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Rep. Anthony Weiner lights into GOP colleagues

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) literally lost it on the House floor Thursday over his Republican colleagues' procedural objection to an amendment to the Public Health Services Act. The amendment would extend and improve health care benefits for 9/11 victims suffering from lasting health complications.

Weiner is given to House floor drama. The New York Democrat is known for his often passionate and attention-grabbing remarks. He screamed for more than a minute Thursday, calling on Republican colleagues to vote 'no' against the bill, rather than object on procedural grounds.

Here is a selection of some of Weiner's past statements and encounters:

By Emi Kolawole  |  July 30, 2010; 12:09 PM ET
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Congressman Weiner was absolutely justified in his outrage. The terms he put the debate into were right on the money;

"You vote yes if you believe it's the right thing to do"

The procedural nonsense the Republicans have been subjecting ALL legislation to in recent years has been the bane of the legislative process, and the very reason Congress has such a low approval rating.

The Republicans know this. It's what they want.

It takes very little time in researching voting tallies and procedures in the House and Senate to come to the realization that Republicans are simply gumming up the works. Stalling votes, imposing "super-majority" rules, and generally turning the bills into garbage with amendments. Then they turn to their constituency and say; "Hey, look at this terrible bill that the Democrats shoved down your throats!".

It's disgusting, and frankly, all too obvious.

This vote was a prime example. These people can't even vote for a humanitarian bill for 911 rescue workers without politicizing it? Shame on them.

I think Congressman Weiner is right on in his criticism. In fact, I found his conviction refreshing. Anyone that thinks this was an act clearly doesn't understand the risky exposure this has created in terms of the Congressmans personal relations. He must have known the consequences this would create in the media, and he did it anyway. For that, I salute the man. We ought to have more people like him in Congress, especially the Senate.

Posted by: Gates9 | August 2, 2010 2:39 PM | Report abuse

"the gentleman thinks he can get up and and if he yells he can intimidate people into believing he is right".", said Weiner

He must have been addressing himself,

since King never yelled and only got up to ask if the "Gentleman would yield"(which is the acceptable procedure).

I'd say he was attempting to intimidate the minority. Not the other way around

He is full of hot air and carrying on like this should not be allowed under House Rules.

Posted by: fedupwithgovernment | August 1, 2010 1:12 PM | Report abuse

What an immature outburst. It confirms what I have suspected for a long time. He looks like a spoiled child who didn't get what he wanted.

When it comes ot otheres supporint New York he is all for it but when it comes to supporting others, such as Arizona, he is against it.

Sadly, he shows his true character.

and he has no problem looking people in the face and lying to them, either. He refuses to admit that the implamentation of the national health care plan will be administered by the IRS and he refuses to admit that it will cause taxes to go up.

This character is nothing but a propagandist.

Posted by: PoorRichard5 | August 1, 2010 5:39 AM | Report abuse

Good for Weiner! It is time to shine the light on these conservatives who put party before country, constituents and now apparently the victims of 9/11. The GOP, who voted in goosestep against this bill, have really turned into a crummy bunch of goons.

Posted by: hansenthered | July 31, 2010 5:59 PM | Report abuse

So it seems to be true. Guys with small weiners, do have big mouths.

Posted by: franklin3517 | July 31, 2010 5:37 PM | Report abuse

Rep. Anthony Whiner would have a shred of credibility on this complaint about procedural objections if his own party didn't use them just as extensively, especially when in the minority, where they may well find themselves again come next January.

In fact, if we mine the Congressional record, I bet that we will find Weiner voting to support procedural objections with regularity. "Let your yes be yes and your no be know...but the same rule doesn't apply to me."

Weiner's speech is entertaining. Too bad it rings hollow and hypocritical.

Posted by: blert | July 31, 2010 4:00 PM | Report abuse

Thank goodness for real representatives such as Representative Anthony Weiner...he is definately one of the best we have. If the people wake up, we will have more representatives like him...if not, the country will deserve to go down the drain as did Rome.

Posted by: gilbertpb40 | July 31, 2010 3:09 PM | Report abuse

Hurray for Rep. Weiner! Go go go! I wish you were my congressman instead of that bonehead boehner. The rest of you dems should show the same spunk when defending what this country should be doing!

