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Today's Lineup vs. Penguins (Updated)

Cristobal Huet is expected to be in net for the Caps and will oppose Marc-Andre Fleury, the surprise starter over Ty Conklin. Tomas Fleischmann and Steve Eminger will be the scratches. I'm also hearing Marian Hossa (sprained right knee) won't play for the Penguins.



That's it for now.

By Tarik El-Bashir  |  March 9, 2008; 10:20 AM ET
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Posted by: mike b | March 9, 2008 10:24 AM | Report abuse was reporting Kolzig in net today, glad to hear its Huet.

Posted by: mike b | March 9, 2008 10:25 AM | Report abuse

NOte to Editor.......Pens today

Posted by: Rich C | March 9, 2008 10:26 AM | Report abuse

Kozlov on the top line, Right? Semin RW on 2nd line

Posted by: mike b | March 9, 2008 10:27 AM | Report abuse

tarik....i see the relentless travel, early games, and nonstop business is starting to effect even you. you might want to fix the team we're playing and i don't think semin can play two lines ;). thanks for the update!!!

Posted by: DC FURY | March 9, 2008 10:29 AM | Report abuse

I wish we had a do-ver for yesterday. It still is paining me.

Posted by: OY | March 9, 2008 10:30 AM | Report abuse

Olie deserves the start today. Could have been his last big moment in the Caps' net. Wasn't Huet's fault yesterday, obviously, but Olie has played well since the trade and he deserves the chance to fight for his job.

Posted by: CapsNut | March 9, 2008 10:31 AM | Report abuse

Olie doesn't deserve to start today. he has always been awful against the pens

Posted by: craig | March 9, 2008 10:33 AM | Report abuse

I would bench Brashear today. I'm still pissed.

Posted by: fansince72 | March 9, 2008 10:35 AM | Report abuse

sorry folks, the lineup is updated now. I had a wireless/cut-and-paste issue earlier.

Posted by: Tarik | March 9, 2008 10:41 AM | Report abuse

@fansince72--were it any other game i would completely agree, but this is a game were we need some back up for Ovie because there are a couple guys on their bench (Ruutu) who would jump on at the chance to cheap-shot Ovie. Plus when the other team has got George Laraque in their Line-up you don't want to take your power house out of the line-up.

Posted by: DC FURY | March 9, 2008 10:41 AM | Report abuse

Fehr back in the line-up i like. I was pretty confused as to why BB benched him in favor of Flash when he was coming off a three assist game. Provided the game was 10-2 but still i think he's really starting to get adjusted to the NHL and i like what i'm seeing in him.

Posted by: DC FURY | March 9, 2008 10:43 AM | Report abuse

Tarik, I think you have it right on your end, but the issues are still messing with the lineup at the post website.... or is Kozlov hurt? He is still on the 1st line, Semin is listed as both a RW and a LW today on the top two lines

Posted by: Brian | March 9, 2008 10:44 AM | Report abuse


It's all fixed now. I tried to save time by cutting an pasting. Well, it backfired.

Semin is on the left side.

Posted by: Tarik | March 9, 2008 10:47 AM | Report abuse

why on earth is Brashear getting a jersey again today??? did he at least lose the A on his jersey??

Posted by: Donald | March 9, 2008 10:47 AM | Report abuse

Can't wait to see what stupid penalties Brashear takes today to cost the Caps this game. He should have been benched. Period.

Posted by: kenhockey | March 9, 2008 10:51 AM | Report abuse

The only reason Brash is in the line-up is so he can go toe to toe with Laraque, and to kick Ruutu's @$$ should he screw with Ovie. Any other game and he'd be in the press box talking it up with Clark, Pothier, Eminger, and Jonny.

Posted by: DC FURY | March 9, 2008 10:51 AM | Report abuse

woo hoo, Fehr's in the lineup. I hope Brash redeems himself for yesterday.

Posted by: CapsFanInHollywood | March 9, 2008 10:56 AM | Report abuse

Who is in goal and whether or not Brash is playing are the least of our issues. Let's try and find the back of the net.

Posted by: 3vafans | March 9, 2008 10:59 AM | Report abuse

Hopefully Redemption Today! Enough said let's watch some good hockey!

Posted by: Greenie | March 9, 2008 11:05 AM | Report abuse

The posts time need to be updated, only 1/2 hour to the game :D

Glad to see Fehr back.

