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Post-ABC Track Steady At 9; Voter Interest At New High

The latest installment of the Washington Post-ABC News daily tracking poll shows Barack Obama maintaining a nine point lead over John McCain, amid new highs in enthusiasm for his candidacy.

Voters are more deeply attuned to the race for the White House than at this point in 2004 or 2000. Six in 10 said they are following "very" closely, a high for this cycle, six points above the 2004 level and a whopping 16 points higher than the proportion this tuned in for the Al Gore-George W. Bush face-off in 2000.

And as Election Day creeps closer, Obama's supporters are expressing near unanimous enthusiasm for his campaign, while McCain's backers remain more reserved. Seventy-one percent of Obama backers said they feel "very" enthusiastic about the campaign and 97 percent feel at least somewhat fired up about his candidacy. Among McCain's backers, 88 percent said they were enthusiastic, but far fewer, 39 percent, were decidedly so.

Overall in the new poll, Obama leads McCain 53 percent to 44 percent among likely voters.

New data also released today finds McCain continues to find relative strength on the war in Iraq and the U.S. campaign against terrorism. But McCain's challenge remains focusing on these issues in the face of overwhelming concern about the economy. For more on how these issues divide voters, click here.

Regardless of whom you may support, who do you trust more to handle...

The war in Iraq


The economy


The U.S. campaign against terrorism


By Jennifer Agiesta  |  October 25, 2008; 5:00 PM ET
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Democrats courting all Republican and Independent Voters!

Obama’s message rings of a “Beautiful day coming to America” which is similar to Reagan’s “Its morning in america again”

Beautiful day coming to America

U2 - beautiful day

Army general Colin Powell and over 70 retired generals and admirals have endorsed Obama/Biden '08

Hope and Change backed by strength.

Our World

The Mom Vote
Change we need

Vote Obama/Biden '08

Posted by: cooday | October 25, 2008 7:04 PM | Report abuse

9% is still a worrisome number for Obama supporters because of the discounted (but I think still valid) "Bradley effect." My prediction is that with a 10% national lead on election day, Obama can squeak in with a "too close to call" 280+ electoral votes. Conversely, at 9% or less, "TCTC" could prevail with an extremely narrow McCain win. Check it out on November 5th.

Posted by: dsarthur1 | October 25, 2008 7:41 PM | Report abuse

I am an enthusiastic Obama supporter. I am looking forward to a democrat and an adult in the white house after 8 years of the spoiled frat boy ruining the country.
It will be wonderful having a president with a brilliant mind, judicious temperament and level head.
Someone with a vision and new ideas.
I supported Kerry in 04 but, was not excited by his candidacy. I just felt he was better then Bush.
With Obama you see the makings of someone who can be a very good president and set the tone for a new era and more civility in Washington and hopefully the country. someone who will restore our country again.

Posted by: vwcat | October 25, 2008 8:22 PM | Report abuse

Things are looking very good for Obama. I totally, respectfully disagree with "dsarthur1" for the following reasons:

1) The Obama/Biden folks have an extremely large, detailed and motivated ground game. While the McCain/Palin folks rely on robo calls, Obama/Biden have real people calling their neighbors to get them out to vote.

2) A disproportionate portion of cell-phone-only people are young. Young people are going to break decisively for Obama.

3) A significant segment of Obama supporters will not be deterred from voting. Snow, rain, long lines, obscure requirements, etc will not keep these ethusiastic supporters from voting for Obama.

4) A significant portion of the population will have already voted by then. Even a last minute event will not change the votes already cast.

I think the most interesting question is who would be better able to deal with the terrorism issue. I can make a case that Obama is going to do much better. W has claimed that they kill us because "they hate our freedom". Nonsense. They hate us because US policy in the Middle East is hypocritical. We say we support democracy; but when it comes to our allies, it doesn't really matter - we support dictators & unjust monarchs. We oppose solving issues by force; except when it is our force. Obama is more likely to get us walking the walk, not just talking the talk. This and civilian development aid will draw the support away from terrorists.

Posted by: cyberfool | October 25, 2008 9:13 PM | Report abuse

The Bradley Effect after 5NOV2008 will be

The Obama Effect , no disrespect to Tom .


Posted by: RaZoR777 | October 25, 2008 10:21 PM | Report abuse

To all right-wingers:
The “gospel” of Jesus translates to “good news,” not “be afraid.” The Book of Matthew tells the story of the good news Jesus brings to the poor, the grieving, the hungry, the persecuted, the meek, the merciful, the pure of heart, and the peacemakers. It is these, the scriptures say, who will be blessed, comforted, satisfied, and who shall see God.

Not once does the Jesus of the New Testament express concern over homosexuality as the greatest threat to the Kingdom of God. Rather – as is made clear in the more than 2,000 verses in the Bible critiquing the love of money – it is being consumed with materialism and one’s own well-being at the ignorance and expense of others.

Indeed, the most frequently expressed command in the Bible is “be not afraid “ or “do not fear.” The political agenda of the Fox News mob and the Bible-thumpers of the world is thus neither Christian, nor right.

