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Twilight obsession leads to biting trend?

Jenna Johnson

So, here's the latest vampire-related trend apparently sweeping through middle schools: Some teens are biting each other, usually on the neck, as a way to declare love or friendship.

And, of course, they are documenting the act and slapping it up on Facebook for their parents to see. (I know! Kids these days, right?!)

The Early Show reported Wednesday morning that the "troubling new trend among teens" is likely the result of the booming popularity of the book and movie series, "Twilight" and the HBO show "True Blood."

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The Early Show also had several experts explain all of the things wrong with this trend, including:

1) Although teens may be "sharing blood" as a sign of closeness, it can also be a way for one teen to "mark" another teen, showing possession.

2) Mouths are full of germs and bacteria. If a bite breaks the skin, it could easily get infected. Teens with bites "should be on the lookout for swelling, redness or pus."

3) Biting can be a form of emotional and physical abuse.

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By Jenna Johnson  |  July 7, 2010; 2:15 PM ET
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Freakin' ridiculous... then again, what do I know, I'm just some old guy who doesn't understand what the Twilight phenomenon is all about anyway - after a quick skim thought the books were shallow and not particularly intellectually or emotionally challenging - course they weren't written for me...

Posted by: | July 7, 2010 4:54 PM | Report abuse

Animals bite as a sign of affection, so why shouldn't we?
It's just a nip, really. It's not like they're making a meal out of it or something. XD

Posted by: bloodbred | July 7, 2010 6:19 PM | Report abuse

My SO has bit me so hard I've bruised. Admittedly she wasn't planning on going that hard. This was 10 years ago so I don't think it can be blamed on Twilight.

Nips to the neck can be sexy, which is why Bram Stoker did it as a metaphor for sex.

Posted by: Megaduck | July 7, 2010 7:31 PM | Report abuse

Isn't the whole point of "Twilight" that the vampire *doesn't* bite the girl?

Posted by: floof | July 7, 2010 8:09 PM | Report abuse

OMFG pretend vampirism goes mainstream.

See the FAQ at:

Look, this sort of goofy trend comes around every 10 years or so.

See also

Having had to deal with this sort of thing 15 years ago, let me point out:

1. The human bite is one of the most dangerous, to any animal, but especially so to humans.

1)a. Um, by the way, you are human. You're not a vampire. Or maybe you are but you still have a nasty dirty incredibly infectious festering bite and you don't bite people unless you intend them to die. Because they very well might. NO BITING.

2. A hickie is one thing. Anything that breaks the human skin with human teeth is UNHEALTHY. People can die.

3. Blood is considered so dangerous that ambulance workers, doctors, nurses, even police, all wear protective gear anytime they have to work around blood. There is no safe way for non-professionals to handle human blood. Everything from Chlamydia through Syphilis to HIV/AIDS (not to mention stuff like rabies) can be transmitted by ingestion of blood, or even wound-to-wound contact with blood.

4. If you want to nibble on your friends and lovers, NIBBLE, don't bite. Breaking the skin is bad.

5. A kiss is always better than a bite.

6. Kiss your friends and lovers. Bite your food.

7. Friends and lovers are not food. Do not bite them.

8. Do not bite anyone you do not intend to wind up in a hospital or a morgue, any more than you'd point a cocked and loaded gun at anyone you didn't intend to wound or kill.

9. If bitten, immediately flush the wound with lots of clean water and soap. Repeat several times. Seek medical attention. At the very least, after flooding the wound with clean water and soap, apply an antiseptic. If the wound is more than a surface scrape, definitely seek medical attention. A puncture wound from a human mouth will almost certainly go septic and may kill you.

10. If you're still determined to engage in "blood play", talk to medical professionals and research the internet and beware of idiocy on the internet. Medical professionals will probably tell you how dangerous this is, and the internet will probably tell you all sorts of ridiculous things, but generally advises caution, restraint, antiseptic, and getting all of your shots and making sure your partner does also.

11. Biting people is a bad idea.


13. OWW!

"The one thing I never could stand about the InterNet is all of the gosh darn vampires."

Posted by: thardman | July 7, 2010 9:22 PM | Report abuse

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