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White House announces a jobs summit on Dec. 3

By Michael A. Fletcher
The Obama administration announced plans Monday to hold a forum on jobs and economic growth at the White House on Dec. 3, after which the president will go on the road to demonstrate his concern about the nation's rising jobless rate.

With the nation's unemployment rate at its highest level in 26 years, President Obama plans to bring together CEOs, small business owners and financial experts to sound out ideas for continuing to expand the economy and create jobs.

"During these difficult economic times, we have a responsibility to consider all good ideas to encourage and accelerate job creation in this country," Obama said in a statement.

The president outlined plans for the forum before leaving for Asia last week, but at the time had not nailed down a date. The White House said Obama would follow the forum with a visit to Allentown, Pa., for the first stop of what the White House is calling a Main Street Tour, which will take him to across the country over several months.

By Post Editor  |  November 16, 2009; 9:33 PM ET
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Moreover, the government should build manufacturing factories where people can work here, rather than having to be buying disposable items from countries such as China.
The american people has been betrayed, not by the government but by the multinational corporations.
Moving the manufacturing to places where labor is cheap and regulations do not exist, are inundating the world's market with trash.

Posted by: albertorparedes | November 23, 2009 9:01 AM | Report abuse

It is interesting, if correct, that the jobs summit will be chaired by Wells Fargo's CEO. He probably knows a lot. Hopefully he opens his "pandora box" and discloses the truth, that is, how Wells Fargo manuvers giving misleading information to custumers, delaying requests for loans modification, adding more burden to stressed homeowners, and having not worries about unemployment for himself.
His bank continues proffitting through foreclosures which are resold, after it collected mortage payments, interests and swallowed the equity of 1000's of citizens' homes. He knows how to create jobs soliciting, over the phone, to enroll in "protection plans".
Please, include in the pannel, real life people.

Posted by: albertorparedes | November 23, 2009 8:46 AM | Report abuse

What Obama refuses to publicly acknowledge -- and wants YOU to ignore -- is the fact that if he truly enforced immigration laws (which he is NOT doing) this would free up the 7 million jobs for Americans that are currently held by illegal aliens.

Posted by: swingvoter3 | November 17, 2009 12:51 PM | Report abuse

PLEASE someone press Obama on, if he sincerely cares about creating jobs for Americans, why then does he plan to push "comprehensive immigration reform" (mass amnesty) which would legalize millions of illegal foreign workers and make it MUCH more difficult for unemployed working class Americans to find jobs!

Posted by: swingvoter3 | November 17, 2009 12:45 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: LOONYBIN2000 | November 17, 2009 9:01 AM | Report abuse

Obama would do well to launch a tour of the White House and get a taste of what it means to stay home and work

Posted by: DevilDoc | November 17, 2009 8:55 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: tjhall1 | November 17, 2009 8:35 AM | Report abuse

The economy went south after the dems took control of congress in 2007 and the mortgage meltdown was a direct result of Obama, ACORN and Barney Frank forcing banks to provide mortgages to unqualified home buyers.

Posted by: bingham60 | November 17, 2009 8:10 AM | Report abuse

I personaly think that the u.s. senate should go directly to reconciliation an ram thru the health care reform act just as the republicans an george w bush an his cronies did with what ever they wanted toget pushed thru the us congress that have been a huigh benefit to the coporate instrest in this country an now the coporate instrest an their lobbyist are trying to stop the peolpe of the country from even having decent health care benefits in favor of the insurance industry an their lobbyist thank you

Posted by: | November 17, 2009 7:50 AM | Report abuse

Dear President Barack Obama: I helped your candidature by writing against those who opposed your "vision for changes" and I went along. However in 9-2008, a rogue IRS revenue agent initiated an examination of my tax return and after I complained about her abusive behavior and unprofessionalism, she added another year. I complained to TIGTA and the IRS' Taxpayers Advocate. They were useless. In fact the TIGTA's Deputy for Investigations lied to my local US Senator. I reviewed the last 3 TIGTA reports to the US Congress. It is incredible that under Standards 1203, TIGTA and IRS report NO COMPLAINTS filed against any IRS employees? Please check the IRS and TIGTA reports: they are full of lies and false statements. The University of Syracuse-TRAC stopped using the IRS' Criminal Division stats because they are inaccurate. Also you need to look at DHS, ICE, CBP, USCIS. Corruption at ICE is escalating badly. The ICE's Office of Professional Responsibility was moved way down in the organizational structure. I am sorry but all of the young people hired under John Morton look more lihe a High School yearly picture book...mostly White and good looking young Senior Executive Service. You need to REVAMP ICE. ICE still has corrupt managers...If you fail to stop creating more positions, hiring more federal employees, promoting the wrong people, you may not be re-elected. You needed to put a strong and honest Hispanic executive leader with INTEGRITY and CHARACTER. Not a yes man or madam. Somebody with Huevos. You have too many attorneys at ICE who need to make a decision: join the military full-time or resign their reserve comission officer positions. ICE needs them full time 24/7. You need to fire the heads of IRS, TIGTA, and IRS Taxpayers Advocate. We need Bill of Rights IV. Thank you!

