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The Answer Sheet Archive: Higher Education

James Franco’s unusual education

James Franco, actor and co-host of The Academy Awards tonight, likes going to school. In fact, he still is, studying for his doctorate in English at Yale University, while fitting in movie and television appearances when he isn’t studying.

By Valerie Strauss  | February 27, 2011; 12:27 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (6)
Categories:  Higher Education  | Tags:  anne hathaway, columbia university, james franco, the academy awards, the oscars, yale university  
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Why didn’t NYU fire Nir Rosen over Lara Logan?

Why did New York University allow Nir Rosen to resign after he made vile comments about the CBS correspondent brutally attacked and sexually assaulted in Egypt? Why wasn't it tougher?

By Valerie Strauss  | February 16, 2011; 1:24 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (38)
Categories:  Higher Education  | Tags:  cbs, egypt, egypt democracy, lara logan assault, lara logan attack, laura logan, new york university, nir rosen, nir rosen tweets, nyu, nyu center for law and security, rosen apologizes, rosen tweets  
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Why Obama’s 2020 graduation goal isn’t attainable

President Obama set as a goal that by 2020, the United States will have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. But there is a numbers game working against the realization of his goal, and his 2012 proposed education budget isn't going to help the situation.

By Valerie Strauss  | February 15, 2011; 5:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (10)
Categories:  High School, Higher Education  | Tags:  2012 budget, 2020, early literacy, graduation 2020, obama, obama 2020 goal, obama budget, reading by 3rd grade  
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Peace Corps' 2011 college rankings; D.C., Va. schools on top

The Peace Corps, in its 50th year, announces its 2011 college rankings. Tops in their categories: The George Washington University in Washington D.C., the University of Mary Washington in Virginia and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

By Valerie Strauss  | February 1, 2011; 9:08 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (2)
Categories:  Higher Education  | Tags:  george washington university, peace corps, president john f. kennedy, president kennedy, university of florida, university of michigan  
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How colleges can identify depressed students

One out of every four or five students who visits a university health center for a routine cold or sore throat turns out to be depressed, but most centers miss the opportunity to identify these students because they don’t screen for depression, according to new research.

By Valerie Strauss  | January 10, 2011; 1:40 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (2)
Categories:  Higher Education, Research, Student Life  | Tags:  depressed students, depression, depression and college, northwestern university, research on depression, screening for depression, students and depression, university health centers  
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University of Virginia reforms speech code

The University of Virginia has eliminated four controversial policies that restricted the free speech of students and faculty, becoming one of a minority of schools across the country to do so.

By Valerie Strauss  | December 29, 2010; 5:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (7)
Categories:  College Life, Higher Education  | Tags:  FIRE, free speech, free speech on campus, speech codes, university of virginia  
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