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Posted at 1:13 PM ET, 03/ 9/2011

David Broder

By Joel Achenbach

If there were a more decent and generous journalist in our business than David Broder, I've never met the person.

Broder ("David" to everyone in the hallway, the elevator, the campaign filing center, of course) remained the consummate collegial figure long after -- decades after -- earning the status of "dean of the Washington press corps." He had no pretense in him. He was a big-name pundit, but, most of all, he was a thing we used to call "a newspaper reporter." He knocked on doors to the very end of his career, interviewing voters, getting to know the local political organizers, never promoting himself to a rank too exalted to conduct shoe-leather reporting or pound out a deadline story in a cold gym in some remote corner of New Hampshire or Iowa.

Who am I kidding: He loved those gyms! And the tighter the deadline, the better.

He could turn his analytical eye on his own reporting: Read this story by Broder, in which he expresses doubts about his influential report of Ed Muskie becoming tearful in the snow outside the Union-Leader office in the 1972 New Hampshire primary. Maybe it was just melting snow!

The syndicate known as The Washington Post Writers Group was pretty much invented to handle David Broder's prodigious output. He was also a professor at the University of Maryland. A number of ideologues, particularly in Blogworld, hated him for his political leanings, which were very close to being perfectly vertical. But that was enraging: He anchored himself in the political center, and religiously espoused good government, compromise solutions and bipartisanship. Naturally, the true believers viewed him as a dangerous moderate, a dinosaur, a centrist crank.

I doubt the hectoring bothered Broder, since he was too busy to worry about that stuff. He was a busy man -- he had some reporting to do.

By Joel Achenbach  | March 9, 2011; 1:13 PM ET
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I could make a comment about the metaphors one could draw about Broder's passing and the death of bipartisanship, but that would be trite and hackneyed and unworthy of the man.

R.I.P. "Dean" Broder

Posted by: Scottynuke | March 9, 2011 2:11 PM | Report abuse

Moderation died. Not bipolar disorder.

The nation is awash in he-she, us-them, Dem-GOP, urban-rural bickering.

And the media loves it and profits from it.

It's "a brand" to be "lib" (MSNBC) or "conservative" (Fox).

It's "they're stupid" like two year olds, from both sides.

All I can say is, reality is GWB GPA 2.77, Kerry, 2.76. Moneyed prep boys. And, Obama the 2.0 version of the same.

And this is our "elite"????

Where's the Centrist Party?

Banned by common decree in good ole DC.

Even the Senate is purged of moderates as the House takes on slash and burn politics.

America is sick. And the tumor is Washington DC.

Posted by: BuyPartisan | March 9, 2011 2:41 PM | Report abuse

David Broder might have been technologically challenged, but he's among those who must have gained greater national recognition thanks to the Internet, not to mention all those television appearances.

I took Barack Obama seriously as a presidential candidate early on. Must have been in part from reading Broder.

Posted by: DaveoftheCoonties | March 9, 2011 2:54 PM | Report abuse

Front page alert. Good thing we got the bunker cleaned up and stocked yesterday.

Posted by: slyness | March 9, 2011 3:00 PM | Report abuse

I know, slyness *faxing you an attaboy certificate*

And I've looked high and low, and can't find the mint GSCs. You're good. You're really good.

(Wait a minute. I haven't looked behind the Kinkade...nope, not there.) (Not inside the Lladro. Not taped underneath the pool table. Not in waterproof baggie inside the toilet tank. Not in the wine cellar. Not in the suspended ceiling. Not stashed behind the air register return (I saw No Country for Old Men, too, ya know.) Not under the davenport...

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 9, 2011 3:10 PM | Report abuse

And no, not in the cookie jar. That would be way too easy.

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 9, 2011 3:13 PM | Report abuse

Very nice appreciation Joel. I liked Broder because I could never predict going in what he was going to say. I sometimes disagreed, but in the process of thinking things through I found a deeper understanding of the issues. And isn't this what a good journalist does?

Posted by: RD_Padouk | March 9, 2011 3:19 PM | Report abuse


Mudge, don't waste any more time on the GSC's. That's Mo's stash.

Dave, I suppose I did the same, because of Broder. I wavered between Obama and Hillary for a while, but when I read that one of his goals was to make government work again, he was my candidate. Didja see Tom Friedman's comment that we Americans underestimate the impact of electing him?

I'm looking forward to Wilbrodog's haiku on cherry blossoms.

Rain has arrived, is predicted to be heavy at times. That will do the Bradford pear blooms in, oh well. They have been spectacular this week.

Posted by: slyness | March 9, 2011 3:23 PM | Report abuse

The NYT has a good, long obit/appreciation of Broder at

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 9, 2011 3:24 PM | Report abuse

We are fast losing the cadre of real "reporters". Folks who went out and reported the news, and also did the research that backed up the news. The op/eds were there to comment on their take on the news, but that was a different job. Broder made his mark as the former, then in recent years commented on it, but without spinning it one way or the other. These days it seems like too many reporters, either print, TV/radio, or net, take the news and report it through their own perspective filter, or they try to make the news themselves.

Posted by: ebtnut | March 9, 2011 3:35 PM | Report abuse

I've always had somewhat mixed feelings about David Broder. I expect that Washington Week will have a lovely tribute to him on Friday evening (to the extent that PBS is still in business by then).

Mudge, I wanted to tell you that your gymnastic/acrobatic technique from the last kit (or the one previous to that--they've been coming so fast and furious lately) was simply wunnerful. Made me snort and laugh at the same time (so give us both "10s", eh?).

Posted by: ftb3 | March 9, 2011 3:38 PM | Report abuse

Um, anyone wanna tell me what GSC means?

Posted by: ftb3 | March 9, 2011 3:40 PM | Report abuse

ftb...hint: it's March, and girls wearing green sashes stand outside grocery stores with them.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 9, 2011 3:46 PM | Report abuse

Girls in green sashes
Replenish our stashes

of GSC

Posted by: nellie4 | March 9, 2011 4:13 PM | Report abuse

I still have one sleeve of mint GSC in my freezer. From last year!

Posted by: nellie4 | March 9, 2011 4:15 PM | Report abuse

oooohhhhhh, *mint* *mint* *mint*

Thanks, LiT. Did I ever tell you guys that when I was a GS, my mother and I used to go into bars to sell the cookies? Actually, a guy down the street (Mr. Fleming, IIRC) was a bartender in the Northwood Inn (I think that was the name of it), on the corner of Woodward Ave. & Catalpa, in Berkley, Michigan. I remember him fondly, actually. He was a pretty beefy guy and was always very nice to me.

Ahhh, sweet memories of bar hopping at such a young age.....

Posted by: ftb3 | March 9, 2011 4:17 PM | Report abuse

That's funny ftb. When I was little, my brother (11 months older) would take me to the pool hall instead of church (he was something of a he11-raiser and practice does makes perfect), and when we could see the cars leaving the church parking lot, he'd make me run up for the bulletin. Good times, good times.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 9, 2011 4:30 PM | Report abuse

I like to think that in politics we have the two sides in the stands hollering and cheering and watching the game.

