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Parsing the GOP: The Bush Factor

Analyzing early state exit polls, five key GOP voter groups emerge: Economy-focused voters, independents, those dissatisfied with the Bush administration, evangelicals and the "very conservative." These are the voters to watch on Tuesday, and we'll take a look at each in a series of posts here on Behind the Numbers.

Third, the less-than-satisfied with Bush:

Change has been less of a driving force thus far on the Republican side than on the Democratic side, but a relatively substantial portion of the GOP electorate - three in 10 or more in each of the early states - are dissatisfied or angry with the Bush administration's policies. And this group appears to be another strong point for McCain, despite the senator's strong backing of Bush's policies on Iraq and other issues this campaign season.

Vote among those "dissatisfied" or "angry" with the Bush administration:

           Total*  McCain   Romney   Huckabee
Iowa        31%      18       21        28
N.H.        49%      40       26        10
Mich.       45%      37       28        13
Nev.        NA
S.C.        30%      39       13        26
Fla.        32%      45       23        10
*Total=percentage of all GOP voters who indicated 
they are "dissatisfied" or "angry" with Bush

Vote among those "satisfied" with or "enthusiastic" about the Bush administration:

           Total   McCain   Romney   Huckabee
Iowa        68%       9       30        38
N.H.        50%      32       37        12
Mich.       53%      24       45        19
Nev.        NA
S.C.        69%      31       15        33
Fla.        68%      31       35        15

By Jennifer Agiesta  |  February 2, 2008; 6:06 PM ET
Categories:  Exit polls , Groups to Watch  
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McCain supporters: is this who you are voting for?
-IMMIGRATION: he wrote the bill granting amnesty to illegal immigrants (co-sponsored by Ted Kennedy)
-SOCIAL SECURITY: he voted to give your social security money to illegal immigrants
-TAXES: he voted against the Bush tax cuts multiple times (he has since flip-flopped and has campaigned as a lifelong tax-cutter)
-RHETORIC: he routinely engages in Democratic class warfare against big companies in America, particularly the "evil" drug companies who research cures to debilitating diseases for a profit
-ECONOMY: as recently as December 2007 he admitted "he does not know the economy very well" and needed to get better at it
-1ST AMENDMENT: he wrote the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill that was declared to be an unconstitutional infringement of the 1st Amendment (co-sponsored by ultra-liberal Democrat Russ Feingold)
-2ND AMENDMENT: he was called the "worst 2nd amendment candidate" by the president of the NRA
-ENERGY TAX: wrote a bill (co-sponsored by his buddy Lieberman) imposing a massive tax on energy which, according to the Department of Energy, would drastically raise the price of gasoline and put 300,000 Americans out of work
-GLOBAL WARMING: supports radical global warming legislation which involved him voting with every Democrat; think only America is responsible to take action, not other superpowers
-JUDGES: he joined forces with Democrats (Gang of 14) to block the Senate Republican's attempt to confirm conservative, strict constructionist judges; also said Alito was too conservative for his liking
-WAR ON TERROR: fought with Hillary Clinton to demand that terrorists be given a full American trial
-GAY MARRIAGE: he joined liberals to fight against a federal marriage amendment supporting the institution of traditional marriage
-CHRISTIANS: campaigning in 2000, he famously described Christian leaders as "agents of intolerance"
-PRO-LIFE: he filed an amicus brief against pro-life advocates in Wisconsin
-BI-PARTISANSHIP: he met with leading Democrats in 2004 to discuss the possibility of being John Kerry's Vice-President; publicly considered leaving the Republican Party in 2001 after he lost the primary
-PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: ringleader of the infamous Keating 5 ethical scandal which cost US tax payers $160 billion (Google it)
-PERSONAL ETHICS: McCain cheated on his first wife after she had a severe accident that left her partially disabled. He then divorced her and married his multi-millionaire mistress, whose Mafia-connected daddy bought McCain a spot in the Congress.

Posted by: JW | February 5, 2008 1:41 PM | Report abuse

Not to doubt JW, but I suspect Snopes must be getting busy with McCain rumors just as they've been with Obama rumors.

Looks like McCain did carry Arizona.

Posted by: Dave of the Coonties | February 6, 2008 11:22 AM | Report abuse

Thanks JW...for a nice list of reasons to vote FOR McCain.

Posted by: MarcMyWords | February 6, 2008 6:30 PM | Report abuse

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