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Posted at 12:30 PM ET, 03/ 6/2011

Mitch McConnell on John Kerry: 'What planet is he living on?' (Sunday talk shows)

By Rachel Weiner & Emi Kolawole

Discussions this Sunday centered on the increasing violence in Libya, the battle to pass a 2011 budget and the 2012 elections.

Sunday Talk Shows:

Fox: Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Democrats are 'willing to do nothing'
Sen. John McCain: In Libya 'ground intervention would not be appropriate'
White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley: Obama 'does not look at politics'
CNN: Sen. Lamar Alexander: Donald Trump 'has no chance of winning'
C-SPAN: Rep. Harold Rogers on earmarks: 'My people are sacrificing'
CBS: Sen. Mitch McConnell on Sen. John Kerry: 'What planet is he living on?'

FOX News Sunday

Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Democrats are 'willing to do nothing'

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) argued over budget cuts. Republicans have proposed $61 billion in cuts to discretionary spending; Democrats want only $10.5 billion.

"They're willing to do nothing," Hensarling said.

Durbin made the case that Republican cuts to investments would hurt job creation; Hensarling countered that Democrats weren't willing to cut anything. Both lawmakers were on the president's deficit commission. Hensarling ultimately voted against the group's recommendations, because they did not touch President Obama's health-care bill. Durbin said that a bipartisan group of senators are continuing the commission's work.

Celebrating her family's Supreme Court victory, Maggie Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church appeared on Fox News Sunday to say that the ruling was God's will. She added that she believes President Obama "is going to be king of the world before this is all said and done, and he is most likely the beast spoken of in the Revelation."

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This Week (ABC)

Sen. John McCain: In Libya 'ground intervention would not be appropriate'

On "This Week," Sen. John McCain said "you've to to look at" the recent uptick in jobs "as a good thing," but added that it doesn't mean a significant drop in unemployment. McCain broke with a former economic adviser, Mark Zandi, who says that cutting spending could cost the economy 700,000 jobs. "You know, he's the same guy that said that, if we adopted the stimulus package, unemployment would never go above 8 percent," McCain said, laughing. "Please." He said he did not think cuts would affect the employment rate.

McCain also addressed the crisis in Libya, saying "ground intervention would not be appropriate," but that the U.S. could assist in a lot of ways. He repeated his call for a no-fly zone over the country, pointing out that he was joined by Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Liebmeran (I-Conn.). Asked if Moammar Gaddafi knew his time had come, McCain responded, "he's insane," but that may be a no-fly zone would inspire some of the people around him to "depart the sinking ship."

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Meet the Press (NBC)

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley: Obama 'does not look at politics'

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley declared that President Obama "does not look at politics." In response to questions about the 2012 election, Daley reiterated: "The president doesn't spend a lot of time talking about this stuff. We've got enough issues to deal with without worrying about who will be the Republican nominees."

Daley said that many people calling for a no-fly zone over Libya "have no idea what they're talking about," and that President Obama would move forward in careful consultation with military leaders and other nations. "Change is coming," all over the Middle East, he said. "It's
not something we can dictate and oversee." He said the administration was considering opening up the strategic oil reserves as fuel prices rise in response to instability in the region. "We're looking at the options," he said.

Daley also criticized House Republicans for not getting a budget passed: "We are only seven months away from the end of this fiscal year, and we don't have a budget, which is kind of ridiculous. No company could get away with that." Finally, he said.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) appeared after Daley, and she mostly dodged questions about a potential government shutdown. Instead, she focused on health-care spending, claiming at $105 billion was appropriated under false pretenses. (She even had a sign with the number on it.) She was equally reticent when it came to her 2012 plans, saying "I haven't made a decision one way or the other."

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CNN: State of the Union

Sen. Lamar Alexander: Donald Trump 'has no chance of winning'

Rep. Peter King defended plans to hold hearings in the House Homeland Security committee next week on radical Islam. Rep. Keith Ellison, a practicing Muslim who plans to testify in the hearings also joined. Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, said he agreed with holding the hearings, but that the scope was too narrow. King defended against the charge, saying that other, smaller groups did not pose as grave a threat.