The people in the middle are the ones that actually play the game.

Broder was a player.

Posted by: baldinho | March 9, 2011 4:41 PM | Report abuse

Broder was a Houyhnhnm. I always read his columns.

Posted by: Jumper1 | March 9, 2011 4:52 PM | Report abuse

Oh goodie I'll have a kilt made for that occasion.
Accessorized with the furry crotch thing and the silly socks it will look grand. I might even add a sassy beret with a red pompom.

More snow in the way. Snow is for January, not March. Grrrr.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 9, 2011 4:58 PM | Report abuse

On the one hand, David Broder was a vibrant active reporter still creating and shaping opinions. On the other hand, he had lived a full life and was a respected revered icon of journalism. Some may say that his middle-of-the-road approach to issues was indecisive and waffling. Others respect his even-handed and balanced take on the news. His ultimate impact on journalism will be for future generations to judge. Only time will tell.

Posted by: yellojkt | March 9, 2011 4:59 PM | Report abuse

I like that tartan would make a nice throw, much nicer than the kilt tartan I wore in high school.

An official tartan seems so out of place with modern Canada. Had this been done 100 years ago would have been appropriate now not so much.

Sleeting here Shriek, centimetre or two of wet slushy stuff on the ground, crossing fingers the temps so not drop anymore or we will become the world's largest ice rink.

Posted by: dmd3 | March 9, 2011 5:38 PM | Report abuse

sakura explode
in riotous calls for change
dipped in shades of red

Posted by: DNA_Girl | March 9, 2011 7:22 PM | Report abuse

Too serious? How about

giant pink hubba
bubba bubbles burst in spring
no sticky messes

Posted by: DNA_Girl | March 9, 2011 7:58 PM | Report abuse

Good evening, all.

Add me to the list of those who admired David Broder's work for decades, even if I didn't agree with him sometimes. To RD's point, he was consistent, rational, and made me think - not often the easiest thing to do (for me or for him, depending on which way you're going with that ambiguity). My favorite columns were his annual self-assessments, where he pointed out where he got things right and made no bones about where he got them wrong.

Mudge, I ain't telling where the TM GSCs are stashed in the bunker, but here at the Haus of c I have two (2) boxes in my freezer and a few more in my cabinet, just waiting for March Madness...


Posted by: -bc- | March 9, 2011 7:58 PM | Report abuse

It really was a fast fly by, TBG (except it was by train). Next time I'll pause and say hello, promise....not March 15 unfortunately.

Posted by: DNA_Girl | March 9, 2011 8:02 PM | Report abuse

My brief tribute to Broder is back in the bunker (previous kit) where I last saw y'all. No fair not leaving a "new kit" announcement on the door. ;)

Posted by: talitha1 | March 9, 2011 8:23 PM | Report abuse

Spitting mad about the goings on in Wisconsin tonight. I just contributed money to the Dems out there.

Posted by: badsneakers | March 9, 2011 9:16 PM | Report abuse

I hadn't even seen that kit, Talitha. I went from Green Room Generals straight to this one. (FYI: dmd left a "new kit" at 1:58).

Posted by: -TBG- | March 9, 2011 9:18 PM | Report abuse

Just saw this ad while eating dinner -- caused me to almost choke as I yelled "WHAT?" at the TV. (Reminder: Do not yell at TV while mouth is full of food.)

The group wants to stop "legal" immigration "while times are so difficult."

Posted by: nellie4 | March 9, 2011 9:23 PM | Report abuse

Oh.. and from the previous kit, Tyler Cowen may be a good economist, but he's a great ethnic food guide...

Posted by: -TBG- | March 9, 2011 9:27 PM | Report abuse

I was working and when I refreshed I musta missed it. Sorry, dear boodlers for the unfair assumption.

I'm spittin' mad about the Wisconsin shenanigans, too, Sneaks. Watching Maddow now and getting p*ssier by the minute. I can't imagine that the non-quorum vote will stand but I'm no scholar of legistative procedures and rules.

Posted by: talitha1 | March 9, 2011 9:52 PM | Report abuse

I knew that name sounded familiar. I think he is more famous for the food guide.

Posted by: yellojkt | March 9, 2011 9:55 PM | Report abuse

Talitha, I know nothing of the legal angles of the Wisconsin vote either, but I can hope. There is nasty stuff going on in Michigan also. Apparently the governor there is planning to become King. I just hope the demonstrations keep growing and public opinion continues to grow against what these Rethugs are trying to do. I know that Michael Moore can be over the top, but he was making a lot of sense tonight on Maddow.

I can't think about it any more tonight, too upsetting. I'm watching 'Justified' instead. I think I have a crush on Timothy Olyphant ;-)

Posted by: badsneakers | March 9, 2011 10:20 PM | Report abuse

I haven't read David Broder for some time...I think he said something about Obama that made me mad - oh, it was the bit about "Obama should start a war to get re-elected in 2012" that did me in. But he was a great reporter, especially in his heyday.

yellojkt, you mentioned seeing Bob Schieffer at the Newseum. I am so frenvious - I heart Bob Schieffer.

Posted by: seasea1 | March 9, 2011 10:24 PM | Report abuse

Joining you in that Olyphant crush sneaks.

Posted by: frostbitten1 | March 9, 2011 10:27 PM | Report abuse

The event I was at was a Members Night talk at the Newseum. The fed us horsey douveres and wine and then had a Q&A with Bob Schieffer for about an hour and a half.

Schieffer was very relaxed and talkative. I asked him a question about Journalism vs Advocacy and he riffed on that for five to ten minutes. He told some funny stories from his early career including one related to the Kennedy assassination.

He was optimistic about the future of journalism saying that the technology changes but the need for news doesn't. They were taping it so I don't know if it will end up on CSPAN or someplace.

Posted by: yellojkt | March 9, 2011 10:44 PM | Report abuse

White blooms in tourism:
Drums, fans, food, walks and (uh-oh)-
a cherry baptism.


(P.S. Mudge, sir,
to where do I deliver
this chewed-up haiku?)

Posted by: Wilbrod_Gnome | March 9, 2011 11:10 PM | Report abuse

For those of you who may have missed the 25th Anniversary Les Miz... it will be on WETA again Saturday morning at 8:00 if you want to set your DVR (which I just did).

Posted by: -TBG- | March 9, 2011 11:13 PM | Report abuse

OK.. WRONG... SUNDAY morning at 8:00, and also tomorrow night at 8:30 and Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm. And 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 19.

It seems most likely, however, that our TV won't be recording college basketball on Sunday morning at 8:00. Depending on outcomes, it may very well be WATCHING college basketball, as Tarheel victories are watched repeatedly in the G house.

Posted by: -TBG- | March 9, 2011 11:17 PM | Report abuse

Thanks TBG. I've successfully avoided every rebroadcast, since I *hate* musicals and show tunes. Also, "Glee." Except maybe American Idiot, but probably not.

Posted by: Yoki | March 9, 2011 11:33 PM | Report abuse

Glad to be helpful, Yoki dear.

Now.. I'm off to bed! G'night!

