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Look Who's Talking Now


The latest from Slava Malamud of Sport-Express:

And so The Great Russian Feud has come to an end.


Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin actually exchanged words this afternoon before the Eastern All-Stars media availability as they sat down with the rest of their compatriots/temporary teammates.

No, there was no kissing and making up, just a few polite words but, according to Malkin, it was a big step toward letting bygones be bygones. So, your special Russian correspondent approached Ovechkin, who was doing his interviews a few paces away, and passed him the olive branch, so to say.

"Are you ready to normalize the relations?", I asked Alex. "Okay", he answered. "Where is he? Let's go and normalize right now!"

And such, the historic moment occured. The visual evidence is before your eyes. Check out the steely strength of that grip.

By Tarik El-Bashir  |  January 23, 2009; 4:11 PM ET
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it had to happen sooner or later... unless Malkin said something about one of OV's gf's or something like that, it couldn't have been that bad.

Posted by: rh71 | January 23, 2009 4:21 PM | Report abuse

I'm actually glad to hear this.

Now... can get back to hockey? Please?

Posted by: irockthered | January 23, 2009 4:22 PM | Report abuse

that is good to see. I'm fine with being enemies on the ice. but in sports you should leave the grudges only on the playing field. after all, it is called SPORTS

Posted by: blushfilms | January 23, 2009 4:23 PM | Report abuse

Don't forget to send a photo when they're tossing back a Stoli or two...

Posted by: Caps16Fan | January 23, 2009 4:25 PM | Report abuse

Malkin needs a stylist.

Posted by: JillC | January 23, 2009 4:26 PM | Report abuse

As a side note (repost): Ovechkin himself spells his nickname "Ovi" - at least on his Twitter account and on his website. I'd love to see us adopt the same spelling here. :-)

Also - the winner of the skills competition tomorrow will be decided by text messages. Fortunately, they ARE limiting it to one vote per mobile phone, so...

Voting will begin as soon as the last Breakaway Challenge competitor completes his routine, with fans in the Bell Centre, those watching on television throughout North America and all of the 2009 NHL All-Stars and YoungStars able to cast one text message vote per mobile phone.

The polls will remain open throughout the NHL YoungStars Game.

I guess if the Habs fans all pack more than one piece of hardware, we're still hosed, but hey - I'm all for watching it and voting for our very own Ovi! He's counting on us. From his Twitter page (Ovi8):

"On my way to Montreal - can't believe the number of people on this. Hope I get this many votes in the skills challenge."

Posted by: irockthered | January 23, 2009 4:26 PM | Report abuse

Ovie's fingers are crossed...

Posted by: ThisGuy | January 23, 2009 4:27 PM | Report abuse

@ irockthered:

I don't know why but I just got used to typing OV. At first it was AO, then OV, sometimes Ovie... there's just way too many and it was never standardized by anyone so I went with the easiest. I hope nobody takes that to heart... I know he's reading this on his off-days. Maybe.

Posted by: rh71 | January 23, 2009 4:30 PM | Report abuse

@rh71 - Yeah; I've seen OV, and Ovie places - especially at the Phone Booth when he scores... but I'm all for spelling things the way the person being referred to wants them spelled, so I thought I'd point it out...

Posted by: irockthered | January 23, 2009 4:33 PM | Report abuse

afterwards Ovi went over and punched malkin's agent in the face again

Posted by: _stevo | January 23, 2009 4:35 PM | Report abuse

two best players in the league.

Posted by: richmondphil | January 23, 2009 4:40 PM | Report abuse

Slava - and Tarik - breaking news again. I love this blog.

Posted by: gocaps2 | January 23, 2009 4:50 PM | Report abuse

I'm glad to see that.

I'd also like to see Ovechkin continue to try to take his head off in games.

So, I guess I'm conflicted.

But hurray for civil relationships!

Posted by: DrinkingPartner | January 23, 2009 4:52 PM | Report abuse

Yes, it'll be all the more easy and unexpected when Alex cleans his own teammate's clock 30 seconds into the ASG now

Posted by: austinsteve | January 23, 2009 4:56 PM | Report abuse

I can promise you Semin wouldnt shake Crosby's hand...Semin would paddle slap him until he cries for Mario.

Posted by: SA-Town | January 23, 2009 4:56 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: jincargo | January 23, 2009 4:57 PM | Report abuse

@austinsteve (or anybody else)...