Posted by: wahooligan | October 25, 2008 10:52 PM | Report abuse

For those of you having a difficult time but leaning McCain, here's an article that helped my mom decide .
For those of you who don't want Canada-type healthcare because of the extra taxes here's the scoop. I live and work in Canada and just dragged out my tax return. In 2002 I earned $48,609 -- I paid $5639 in federal tax. That year I had a partial hysterectomy and dental surgery--it cost me $000. Nothing for doctors, hospitals, labs, nurses, followups--nothing! AND I didn't have to fill out forms, fight with insurance companies or do anything but get it done and get home. If I had children I would pay a lot less and use the medical system even more. The security of having medical care is the same as owning your home. Think about it.

Posted by: BakedAlaska1 | October 26, 2008 12:28 AM | Report abuse

Of course Obama inspires more enthusiastic support than does McC. His intellect, steadiness, clear vision, articulateness, compassion, & genuineness contrast with McC's anger, nastiness, recklessness, impulsivity, belligerence, lack of knowledge about the economy or foreign affairs (remember Lieberman correcting McC about Shiites & Sunnis; or his claim that Iraq & Pakistan share a border?), and wildly incoherent responses to the recent financial collapse. Obama is a rare leader who can fundamentally alter American politics forever. He will be one of the greatest Presidents in history. McC is a below-average candidate. He won the GOP nomination because of an extremely weak field. His campaign has offered America nothing positive; simply repeating the same smears about Obama over & over- distortion, innuendo, & outright lies which people saw through quickly & tired of even more quickly.
Obama is a conciliator by nature. He has always wanted to listen to all sides in a debate over any issue. He brings people together, searches for common ground, & builds a consensus. After 8 years of the malicious divisiveness, polarization, & fear-mongering of the Bush/Cheney/Rove cynics, this is a change that America truly needs now!

Posted by: DoctorB | October 26, 2008 6:03 AM | Report abuse

Obama-Pelosi-Reid, running the government sounds so much better than Cheney-McConnell-Boehner, we the People can completely change the political history of the U.S. today! Vote Early, Democrats need to, because the Republicans are already starting to try to disenfranchise people in Indiana and Ohio, Florida could be next! Let's not let them steal this one, and change the destiny of this country like they did in 2000 and 20004. Victory Today! Vota por favor!

Posted by: jmr862003 | October 26, 2008 12:50 PM | Report abuse

Hey everyone...I hear all sorts of things about his "Associations" with folks like of Ayres, and then there's Khalidi and then a guy named Michael Klonsky and Rezko and then the religious dudes Flager and Reve Wright... and someone told me that while living in Hawaii his mentor was a guy name Fank Marshall Davis Gonna watch Sun(oct26) 9ET on Foxnews Sean Hannity's show on Obama to understand

Posted by: goforit999 | October 26, 2008 1:15 PM | Report abuse

I think any points Obama will lose to the so called "Bradley Effect" will be slight, and only a factor in a handful of states. Where it does have an effect, it will be easily countered by the fact that younger voters will break for Obama disproportionately, AND by what I call the "Palin Effect"-- where, I posit, for every high-profile republican that has vocally come out against McCain/Palin, there will be dozens of regular republicans who don't want the endless argument with friends and family, but won't vote republican when they get into that booth.

Posted by: PennyP1 | October 26, 2008 1:29 PM | Report abuse

FOX NEWS is the Rush Limbaugh of television. Anyone that beleives anything they say as far as politics is concerened needs their head examined.

Posted by: neglectedveterans | October 26, 2008 6:37 PM | Report abuse

The Bradley effect will be obliterated by the Obama effect. The Tom Bradley election was a liberal incumbent running in an election without a lot of interest or high turn out.The pollsters didn't include the absentee ballots into their polling numbers, so the figures were flawed to begin with. The Obama/McCain race has no incumbent, but McCain is the incumbent party, which is highly unpopular. Obama is EXTREMELY popular. Whatever % of white racist voters he loses will be more than offset by enthusiastic black voters and young voters who are looking to their future, not to mention enthusiastic Democrats who have had enough of the Republicans in the White House. I predict that Obama will win with 306 electoral votes AND the popular vote.

Posted by: winnie47 | October 26, 2008 10:30 PM | Report abuse

I spent five hours on Saturday alone standing in the dirt at the gateway to the Barrington, New Hampshire, dump holding up my Obama/Biden sign, waving and smiling enthusiastically at the 200 or so people who drove through. I got lots of thumbs up and thumbs down and only one guy gave me the finger. To all those who were obviously on the "other side," I yelled "Go get your sign and join me!" Some yelled "Thanks for your efforts on our behalf!"

I'm a 50 year old woman whose husband hasn't had a raise in pay in 5 years. My daughter's 28 and works in a supermarket in rural NY (its poorest county); her daughter, Esther, is a year old; and Esther's father is a short-order cook. How do you think they're getting along?

I see this as the most important election of my life. I'm fighting tooth and nail for my last hope until the bitter end. Yes. I said bitter. You can call me enthusiastic.

Posted by: LeftyinNH | October 27, 2008 11:36 AM | Report abuse

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