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Deal boosts prognosis for reform

By Ben Pershing
The health-care reform roller-coaster has been through more ups and downs in the last six months than are possible to count. With a Senate deal on the public option in the offing, Wednesday is clearly an "up" day.

The Associated Press ledes: "After agreeing tentatively to jettison a key liberal priority -- a full-blown government-run insurance option -- Democrats say they are getting close to pushing President Barack Obama's health care bill through the Senate." Negotiators were "hoping to remove a last major roadblock preventing the bill from moving to a final vote in the chamber," the Washington Post writes, and the deal reached Tuesday appears to have pleased most (but not all) moderates and liberals in the chamber. The New York Times explains: "Under the agreement, people ages 55 to 64 could "buy in" to Medicare. And a federal agency, the Office of Personnel Management, would negotiate with insurance companies to offer national health benefit plans, similar to those offered to federal employees, including members of Congress."

TalkingPointsMemo has a detailed run-down of the tentative plan, plus the suggestion that the White House likes it. Ezra Klein is waiting for more specifics: "What are the conditions for the non-profit plans? How many plans do there need to be? What does the regulation look like? When does the Medicare buy-in start? But assuming those pieces don't come in much worse than expected, the combination of national non-profits and a Medicare buy-in seems like a pretty good deal. Better by far than what Democrats looked likely to get a week ago. And more likely, by far, to seed health-care reform with scalable experiments."

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By Ben Pershing  |  December 9, 2009; 8:27 AM ET
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Gator-Ron - excellent post. Love it.

Posted by: gregp1 | December 10, 2009 2:51 AM | Report abuse

Scrivener 50 - You are lost in a fantasy world. I just reported your abusive posts to WAPO as follows... This guy is posting the SAME SOLICITATION to his BLOG every day on every WAPO article. Get rid of him!

Posted by: gregp1 | December 10, 2009 2:50 AM | Report abuse

"How can they include more people into Medicare when it will be broke in 2017 without a tax increase?

Posted by: mwhoke | December 9, 2009 9:32 AM |"
It is a "buy-in"

Try reading the article.

Posted by: JRM2 | December 9, 2009 6:19 PM | Report abuse

1651-2 'State Papers Dom.' I. 32 p. 29 That Warrant be issued to the Judges of the Admiraltie to grant letters for a Private Man of Warr to John Mole.!DCD7544ECCB8065F!227.entry

Posted by: edtroyhampton | December 9, 2009 2:28 PM | Report abuse

Can you see it now?
By opening Medicare to 55 and up, the insurance companies can dump those people more likely to get ill and still gouge those who are younger and healthy. Taxpayers cover the oldest/sickest.
Can you see it now?
Someone in the House will point this out (??!!) and try to allow 45 year olds.
Can you see it now?
Special schools for the gifted, special schools for the 'challenged.' Special schools for the average.
Send money, lots of money!!

Posted by: bgreen2224 | December 9, 2009 2:09 PM | Report abuse

Sure it's a coup to get Lieberman on board, but the real mess will come when this goes back to the House sans public option.

Posted by: parkerfl1 | December 9, 2009 11:25 AM | Report abuse

Talking about deficits today is putting the cart before the horse. It is similar to buying a side of beef before the freezer is purchased. It is that kind of thinking that got us into this mess. Fortunately Obama has a team, though not perfect, knows which side of the package is up.

Posted by: Gator-ron | December 9, 2009 10:54 AM | Report abuse


What is so remarkable about you is you think you can see into the future. All of the predictions about deficits in the future assume that in the interim no adjustments will be made. If you were so concerned about deficits why were you no telling Bush to get out of Iraq. That war created deficits and the country lost jobs.

Wise up old boy, neither you nor I know what the future holds. But when our taxes are raised I will have the comfort of knowing that your grandchildren no matter how self centered they are will have less taxes to pay because their grandfather was so concerned about deficits andtheir well being.

They will unfortunately probably learn to lack empathy and to be selfish at their "PaPa's" knee.

Posted by: Gator-ron | December 9, 2009 10:48 AM | Report abuse


Politically speaking, the new Democratic go-it-alone strategy on health care reform seems clever and cunning. Instead of creating unwieldy, costly new bureaucracies, Dems now are going incremental -- advocating the expansion of existing, proven programs to cover more uninsured and under-insured Americans. Those left behind will find support among moderate, liberal and progressive politicians to meet their needs as well, and so it will be done -- if not all in this year, perhaps by the close of 2010. Call it "Medicare for All Lite." With no public option to rail against, the opposition is left flat-footed, at least for the moment.


But hopes of health care reform remain a cruel joke when secretive elements of the federal government are doing this:


• Regional Homeland Security- administered fusion centers use a nationwide microwave/laser radiation "directed energy" weapons system, employing cell towers and satellites, to silently, invisibly torture, impair, physiologically and neurologically subjugate unconstitutionally "targeted" Americans and their families -- an American genocide hiding in plain sight.

• Federally-funded "community watch" vigilantes infiltrate health care system, compromising treatment of unjustly targeted citizens.

For the rest of the story:
OR (if link is corrupted): re: "GESTAPO USA"

Posted by: scrivener50 | December 9, 2009 10:06 AM | Report abuse

How can they include more people into Medicare when it will be broke in 2017 without a tax increase?

How can they expand Medicaid without forcing additional mandates on the States?

To me it appears that this health care bill will require my children and grandchildren to pay higher taxes for all of their life cycle!

Posted by: mwhoke | December 9, 2009 9:32 AM | Report abuse

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