I have been wondering if anyone has ever seen two players on the same team duking it out during a game (or between periods)?

Posted by: Caps16Fan | January 23, 2009 5:01 PM | Report abuse


cracked me up, dude

Posted by: Fro_ | January 23, 2009 5:01 PM | Report abuse

Happens in practices all the time in all pro sports, can't think of one in the ASG as it's obviously frowned upon to even size up your opponents during the game.

But you know, those line changes can be dangerous, bodies coming on, players rushing off... ;)

Posted by: austinsteve | January 23, 2009 5:05 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: austinsteve | January 23, 2009 5:06 PM | Report abuse

Back to this punnishment for missing the ASG non-sense. I certinly don't advocate that OV skip the thing if it means he'll be out for a real game. But, I stand by the fact that he should Montreal to sod off for the snub to he and his teammates.

But, the more interesting thing is the way the story is being reported vis a vis Datsyuk, etc. It says there is an "understanding" that the players will sit out before or after if they are skipping the game. It says they will be "asked to" sit out a game. It does not say they will be "suspended for a game". Maybe I'm splitting hairs, or maybe TSN isn't being real exacting in their reporting, but maybe the league can't actually suspend them for blowing off the game...

Posted by: oldtimehockey | January 23, 2009 5:11 PM | Report abuse

as much as I hate the pens, I for one am glad that Ovi and Malkin seem willing to put the feud behind them =)

Posted by: jogabonito | January 23, 2009 5:43 PM | Report abuse

oh and I can't say that I totally hate Malkin, he's definitely one of the greatest players in the sport right now (along with Ovi) and I've got a lot more respect for that guy then than "Sid the Kid"

Posted by: jogabonito | January 23, 2009 5:45 PM | Report abuse

There's no question that the ASG sucks, and with players deserting it, well its suckiness it's even more official.

How about this:

1) Each team gives at least one player to the ASG.

2) All teams in the conference that wins will then be able to change one game of their choice (across conferences) from "on the road" to "at home" the following season.

A tangible reward to guarantee that there will be more rivalry between East-West and more team spirit in the same team.

Posted by: mauree | January 23, 2009 5:51 PM | Report abuse

Nobody says they hate Malkin. Quite the contrary. I mean look, they obviously are the best of friends, we have a picture to prove it and everything right?

The only thing that will feed or starve the feud talk is Ovie's play on the ice against Malkin. So at the very least the issue is on hiatus til Feb 22

Posted by: austinsteve | January 23, 2009 6:00 PM | Report abuse

If I saw that picture and didn't know any better, I'd say those guys were putting the final touch on a resolution at a Model UN convention. Whatta couple of nerds.


Posted by: Tex21 | January 23, 2009 6:13 PM | Report abuse

two wild and craaazy guys!!!

Posted by: opita | January 23, 2009 7:26 PM | Report abuse

I would like to see a real world championship, ala world cup in soccer, as well as world club championship, European vs NHL champion - probably not contest since the NHL has bought the world's best, but you will never know.

Posted by: opita | January 23, 2009 7:32 PM | Report abuse

i've seen warmer handshakes at surrender ceremonies.

nice sweater malkin...

Posted by: dcsportsfan1 | January 23, 2009 8:01 PM | Report abuse

We need one more Russian on the Capitals. GMGM, do what ever you have to and make that happen. Do you think the Penguins will take Nylander, Jurcina, Clark and a top prospect for Malkin? Oh well, it was worth a try!

Posted by: JohnWWW | January 23, 2009 8:02 PM | Report abuse

@Tex21 - *GIGGLE!* You said it; I only thought it. LOL!

Posted by: irockthered | January 23, 2009 9:57 PM | Report abuse

Sadly, it's been a few times that Semin proved his skills on the ice that we wouldn't need to bring up his uhm, fighting skills. Thanks to the guy/gal who brought it up again. Malkin and Ovi shaking hands...yeah, it's a photo op. If we caught them tossing Stolis like someone suggested, then it'd seem more real. Still, at least they're playing to the cameras. No big. Go, Ovi! Best of luck on the Skills Comp tomorrow. Make us proud, #8!

Posted by: LeftCoastCapsFan | January 23, 2009 11:19 PM | Report abuse

Does Ovi have some Mentos in his pocket or is he just happy to see Malkin?

Posted by: CBT2 | January 24, 2009 9:46 AM | Report abuse

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