Posted by: -TBG- | March 9, 2011 11:35 PM | Report abuse

OMG, you hate Les Miz, Yoki? Say it ain't so! I'm not a big musical fan, at all, but I love, love, love Les Miz. It's astounding. I still have some of the songs running through my head, in a good way. And how can you not like "the blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France" as a lyric from a musical?

I'm not really a Gleek. I watch it sporadically - last night, I heard 2 notes of Afternoon Delight, and that was it for me. Heard that one toooooo many times, way back when.

The other night when yellojkt mentioned something about "On Ice!", I looked for a youtube video of Jack Bruce's Escape to the Royal Woods (On Ice), but couldn't find anything. It's a great song, from his early solo album Harmony Row (lyrics by Pete Brown):

Come dancing on my stage / My bullets have a silver lining
Wind me up and set me free / My uniform's bright . . .

Trumpets blaring, princes sharing,
Swords are flashing, kingdoms falling
When you're dancing in the ballroom moonlight,
feet quicksilver lace My Lady

When you lose yourself inside the city jungle
then you're pretty sure of finding a hiding place

Come stepping through my head
My cloak will give us both protection
Set me up upon your wall / I'll dance all night long

Cannons roaring, banners soaring,
Lances flashing, blood is pouring

When you tremble at the dragons roaring
at the forest's door I'll hold you close My Lady

Posted by: seasea1 | March 9, 2011 11:52 PM | Report abuse

No, I really do. All musicals. All show tunes. I admit it is a blind-spot, as is my dislike of jazz. I just need to declare, every now and then, lest I agree for the sake of agreeing with the prevailing Boodleness.

I do love Les Miserables as a novel in its original language.

Posted by: Yoki | March 10, 2011 12:18 AM | Report abuse

I had never, ever seen Les Miz, before this past performance. And I only watched 15 minutes here and there. But it wasn't a musical. It was lots of people screaming couplets about.

A musical is "Oklahoma!"

A musical makes you feel good. If you don't feel good, it is an opera.

Posted by: nellie4 | March 10, 2011 1:32 AM | Report abuse

march Lion march Lamb; get it
Cherry blossoms bloom
in the merry month of, March

I call that Haiku-doo-doo

Posted by: omni3 | March 10, 2011 2:12 AM | Report abuse

For the non-musical like me there is the excellent "Les Misérables" 1982 movie by Robert Hossein, the same guy who produced in 1980 the original musical that became the base for Les Miz. I cannot think of Javert as anybody else but Michel Bouquet and Jean Carmet was a great Thénardier. Lino Ventura as Valjean was quite a bit weaker, for all his stage presence.
In a perfectly circular way the English Les Miz, a much improved version by all accounts, was adapted in French by the librettist of the 1980 original and was widely played in France and other French speaking countries. Local boy Robert Marien probably holds the record for playing Valjean in French the most times. It's been his career basically.

We got about 6in. of wet snow, so the weather guys will tell us we goy 10 in. Some seriously confused bird in in full serenade mode as I type this. Probably because it is around oC/32F.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 10, 2011 4:37 AM | Report abuse

Les Miz in an earlier time would be called a light opera (even though it isn't light-hearted) since it is sung through. There is very little spoken dialog. It is also has a disturbingly catchy score. 'Can You Hear The People Singing' is anthemic. It sticks with you hours after you leave the theater. Although sometimes I get the melody mixed up with 'Battle Hymn of the Republic.'

Musicals are an acquired taste, particularly since there are so few theatrical ones anymore to lay the groundwork. I wouldn't strap anybody into a chair Clockwork Orange style and force showtunes on them.

And 'Glee' is very close to a guilty pleasure. My son lost a lot of respect for me when I told him I subscribed to a podcast about Glee. If you do listen to podcasts, Josh, Jen and Ed do a good job of analyzing both the stories and the music of Glee.

Posted by: yellojkt | March 10, 2011 7:16 AM | Report abuse

Good morning, everyone. Hi Cassandra! I hope you rested well and feel good today.

I got out of the habit of watching TV when I was in grad school; all the classes were at night so I had no time. I just never got back into it and haven't missed it. Mr. T watches sporting events (Go Tarheels!) and reruns of the Andy Griffin show, but that's about it. Oh, I watch special events, like inaugurations and royal weddings, but I don't mind just sitting quietly and smiling while others discuss Glee and Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.

We had almost an inch of rain overnight. I was hoping to sleep in, but it wasn't raining at 5:45 so we got up and did the normal walk.

Posted by: slyness | March 10, 2011 7:35 AM | Report abuse

With the week I'm having, I'll take any guilty pleasure I can get!!!

*tittering-semi-maniacally-with-the-hope-that-tomorrow-will-be-somewhat-more-normal Grover waves* :-)

Posted by: Scottynuke | March 10, 2011 7:41 AM | Report abuse

'morning all. This is slush city, the drains are plugged by snow. Many people will come in bearing the Mark of the Splashed. Sleet, Freezing rain and rain is in the cards for the rest of the day. Whoopee.

Exactly what is needed to redress the torts inflicted on that underrepresented minority; more millionnaires in Congress.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 10, 2011 7:41 AM | Report abuse

Lunch seems a long way off . . . .

Just throwing that out there.

Posted by: cowhand214 | March 10, 2011 7:54 AM | Report abuse

I'm with you on that one slyness. I don't watch much television either, and while I do watch things like SOTU and royal weddings (while wearing a hat and sipping a buck fizz), instead of Andy Griffith re-runs I get Phineas and Ferb (what is with the platypus?). I too don't mind listening to others talk about this stuff...might come in handy one day while playing Trivial Pursuit.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 7:57 AM | Report abuse

'Morning, y'all!

I believe it was -dr- who asserted the other day that knitters will one day rule the world. Apparently someone has enlisted the troops.

Posted by: talitha1 | March 10, 2011 8:10 AM | Report abuse

Thanks shriek. I too was deeply worried about whether there would be enough rich people in Washington this term. Glad to know that's all covered.

Posted by: cowhand214 | March 10, 2011 8:18 AM | Report abuse

God loves us so much more than we can imagine through Him that died for all, Jesus Christ.

Good morning, friends. Slyness, check your email. And I feel like I usually feel, and it's all good. It could be so much worse. God is good.

I never read David Broder much, but if he was a reporter that hit the streets to get a story, he was great.

I read the Wisconsin headline this morning, and it sounds as if they just ran that bill through without much thought. Sounds like a power play, you know, like I'm the big gun, so I make the rules and we play by my rules. Kind of sad.

And moving to South Carolina, there's a law they want to pass allowing folks to carry guns whenever and wherever they care to take them. Now imagine everyone being armed up in South Carolina, of all places. Now I'm assuming they still want folks to come to their beaches and tourist attractions, but just think of the risks. Who in their right mind would want to be in a state where they carry weapons, hidden or otherwise, into any place they care to go? And Lord, have mercy, who is going to make sure those guns don't get in the wrong hands? I will miss the beach, and the great seafood.

I just love the new technology called texting. I texted my grandsons yesterday morning while they were waiting for the bus. Got a chance to talk with them on my cell phone. I taught myself how to text, and it is just wonderful for me because I can't hear on the cell phone. God is good.