Posted by: mollyrose1 | July 31, 2010 1:46 PM | Report abuse

Nice of you to parrot the Dem talking points like a good lib. Wait, you're an independent, my apologies. Well, Mr. Independent, the talking points are as irrational as Dem fiscal policies. The Dems got you hook, line and sinker. This bill could have passed using normal procedures. Notice Mr. Weiner's primary talking point was that he successfully got 94% of his party to vote yes. He never mentioned how many votes that actually amounted to. Why? Simple. 94% would have been enough to pass the bill under normal procedures. And the excuse for the procedural gimmicks was that they didn't want Republicans inserting "silly" amendments. First of all, this is idiotic for two reasons: 1) It removes any doubt that Dems have been corrupted by their power, and they are shamelessly attempting to shut out the minority party. 2) They still have the majority. They could have voted down every amendment proposed by Republicans, politically motivated or not, and passed the final bill with more than enough votes. THEY'VE BEEN DOING THIS VERY THING FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS. If they were so concerned about getting these perfectly crafted bills tainted by Republican amendments, then there's no reason why they shouldn't have attempted this on ObamaCare or cap & trade, bills that I'm sure they would say were just as important as this one. But they didn't, because they actually WANTED those other bills to pass.

But that obviously wasn't the reason for the procedural gimmicks. What they didn't want was the Republicans exposing the crap that Dems love putting in every piece of legislation, especially at a time when their approval ratings are in the toilet. Queen Pelosi didn't want to be embarrassed again as she was with her $100 million earmark for contraception as part of the "stimulus" bill. And, as you referred to without specifics, they were most notably frightened by an amendment that would prevent our tax dollars from going towards benefits for illegals. The irony. Mr. Weiner talks about having spines to vote yes or no. This bill was killed because Dems didn't have the spine to vote on that amendment.

As far as the so-called "accomplishments" these last 18 months. There's no question he's rammed his agenda through. The results? Good for them, not for us. Dems have exploded the deficit and national debt with their so-called "accomplishments", and created an environment of economic uncertainty. An economy gaining ground the last six months? Have you been hibernating the last six months? Are you a politician or federal government employee who's been shielded from the effects of a bad economy by this administration? We were promised the unemployment rate would not exceed 8% and strong economic growth would come of this reckless spending. Well, in case you missed it, we have a 9.5% unemployment rate, and it was just reported yesterday that the economy grew much slower than expected in the 2nd quarter. Dems are clueless when it comes to job creation.

Posted by: conservativemaverick | July 31, 2010 1:44 PM | Report abuse

There is a very fine line between showing desirable passion versus looking like an out of control, complete jerk. Weiner crossed that line--but just barely.

Posted by: mediawiz12 | July 31, 2010 11:36 AM | Report abuse

Weiner is a phony in the style of Franks,Schumer & Dodd. They do not tell the whole story only what they think they can get away with!

Posted by: mct1 | July 31, 2010 11:31 AM | Report abuse

Is this what we can now expect from our elected officials when they are told "No" to their spending demands?

Posted by: AndreainNY | July 31, 2010 9:48 AM | Report abuse

dionusos wrote:

"fedupwithgovernment: i love you just "suspect" the dems are in the wrong. Who cares about facts when we have our paranoia to guide us".

Obviously you don't comprehend what your read.
I clearly stated that," I despise this tactic and both parties have used it."

I blame the Democrats because they fail to pass many of these bills on there own and then blame the Republicans when they don't need any Republicans to vote yes. They have a majority!

It is a political stunt, period.

Posted by: fedupwithgovernment | July 31, 2010 9:36 AM | Report abuse


if only EVERY Congressman and Senator had as much passion, honesty, and integrity to make their political speech as brutally frank as he did.

Our political leaders are mealy-mouths and don't have the leadership, backbone, and intestinal fortitude to stand up against those people and corporations who use the media and legal system to support their self-interests.

Our government was created to defend the interests of all the citizens, and not the top 5% or top 1% of the wealthiest among us.

Remember that 95% of ALL American households earn LESS than $100,000 per year. And 70% of ALL American households earn less than $70,000 per year.

So, making permanent or even extending the Bush/Cheney tax cuts only continues to make 95% of all Americans worse.

We need more Anthony Weiners in Congress and the Senate...

not dishonest manipulative meal-mouths with no leadership and no integrity...

we don't need the likes of Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell, Jon Cornyn, Cobern, Kyl, or Barton, Boehner, and definitely not Marco Rubio.

These are the kinds of political leaders that destroy America for 95% of all Americans.

Posted by: FranknErnest | July 31, 2010 9:35 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: SISSD1 | July 31, 2010 9:05 AM | Report abuse

Would you still be employed if you behaved like Anthony Weiner while in your boss's office?

Posted by: prossers7 | July 31, 2010 7:43 AM | Report abuse

Under normal house rules, the bill could have passed with only Democrats voting for it. They changed the rules for this bill to require 2/3 of the house to vote yes in order to pass it. Why?

They did this to stop Republicans from proposing amendments, including one to keep aid from going to illegal aliens and another to make sure that payments don't go to rich people as well as those who need the money. This was just another example of pure politics on the Democrats' part.