The show started with discussion of the violence in Libya with Ali Errishi, the nation's former immigration minister and Stephen Hadley, former national security adviser to president George W. Bush. Hadley defended the Bush administration's having dealt with Gaddafi, saying "it was a difficult decision," to have done so, but that it had deprived him of more serious chemical weapons that he might have used on his own people.

Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson (D) - both one-time presidential candidates -- also joined to discuss the 2012 presidential field, in so far as it exists. Asked how formidable the president looked as a candidate, Alexander said he wouldn't rule out a Democratic challenge to Obama. Richardson, asked who could be a formidable challenger to Obama, answered that a "dark horse candidate" would prove to be the biggest challenge, going on to say he thought Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who recently declared he would not seek the presidency, could have been that candidate. Alexander, shown an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showing Donald Trump with a higher favorability rating than Mitt Romney and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, was blunt: "He has no chance of winning." Alexander also included former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in a list of potential candidates, saying that she had the "force of her personality" as an asset.

-- More on Reps. Peter King & Keith Ellison

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Newsmakers (C-SPAN)

Rep. Harold Rogers on earmarks: 'My people are sacrificing'

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-Ky.) defended his party's handling of the heated budget debate, saying he did not support a government shutdown and that Democrats were to blame for the current stand-off, since they failed to pass a 2011 budget in the previous Congress.

"We realize how important the government is to a lot of people," Rogers said. "I don't think we need a shutdown, I am adamantly opposed to that."

"The number one goal in all of this are jobs," said Rogers, bringing the conversation back to, what poll after poll has indicated to be the most important issues to American voters. Rogers said that the 2012 budget bills would begin to move in mid-to-late summer, and maintained that the 2011 budget battles would not delay the passage of the 2012 funding bills before the August recess.

Rogers was also asked about his ability to funnel federal funds prior to Republicans' calls to end earmark spending. "When they were en vogue and we did not have this fiscal crisis, again I represent the second poorest district in America. ... Sure enough I went after those problems to protect our district," he said referring to Kentucky's chronic drug problems, water pollution and inadequate roads. "So, my people are sacrificing, and I thank them for it, to help this country through this difficulty."

Julie Hirschfeld Davis of Bloomberg and Humberto Sanchez of National Journal joined.

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Face the Nation (CBS)

Sen. Mitch McConnell on Sen. John Kerry: 'What planet is he living on?'

"Moammar Gaddafi has lost all credibility," said Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. "The last thing we want to think about is any kind of military intervention," Kerry said. "We don't want troops on the ground. They don't want troops on the ground.

"I think if these countries do reform, that is an enormous consequence to all of us with respective relationships in the Mid-East, to the war on terror as we have known it," Kerry said.

"I'm not sure if it's in our vital interest for him to go," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), but he did say that the United States should do what it can to help rebel forces oust Gaddafi, short of sending troops into the country.

The topic turned to federal spending, a subject on which McConnell had plenty of criticism to levy at both Democrats and The White House. He said he failed to see any willingness from the president and Democrats to do "anything that's difficult."

"I haven't given up hope, but I am optimistic," McConnell said. Asked to explain his charge that the president was not appropriately serious about the budget, McConnell said tthe president and Democrats were "in denial about social security."

Referring to Sen. Kerry's claim earlier in the program that suggested budget cuts by Republicans were "reckless," McConnell shot back, "I'm wondering, what planet is he living on?"

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By Rachel Weiner & Emi Kolawole  | March 6, 2011; 12:30 PM ET
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pgibson1 - No ... he didn't imply that Kerry is an alien! your inference of McConnell's meaning is just wrong. His comment was simply that to make the statement Kerry made, one would have to be unaware of the economic conditions we presently are living under.

Posted by: Hazmat77 | March 8, 2011 7:55 AM | Report abuse

Oh that'll really get his attention, Mc'Connell, implying that what ? He's alien, not human ?

I hope that Mister Kerry lets your comment roll off, these schoolyard tactics of shaming language you seem to think are strategic.

He was born in Kenya, 'wad.

look it up.

I'm sure you will, I'm sure you will, I'm sure you will, anything to shame, discredit, anything positive from you GOP guys lately is the fact that I turn off the television more often than usual, especially when talking heads (bleah, bleah, liberals bad, conservatives -baaaaahhhhh-good), with sound bytes roll up to the camera.

g-bye representative of nothing but your own delusional ( yeah, people live is space) self-flaggelation.

