideological cross-hairs.

This technology is capable of altering moods, emotions, inducing fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, confusion, life-altering injury, disease and a slow-kill death.

And key elements of the Obama administration -- chief among them the defense/security/intel establishment -- are proliferating these technologies by various modalities -- reportedly, from hand-held weaponry to satellite and terrestrial cell tower based delivery systems.

American citizens and families targeted by this covert torture matrix also are subject to financial sabotage that decimates their livelihoods and financial resources...

...and relentless "community stalking" -- harassment, surreptitious home entries and vandalism by government-enabled vigilantes affiliated with federally-funded community policing and anti-terrorism organizations.

Warrantless, covert placement of GPS tracking devices and misuse of cell phone technology to hunt down the unjustly targeted enables this grassroots terrorism.

But the Obama administration continues to allow these warrantless intrusions into the lives of unjustly targeted American families.

The bureaucratic saboteurs and Dr. Strangeloves behind these multi-agency crimes against humanity and the Constitution must be removed from power, immediately, before this silent genocide claims more victims -- endangering the Obama presidency while making a mockery of the rule of law.

OR (if link is corrupted / disabled): RE: "GESTAPO USA"

Posted by: scrivener50 | October 14, 2009 10:39 AM | Report abuse

Hopefully, Reid's name gets attached to this and he loses his job.

Posted by: JakeD | October 14, 2009 8:48 AM | Report abuse

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