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The Answer Sheet Archive: Learning

'Brain-based' education: Run from it

A veteran educator explains why teachers should run from any curriculum that says it is "brain-based."

By Valerie Strauss  | February 28, 2011; 5:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (7)
Categories:  Guest Bloggers, Larry Cuban, Learning, Research  | Tags:  brain research, brain-based education, daniel willingham, education and brain, larry cuban  
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A salvage operation for public education

Bill Gates may mean well, but he’s not qualified to be America’s education czar. Curriculum expert Marion Brady says that the first step in the salvage operation needed to save free, universal public education in this country is to reject centralized, top-down corporate control.

By Valerie Strauss  | February 19, 2011; 7:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (13)
Categories:  Guest Bloggers, Learning, Marion Brady, School turnarounds/reform  | Tags:  bill gates, how kids learn, how students learn, marion brady, public education, school reform, the learning process  
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The 'thinking gap' (and why teachers shouldn't keep kids busy every second)

A popular book on teaching rests on an unspoken assumption that children in urban schools cannot and should not sit still and think. This premise limits the kinds of teaching that can take place and the topics that can be taught.

By Valerie Strauss  | January 31, 2011; 7:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (34)
Categories:  Guest Bloggers, Learning, Teachers  
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Resolutions someone should make for 2011

An educator offers some resolutions for the new year: That President Obama et al stop saying, "We are going to educate ourselves toward a 21st Century economy;" that people who really know about education appear on Oprah; that policy makers stop making standardized testing the gold standard of student achievement and teacher effectiveness; that we stop using corporate speak (game changer, incentivize) to talk about education. And more.

By Valerie Strauss  | January 5, 2011; 12:30 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (10)
Categories:  Guest Bloggers, Learning, Mike Rose, School turnarounds/reform, Standardized Tests, Teachers  | Tags:  2011 resolutions, ian hacking, mike rose, new year's resolutions, obama and education policy, oprah, oprah winfrey, president obama, standardized tests, stephen jay gould, student achievement, teacher effectiveness  
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Willingham: 3 brain facts every educator should know

Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham writes, "Most of what you see advertised as educational advice rooted in neuroscience is bunkum."

By Valerie Strauss  | December 27, 2010; 11:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (10)
Categories:  Daniel Willingham, Guest Bloggers, Learning, Science  | Tags:  brain-based classrooms, brain-based education, brain-based teaching, daniel willingham, myelination, neuroscience and education, prefrontal cortex and teens, teaching and neuroscience, the brain and education  
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The carrot, the stick ... or something else?

We keep trying to get kids to go to school and study with carrots and sticks -- but maybe both approaches are wrong.

By Valerie Strauss  | December 17, 2010; 9:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (8)
Categories:  Guest Bloggers, Learning, Sean Slade  | Tags:  chronic truancy, paying for grades, sean slade, student truancy, truancy  
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