Posted by: pgibson1 | March 7, 2011 4:38 PM | Report abuse

I have to admit, McConnell has a point. \

Kerry is a moonbat weirdo with a penchant for saying strange, even other worldly, things.

earlier in the week, Kerry was advocating air strikes (no fly zone would require attacking libyan air defense). apparently seeking political position without regard for real world reality.

Posted by: malcolmyoung1 | March 7, 2011 3:43 PM | Report abuse

What planet is John Kerry living on, Mitch?

I know what planet you WISH he was living on:


Come out of the closet and admit it.

Posted by: sasquatchbigfoot | March 7, 2011 2:09 PM | Report abuse

Once a traitor, always a traitor!! And, he's always been a COWARD, too!!

What Planet? Ho Chi Minh

Posted by: RDog1 | March 7, 2011 1:31 PM | Report abuse

To show you how uninformed America really is, look at petroleum. For rome reason, we believe that we can have cheap oil indefinitely. While Europe heavily taxes oil products to pay for mass transit and a top-notch highway system, we undertax gasoline and are witnessing the deterioration of our highways.

Of course, we ridicule legitimate scientific research so that we can advance political agendas that promise but cannot deliver - unless you are the very rich.

Look at oil.
1. We subsidize oil for what reason? Oil must not be making enough profits?!
2. Oil is a finite natural resource. Each day that we pump oil is each day that oil is appoaching its end. Hence, the price of oil should go up. It is the old economic law of supply and demand on macroscale. Granted we can pump more now to ease the immediate supply issue. However, the faster we pump now means the quicker that we will run out. The price of oil is going to go up.
3. What is America doing to transition to alternate sources of energy? People complain that new energy is expensive. Like I said, cheap oil is a myth in the longrun.
4. When the oil runs out, my urban region has nothing to support economic viability in the transportation area.

As they say, either pay now or pay later. Doing what should have been done 50 years ago is still cheaper today than it will be tomorrow.

President Obama is a very intelligent man, and he understands these things. It is too bad that others prefer to berate him daily based on a politics that has gone wacky in our country. The problems that we face are real. We do not need a major political party adding to the problems. Republicans have no real solutions for our longterm problems. Their focus is on raiding the treasury before the final collapse. They seem to be in the mold of Enron, AIG, and so forth.

Posted by: EarlC | March 7, 2011 12:52 PM | Report abuse

Mitch McConnell is the one living on another planet. To use such as comment about Kerry over a statement that Kerry made over Republican budget cuts just shows how copycat McConnell is when it comes to cliches. As usual, Republicans cannot use such cliches in an appropriate way. McConnell is a big joke. Too bad he must be taken seriously.

Posted by: EarlC | March 7, 2011 12:33 PM | Report abuse

The price per barrel is controlled by the commodities traders not the President or Democrat or Republican party. Libya makes up 2 percent of total oil production..tell can 2 percent affect the cost so significantly?

No...its the perception of the greedy dipwads.....a lot of these guys used to be employed by Enron....

Posted by: chefra | March 7, 2011 11:12 AM | Report abuse

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Posted by: chicgoods | March 7, 2011 10:59 AM | Report abuse

What planet are McConnell and Kerry both living on? It surely isn't the reality of the country. Compare them both to Nero, fiddling while Rome burned. Well, we're burning up with debt, war, and deficit and neither are offering up SENSIBLE long-term programs for dealing with any of it.

Posted by: sober1 | March 7, 2011 10:37 AM | Report abuse

As for oil prices – its the speculators on Wall Street – not supply – not the president – in fact demand is down and reserves are high – there is not enough oil in North America to make even a dent in supply – it is so difficult to extract that it will keep the price high – if you start drilling today it will be 4 to 5 years before the oil gets to market – The republican talking points are insane and are, in fact lies – How about using those big subsidies we pay to the oil companies to keep the consumer price down – How about using those big subsidies we pat to big agra to keep the price to consumers down – How about using the big tax breaks to keep the prices down

This is off topic but, what is the obsession which all these people claiming that the president is off playing golf or on another vacation or more interested in playing golf? Where does this nonsense come from. Are they just confused and think W is still in the president?