Posted by: pat34lee | July 31, 2010 5:44 AM | Report abuse

Conservativemaverick (oxymoron) – this bill didn’t pass because the Republicans can’t vote yes or no without playing politics with a bill that is undoubtedly popular among the voting public. The shenanigans consisted of Republicans inserting a silly and unnecessary amendment that was only meant to score political points. Piss on the 9/11 heroes. We have idiotic constituents of the far-right (like you!) to think about! As for what has been done in the first 18 months, we have health care reform, progress in Iraq, financial reform, education reform, and an economy that has been gaining ground over the last six months. But hey, Bush invaded Iraq and the democrats supported his resolution. If this had passed, it still would have been a dem-majority bill. They had no reason to play politics to score political points. That’s precisely why the Republicans are called the party of No, and why independent voters like myself are glad your ilk are steadily getting a smaller representation in Congress.

fedupwithgovernment: i love you just "suspect" the dems are in the wrong. Who cares about facts when we have our paranoia to guide us.

Posted by: dionusos | July 31, 2010 1:11 AM | Report abuse


wait a minute. the healthcare act lost popularity when obama played nice with the republicans and let the bill be watered down. the majority of the people wanted a public option and lost faith when they realized the bill left the profit seeking insurance companies in control and forced people to buy their worthless product. What other business has to be sued to provide the services you have paid for.

and yes i wouldn't put it past the democrats to be playing election time games. but maybe they invoked that procedure to keep the republicans from attaching outlandish amendments so it would be impossible to vote for the bill so the republicans then could make an election time commercial pointing out how the democrats couldn't help the 9/11 first responders.

as for weiner's comments to King - King did help write the bill, so i think those comments were justified

Posted by: waybackwitch | July 31, 2010 1:08 AM | Report abuse

Weiner is a jerk. Loud mouth and an embarrasment to the House.

Regardless of whether he was right or wrong he said:

"the gentleman thinks he can get up and and if he yells he can intimade people into believing he is right".

Weiner was the only one that "got up and yelled".

Then on a radio interview today he was asked if he would make a promise to the American people to read bills before he voted on them. Yes or No. He never gave an answer so I take that as a NO.

I suspect that as usual, the Democrats had added unrelated legislation, legislation that would never pass on its own to this Bill. I despise this tactic and both parties have used it. This forces them to vote on legislation they don't want passed inorder to pass much needed legislation that is bi-partisan. In fact, this has been the reason why Republicans have voted no on many bills.

A bill should contain one piece of Legislation. They should not be allowed to piggy-back legislation, for many reasons, the most important is for the reason I have already stated.

The Democrats took control of the House and Senate Jan. 2007. They could have passed this legislation without one Rep vote over 3 years ago. One must question why they did not do it when we had the money to pay for it. I might add that this legislation will pay health care costs for the next 20 years, per reading the actual bill.
Surely, there is workers compensation, disability insurance that kicked in years ago. Hope the provisions and the expenditures are managed well and go to those that need it. Given the Goverments track record I suspect there will be more waste and fraud.

Posted by: fedupwithgovernment | July 31, 2010 12:54 AM | Report abuse

Wait a minute. ObamaCare, a bill that nobody wanted, passed by the slimmest of margins with, what, 219 votes; but they couldn't pass this bill with 255 votes??? What's going on here? Simple. It was all a show.

Do you lib sheep in here even know what the roll call was? 255 yes votes. Yes, 255 YES votes. These corrupt Dems are at it again. 18 months of complete control and the results are nothing short of disastrous. With an election looming, what are they to do? What do these incompetent boobs campaign on? The reality is that there is nothing to campaign on! Shenanigans like this one is there only recourse. Take a well-intended bill, fill it with crap, use procedural gimmicks to ensure it does not pass, have the effrontery to blame the opposition party when it doesn't pass with 255 votes, then have one of your minions act like a child to grab headlines and create a false narrative. I mean, Weiner's oft repeated talking point is one of the stupidest I've heard and is clearly an attempt to gain political points. "I got 94% of my party to vote, yet you could only get..." Anyone want to take a guess at how much 94% of 255 is? More than enough pass the damn bill. These Dems really have a low view of the American people. They must really believe that Americans are too stupid to ask these very simple questions.

Let's get real here. Dems didn't want this bill to pass before Nov., just like they don't want a budget passed before the election. It will be another bill that reinforces that 11% approval rating under Queen Pelosi's leadership.

Time to drain the swamp again America...GOP '10.

Posted by: conservativemaverick | July 31, 2010 12:38 AM | Report abuse

i was all set to dislike this guy. i abhor rudeness. but after watching the video and others of him i think i might admire him. His tone was angry but his words made sense. And I can ubderstand how when dealing with the little games we call politics today one might become frustrated. Though angry, passionate and LOUD, the man did manage to abide by the rules of the congress and his speech was coherent and made sense. He said what many of us think without couching his words in all the double talk we're used to. He seemed genuinely outraged and either he's a very good actor or he takes his job seriously. I hope it's the latter and I will be doing some research to see if his actions match up to his words.