Have an awesome day, folks, and love to all.

Posted by: cmyth4u | March 10, 2011 8:41 AM | Report abuse

The Pop Culture Happy Hour did a special kids edition and Phineas and Ferb made the cut of decent fun cartoons for kids.

Their one word of advice was "Don't wait until kids are ready." - Push the envelope on what kids can comprehend, they will catch up. Don't get stuck watching Telletubbies and Barney because you don't think they can handle more sophisticated fare.

This is how I justify taking my 14-year-old to Avenue Q and our many father-son viewings of Bring It On.

Posted by: yellojkt | March 10, 2011 9:32 AM | Report abuse

YJ, can you imagine me pushing the envelope further for DC? Half the time, I'm trying to catch up with her. The depth of her understanding and the breadth of her knowledge base amuses me sometimes (while surfing the radio in the car, when she heard "Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known" she said "Cool. White Snake." which is just hysterical when she's in her booster seat), scares me other times (knew what a hookah was in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but thought of it as something you smoke tobacco out of). Now that I think about it, when she asked what a grenade was (Bruno Mars) we ended up talking about Bouncing Bettys and the difference between pulling a pin and a percussion grenade (you mean like a water balloon Mom?).

Oh the teen years will be such fun.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 10:01 AM | Report abuse

How old is your little genius again, LiT?

Posted by: ftb3 | March 10, 2011 10:29 AM | Report abuse

Seven. Looks as innocent as a lamb. Hysterical, no? The kid cracks me up Every Single Day. But I let her listen to/read/watch pretty much whatever she wants, except Cartoon Network after 8 pm (I think her father lets her watch it, in the sense that he's not paying attention.) In my own defense, we travel a lot, including outside the country so she doesn't think twice about things as disparate as European beaches and burkas.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 10:47 AM | Report abuse

Did I mention that she speaks Spanish and I don't?

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 10:50 AM | Report abuse


You cracked me up..I'm still laughing. Of course, it's a bit closer now.

I'm baking turkey wings, just the wings, and I put all kinds of stuff in the pan with them. It has the apartment smelling so good, which is a change, and a much needed one. LOL!

You know old people smell like old people, meaning they have a certain odor. I'm fighting the battle of smelling old with everything on the market, and the department stores. When I go down they're going to be asking, what's that perfume she's wearing? Now you know this is information that can be used by how many here? A show of hands, please! LOL!!!

Posted by: cmyth4u | March 10, 2011 11:55 AM | Report abuse

Had I attempted such a thing and survived, my mother would have killed me.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 11:56 AM | Report abuse

Mr. T and I saw an oppossum on our walk this morning. That's the first time I've ever seen one; they aren't among God's beautiful creatures. Amazing how the wildlife thrives around here.

I have mixed feelings about the Wisconsin issue. In NC, public employees have the right to be union members, but not the right of collective bargaining. We do okay; our pensions are actuarily sound and while the cities and counties certainly have financial problems, they are not bankrupt. Breaking the unions is stupid and doesn't address the real problem. I foresee a terrible backlash again Gov. Scott. Which he will richly deserve.

Posted by: slyness | March 10, 2011 12:02 PM | Report abuse

Cassandra, glad you got a laugh! I'm just about to dig into this sandwich and I'm not gonna lie: I'm darn excited about it.

Posted by: cowhand214 | March 10, 2011 12:08 PM | Report abuse

Breaking news: This just in (posted without further comment):

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 10, 2011 12:14 PM | Report abuse


We have them around here big as dogs! When it rains, they're all over the place, usually road kill, but huge, really big. I'm afraid of them.

Glad you're excited, cowhand, must be some kind of sandwich to evoke that kind of excitement. Of course, my turkey wings are smelling delicious, just hope they taste as good as they smell.

Posted by: cmyth4u | March 10, 2011 12:14 PM | Report abuse

Finally, Joe Cocker lyrics interpreted.

Posted by: Jumper1 | March 10, 2011 12:26 PM | Report abuse

I'll see your headline Mudge and raise-

Posted by: kguy1 | March 10, 2011 12:28 PM | Report abuse

Y'all have heard Bob Schieffer sing, right?

Posted by: HeadFool | March 10, 2011 12:33 PM | Report abuse

There's really nothing you can say about that particular genus of bird that is not uproariously funny, kguy. Their nomenclature is nothing short of genius. Genius!

Posted by: ScienceTim | March 10, 2011 12:40 PM | Report abuse

My personal fave is Psaltriparus minimus, aka the Bushtit.

Posted by: kguy1 | March 10, 2011 12:46 PM | Report abuse

Those were really great, jumper and kguy.

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 10, 2011 12:49 PM | Report abuse

Thank the fsm this spanking new doctor's study was limited to aging female Great Tits. There is not enough mind bleach for the alternative.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 10, 2011 12:55 PM | Report abuse

Did anyone else that saw the newt on Tv explaining how he had done some bad things re previous wives but now forgiven notice that he was sitting in front of a big poster of a manure spreader advert?

Posted by: bh72 | March 10, 2011 1:17 PM | Report abuse

The Reabilitation of the Newster is going full steam ahead. You know why he cheated wife no.1 with wife no.2 while she was in the hospital then wife no.2 with wife no.3 when she was in the early stage of MS?
He loves his country too much.
Via Krugman at the NYT:

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 10, 2011 1:37 PM | Report abuse

Vanity Fair has a few (well, 10) things to say about the Newtster's hypocrisy:

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 10, 2011 1:41 PM | Report abuse

Mudge, that is so priceless! I've sent it on to practically everyone I know. What a hoot!

Posted by: ftb3 | March 10, 2011 2:23 PM | Report abuse

I sort of respect Newt's decision to actually run for President, which required him to forego his princely Fox News income. I wonder, however, whether he seriously thinks that he has any chance at the Presidency, or is he running for Sec. of State? Or, what I think is most likely, is he just renewing his brand in order to improve his negotiating position with Fox?

Posted by: ScienceTim | March 10, 2011 2:38 PM | Report abuse

Methinks Newt has looked at the other GOP contenders and decided that he is at least as strong a candidate as any other possibility. I hope he is right.

Posted by: yellojkt | March 10, 2011 2:58 PM | Report abuse

He's been living off political contributions and political products such as books for a while now. It may just be a way to boost his brand a little bit. His numbers with women voters must be really disastrous.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 10, 2011 3:06 PM | Report abuse

Maybe wife number three is just too darned healthy but he still wants some alone time with the new staffer.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 3:09 PM | Report abuse

Thanks for the haiku, our boodler-pome-makers. And, that DNAgirl is a TRAINGal too, well lovely.

Not much to say, save the Newt thingies are so distasteful. When you stake out the moral high ground as the social-avenging wing of the Republican base does, then, well, indeedy, I would think behaving within that Venn Diagram or Ethical Corral or Ring of Morality would be a given.

Posted by: CollegeQuaParkian1 | March 10, 2011 3:11 PM | Report abuse

Mudge, I don't know why this made me think of you, but it did.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 3:26 PM | Report abuse

I think it's just about the branding and merchandising, too. He's like Palin: they both have learned about niche marketing, that you only have clout if you are thought to be a candidate. And then you raise millions based on it.

