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Now It's Your Turn: Should Ivey challenge Edwards?

John Wagner

Even veteran Maryland pols were surprised to learn that Glenn Ivey is considering challenging Donna Edwards for her congressional seat. What do you think? Does the Prince George's prosecutor have a chance of unseating his fellow Democrat?

Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

Late Tuesday, we asked if Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon should resign in the wake of her conviction related to misusing gift cards intended for the poor.

On our Web site and on our Facebook page, most of you told us she should.

Here was a typical response from "member8":

"She should, but she won't. The sad part is, Dixon really doesn't think she's done anything wrong. Like a lot of other 'public servants,' she thinks that enriching yourself and your family comes with the job."

Dixon had some defenders, including Tim Chng, who wrote: "if she steps down, so should 90% of the politicians in our state."

By John Wagner  |  December 3, 2009; 8:18 AM ET
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Should Ivey challenge Edwards?


Posted by: dcrussell | December 3, 2009 11:27 AM | Report abuse

I don't know Ivey, but I think Edwards does a good job. She has made some important stands internationally--including supporting reforming US foreign aid and calling for action against the genocide in Darfur.

Posted by: jstapleton1 | December 3, 2009 11:54 AM | Report abuse

No he should not. I'm from PG County and we think Donna Edwards has done a fine job and should be re-elected. Or does he think a male is better qualified to represent the district just because of his gender? Let's hope the PG voters send him a message loud and clear.

Posted by: commonsense101 | December 3, 2009 12:33 PM | Report abuse

Go for it Glenn Edwards is a back bencher

Posted by: cheverly1 | December 3, 2009 1:47 PM | Report abuse

I agree that she's taken a good stand on Darfur and low-income lunch programs. The arrest in the Darfur protest was an impressive show of her commitment.

Overall she is a predictably liberal Democrat - wave the union flag now.

That's great, but I'm an Independent, who happens to be registered as a Democrat, and I'm looking for someone with more range in their politics. I'm not happy about the gov't investing in those auto companies. I'd like someone with new solutions to our problems.

One thing I liked about Wynn was his vote on the Clinton welfare bill - he voted for it.

When you always fall into one camp you get taken for granted.

Edward's Congressional web site is annoying. It requires you to shell out to a postal service web site to determine your zip +4 code before it'll take your communication.

I'm ready to entertain other possibilities. She's not impressed me with her willingness to consider innovative solutions that may not fit into the party line. Since she's only been there one term, switching to someone else wouldn't entail much cost to our district.

Posted by: RedBird27 | December 3, 2009 7:33 PM | Report abuse

Donna Edwards has done an impressive job in the 2 years she has served in Congress, but Democrats will benefit by having a choice, and no one should ever have a lock on elective office. It appears that Glenn Ivey, if he chooses to run, will be a formidable candidate. We should carefully consider anyone who wishes to run. P.S., I am a woman from the Montgomery County area of the congressional district.

Posted by: dexter1 | December 3, 2009 7:55 PM | Report abuse

@redbird27--Independent registered as a Democrat? Never heard of it. Sounds to me like you're a swing voter. Which is cool--I'm just calling it as I see it.

As for Ivey--all I can say is what a cowardly thing he's doing. Typical behavior. --Let Edwards do all the heavy lifting-then challenge her in her second term. What a tool. I for one won't vote for him.

Edwards 2010!

Posted by: rennie_davis | December 4, 2009 5:51 PM | Report abuse

There is no reason for Glenn Ivey to run against Donna Edwards. If he truly supports a progressive agenda, as he says, Ivey should support Edwards, who has emerged as a real leader in a short amount of time. She did all the heavy lifting in defeating Al Wynn, and should be given time to develop in Congress.

Posted by: artbrodsky | December 5, 2009 12:51 PM | Report abuse

As a resident of PG County, I have to say no. Ivey is just a member of the PG political establishment, basically a Black Good Ol' Boys Club, that is still pissed at Edwards for having the nerve to run Blue Dog Al Wynn out of Congress with a grassroots campaign. If he want progressive change as he claims, he has no reason to challenge one of the most progressive members other than his own ambition.

Posted by: Mike2003 | December 10, 2009 6:07 PM | Report abuse

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