Posted by: waybackwitch | July 31, 2010 12:35 AM | Report abuse

Will this guy win a reward for being the biggest drama queen in congress?I think he should. So its been 9 years since 9/11 attacks on the towers. when is enough,enough?

Posted by: upland140 | July 31, 2010 12:27 AM | Report abuse

daweeni wrote; "Oh, thanks for the explanation. Now I understand that the reference to kosher was simply referring to his actions."


here you go again.

what if he was a russian and i said, "what.. did your borsch fall on the floor and you have to take it out on a fellow house of rep members??? or if he was from juarez, and i said, "what.. did you drop a burrito and now you have to take it out on a fellow house of rep member?????"

sheesh... you friggin israel people can sure dish it out.. but you can't take it.

next time one of your bullsht israeli bulldozers run over a palestinian protester.. it will be ME that you people have to answer to. I'LL be the one dropping PHOSPHOROUS INCENDIARIES from the sky on your people.

get it?

you friggin loser.

Posted by: WikiLeaksAreGood | July 31, 2010 12:02 AM | Report abuse


Oh, thanks for the explanation. Now I understand that the reference to kosher was simply referring to his actions.

Posted by: daweeni | July 30, 2010 11:52 PM | Report abuse

daweeni.. daweeni.. daweeni...

i should have known i would have come across someone like you. i wasn't picking on the man.. just calling him on his actions.

if you can't handle that.. then step up to the plate with shirley sherrod (this weeks black racist) and take a shot at me.

but since you brought it up... i guess i should apologize to israel for being a friggin terrorist country.

israel? i'm sorry you are a terrorist country.

happy now, daweeni?

Posted by: WikiLeaksAreGood | July 30, 2010 11:43 PM | Report abuse

Let's see. When Bush was President, the hammer Tom DeLay made sure the GOP all voted for tax cuts for the wealthy. Now they use a tactic to deny money going to 9/11 health care benefits . I understand they don't want to be visible and vote no to this. But what is more disturbing; is that they will vote 'YES' when it comes to tax cuts for the wealthy, but will covertly work to deny health services to 9/11 victims. If their argument is deficit reduction, where was it back during the Bush years?

Posted by: jaczz | July 30, 2010 11:42 PM | Report abuse


"i don't take sht from people like this anymore."

What are you going to do with "people like this"? Put them in the oven where they belong?

Your pen name indicates you must like traitors, but I thought that all the Nazis around here were super patriots. What's up Adolph?

Posted by: daweeni | July 30, 2010 11:17 PM | Report abuse


I just love your snarky little anti-Semitic comments. What does Weiner's being a Jew have to do with being fed up with GnOP morons pretending that they actually care about people who aren't corporations, and then finding some phony reason for spitting on them? When are you and the boys burning your next cross?

Posted by: daweeni | July 30, 2010 11:12 PM | Report abuse

i'm serious.

they should ban anthony weiner from the floor until they deem him fit to return.

people like this snap and end up shooting 20 people before themselves.

weiner is a serious safety hazard.

if he would have yelled at me and waved that finger at me?? i would have had white house security escort him to the door.

i don't take sht from people like this anymore.

i used to.. no more.

Posted by: WikiLeaksAreGood | July 30, 2010 11:08 PM | Report abuse

wideblacksky wrote, "I like this guy. He tells it like it is."



WHAT was he even talking about?

why was he so angry?

did someone like drop his little kosher sandwich in the dirt?

his wife has cut him off? his boyfriend cut him off? his daughter is dating a pakistani?


i think we should be talking 'anger management' before they let that dork back on the house floor.

Posted by: WikiLeaksAreGood | July 30, 2010 11:03 PM | Report abuse


what an azzzhole.

his name fits him.


Posted by: WikiLeaksAreGood | July 30, 2010 10:55 PM | Report abuse

Dems it is all out war. Republicans and their waco friends are out to destroy America. We cannot allow it to happen. Go to the polls in November and send the party of NO a clear message. We do not want to go back to the Bush days,we don't want to go back to 1776 as the tea partiers want. We know when Republicans gain power their is a huge mess to clean up after they leave and this will take decades to recover from. We are in the process of cleaning up after them as usual.....

Posted by: johnnyk1 | July 30, 2010 9:17 PM | Report abuse

Right wing wingnuts and the Republicans are shameless and Un American. Voted against giving Medical benefits to our 911 heroes. However,they will give a big tax break of 2.3 trillion to their fat cat friends. We know which side they are on. They are disgusting and shameless. You have a lot of nerve to call yourselves Americans. You have a lot of nerve......

Posted by: johnnyk1 | July 30, 2010 9:04 PM | Report abuse

Weiner is one punk SOB - my guess is he surrendered a bunch of lunch money back in the day.

Posted by: rvenema | July 30, 2010 8:17 PM | Report abuse

Weiner is one punk SOB - my guess is he surrendered a bunch of lunch money back in the day.