Posted by: cario1 | March 7, 2011 8:40 AM | Report abuse

And for our beloved Senator McConnell I have just one question - "What rock did HE crawl out from under?" Republicans won't be happy until they've stolen everything that's not nailed down, destroyed our country beyond any hope of repair, and the top 2% are all that's left. Who will they lie to, cheat, and steal from then?

Posted by: Bushwhacked1 | March 7, 2011 7:32 AM | Report abuse

And for our beloved Senator McConnell I have just one question - "What rock did HE crawl out from under?" Republicans won't be happy until they've stolen everything that's not nailed down, destroyed our country beyond any hope of repair, and the top 2% are all that's left. Who will they lie to, cheat, and steal from then?

Posted by: Bushwhacked1 | March 7, 2011 7:31 AM | Report abuse at 212 832 2000 and tell Donald Trump, that: "He's Fired !"

Trump, as Presidential material ?? AS IF !

As Senator Lamar Alexander so succinctly, stated: Trump, "... is famous for being famous. He may be good in business but he's not going to be president ...".

Posted by: CallPablo | March 7, 2011 1:27 AM | Report abuse

I've been wondering what planet Mitch McConnell is from for years. Oh, I should have known. Kentucky!

Posted by: rtinindiana | March 7, 2011 12:29 AM | Report abuse

Why the hell is Fox News putting someone from the WBC on their show? Even you, Fox News, should have at least enough decency to shove them off.

Posted by: ravensfan20008 | March 6, 2011 10:35 PM | Report abuse

I have not seen any REPUBLICAN CUTS

I see cuts to everything ,but oil, corporations, tax cuts,

McConnell cut some from your pocket book

Posted by: theoldmansays | March 6, 2011 10:14 PM | Report abuse

I have not seen any REPUBLICAN CUTS

I see cuts to everything ,but oil, corporations, tax cuts,

Mc Connell cut some from your pocket book

Posted by: theoldmansays | March 6, 2011 10:13 PM | Report abuse

A mar Alexander is a snake. The translation of what he said about Trump amounts "we've got a good Republican President in Obama and we're not about to field a genuine conservative that cares more about working people and less about my Wall Street John's". What possess people to vote for cockroaches like this?

Posted by: mibrooks27 | March 6, 2011 9:47 PM | Report abuse

So the conservative plan is to pull enough money out of the economy to destroy whatever growth is occurring, thereby doing far more damage to government revenue than they will ever gain with their poorly thought out cuts - which mostly punish the poor and middle class while ignoring corporate welfare.

These idiots will be gone in 2012, and it won't be soon enough.

Posted by: rapchat1 | March 6, 2011 8:14 PM | Report abuse

Don't worry, Obama has turned over all foreign policy decision to Jeff Immelt, GE, and MSNBC. He's off to play golf.

Puppet president.

Posted by: grunk | March 6, 2011 7:27 PM | Report abuse

Rep. Jeb Hensarling: Democrats are 'willing to do nothing'

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) argued over budget cuts. Republicans have proposed $61 billion in cuts to discretionary spending; Democrats want only $10.5 billion.

"They're willing to do nothing," Hensarling said.


We "other" Americans need to keep reminding Republicans like Hensarling that every time they open their mouths and say crap like the above about the Democrats that it was he and his party who ran on a November 2010 political campaign to CUT and CHOP UP the Federal Gov't just to appease their angry and hostile Tea Bagger base.

So, stop your incessant whining about what Democrats won't do, ain't doing, refuse to do and get to Cutting and Chopping up the Federal Gov't and the programs and services that they provide to millions of Americans, including those Tea Baggers.

Posted by: lcarter0311 | March 6, 2011 6:32 PM | Report abuse

I nominate Gov. John Kasich for POTUS in 2012. He has legislative and executive experience to balance out a ticket, with Scott Walke, as the VEEP nominee.

We've had enough of the namby-pamby, tax everybody and "spread the wealth," goof-off golfer, "Hoops" Obammy.

Let's bring in a REAL hardcharger, and get rid of these miscreants in DC.

Posted by: Computer_Forensics_Expert_Computer_Expert_Witness | March 6, 2011 3:34 PM | Report abuse

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