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Duncan Reappears--Quietly


There were several signs in recent days that County Executive Douglas M. Duncan (D) is preparing to make his first official debut since pulling he pulled out of the governor's race seven weeks ago to seek treatment for depression.

First, was the return this week of his extended family's campaign blog -- "Duncans for Doug" -- which that had been inactive since the announcement on June 22. Duncan's sister Nellie Lide of Rockville writes, "Sorry we haven't posted since Doug left the race. We've been kind of down about the whole thing too."

She confides, "I'm probably going to still write-in Doug's name on primary day. Some of us have a hard time accepting reality."

On a lighter note, Lide shares for the first time the family's ersatz mock music video that is a spoof on the "Saturday Night Live" skit "Lazy Sunday," starring Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg.

The Duncan version is called "Lazy Duncans" and stars the county executive's brother Glenn Duncan and his friend, Joe Barrett, eating their way through Maryland last spring as they rhyme to a hip-hop beat wearing "Duncan for Governor" T-shirts.

Glenn -- who resembles his brother, only beefier -- raps about when "Dougie" is governor and jokes "with my look-alike mug I won't drop a dime." The stars poke a fun at Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) and Duncan's former Democratic rival, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley.

Standing in front of one of O'Malley's "Believe" signs, Glenn Duncan shakes his head "no" and Barrett waves his arms as if to say "no way."

Duncan does not appear in the family movie, and the blog posting discloses, "I don't think he's even seen it. Doug now supports Martin O'Malley for governor -- but in the tape we do make fun of him (after all at the time he was our brother's opponent in the primary)."

In another sign that Duncan is easing back into the public life, he has been spotted at several restaurants. There he was Monday afternoon in downtown Rockville, looking casual in a lime-green polo shirt as he lunched outside at Giuseppe's Pizza with college-age son John Duncan. On Saturday night he dined in downtown Silver Spring at Ray's: The Classics, an eagerly anticipated new restaurant.

Duncan said Monday that he has been working from his county office several hours a day, a couple of days a week. He's feeling better, he said, and he plans to have hip-replacement surgery in September.

Ann E. Marimow

By Phyllis Jordan  |  August 10, 2006; 6:45 AM ET
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It's a good thing this video did not appear when Duncan was running for governor. Duncan's portly brother says that "with my look-alike mug [he resembles Doug Duncan] I won't drop a dime," implying that he will receive special treatment and favors, when his brother, Doug, becomes governor. Duncan's family members even show photos of "jailed" former corrupt Maryland governors, saying that won't happen to Doug. This is rather ironic in light of the fact that Duncan may still have to answer for corruption charges regarding the $20,000 he took from jailed lobbyist, Jack Abramoff in exchange for attempting to sell Montgomery County public school property on the cheap to an Abramoff interest. (

Posted by: Anonymous | August 10, 2006 9:51 AM | Report abuse

Once a crook always a crook. Welcome back Dougie.

Posted by: Steve | August 10, 2006 10:26 AM | Report abuse

Give me a break! So you praise Duncan for a few weeks after he drops out of the race citing a serious condition, and then you pick up where you left off and start attacking him again? Unbelievable.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 10, 2006 11:26 AM | Report abuse

The sicko Duncan haters know no shame. They will say anything, accuse him of anything. Meanwhile, Montgomery County remains one of the best-managed, most successful counties in America thanks to Doug.

Posted by: Yellow Dog Democrat | August 10, 2006 1:43 PM | Report abuse

Though I have never been a Duncan fan, I have to agree with the two previous posters. There is no reason to go after him at this point. All Democrats are united in the Governor's race with a clear goal. Contiuing to beat each other up is not going to help anyone.

However, I have two comments:

1) I find it interesting that this article was even posted. It contributes nothing. He didn't disappeared like Amelia Eardhart, only to have been found again after all these years. He is seeking treatment for his condition, and to point out every time he happens to go out to dinner or catch a movie in this period borders on paparazzi cruelty.

2) If I was Doug, I would smack my little brother so hard his fat-head was spin. Any sympathy he might have gained disappears once someone sees that obnoxious crap of a "music video".

Posted by: Needs to be said | August 10, 2006 2:30 PM | Report abuse

Depression is serious stuff. Partly because of Mr. Duncan's courage to seek treatment, I am doing the same... and both Doug and I will be more effective citizens for it. The Post almost sounds like he either took a vacation or suffers from some permanent handicap. If Doug gets well and runs again for governor, I'll volunteer for his campaign.

Posted by: bigolbose | August 10, 2006 4:49 PM | Report abuse

I am still suspicious that the Ehrlich power brokers will finance Duncan supporters (as write in) to siphon off O'Malley votes. If they can't win through lies and collusion and evote fraud perhaps they can use Duncan as a write in to finish off a candidate they don't control.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 10, 2006 6:37 PM | Report abuse

All of the above posters could benefit from some R&R ala Duncan to stabilize your various mental ailments. I read the same artical and found no attack on DD as some imply. Phyllis merely reported the acts of Duncan's brother, ridiculous (and pointless) as they may be. She could have been a bit more subtle and chose another adjective rather than "beefy", although it doesn't offend me. However, the fact that Duncan's campaign blog is up and running again is news enough for you Duncan lovers so get over it.

I'm still having trouble deciphering this meaningless Malatov cocktail:

"I am still suspicious that the Ehrlich power brokers will finance Duncan supporters (as write in) to siphon off O'Malley votes. If they can't win through lies and collusion and evote fraud perhaps they can use Duncan as a write in to finish off a candidate they don't control."

Accusations against the Governor with no substance. This is what we can expect for the next three months.

It's O'Malley that can't challenge Ehrlich on his record. O'Malley's only hope to use the same lies and collusions you speak of with the rest of the monopoly in Md with the hopes of running their version of another Autocracy. This state needs more than one political party.

Posted by: BG from PG | August 10, 2006 7:13 PM | Report abuse

So, what does everybody think Duncan will do from here? Will he enter the private sector, or will he gear up for another run?

Posted by: Anonymous | August 11, 2006 12:39 AM | Report abuse

Duncan should crawl back under a rock, MC would be better off!

Posted by: Jimbo | August 20, 2006 6:52 PM | Report abuse

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