Posted by: rvenema | July 30, 2010 8:16 PM | Report abuse

Weiner is the best thing to happen to the Dems in Congress since they took control. Now if about 50 more of them would grow a pair, maybe, just maybe, they'd keep their majority in November.

But thank you, Anthony.

Posted by: dlopata | July 30, 2010 8:10 PM | Report abuse

I like this guy. He tells it like it is. The Republicans are bringing shame on us all.

Posted by: wideblacksky | July 30, 2010 7:59 PM | Report abuse

Sorry, but the hysterical wiener leaves me limp. The House is controlled by Dims. That the leadership chose to slow or turn back this bill is evidence of lobbyist influence, not the Republican party.

Anthony's hissy fit, as always, is an embarrassment.

And this "urgent" bill comes 9 years in.

Weiner the Whiner.

Posted by: Logic31415 | July 30, 2010 7:43 PM | Report abuse

middleamerica1, Mr. Wiener would say that the tone you request is like bringing library books to a knife fight, And where was the civility when the President spoke and the GOP acted like they were delinquents in high school detention and one called him a liar?

Posted by: hakafos44 | July 30, 2010 7:34 PM | Report abuse

Pardon the typos, I am as angry as he was.

Posted by: hakafos44 | July 30, 2010 7:31 PM | Report abuse

I know a relief worker who is desperately ill after spending weeks at the seen trying to find his deceased firefighter best friend.

Shame is the world. Dark, dirty shame!

Posted by: hakafos44 | July 30, 2010 7:29 PM | Report abuse

Too bad the message didn't get to the people who need to hear this stuff. I mean you, John Boehner and Michelle Bachman. Same goes for Mitch McConnell. You guys have done more damage to this country than all the terrorists.

Posted by: BigTrees | July 30, 2010 7:20 PM | Report abuse

This isn't's lunacy. blew it. You're a Democrat. Stick a fork in you.

Posted by: joesmithdefend | July 30, 2010 6:46 PM | Report abuse

"He is defending his constituents who were hurt and are suffering from an attack on our country"

Tell them to use Obama-care. After all, the president tells us it's getting more and more popular.

Posted by: Ombudsman1 | July 30, 2010 6:37 PM | Report abuse

Shouldn't Weiner be wearing a dress? That's the only possible attire for a drama queen like this.

Posted by: Ombudsman1 | July 30, 2010 6:34 PM | Report abuse

Democrats have got to be the dumbest people on earth. Throw them out!!

Posted by: irishjack | July 30, 2010 6:25 PM | Report abuse

Read the bill and tell me if you would vote for it. 111th Congress (2009-2010)
H.R.847.IH Found at The Library of Congress website.

Posted by: SSDDagain | July 30, 2010 5:45 PM | Report abuse

Finally somebody spoke up to say the emperor has no clothes. The GOP is in a perpetual hissy fit that Cheney and his ilk got voted out. To express their dismay, they hang together as a block of NO votes. Progress is apparently made when Democrats agree to certain "vital" amendments proposed by the GOP. This waters down the final bill that may or likely will not get to a final vote on account of procedural roadblocks shoved in its way by the GOP. And GOP members will vote NO. This charade is designed to demonstrate to voters that Obama and his government and his party are incapable of solving the nation's problems. The only viable alternative is to put a Cheney clone in the White House next time. Actually a full-on authoritarian state is what the GOP wants. Anybody who disagrees with policies that make life easy for criminal businessmen, criminal politicians, and the wealthy can be falsely accused of being enemies of the state and tossed in prison for life and/or killed. Cheney's administration allowed violent foreigners to enter our country (May God Bless It) and kill thousands of Americans. Additional Americans got sick cleaning up the mess. And, allegedly for budgetary reasons, the U.S. Government, in the judgment of the GOP, should not compensate the sick for injuries they suffered as a direct result of America's feckless border guards. Maybe a few unworthy recipients would slip by.

Posted by: BlueTwo1 | July 30, 2010 5:32 PM | Report abuse

I wonder why he believes screaming and pounding on the podium is going to impress people. We see this kind of behavior all the time in 3rd world countries. A weak argument is a weak argument and no amount of screaming and theatrical antics can change that. Mr. Weiner should go back to school and take some classes in rhetoric and public speaking.

Posted by: ttj1 | July 30, 2010 5:32 PM | Report abuse

I'm surprised at some of your comments in here. First, the bill looks good on the outside but has 'evil' on the inside. It appears to be the best bill ever that will help the hero's of 911. But if you read the fine print you will see it there are more tax hikes for small businesses. Before you spout how you think how good the bill is...go read it first!!

