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Ovechkin Suspended One Game at Worlds

The ban is for a high hit on Swiss winger Valentin Wirz. Here's the link to the story. Wirz suffered a concussion as a result of the contact.

The incident in question appears at the end of the following clip (thanks false_cause):

I'm not sure what to make of it. I would have called a penalty, but I'm not sure I would have ejected Ovechkin.
What's your take?

By Tarik El-Bashir  |  May 6, 2007; 6:34 PM ET
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The hit appears at the end of this youtube clip. Looks reasonably clean to me and I don't think it would be punished in the NHL. Certainly no intent to do anything dirty like an elbow, though it is brutally blindside and at full speed. The Swiss player must not have realized AO would be coming out of the penalty box and I think #8 misjudged the contact somewhat.

Posted by: false_cause | May 6, 2007 8:25 PM | Report abuse

Huh? the other guy had his head down!

Posted by: Clarendon | May 6, 2007 9:49 PM | Report abuse

If that was a dirty hit, Scott Stevens should have been suspeneded for his hit on Lindros a few years back.

Posted by: Go Skins Go | May 6, 2007 10:14 PM | Report abuse

Yeah, I'm not sure that's even a penalty, much less a suspension.

Posted by: trip donkeys | May 6, 2007 10:50 PM | Report abuse

If he was just popping out of the box and surprising him I'd say its at least questionable. There has to be a larger measure of respect amongst atheletes to not take cheap shots. 5 on 5 I would have said he should have had his head up. I'd give him a game suspension just so every body knows whats acceptable and what isn't. I think head shots should be removed from the game. But keep fighting.

Posted by: 007 | May 7, 2007 2:39 AM | Report abuse

Meh... different leagues have different thresholds for penalties and suspensions. Clearly the bar in the Worlds is set a bit lower than it is in the NHL, which has a reputation for be a mighty rough league by European standards.

I think he would've gotten a penalty over here, though I'm not sure for what as there was no elbow involved, no boarding, no charging, no roughing, no high stick, etc. The kid just had his head down and wasn't looking where he was going.

Posted by: HolyOlie | May 7, 2007 7:43 AM | Report abuse

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! That's no foul. This is ice hockey, not a sewing class. Utterly ridiculous.

Posted by: puckguru | May 7, 2007 7:44 AM | Report abuse

hit from behind? thats a horrible call, since when is a shoulder to the chin a penalty, especially a suspension?

Posted by: Anonymous | May 7, 2007 10:09 AM | Report abuse

007, of you think thats a cheap shot you should check your pants and make sure nothing went missing

Posted by: Anonymous | May 7, 2007 10:11 AM | Report abuse

I dont think its worthy of a suspension either - it clearly wasnt meant to be an intentional dirty hit. I can understand Ovie being called for a penalty on that, but a suspension?

Posted by: LB | May 7, 2007 10:53 AM | Report abuse

UHHHHH, are you serious? He was suspended for that? I've seen worse hits at my local grocery store.

Posted by: Ian | May 7, 2007 11:08 AM | Report abuse


Do you have any insight on Cap's Russian prospect Ivan Nepriayev?

He appears to be playing well with Ovechkin at the IHWC.

Might be a good 3rd line center behind Backstrom if he can be pulled from Locomotiv.

Posted by: slappy | May 7, 2007 12:09 PM | Report abuse

It's hockey, not the ice capades. If you have the puck and skate w/your head down, you are asking for trouble. No way was this intentional. Sh!t happens.

Posted by: cbstoner | May 7, 2007 12:23 PM | Report abuse

This clip shows multiple angles.

Posted by: cbstoner | May 7, 2007 12:37 PM | Report abuse

I believe hits to the head are automatic ejections in the IIHF rules.

It's pretty obvious Ovie got 90% head and nothing else. Probably didn't mean too, but he did. I don't think the ref's had a choice in the matter. I think the suspension is automatic as well.

Posted by: Mike | May 7, 2007 2:55 PM | Report abuse

That was a clean hit. It was just unfortunate that Ovie missed the body and cought him in the head. Ovie didn't throw an elbow he just took the wrong line and cought him up high. I can't imagine there is a player in any league that would not have attempted to take that player out. Hockey players need to have their head on a swival. It reminds me of the that hit Warren Sapp put on that GB player a couple of years ago.

Posted by: Chris | May 7, 2007 3:55 PM | Report abuse

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