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Will Obama group get Southern hospitality from Gulf voters?

As they seek to drive turnout in the 2010 midterm elections, Organizing for America volunteers in the Gulf states may have a harder time finding new voters who supported President Obama in 2008 than those elsewhere in the country.

The voter outreach group that grew out of the president's vast grass-roots network during the 2008 campaign is among those working to entice more voters to cast their ballots in the off-year election in November.

Network exit polls from the 2008 presidential contest suggest that new voters around the Gulf were less likely than those in the rest of the country to vote for Obama. The polls showed that of the 28 states around the country where exit pollsters reported the views of new voters, only in Louisiana did Obama lose to Republican nominee John McCain (51 percent of first-time voters in the Pelican State backed McCain, 47 percent Obama). In Florida, Obama held a 59 to 40 percent advantage among new voters, small compared with national figures (nationally among new voters, Obama won 69 to 30 percent).

Those results were not gathered in Alabama or Mississippi. Still, there are hints in the exit poll that new voters in Alabama were not a lock for Obama. Among Alabamans under age 30, the result was a near even split (50 percent Obama to 49 percent McCain), while Obama carried such voters nationally by a 2 to 1 margin. In Mississippi, voters under age 30 broke 56 percent for Obama to 43 percent for McCain, still narrower than the national margin.

Outside of the gulf region, Obama carried new voters soundly, with his biggest win (84 to 16 percent) among first-timers in New York and his narrowest margin coming in Tennessee (56 to 44 percent). Have a look through state-by-state results here.

By Jennifer Agiesta  |  June 16, 2010; 2:03 PM ET
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Whilst BP acts as the “whipping boy” of Nobel Laureate Barack Obama, why is it that the bankers have not been brought to book in the same manner? Although BP are being made to pay a $20 billion first instalment fund for the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, why is that the bankers are let off scot-free? Indeed, according to the World Bank press release (21 April 2010) global bank losses have amounted to $2.26 Trillion and where the dire effects on personal wealth loss of the financial meltdown on people across the world is in excess of $6 trillion and counting, Why is it that the banks and bankers are not being treated likewise to that of BP? On the numbers crunching analysis the banks should be paying back to the people of the world trillions of dollars but where nothing is done or said about this huge catastrophe that is over 400-times larger than the BP disaster. Indeed with tens of millions of lives ruined and unemployment increases due to the banker’s actions counted in tens of millions across the world through the greed of the banks, why are the banks not taken though the international courts for crimes against humanity? For in this respect economic tragedies inflict far greater harm on people than any military conflict, as they continue to affect the lives of people for decades to come. Considering this truism therefore, the banks should be made to pay in their form of blood, literally trillions of US dollars for as many years as it takes. Please therefore Mr. Obama just don’t pick on the minnows of this world like BP when compared to the banks, but pick on the real sharks of human desolation, the global banking system that created the largest disaster in the history on humankind. Where is the true and real justice in this world one has to ask?

Dr David Hill
Executive Director
World Innovation Foundation Charity
Marktgasse 38, Postfach CH-3000 Bern 7, Switzerland

Posted by: drhill2 | June 16, 2010 4:37 PM | Report abuse

A recent Public Policy Polling survey of Louisiana on opinions of President Obama's BP Oil Spill response had some very telling cross-tabulations. In short, a vast majority of black Louisianans support the President, along with a small minority of white voters, while a majority of white voters were opposed to President Obama. These numbers were reversed as regarding Bush's response to Katrina, suggesting that the poll elicited not actual sentiment about disaster response, but partisan affiliation instead. Similarly, President Clinton receives overwhelming support from similar groups as President Obama. Sadly, it seems Louisiana is locked into a paradigm of politics via racial identification. These new voter numbers look only to further that trend.

Posted by: notreallyhere | June 17, 2010 10:17 AM | Report abuse

SALAZAR: "Minerals Management Service (MMS) to assemble all known information about offshore energy resources and identifying where there are gaps". (2/2009)

Then google Obama's speech at the ( 2008 campaign convention. It was typical Bush bashing and promises of better over-sight of the big bad oil companies.
It seems to me, being from Panama City Beach, Florida....Mr. Obama pushed his "welfare healthinsurance" over America's energy. What good is health care if you don't have the energy to run the hospitals?

Posted by: Pat32 | June 17, 2010 12:32 PM | Report abuse

Posted by: notreallyhere
In short, a vast majority of black Louisianans support the President, along with a small minority of white voters, while a majority of white voters were opposed to President Obama.
In a crisis, color is not an issue. Common sense comes into play. I dislike the WHITE as much as I dislike the black in Obama. His ideology is the same as all 'PROGRESSIVES'...Feed a man and he will return enslaved.

Posted by: Pat32 | June 17, 2010 12:36 PM | Report abuse

Dr David Hill
Executive Director
World Innovation Foundation Charity
Marktgasse 38, Postfach CH-3000 Bern 7, Switzerland

2009 speech by Salazar
2008 speech by Obama
THEY did nothing towards energy safety

Posted by: Pat32 | June 17, 2010 12:38 PM | Report abuse

pat32 - I'm sure such 'enslavements' as Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, FDIC-insured bank deposits, rural electrification, the Civil Rights Act, and other progressive programs are dramatically cutting into your quality of life. Only through a fully hands-off policy of letting the free market work its magic, declining to enforce silly environmental and safety regulations on things like oil rigs can everyone see a shiny new patina on life, free of constraints like governments demanding companies pay for ruining the livelihoods of others.

Posted by: notreallyhere | June 17, 2010 2:50 PM | Report abuse

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