1. H.R. 847 creates a new entitlement program.
2. H.R. 847 is paid for with a tax increase on companies located in the United States that are employing American workers.
3. H.R. 847 is not means tested. An amendment to preclude millionaires from accessing the new health entitlement created by Title I was defeated during the markup in Energy and Commerce Committee.
4. NIOSH does not have expertise in administering a health care payment program. The current program is a block-grant program, and under H.R. 847, NIOSH will negotiate contracts and approve treatment protocols.
5. H.R. 847 increases hospital reimbursement rates to 140 percent of Medicare reimbursement rates on average for New York City hospitals while ObamaCare cuts $150 billion in payments to hospitals around the country.
6. H.R. 847 does not reward hospitals and providers for improving health care. They will be reimbursed based on each service they perform, which will encourage overutilization and increase health care spending.
7. Currently, several programs receive federal funding for medical monitoring and treatment programs. Those programs include: Fire Department of New York WTC Medical Monitoring Program, New York/New Jersey WTC Consortium, WTC Health Registry, WTC Federal Responder Screening Program, Project COPE, and POPPA (Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance) program.
8. Limited oversight fails to ensure taxpayer funds are spent properly and effectively. Government health care programs, such as Medicare, have a significant amount of fraud.
9. H.R. 847 gives too much discretion in the unreviewable authority of the Special Master.
10. H.R. 847 permits claimants to seek compensation through the VCF even if they have settled their lawsuits against the $1 billion taxpayer-funded World Trade Center Captive Insurance Company.
11. H.R. 847 includes protections for trial lawyers, including the ability to receive taxpayer-funded compensation for work not directly related to recovery from the VCF. In addition, attorneys who have been compensation under another settlement will have access to settlement funds under the reopened VCF.
12. 12. H.R. 847 extends the geographic scope of the original September 11 Fund and gives the Special Master discretion to extend it even farther.
13. H.R. 847 caps the VCF at $8.4 billion, which is an invitation and a guarantee to spend $8.4 billion.

Posted by: SSDDagain | July 30, 2010 5:21 PM | Report abuse

Ok. Time for the rest of the story.

Apparently the bill was ready to be passed and the house had 255 votes (mostly Dems and some Repubs including Mr. King). They only need 218 to pass the bill so this should have been a slam dunk.

Then, the house leadership changed the votes needed to pass to 290 votes. There was no where near that amount of votes to support the bill so it died.

Mr. Weiner and Mr. King were on several talk shows and Mr. Weiner was pressed on the issue since all they needed was 218 votes to pass the damn bill. Mr. Weiner simply blamed the Republicans and said that he was able to bring 94% of his folks, why couldn't the Republicans bring the rest.

Mr. King said that there were several controversial components in the bill (i.e. complaints of entitlement, etc..) which is what held not only some Republicans but also some Dems to reject the bill. Mr. King though was ready to buck his party to vote for the bill.

Bottom Line: If you only need 218 votes and the bill is that important, then pass the damn bill. Nuff said!

Posted by: rigoman33 | July 30, 2010 5:04 PM | Report abuse

Ok. Time for the rest of the story.

Apparently the bill was ready to be passed and the house had 255 votes (mostly Dems and some Repubs including Mr. King). They only need 218 to pass the bill so this should have been a slam dunk.

Then, the house leadership changed the votes needed to pass to 290 votes. There was no where near that amount of votes to support the bill so it died.

Mr. Weiner and Mr. King were on several talk shows and Mr. Weiner was pressed on the issue since all they needed was 218 votes to pass the damn bill. Mr. Weiner simply blamed the Republicans and said that he was able to bring 94% of his folks, why couldn't the Republicans bring the rest.

Mr. King said that there were several controversial components in the bill (i.e. complaints of entitlement, etc..) which is what held not only some Republicans but also some Dems to reject the bill. Mr. King though was ready to buck his party to vote for the bill.

Bottom Line: If you only need 218 votes and the bill is that important, then pass the damn bill. Nuff said!

Posted by: rigoman33 | July 30, 2010 5:04 PM | Report abuse

Well, Republicans generally are cowards, that's hardly a major revelation. Where do you think the term chicken hawk comes from?

Posted by: vztownes | July 30, 2010 5:00 PM | Report abuse

dear mr. wiener ,every politician in d.c. is owned by some corporation or are you the exception.give it a break. lobbyist are pimps and politicians are their prostitutes.

Posted by: SISSD1 | July 30, 2010 4:48 PM | Report abuse

WAPOs tendentious captioning of Rep. Weiner's commentary is itself shameful, indicating (again) its investment in keeping status quo "equilibrium" over presenting events/facts and allowing readers to evaluate. This speech could as easily be defined as a "passionate outburst against deceitful opposition," or a "principled defense of clarity in congressional decision-making," or an "refutation of procedural obfuscation--or, in the interests of space, a peroration or denunciation--as a "rant." I suppose WAPO would have reported Joseph Welch's retort to Sen. McCarthy as an "unseemly breach of decorum"!

