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O'Malley on Potomac Primary

If Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) was depressed that he wasn't able to pull it out for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton in Maryland yesterday, he didn't show it today.

"It was a tremendous day with tremendous turnout," the governor told reporters this morning, using the word "exciting" several times to describe Maryland's Democratic primary. "What you see is an exciting process."

O'Malley and Lt Gov. Anthony Brown, early endorsers of Sen. Clinton (D-NY), campaigned for her across Maryland in the days leading up to the primary.

Asked if Barack Obama's victory was a personal defeat for him, O'Malley said no: "I always choose to get involved in presidential campaigns." He pledged to support the party's nominee, whoever wins.

But he dodged a question about whether he will cast his vote for Clinton at the Democratic National Convention this summer as one of the 796 superdelegates, saying only that the primary process is "playing out."

"There were superdelegates four years ago and four years before that," he said.

By Lisa Rein  |  February 13, 2008; 3:31 PM ET
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Re: Gov. O'Malley and voting for Senator Clinton at Convention.
Let's see: which counties went big for Senator Clinton in MD? Oh, yes! Washington, Garrett, Cecil, Caroline, real bastions of support for Gov O'Malley, eh? NOT!
The question to the superdelgates in Maryland should be: Are you going to ignore the clear preferences of DEMOCRATIC voters in Marlyand, especially those in your home base of Baltimore City, Baltimore Cty, Montgomery Cty, PG, Anne Arundel, and Howard counties? I dont think so . . .cause I think the Gov. is a smart politician and they know which way the wind blows better than anyone down here, don't they? I just wish they would get on board the train before it leaves the station . . .

Posted by: Frankp | February 13, 2008 4:59 PM | Report abuse


The only problem with your analysis is that you said the Gov. was smart.

Posted by: island1 | February 13, 2008 10:35 PM | Report abuse

For those with time on their hands between now and the Convention, how bout a campaign to harass intimidate and blackmail the super delegates?

WaPo could start by publishing their names/address/dob/ssn/and credit card numbers.

Posted by: Count Bobulescu | February 13, 2008 10:35 PM | Report abuse


What does this: whether he will cast his vote for Clinton at the Democratic National Convention

Have to do with that: "There were superdelegates four years ago and four years before that," he said.

Posted by: Joe D | February 14, 2008 2:38 PM | Report abuse

The paradigm of the metaphorical Post-Processual Pesosophology is my 21st century patented tool that enables any operator exposing "B" mind waves to successfully navigate. thus releasing powers to prognosticate American Elections; their results. their inter tribal imbroglios, their clan zeitgeists and a myriad of minority feeling and attitudes that collate into an agglutinated mathematical whole!

In operation this tool employs the services of all the known sciences, including but not limited too modern psychiatry!

Presently it appears that most head disciplinarians agree that "guilt" accounts for a great amount of today's treated mental illnesses but moreover this feeling is not restricted to the mentally ill but rather may become Diaspora ubiquitously athwart an electorate!

I ran for public office in Maryland in 1966 in the Baltimore City milieu that was typical of the white urban electorate who were experiencing the perceived feelings of being reduced to second place in the Maryland political hierarchy through "black political power"!White resentment of blacks was exacerbated by a white coalition of uneducated working white proletariat that shared the feelings of white superiority that existed inter alia among most respectable white folks who were their promoginators!The application of the science of sociology reals its tenet et sec: that all Homo sapiens tribal members are collated into advantaged and disadvantaged"At this time in American history unreasoned racial bias sometimes ignited into cruel inhumane acts of hated and violence!

Today in the 21st century white folks are therapeutically following the accepted course of American penance for sin! They feel obliged to demonstrate their sorrow for their fathers past transgressions through heeding belatedly Dr. Kings prophetic message of racial harmony he delivered in electrifying zeal at the foot of the American capitol!Whites are sorry they did not listen!

The are saying in unison, sorry sister your womens cause can wait! This racial issue is far more important a "change" than yours!It could cause violence and is a society priority!

After all this path better assuages and soothes ubiquitous white guilt rather than a return to chivalry!

Not Florida Florida Florida but rather guilt guilt guilt! Deal with that boy genius!

Posted by: H.L. Mencken | February 14, 2008 7:47 PM | Report abuse

If O'Malley casts his super delegate vote in a manner that disenfranchises the voice of the MD electorate. We need to make him remember that when he is back on the ballot. Donna Edwards win over Al Wynn should serve notice to politicians that they cannot ignore their constituents - the people they were elected to serve.

Posted by: Paul Randle | February 15, 2008 2:15 PM | Report abuse

Count on O'Malley to do the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time and then watch while he blames entreprenuers, rich people and corporations for his failure and manifestincompetency. This guy is straight out of the Lousiana/ Huey Long School of Corrupt public service--with a cute and clever Irish socialist twist.

Posted by: Zippy in Annapolis | February 16, 2008 7:51 AM | Report abuse

Maryland Del. Heather Mizeur (D-20) is neutral in the presidential race according to MSNBC (and Maryland Politics Watch) and a Clinton supporter according to the Washington Blade. Will Del. Mizeur vote with or against her district?

Heather Mizeur is not just a delegate from District 20 but a superdelegate by virtue of her service on the Democratic National Committee as an elected member from Maryland.

Statewide, Obama won 60% of the vote compared to just 36% for Clinton. In District 20, represented by Heather Mizeur, voters supported Obama even more strongly, giving him 64% with only 35% for Clinton.

Last month, Mizeur said deciding who to support was tricky because one was bound to alienate one side:

[Mizeur] acknowledged that if she were to support Obama or Clinton, there could be some unhappy Democrats in her district, the ones who support the candidate that she didn't endorse.

Every superdelegate faces this same quandary: alienating the Democrats who elect them and with whom they must work. "People are very much divided," said Mizeur.

However, now it is clear that both her district and her state are not evenly divided but support Obama over Clinton by a margin of over 20 points.

So I imagine that I am not the only one wondering how Del. Mizeur plans to vote at the Democratic National Convention.

Delegate Heather Mizeur do the right the thing and promise to vote for Barrack Obama TODAY. We are watching.

Posted by: Angry Takoma Park Resident | February 19, 2008 11:24 AM | Report abuse

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