And I think they can both read numbers well enough to know they can't get elected. It's just about the campaigning, not the winning. The fact is, being a media wh0re pays very well (much better than the other kind, who can't make $40,000 a night, not even with whipped cream and fishnets).

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 10, 2011 3:32 PM | Report abuse

.....wondering if Newt wants his cream whipped.....

Just tie him up with fishnets and let Palin go after him (with Princess Sparkle Pony watching to make sure they do it right, because if they *don't*, there will be hell to pay, yanno!)

Posted by: ftb3 | March 10, 2011 3:38 PM | Report abuse

Oh, LiT, that is SOOOOOOOOOO me. Zach must have been channeling me when he wrote it.

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 10, 2011 3:41 PM | Report abuse

I've been using the Marble Cover-100 Wide Rule for years. I must have dozens of them. I like the stitched binding much better than the spiral ring.

Posted by: yellojkt | March 10, 2011 4:22 PM | Report abuse

LiT, love the link but a warning that it is a site to be view at leisure, I am in the midst of the Angry Bird letters and giggling away.

Posted by: dmd3 | March 10, 2011 4:22 PM | Report abuse

Agree with dmd. The Lovecraft piece was terrific.

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 10, 2011 4:25 PM | Report abuse

Bh, I bet the Newt didn't notice that at all when he was posed in front of it. Too good.

Posted by: Wilbrod_Gnome | March 10, 2011 4:41 PM | Report abuse

The DB dude was his own reality show, no holds barred. He was a better teacher than the Dalai Lama and Rush Limbaugh combined. Not only was his coverage of politics top-notch and relatively unbiased but also his topical comments about society and beyond the borders were supberb. As a prime example, I learned much about Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Lower P from Professor Broder. What an amazing, enlightened guy!!

Posted by: dsquared | March 10, 2011 4:47 PM | Report abuse

Speaking of being tied up with fishnets...

I'm going to be moving out soon (the housemates have a baby on the way), and a buddy helpfully forwarded this notice:

Posted by: bobsewell | March 10, 2011 5:02 PM | Report abuse

dmd, that's site's always good for a laugh. I particularly liked the letter from the editor of Sweet Child O' Mine (an older piece), and also like the Spark Notes on Goodnight Moon.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 10, 2011 5:25 PM | Report abuse

Wow, Bob. Just wow.

Posted by: slyness | March 10, 2011 5:26 PM | Report abuse

On the topic of Newtie's standing with the female voters of the nation one wag opined that "he makes Bill Clinton look like Alan Alda."

Posted by: talitha1 | March 10, 2011 5:48 PM | Report abuse

But the plus is-- no crying babies! Well... er.

Not my thing, but glad they're honest and specific about what it takes to live there.

Posted by: Wilbrod_Gnome | March 10, 2011 6:02 PM | Report abuse

Still, hard to imagine inviting your parents for a housewarming there, isn't it?

Posted by: Wilbrod_Gnome | March 10, 2011 6:04 PM | Report abuse

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel sing Les Miz:

Posted by: yellojkt | March 10, 2011 6:29 PM | Report abuse

So Bob, are you going to apply as the new roommate? ;-)

I forgot about McSweeney's - I used to read it all the time. The Lovecraft piece was a hoot. I sent it to #1, an underemployed para who should be subbing- but maybe not after reading that!

Posted by: badsneakers | March 10, 2011 6:30 PM | Report abuse

Pinkletinks peeping, even with the rain and, spring is sprunging in MD....what are Pinkletinks?

Posted by: CollegeQuaParkian1 | March 10, 2011 6:49 PM | Report abuse

Meant to include this link to audio of pinkletinks...with goose in background. Now do you know of what charming, charming vernal pool denizen I speak?

Posted by: CollegeQuaParkian1 | March 10, 2011 7:00 PM | Report abuse

7:00 p.m. update: A TORNADO WARNING has been issued for west central Montgomery, eastern Loudoun, north central Prince William and northwestern Fairfax counties. This storm was near Centreville and moving toward Dulles International, South Riding, Arcola, Broadlands, Herndon, Brambleton, Ashburn, Countryside, Lansdowne and Lowes Island. Take cover immediately in these areas.

Posted by: -TBG- | March 10, 2011 7:08 PM | Report abuse

Wow. Howdy. Miss a couple of days doing some work and suddenly I am TWO kits behind AND a tornado warning. Y'all be careful.

I was grading papers. I stepped into teaching a law school first-year legal writing class when someone retired suddenly mid-stream (someday I'm getting that back-story). The kids are so cute. Considering they have no real idea what they're doing, their first briefwriting went well. I made lots and lots of comments on the pages but graded very leniently - a learning experience, not a punishment.

We have those crazy gun proposals here too. Either everyone is armed, open carry, or there will be guns at colleges and universities. What are these people thinking? Don't they remember their own fraternity days?

Two observations from the last Kit:
What are these savings of which Joel speaks?
The problem with solar energy is that the sun is too far away. Move it closer and it will work much better.

Posted by: Ivansmom | March 10, 2011 7:25 PM | Report abuse

Lots of yammer on TV about the Congressional hearings proposed about Erik Rudolph - uh, cancel that... I mean the anti-Muslim thing, where the end result of the fantasy that Congressional Hearings will somehow do a better job than the FBI, when actually they will likely compromise certain FBI investigations. Reckless, these tea partiers. Very much damaging to national security.

Posted by: Jumper1 | March 10, 2011 7:29 PM | Report abuse

scc: is

Posted by: Jumper1 | March 10, 2011 7:33 PM | Report abuse

This covers a few of the topics we've discussed lately...

Posted by: -TBG- | March 10, 2011 7:46 PM | Report abuse

Good one, TBG.

Posted by: badsneakers | March 10, 2011 8:07 PM | Report abuse

We have the ACC tournament on the TV, but I'm not really paying attention.

There is a Cisco commercial that claims, "We are the human network."

But what I'm hearing is "We are the human N-word."

Posted by: -TBG- | March 10, 2011 8:09 PM | Report abuse

Let me tell you, I cried all the way home after dropping the g-girl off. My heart just hurt something awful, and I know there will be days like this, but I couldn't brush it aside. When one accepts Christ, and tries to live Christ, trials and tribulations are everyday fare. But there is joy too, because when laying these trials at the feet of Christ, he give joy for the tears, he really does.

Have a wonderful evening, boodlers, and thanks so very much for just being here, a listening ear, the calm in the storm.

We need each other in this world of wars, turmoil, hate, envy, and everything not good. And we need to be good to one another. We're all we got. Night, boodlers, and sweet dreams. And most of all, love to all.

Posted by: cmyth4u | March 10, 2011 8:11 PM | Report abuse

Please, it was not my intention to kill the boodle, just needed to talk. I'm going to bed, and I'm fine. I said my prayers, and God is good, He sent the calm, and good friends to listen.

Posted by: cmyth4u | March 10, 2011 8:23 PM | Report abuse

Sending a big hug to Cassandra, sleep well and sweet dreams to you.