Posted by: kbenston | July 30, 2010 4:47 PM | Report abuse

Finally, a Democrat with passion AND courage. He is defending his constituents who were hurt and are suffering from an attack on our country. Funny how RepubliKKKLANS say they support the troops but won't give the same support to citizens who were attacked!

Posted by: mdenny1 | July 30, 2010 4:46 PM | Report abuse

I am happy to finally see someone take a principled stand in favor of progressive values and doing it with passion.

It's about time someone showed that these are things worth fighting for, and that if you get angry and a little steamed under the collar about them, so be it.

These same people who are saying that Rep. Weiner is an embrassment etc. will be the LAST ones saying that the same passion and vigor showed by the Tea Party folks is anything other than patriotic and signs of people who are fed up.

So which is it? Is passion good, or is being fed up only ok when you're fed up about things you support, or thing you support because Glen Beck told you to?

Posted by: vwoobah3803 | July 30, 2010 4:43 PM | Report abuse

He's an embarrassment to himself. Weiner managed to make Glenn Beck look both rational and reasonable. He needs both anger management classes and meds.

Posted by: WashingtonDame | July 30, 2010 4:36 PM | Report abuse

So little Weiner is shooting his mouth off again for the TV cameras. Why do men of small stature always feel they have to make fools of themselves just to have relevance.

Posted by: mightyheidi | July 30, 2010 4:33 PM | Report abuse

Childish Democrat Antics. Par for the course.

Posted by: kanawa | July 30, 2010 4:31 PM | Report abuse

Childish Democrat Antics. Par for the course.

Posted by: kanawa | July 30, 2010 4:30 PM | Report abuse

For all those saying "go Weiner!" or "he has backbone" I would just point out that he could have said everything he said in an evenhanded tone of voice without screaming. Screaming gets you nowhere.

We live in an age where more and more politicians of both major parties are making a name for themselves by saying outlandish things (Bachmann, Palin) or saying things in an outlandish way [Weiner]. I am a Democrat, but if I were his constituent he would not have my support. This behavior is unbecoming a member the House.

[And yes, I agree that Republicans should vote against the bill...not go after it on procedural grounds so they can claim they didn't "vote against" benefits for 9/11 victims".

Posted by: middleamerica1 | July 30, 2010 4:23 PM | Report abuse

'You control both houses so shove the bill down the throat of Americans again just like you have been doing for the last 18 months.'

to Cobra2:

This was an amendment to the Public Health Services Act, not just 'any bill'. We know Conservatives like to throw around words lacking specificity. So what were the specifics of this amendment?

I thought so.

Conservatives left a stain on the country. Since then they've become a pack of useless obstructionists. Party first, country second.

Posted by: jimsillan | July 30, 2010 4:19 PM | Report abuse

The nasty thing about politics is that it fails to help hurting people. Vote on each issue on its own merit, and do what is best for hurting people. Tying this bill to help 911 responders to some other amendment on an entirely different issue is wrong.

Weiner was right. If the GOP was for this bill, they could have voted for it.

Posted by: tinyjab40 | July 30, 2010 4:18 PM | Report abuse

The man is unhinged. You control both houses so shove the bill down the throat of Americans again just like you have been doing for the last 18 months. Can't take anybody serious with a last name of WEINER. Again, you control the entire Government other then the Supreme Court and Liberals are still bitter. Just a bunch of cry babies. You Liberals just keep throwing billions to any cause you feel necessary without ever contemplating the negatives. Liberals Suck!

Posted by: Cobra2 | July 30, 2010 3:45 PM | Report abuse

This guy rocks. How can anyone be against providing health benefits to 9/11 responders? We need more people like this in office.

Posted by: batemanja | July 30, 2010 3:40 PM | Report abuse

Laughable blow-hard (D). Volume beats facts, reality and common sense -- if you're a fool (D).

Like his dopey former boss, Schemer (D) - who "conveniently" arranges bills to benefit him and attack his enemies.

We're going to out-last you, blow-hard. BS until you blow a heart-valve.

Posted by: russpoter | July 30, 2010 3:37 PM | Report abuse

My gosh, a Democrat with backbone! My congratulations on holding these miserable Republicans' feet to the fire. The nation urgently needs to hear exactly what the Republicans are doing in Congress and to correctly attribute the dysfunction there to those who deserve the blame. I hope the networks (even Fox) show this clip over and over, to wake the slumbering public up and make them realize how hard Democrats have fought for justice these past two years and how stubbornly the Republicans refuse to provide anything but a huge "NO", even when the issue is compensation for 9/11 emergency responders. Hooray to Mr. Weiner!!

