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Ehrlich courts MoCo women during Obama visit

John Wagner

While Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) appeared on Thursday with President Obama at a rally in Prince George's County, former governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) held court with more than 100 women in Montgomery County, at a luncheon on the sun-splashed patio of the Old Angler's Inn in Potomac.

Ehrlich stressed the importance to his campaign strategy of a strong showing in the state's largest county on Election Day.

"The key to our winning is here," said Ehrlich, who won 37 percent of the vote against O'Malley in 2006 and has said he is aiming for the low 40s this year.

Ehrlich said his campaign had been hurt in the Washington suburbs by O'Malley's financial edge, which has allowed O'Malley to "hammer" him in television ads. But Ehrlich said he expected to rebound and was unveiling his first ad in the Washington region.

Ehrlich downplayed the significance of Obama's visit, and said his own message would resonate with Maryland voters.

"The country is in a fiscally conservative mood and Maryland is too," Ehrlich said in an interview. "People are very concerned about their mortgages and smart kids who can't get a job."

Ehrlich was joined by his wife, Kendel, and running mate, former secretary of state Mary Kane, to honor one of the last Republicans elected from Montgomery, former Rep. Constance Morella (D-Md.)

One of the participants, Jamie Shuler, a substitute teacher who lives in Chevy Chase, urged Ehrlich to take the gloves off and make a stronger connection between O'Malley and Democrats in Congress.

"A lot of people are really angry about health care and the stimulus package because they are wasting our money," Shuler said, after speaking with Ehrlich. "He needs to come on stronger and call it as it is."

-- Ann E. Marimow

By John Wagner  | October 7, 2010; 8:05 PM ET
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O'Malley's Obama Factor?


I'm sure glad Jamie doesn't teach my kids because she is unfortunately not too bright.

Posted by: hamsandwich | October 7, 2010 8:28 PM | Report abuse

The problem is with Obama and his group of blood sucking Democrats who want to be re-elected so they can continue to destroy the economy and complete their agenda to federalize all industry everywhere. The Democrats always say things they do not really mean. They are phoney and dangerous! Obama Democrats do not support the U.S. Citizen, or our best interests. It is all about them, not us! Democrats will tell you anything all the while sucking you dry financially! The only people they help is themselves.... at your expense!

Posted by: USDefender | October 7, 2010 9:00 PM | Report abuse

Ehrlich should keep pounding on cutting education dollars, 33 million in Montgomery County so we don't have guys like Schuler teaching our children.

So, day in review: headlines in Sun and Post show Ehrlich cutting 115 million from our 1 rated public school system; Obama stumping to a crowd of 8,ooo for Governor O'Malley. O'Malley speaks to a crowd of thousands, Ehrlich stumps on a porch. O'Malley up in all polls, Ehrlich whining about getting hammered on tv. All in all a good day for Governor.

Posted by: Negotiator1 | October 7, 2010 10:17 PM | Report abuse

Ann, is that you? How many kids do you have now?

Posted by: robinficker | October 7, 2010 10:25 PM | Report abuse

So USDefender...I'm a Democrat, and a "US Citizen" I not care about myself??? Please teach me!!!!

Posted by: unrest | October 7, 2010 11:05 PM | Report abuse

Look, we fired Erlich for a reason. He doesn't know how to govern the state of Maryland. He thinks he is in South Carolina. We do care about our schools, our roads and the less fortunate. So, Bobby should go back to being a lobbyist and let O'Malley be the governor of Maryland.

Posted by: kinsman_bob | October 7, 2010 11:24 PM | Report abuse

"Ehrlich said his campaign had been hurt in the Washington suburbs by O'Malley's financial edge, which has allowed O'Malley to "hammer" him in television ads. But Ehrlich said he expected to rebound and was unveiling his first ad in the Washington region."

That's just due to O'Malley's ads? Is Ehrlich sure that demographics and voting habits don't have something to do with why he's not doing well in Montgomery and PG? Or is he planning his strategy using election returns from 1980?

And good luck with the "rebound" after pledging to sharply cut DC suburban school funding.

Posted by: mkarns | October 7, 2010 11:27 PM | Report abuse

My wife and I are both professionals, highly educated, reside in Montgomery County and contrary to several of the comments made remain in favor of both the President and the Governor and their policies. Above all we remain steadfast in our support of the current Healthcare Policy as is of which it was long overdue in this country and even in this county. Ehrlich nearly did the middle and lower class residents of this county in when he was last gov. which I am reminded of when I pay our electric bill and the other utilities. He is all for the wealthy, the upper class and will always support such business and their financial interests and that of the stockholders; one need only look at the audience in Potomac to which he spoke - Wealthy White women who are residents also but for him personify only those he chooses to represent. He is a man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth but more so from the side of the upper class neglecting those of us trusting of those in control in this state. Gov O'Malley has our votes.

Posted by: davidmswyahoocom | October 8, 2010 7:15 AM | Report abuse

Ehrlich, tell those women why you cut education spending, cut healthcare spending and that as a conservative GOPer, you want to tell women how to control their own health and bodies.

Posted by: jckdoors | October 8, 2010 8:08 AM | Report abuse

As to the cutting school funding BS, it's not like there isn't a lot of waste in the school budget (bloated benefits, construction costs via "living wage"). Heaven forbid we actually try to make the system more lean and efficient. You hear cries of class size increases, but money's fungible - - no one has to increase class size, but it's an easy threat to get people to panic.

The budget is finite and limited. If O'Malley fully funds, then he's got to cut elsewhere or raise taxes. At least Ehrlich's being honest. O'Malley isn't telling you which of the above he's going to do until after the election.

Posted by: island1 | October 8, 2010 8:47 AM | Report abuse

Ehrlich went to MoCo.....O'Malley went to PG. O'Malley gets my vote!

Posted by: onlyghost | October 8, 2010 11:28 AM | Report abuse

"But Ehrlich said he expected to rebound"

hrmm, does that mean he is planning to bus in homeless people from philly again to illegally work the polls on election day and hand out fraudulent campaign literature?

Posted by: MarilynManson | October 8, 2010 12:49 PM | Report abuse

HA HA!! Erlich supporting women-what a joke HAHAHA!!!

Posted by: 10bestfan | October 8, 2010 2:28 PM | Report abuse

Ehrlich can relate to women on the basis of hair care products.

Posted by: krickey7 | October 8, 2010 4:59 PM | Report abuse

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