Lawrence O'Donnell just did a rewrite of Newt's little confession. It was excellent.

Posted by: badsneakers | March 10, 2011 8:51 PM | Report abuse

You didn't kill anything Cassandra. The Boodle is a stop and go affair.

I moved a lot of water saturated snow. The snowblower is useless when a pump would do better. Water was leaking through a bathroom vent so I got the ladder out and cleared the vents on the roof. The snow is so sticky it was rather amusing to walk on the roof. The view was great. More rain in the forecast though. *sigh*

Dave of the coonties, any good botanical garden that could be interesting in late April around Washington/Maryland/Virginia?

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 10, 2011 8:52 PM | Report abuse

Video of newt in front of the manure spreader poster. Comes right after the commercial

Posted by: bh72 | March 10, 2011 9:20 PM | Report abuse



or here:

Posted by: yellojkt | March 10, 2011 9:35 PM | Report abuse

Echoing Sneaks' review of Lawrence O'Donnell's Newtie-confession. Stewart couldn't have done any better.

Big Big Hug to Cassandra.

Posted by: talitha1 | March 10, 2011 9:37 PM | Report abuse

Only two cats, and no more pets accepted into the group house? Complete show stopper right there.

Posted by: frostbitten1 | March 10, 2011 9:40 PM | Report abuse

In northern Maryland the topiary at Ladew Gardens are amazing:

And if you are driving down through Delaware, Longwood Gardens is easily an entire day:

Posted by: yellojkt | March 10, 2011 9:41 PM | Report abuse

Shriek, my two most recent trips to DC were at that time of year, it was great weather similar to our May 24 weekend. I had clear skies the entire time both trips, temps very comfortable, from warm to requiring a light jacket. It was so nice to see the plants 3-4 weeks ahead of ours.

Posted by: dmd3 | March 10, 2011 9:48 PM | Report abuse

Exactly, frostbitten. For the rest, adults will be adults, but no more pets bespeaks a condescending parsimony.

Posted by: -dbG- | March 10, 2011 10:03 PM | Report abuse

sd, my favorite garden in DC (Georgetown) is Dumbarton Oaks:
Gorgeous in the spring.

Found out today I'll be working for 2 more weeks. Which is good, but I was kind of looking forward to some time off! Soon enough. I also managed to get into two separate dustups with people, entirely unintentional on my part. Apparently I lost the ability to communicate.

Posted by: seasea1 | March 10, 2011 10:14 PM | Report abuse

Once again a very cool display of Aurora Borealis, this time possibly visible in Northern Albert, BC, Sask. MB and ON. (Be sure to click on live feed)

Posted by: dmd3 | March 10, 2011 10:27 PM | Report abuse

Everyone has hit on the botanical delights I would have suggested. Longwood and Ladew, Dumbarton Oaks (romantic memories ... sigh), etc.

For a quick fix of quietitude in my DC days I'd pop into the Bishop's Garden on the grounds of the National Cathedral. The scents of the herbs and roses were ethereal and transporting.

Posted by: talitha1 | March 10, 2011 10:55 PM | Report abuse

S_D, I grew up near Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD, which is a few miles outside the city (or the Northwest part of it, anyway.):

I'm no expert on gardens, but it's a nice place to go, IMO.

Whoever called France as taking the International lead for addressing the situation in Libya, please hold for Secretary Clinton on Line 2 - I think she'd like to offer you a job.


Posted by: -bc- | March 10, 2011 11:00 PM | Report abuse

I spent a lot of time walking around the Washington Cathedral when I had more free time in that area; I named a few gargoyles there and I believe that I saw some of them wink and wave at me. Out of the corner of my eye, anyway.

I'm happy the Terps won in the first round of the ACC tourney, though I don't see them winning the next without divine intervention.


Posted by: -bc- | March 10, 2011 11:13 PM | Report abuse

Group of earthquakes, with an 8.9 east of Sendai (north of Tokyo), with tsunami. This looks like a Chile-sized disaster.

Posted by: DaveoftheCoonties | March 11, 2011 2:04 AM | Report abuse

Holy frijoles, the footage from northern Japan is just devastating.

Posted by: baldinho | March 11, 2011 5:45 AM | Report abuse

Good morning all.

ftb, DC may be smarter than the average bear (and at times her mother), but she's still just a kid.

Her: Mom, if you're going to be an artist, do you go to graduate school?
Me: That's a good question honey. I don't really know (the usual refrain). You don't have to, but I think it depends on the medium. Like painting, or sculpting...
Her: Oh. Definitely. Crayons.

She also told me that if she's going to invent something, it's going to be a jet pack that's got room for snacks.

Have a happy (and hopefully warm and dry) day all.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 11, 2011 6:12 AM | Report abuse

'morning all. Thanks for ll the suggestions. We're building some kind of itinery.

Still raining here, but no tsunami in the forecast.
I'm not done with the snow. That stuff will be HEAVY.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 11, 2011 6:29 AM | Report abuse

God loves us so much more than we can imagine through Him that died for all, Jesus Christ.

Good morning, friends. Bad stuff in Japan this morning, we need to send our prayers and whatever we can do to help them. And Hawaii on that list too.

And thanks for the hugs.

Slyness, it has turned cold here again. One doesn't know how to dress in this weather. Yesterday morning, it was stifling, muggy, by evening, a heavy coat was called for. And I'm not complaining, because it could be so much worse. Hope you can manage the walk this morning. I so need to do that.

My daughter is suppose to help me with the bullentin board today. I want to put up an Easter theme joined with spring, and all of it with a base in Christianity. I'm so happy she is helping me with it. I get to enjoy her company, and see my favorite guy too.

Have a great TGIF, folks, and love to all.

Posted by: cmyth4u | March 11, 2011 7:01 AM | Report abuse

No disrespect at all here, but, in my view, in his passing, we are losing the "Lord of the Comfort Zone" in political thinking. By that I mean that Broder was the mast to which moderates could lash their positions in the storm around them. But, when I say that, I mean that you may not be right, but you can find comfort in the position. You may not even be protecting your own interests and those of people in a similar position, but you are comforted in knowing that it is a position that "sensible" people can take refuge.

It can be an area way behind the wave.

What I am talking about (please forgive my infantile writing style here) has to do with something way beyond my own comfort. It is something that I have wrestled with in my mind for quite a while... since the 1970's.

There are these trends that our world has dealt with for decades that ebb and flow (or is it flow, THEN ebb) in our political discourse and actions. We watch them from the vantage point of chroniclers such as newspapers or news networks. The news hours on TV were useful for a while after their predecessors, the national news half hour became less informative. All of these vantage points search out the leading edges of trends.

Now, it seems that we are rapidly transitioning to a new era of news and information. Broder did indeed keep up his work pace and do just as much reporting as he had been, but, since we all can spend an entire day seeking news where we choose to look, it may be a complete miss. The youth may call it the "echo chamber" affect. Much like we who hunt out news will go to sources from which we are most comfortable.

But, back to my point about the trends in America and how they are reaching our individual lives. Sometimes, through bad luck or business cycles or economic times, we, ourselves get hit with the big "punch in the gut" that wakes you up to the truth about what many Americans are facing. Otherwise, we are comfortable with what Eugene Robinson SO AMAZINGLY SUMMED UP as "THE NARRATIVE."

