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Twitter tales of intern woes, employer gripes

Jenna Johnson

A favorite part of my day is searching for "intern" or "internship" on Twitter. There are cute tweets, hilarious tweets -- and some that make me want to shout, "Don't you guys know these are public!?"

Last week I shared a bunch of these tweets with you -- and here's another set. (And there are many more that I wish I could share, but cannot on a family-friend website.)

Happy Follow Friday!

@loosejaw Just got pulled over.....showed them my badge and they let us go quick fast and in a hurry! This internship aint dat June 15

@shaungroves I need an intern. An internet ninja intern. June 11

@mariacolaco i don't like being called "hon" or "honey" or "Sweetheart". uber unprofessional and maybe you should get a different intern to do the job. June 13

@internonymous Wk 3 of corporate learning experience. Co-intern is looking up Super Mario jokes, I'm making a twitter. #productiveuseoftime June 14

@tiiinnnnaaa Uh my mom just told me about an internship at the morgue. She wants me to be a morgue assistant? WTF mom? Really? June 15

@msmeaganbrooke Goin to jail to get my intern leader, but only after we get raefe food. June 14

@hriefs Dizzy from reading a pile of intern applications. Oddest cover note: "My resume would like to meet you. So would I." June 15

@celtics Chatting with Lakers intern before the game tonight, and she said, "Boston is awful. That building is too loud. It made my ears hurt." June 15

@RCtennis3811 Wining and dining with state representatives and senators. Man I love my internship!! #fb June 11

@XOXOGLENYS There's this girl who is an intern same as me talks non stop! Imagine I am so outgoing and I am talkative, imagine her? Non stops blabering! June 15

@geo_rube @Kenratt dammit, I'm Holiday Inning it. What am I an Intern June 11

@pauloleandro Today, at my internship, I got egged. But that's okay, I got a Starbucks gift card in return. And beer. June 11

@sara_b_thomas Day 2: intern training. Do you know where your interns are? June 14

@ellymc I think I need a wife, or a PA, or an intern. Yes! An intern, they don't even have to be paid! June 11

@kambri On my intern's 2nd day of working with me, I discovered he has performed naked four times. He returns Wednesday to my new dress code policy. June 11

@DanezYuuup I minimize my screen when this lady at my internship walks by. But I'm just making it hot and I really doubt she care wtf I'm doing. Lol June 11

@g3kiefer Writing "Intern Orientation." Loosely based on how I treat my interns in their first days to see what they're made of... #Kidding or am I? June 11

@expresszenovka naive intern who thinks opensource can solve all problems in the world needs to be smacked upside the head >.< June 11

@pseudgult I know a famous and powerful astrologer and want to intern under him. June 13

@oluwafynbabe Most asked question of the year: how's the internship, June 13

@ANDItdontstop08 if i dont get this internship idk what i should do i really dont wanna set up an interview for channel 13 im over the whole journalist stuff June 13

@katieperugini awesome time at the beach today with suitemates. made 30 new friends this weekend. round 3 tonight. loving life as an #intern June 13

@StefCherelle Just rolled outta bed for Day 1 of this internship. I'm definitely taking a nap on my lunch break June 14

@MsAlexMM New intern started today, and Im inpressed! He's using phrases like "roll up my sleves" and "get it done" and it's only DAY ONE! June 14

@Ruthifred Writing a blog about my internship. Hopefully it gets more entertaining and informative as I go along. June 14

@meganhernandez Fellow intern: "And another thing, once we start excluding people from the Kingdom of God, we have lost the message of the gospel.... June 14

@foundedpepsi0 @shardasingh are u an intern or have u passed out???? June 14

@crazylillady Poor intern. I just had one of my The Devil Wears Prada moments. But let's be honest, it's more like The Devil Wears @JessicaSimpson for me. June 15

@Miss_Iman #shoutout to my internship that put all this BS software on my laptop that just caused it to crash for the 3rd time since I've been here... June 15

@stephopotamus my new intern just asked if I ever have to spend the night here. Love her. #agencytales June 15

@tha_realmatt I feel played they really have me doing intern stuff again.. June 15

@RabidRonnie Few moments are quite as exciting as when I get to stick registration stickers on umpteen soccer ministry brochures. Ah, internship life. June 16

@portiaknox I have pretty much nothing to do for the next 8 hours at my internship. I'm going to be sooo bored! :( June 16

@SolyPlaya Ross the intern is on Chelsey Lately and looks like he is putting the weight back on...tell me it aint true. He looked amazing thin. June 17

@ladedazonks The Loneliest Intern: The tale of a young woman working in a sea of empty cubicles, fighting for her life against databases and servers. June 17

@PureShenanigans The intern thought I was an intern. It's so cute - that wrinkle cream continues to amazing me and botox. June 17

@megbut my intern is parking her car with the $30 valet, i'm taking the bus. what's wrong with this picture? June 17

@corporatescoop The new intern just asked my permission to use the restroom before starting the meeting. lol should have said hell no! LOL #newsfromthecube June 17

@jensteer I was introduced to our intern as if I have no communication skills outside of Twitter. Not true, but I am less awkward that way. June 17

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By Jenna Johnson  |  June 18, 2010; 11:45 AM ET
Categories:  D.C. Interns  | Tags: Internships, Twitter  
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