Posted by: doctormiguel | November 17, 2009 7:02 AM | Report abuse

Where's my invitation? Are they serving Waygu beef and San Miguel beer?

More window dressing. ha ha...

Posted by: Computer_Forensics_Expert_Computer_Expert_Witness | November 17, 2009 6:25 AM | Report abuse

the job summit is a joke since they have no ideas...
scrooge obama denied Christmas for everyone unemployed this year because instead of doing health care he should have worked on jobs...

Posted by: DwightCollins | November 17, 2009 6:17 AM | Report abuse

Apparently the jobs are in China and India. There aren't any jobs in America. And there's no more health benefits in America either.

Congress just isn't doing their job that they are paid to do, rather they are catering to the lobbyists.

Congress should pass the New Deal to create 100M jobs
and pass Universal Health Care. Instead they stall, obfuscate,
and do nothing. S.S.D.D.

Posted by: blakesouthwood | November 17, 2009 2:02 AM | Report abuse

It really amuses me how put-together American economic system is, despite its core flaws. Democrats are probably the best option at running the city. I've never known any democrat who didn't work for the people directly. Democrats are really to visayan films what Republicans are to GM cars.

Posted by: tighimogposporo | November 17, 2009 1:58 AM | Report abuse

With unemployment near 11 % Obama plans a job summit ? Wait, I can't stop laughing. The chairman of this so called job summit is the CEO from Wells Fargo Bank ... the tax payers just gave him his $50 million dollar bonus for the year & he brags that his bank hasn't made any home mortgages & best of all he's raised the banks credit Card interest rates to 29 % ... keep in mind, Wells Fargo received billions of dollars in tax payers money to "HELP" the economy .... Thieves, all of them.

Posted by: wasaUFO | November 17, 2009 1:21 AM | Report abuse

November 15, 2009

Dear President Obama,

A window, that is all that is needed. A window of 60 or 90 days of zero percent capital gains tax on any purchase of real estate from the day the property is purchased no matter when the property is sold. If that happens you will see jobs created immediately. It take a lot of jobs to service real estate, builders, carpet layers, appraisers, bankers, title companies, movers, landscapers, and so on. If this happens the market will stabilize and people will feel confident to spend money and create more jobs. This will create revenue for the treasury. The world economy will also recover. Families will have hope again and their children will have a brighter future. This window needs to be open for all, especially investors because they are the ones with the cash on the sidelines that can make it all happen. A window is just that, a window. It can be closed or extended to remain open until deemed successful. What are the drawbacks? People are desperate, they need jobs. This is the fastest way to create them. What are the drawbacks, please let me know

Posted by: chuchu1248 | November 17, 2009 12:57 AM | Report abuse

So the President does not know what to do in another issue after a year. What else is knew? Is time to ask the question: Is it AMATEUR HOUR in the Presidency of the United States of America? RA seems to think so and has a commentary on the danger that it represents, and the Unique POLL asking you just that, at Vote your opinion. Amateur or Experienced President?

Posted by: JohnGalt9 | November 16, 2009 10:59 PM | Report abuse

president obama should stay home and draw up legislation and for a jobs bill--a new ccc for young workers, and a wpa to employ workers to fix our infrastructure. new roads, school bldgs, water and sewer treatment plans, mass transit rail lines--a million other things--and it should not be privatized. the local, state governments need to control the action or else the corporations will suck the money dry with "administrative" costs.


Posted by: abigaleadamsredux | November 16, 2009 10:56 PM | Report abuse

Lip service.

Oh wow, a job fair! Woopee! Try tax cuts for consumers and for what happens...

ECON 100

Posted by: Accuracy | November 16, 2009 10:51 PM | Report abuse

This isn the only move the White House can make on the jobs front. Nothing they do will instantly bring the unemployment rate below 10% or whatever. And the timing - coming just before Christmas - is well crafted.

Posted by: parkerfl1 | November 16, 2009 10:19 PM | Report abuse

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