Posted by: Putnam1 | July 30, 2010 3:36 PM | Report abuse

i agree with go anthony, tell 'em like it is. But let's face it, the republicans are opposed to all things obama, or that come from the other side. they're refusing to do their jobs. They were against extending unemployment benefits during the worst economic times in most of our lifetimes. Let obama say he wants to extend the tax cut for the wealthiest 1%, and he wants to give BP a huge tax cut and see how many republicans go against that. Why do they do it? Because they know those who support and vote for them are clueless and have no clue what they're voting for. they can. it works. they still get elected. if you're middle class and you're voting for republicans you're an idiot plain and simple. I'm not voting for the party of no when it comes to the common man, and yes when it comes to themselves, rich people and huge corporations. FACT: GOP blocked the extension of unemployment benefits, at the same time they were apologizing to BP, because they thought the common man should pay for the oil spill. Vote for them you mindless sheep, and you'll be whining just like you were when you had enough of the last retard you put in the white house.

Posted by: red2million | July 30, 2010 3:35 PM | Report abuse

Thank you Congressman Weiner for reminding us what the GOP has become: Dispassionate cowards. Perhaps one of the chronically ill victims of 9/ll will barter something for an extension of his/her health benefits, while the House deliberates on the GOP procedural objection.

When the GOP is not in power, obstructionism is what they're all about. The American people are a footnote to GOP policy.

Posted by: jimsillan | July 30, 2010 3:35 PM | Report abuse

Rep. Weiner has both heart and spine, and isn't afraid to stand up to GOP legislators who cowardly torpedo good and decent legislation by procedural means.

The man has a point - if they don't like it, they should vote "no", on the record. The GOP has paraded 9/11 in front of the public to incite fear for their own political advantage for nearly a decade now; the least they can do is help those who actually suffered.

To avoid going on the record by torpedoing the measure using procedural means is utterly shameful. As the GOP is so fond of saying - "character matters".

Looks like that only applies to Edwards and other Dems, and not Vitter, Gingrich, Limbaugh and the shifty legislators unwilling to stand up for what they believe and make an unpopular and politically damning "no" vote on this legislation.

Posted by: edvf1000r | July 30, 2010 3:33 PM | Report abuse

Telling the truth is not ranting. The 911 Emergency responders are heroes and to hide behind procedures to block providing them medical care is shameful. Tactics like these by some Republican extremists in the house are one reason why many young Republicans, like me, can no long vote Republican all the time.

Posted by: david65 | July 30, 2010 3:15 PM | Report abuse

Go Anthony Weiner! Can we clone you to replace few of the back boneless dems?

Posted by: ualec1 | July 30, 2010 3:08 PM | Report abuse

The GOP's filled with gutless self serving pukes who aren't honest enough to make good dog catchers. So I'm happy to hear he called them out on their crap.

Posted by: Nymous | July 30, 2010 3:07 PM | Report abuse

Thank you Anthony Weiner for making us aware that there are some in the House of Representatives like you who deserve their jobs as representatives of the people of the United States. There should be far more...there are no Republicans and less Democrats than there should be who deserve their jobs. You make us proud.

Posted by: gilbertpb40 | July 30, 2010 2:58 PM | Report abuse

Thank you Anthony Weiner----there should be more representation in the House of Representatives (and even more so, in the Senate) so that we, the citizens of the United States, would realize that their are some in Congress who deserve their jobs.

Posted by: gilbertpb40 | July 30, 2010 2:54 PM | Report abuse

"Lost it"? No. He FOUND it. That was not the raving of a man who lost control. He was in control. And I'm sending him a donation TODAY.

Posted by: saymyname | July 30, 2010 2:53 PM | Report abuse

Representative Weiner is absolutely correct to be so angry that people who rushed in to help their fellow citizens on Sept 11th are being completely devalued, that their sacrifice and humanitarianism is being trivialized by members of Congress who feel their political standing is far more important than helping these Americans whose every impulse was to help. These people are being abused and used by politicians who could not make it clearer that their own political agendas are always going to override any sense of morality, justice, fairness or basic decency. This is disgusting behavior, and it should be called out. Kudos to Mr. Weiner.

Posted by: tdipassional | July 30, 2010 2:53 PM | Report abuse

No class Congress or the current administration....Weiner is emotionally unstable to boot ! ! !

Posted by: DiscerningCitizen | July 30, 2010 2:52 PM | Report abuse

Now the Republicans are against a bill giving medical care to the 911 Emergency responders who were sickened by the attack. These 911 Emergency responders are heroes and this how the Republicans treat them. They do not have the decency to give them medical care. They were coming to the aid of our fellow Americans and put their lives and health at risk. It is truly shameful and UN-American of the Republicans to treat them this way.....

Posted by: johnnyk1 | July 30, 2010 2:39 PM | Report abuse

Good for him.

Posted by: Patera | July 30, 2010 2:39 PM | Report abuse

If only the other 434 H.R. members and 100 Senators showed this much passion, maybe things would get done in Congress.

Posted by: jgmann | July 30, 2010 1:46 PM | Report abuse

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