Robinson, in his one phrase and backing explanation, distilled my thinking on what I have been watching and, indeed, living through my life.

Much like Direct Marketing--a world in which I have worked and still do in some way or another--the story, the explanation, the narrative is key. People want to be able to explain to themselves and others why our country is in the state that it is.

In a sense, FOX is the narrative network. Most of us here could probably agree that they have, at FOX, become the number one "simple explanation" group in Media today.


Posted by: russianthistle | March 11, 2011 7:05 AM | Report abuse

Just getting caught up with the news in Japan, so sad. Anxious about the warnings for the pacific coast.

Posted by: dmd3 | March 11, 2011 7:22 AM | Report abuse

Hi Folks! Japan took it hard yesterday. So very sad for the people of Sendai. We, out here in the MOTP are sitting tight for the tsunami headed our way. Midway was hit with an 8 ft tsunami. We are due in about another half an hour. Cross your fingers and pray for us please.

Posted by: MiddleofthePacific | March 11, 2011 7:29 AM | Report abuse

Good luck MofP, just watched a report from Hawaii, stay safe.

Posted by: dmd3 | March 11, 2011 7:34 AM | Report abuse

I hope everything goes well with you all, MotP. So terrible to read about what happened in Japan.

I think you're onto something important, Weed.

Cassandra, I hope you enjoy the bulletin board experience!

Gotta run, I have to take Mr. T to work since I'll pick him up this afternoon to head up the mountain.

Posted by: slyness | March 11, 2011 7:36 AM | Report abuse

Oh, MotP: type when you can. Stunningly bad in so many places and not yet over.

Posted by: CollegeQuaParkian1 | March 11, 2011 7:40 AM | Report abuse


Well, I would suggest that what Joel said about the left woofing at Broder was just a complaint that he may very well have been creating a centrist Narrative.

What's more, thanks to the millions of kids who can't find good jobs and now can't even get an education; added to the seniors and pensioners under attack and lots of folks losing their jobs because they have been off-shored or they are no longer "needed," and so on and so on, that dismissible so-called left leaning fringe has blossomed into a near majority.

When I suggested about 2 or 3 weeks ago, that what we were seeing was a ground swell, a very good person who I totally respect gave me a correct technical explanation of the facts of just a fraction of what was happening, but, in my view, missing much of the full-out class attack against the middle and lower classes. Indeed, a friend of mine who works here in town at a Federal agency was asking me what I thought about what was happening in Madison like it was happening on Mars, but then would go into near shock about the Fed. Govt shutdown. She couldn't get the connection. In fact, what was happening was her known facts weren't in tune with her acceptable narrative.

Which brings me back to what may be a clearly unpopular suggestion about Broder's legacy in the minds of some folks on the left that Broder would go to the well over and over on a narrative that was increasingly out of the mainstream base, most likely, that he was working hard and diligently in the wrong arenas.

Broder reported on facts that he saw. That's where I would put him in a far favorable class than a Fox network. They, at Fox, blend faux facts and premises and questions and possibilities into a stew of information-like mental material that can easily be confused for "data." No, Broder and many at the Washington Post do an honest day's worth of work and don't have a true agenda, but they do have their world and that shades what we hear or, in Mr. Broder's case, heard. His world turned into a palette from which to draw his narrative.

So, when I joked last week on got one little snicker from mudge that the Washington Post should be renamed, "The Republican Party Today," to me the paper spends most of its time missing the story on the ground, outside of K Street and Capitol Hill ... I hate to say the Beltway. Some of that is misunderstanding of the "SCOPE." What's happening in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Wyoming... That's news, Big news.

What's happening in Florida is big news. Millions of Americans are having their lives changes for the benefit of the wealthy Americans. The ripple affect is gaining traction, as well. At some point, this isn't good for the Washington Post, either. The Post's advertisers need consumers.


Posted by: russianthistle | March 11, 2011 7:42 AM | Report abuse

Sirens going off again, this is about the 4th time. Roads are closed and we're all just waiting. Cameras show idiots sitting at Waikiki Beach to watch the tsunami come in. Sigh...

Posted by: MiddleofthePacific | March 11, 2011 7:44 AM | Report abuse

Wanna watch?

Posted by: MiddleofthePacific | March 11, 2011 7:49 AM | Report abuse

The earthquake(s) hit a portion of the Japanese coast that was affected by tsunami without an earthquake in January 1700. Much detective work revealed that the source was a massive subduction earthquake off the Oregon and Washington coasts.

Tsunami warnings are in effect there.

Posted by: DaveoftheCoonties | March 11, 2011 8:00 AM | Report abuse

So the Japanese are getting back at Oregon/Washington 310 years later. This slow exchange of tectonic blow across the Pacific has to stop.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 11, 2011 8:19 AM | Report abuse

Hope MotP is ok. Woke up to a phone call from #2 wanting more info about the tsunami for Costa Rica. Found out it is expected there at 4 pm their time (they are an hour behind EST). SIL is planning to take his boat out to 200 ft. and ride out the wave. I told him that he is worth a lot more than his boat and to be careful. Please send good thoughts to him.

Posted by: badsneakers | March 11, 2011 8:22 AM | Report abuse

Water levels on Oahu are going up. Small but certain.

Posted by: MiddleofthePacific | March 11, 2011 8:24 AM | Report abuse

So... MotP... after staying up all night, will everyone in Hawaii be expected to show up for work tomorrow? Or is this a "snow day" scenario?

Posted by: -TBG- | March 11, 2011 8:41 AM | Report abuse

Lol, TBG, schools are all closed now, except for Punahou (the President's alma mater) so at least the kids are on tsunami holiday. We'll see if I have to go to work. The water receded and exposed the reef for a while there. We're waiting to see what kind of surge will come in, if at all.

Posted by: MiddleofthePacific | March 11, 2011 8:50 AM | Report abuse

I hope the President activates a couple of USAR teams to go to Japan TODAY.

Posted by: slyness | March 11, 2011 9:07 AM | Report abuse

Well help has to be requested before he can send them to Japan. Our DART team is often ready to go but must wait to be asked.

Posted by: dmd3 | March 11, 2011 9:24 AM | Report abuse

MOTP, glad it looks like you dodged the bullet. Hope it remains that way.

bc, thanks for noticing. I called the Libyan uprising a week or two in advance, France taking the lead a day ahead. If only I could figure out this whole lottery thing before my superhero powers wear off. (Seriously though, decades of paying attention to this stuff makes it a whole lot easier than it seems. As such, if France goes in, I wouldn't be surprised to see some German special forces (maybe through NATO?) teaming with them.)

JA's got a new article on the earthquake. Back to work two days, and there he is, front and center.

Posted by: LostInThought | March 11, 2011 9:35 AM | Report abuse

"Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost." --Ronald Reagan

Labor Day Speech at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey, September 1, 1980

Posted by: -TBG- | March 11, 2011 9:38 AM | Report abuse

Buenos dias Boodleros!

8.9 Richter is hundreds of times stronger than the one to hit Chile last year. Hard to imagine.

We are on tsunami alert. ETA Easter Island 4:45 PM EST. Evaquating all inhabitants to airport, which is highest point on island.
Will arrive at Chilean coast just before minight, local time.

Scientists estimate wave height of 47 centimeters, it could grow in bays and inlets.

Most TV stations here feeding live footage from Japan.

A number of communities have already ordered evacuation. Large ships been ordered out of harbors.

Two large and two megaquakes in 14 months is a bit much.

Brag :(

Posted by: Braguine | March 11, 2011 9:41 AM | Report abuse

MotP -- as soon as I heard on the news this morning about the earthquake and the tsunami, I immediately thought about you. Really, I did. I hope everyone stays safe.

Sneaks, it never fails to completely astonish me that someone like your SIL would actually *do* something like that! A tsunami is not like a regular huge cool-to-surf wave. It's deadly. Does SIL know what happened in 2004, when so many, many people died from the tsunami then?


I wish him luck, indeed, along with some brains.

Maryland Public Television had its Les Miz presentation last night, so I succumbed and saw it again. Now I'm done. As much as I adore Alfie Boe's voice, there are the others whose voices leave me cold.

Super-saturated, I guess.

And Ivansmom, oh *do* teach them to write well. Good legal writing appears so infrequently, alas. And spelling -- definitely spelling.

Posted by: ftb3 | March 11, 2011 9:47 AM | Report abuse

TBG, St. Ronald of Teflon was actually a labor union president for 7 years (SAG, 1947-1952 and then 1959-60). I wonder what Scott Walker would make of that?

'Morning, Boodle. Horrifying news out of Japan.

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 11, 2011 9:57 AM | Report abuse

Impressive to see such an insightful article by Joel just a few hours after the quake. This one is truly a monster. I mean, it contains about 900 times the energy of the one that hit Haiti.

Posted by: RD_Padouk | March 11, 2011 10:01 AM | Report abuse

If only we could bottle it, RDP.

Posted by: ftb3 | March 11, 2011 10:06 AM | Report abuse

ftb, SIL isn't taking the boat out to 'ride the wave', it's apparently what one is supposed to do in this situation. If he leaves it on the mooring, it will be destroyed by any large surge (6 feet of mooring line plus 20 feet of surge = capsized boat). He'll be out in over 200 feet of water, which he says is the minimum depth of water needed to avoid being tossed and upturned. Believe me, I already offered to dig into my savings to buy him a new boat rather than put his life in danger, so I'm assuming he knows what he's doing. He does have a Captain's license BTW.

Posted by: badsneakers | March 11, 2011 10:10 AM | Report abuse

I think the idea, ftb, is to take the boat to ride OUT the wave, not ride the wave. You know... leave the harbor for the open sea where the tsunami isn't doing damage. It's probably recommended protocol for larger boats like SIL's.

Posted by: -TBG- | March 11, 2011 10:11 AM | Report abuse

Dr G and Daughter were planning to go to Japan next week. Good thing the combination of a new job for Dr G and the typical G family procrastination nixed those plans.

Posted by: -TBG- | March 11, 2011 10:13 AM | Report abuse

Compared ti Chilean quake, this one was 40% stronger.

Posted by: Braguine | March 11, 2011 10:14 AM | Report abuse

Yep, taking a boat out to where the water's 200 feet deep will get you to a point where even a huge tsunami is pretty much unnoticeable. Definitely the way to go if you have the wherewithal.

Posted by: bobsewell | March 11, 2011 10:23 AM | Report abuse

New Kit on the Quake at the Wrong Place.

Posted by: shrieking_denizen | March 11, 2011 10:31 AM | Report abuse

In open and deep water is the place to be with a tsunami coming. The danger is when the wave begins to trip on the bottom and break or in restricted areas where the water must rise to "fit" the restrictions , then it will grow to dramatic heights.


Posted by: Braguine | March 11, 2011 10:41 AM | Report abuse

Whew -- thanks, guys. I just had the cringies even thinking about it. Thanks for setting me straight.

I'm such a landlubber.....

Posted by: ftb3 | March 11, 2011 10:43 AM | Report abuse

In open and deep water is the place to be with a tsunami coming. The danger is when the wave begins to trip on the bottom and break or in restricted areas where the water must rise to "fit" the restrictions , then it will grow to dramatic heights.


Posted by: Braguine | March 11, 2011 10:49 AM | Report abuse

Joel's story is indeed excellent. I liked it before I noticed the author.

The "Orphan Tsunami" of January 1700--the tsunami without a parent earthquake--affected
Kuwagasaki (Miyako)
Tsugaruishi (Miyako Bay)
Otsuchi (next bay south)
Miho (Suruga Bay, south of Tokyo)
Tanabe (still farther south).

At Miho, assessing past tsunami heights involved estimating net uplift since 1700. As on other coasts with subduction earthquakes, the land rises during the intervals between quakes, subsides during them.

"The Orphan Tsunami of 1700: Japanese Clues to a Parent Earthquake in North America" by Brian F. Atwater et al. US Geological Survey and University of Washington Press, 2005.

Posted by: DaveoftheCoonties | March 11, 2011 11:00 AM | Report abuse

Brag's right. At sea, the tsnumai is nothing more than a swell, and not even a very large one. But even a large swell -- 20, 30, 40 feet -- isn't very significant, because it is just a slow elevator rise up, and then gently down again. At sea, the "wave" doesn't break, like it does when it hits some kinds of shoreline. So yes, a couple miles out at sea is a perfectly safe place to be. At anchor in a bay or tied to the dock would be just about the worst place to be.

Have you guys seen the film of that giant whirlpool in that harbor in Japan? Amazing. Never seen anything like it. Gotta be a couple hundred yards wide -- and there's a boat sitting there just on its periphery.

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 11, 2011 11:02 AM | Report abuse

Good morning.

Posted by: russianthistle | March 11, 2011 11:49 AM | Report abuse

Just saw some live footage from the harbor in Santa Cruz CA where sonchild lives. (His house in on higher ground.) Some boat damage in that harbor according to msnbc.

Posted by: talitha1 | March 11, 2011 12:02 PM | Report abuse

According to an AP report, Gabby Giffords' breathing tube has been removed (which is very good); her walking and talking are improving; she can speak relatively simple, complete sentences; and she has no memory of the incident, but has been told she was shot, which she seems to understand. It is not clear if she understands other people were shot and some died. She can show emotions, and smiles when she does well.

Posted by: curmudgeon6 | March 11, 2011 12:36 PM | Report abuse

Good reading, thistle. Or am I indulging in confirmation bias?

I admit I was trying to do that with my post about FBI, who are already investigating, in my view, radicals in the U.S. better, and more well-focused, than a Congressional committee could.

Your musings made me think that the narrative tends to enforce that democracy on the right is always allowed, but if it's on the left it's suppressed, or more accurately, suborned. Diverted.

Posted by: Jumper1 | March 11, 2011 12:53 PM | Report abuse

New kit.

Posted by: Jumper1 | March 11, 2011 12:54 PM | Report abuse

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