Come on boys!

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 11:06 AM | Report abuse

Anyone not think that Brash will come out like fire after his game-costing gaffes yesterday?

What's to be gained by sitting Brash? I'm all in favor of him being in the lineup versus the Penguins.

Posted by: Caps fan in TN | March 9, 2008 11:22 AM | Report abuse

@caps fan in TN

I agree that he should play against the Pens, but were we playing any other team i would have him in the press box faster then he popped that dude last night after getting the high sticking call.

Posted by: DC FURY | March 9, 2008 11:27 AM | Report abuse

Still sick from yesterday's game, I hope it isn't the defining moment that keeps us out of the playoffs. A win today would be huge.

Posted by: Bmore Caps | March 9, 2008 11:29 AM | Report abuse

I think he doesn't need to be sit. He learned his lesson during the 6 minutes he was in the box, watching the loss unfolding before his eyes. I don't think he'll ever do that again.

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 11:30 AM | Report abuse

Your argument about learning his lesson in the box and therefore not needing to be scratched is certainly a logical viewpoint. But Brashear has done stupid, boneheaded things like that before and he'll certainly do it again. He just better not do it today.

Posted by: Jay | March 9, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

I said it once I'll say it again:

Win this one now.

Posted by: ratgurl | March 9, 2008 11:34 AM | Report abuse

may sound crazy, but i dont have a TV where im currently at.

does anyone know where i can watch this game online?

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 11:39 AM | Report abuse

If you have Sopcast or Tvu I can help you. Otherwise no link on yahoo or normal WMP :(

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 11:41 AM | Report abuse

i have tvu

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 11:46 AM | Report abuse

Never thought I would see Semin come to OV

Posted by: Rich C | March 9, 2008 11:51 AM | Report abuse


Then try this:


Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 11:52 AM | Report abuse


i just installed sopcast too

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 11:53 AM | Report abuse

@mauree, i think its working---its commercials now. thanks

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 11:54 AM | Report abuse

what a game :D this look like playoffs
I envy all the people at the booth

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 12:18 PM | Report abuse

This broadcast looks like that scene in Being John Malkovich where Malkovich goes inside is own head. Except instead of every word being Malkovich, every word is Crosby.

Posted by: renstar | March 9, 2008 12:23 PM | Report abuse

I thought this was a 12:30 eastern start?? I wake up and find it was an 11:30 eastern start! Missed the first period... damnit!

I did turn it on in time to hear the announcers call Laich Laing for two mintues after the goal. Wonderful...

Posted by: stuffedinvader | March 9, 2008 12:49 PM | Report abuse

Set your clock one hour ahead dude :D it's 1:55 pm now

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 12:56 PM | Report abuse

My cable has ACC basketball, but you can watch Ovechkin cam on the NBC site.

Posted by: rogerr | March 9, 2008 1:01 PM | Report abuse

brash should not be dressed and federov is soooooooooo lazy. huet should be #1
big 3rd period to come ....go caps

Posted by: wendel | March 9, 2008 1:11 PM | Report abuse


Ah, man! You mean to tell me this was daylight savings time weekend? No one told me!

Luckily/unluckily, I live in Arizona and we don't do the whole clock thing, so I blame the media for not telling me...

On a separate note... it's about time we scored a 5-3 goal!

Posted by: stuffedinvader | March 9, 2008 1:11 PM | Report abuse

I hate refs.

I dislike the NBC announcers. How on this good earth can you say that Cincy Crysbych is a better defensive player than AO??

Posted by: Greg S. | March 9, 2008 1:32 PM | Report abuse

NBC = National Broadcasters for Crosby

Posted by: Greg S. | March 9, 2008 1:39 PM | Report abuse

Who's going to be the hero... This game is too open for it go to Shootout.

Damn, Huet...Ho

Posted by: Lowell | March 9, 2008 1:42 PM | Report abuse

I hate to say this, but I'd love to see Brash put the lights out on someone with one punch like he did yesterday.

OK. I don't hate to say it.

Posted by: Greg S. | March 9, 2008 1:48 PM | Report abuse

Huet is sick!

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 1:48 PM | Report abuse

We need to hit more.

Posted by: Greg S. | March 9, 2008 1:51 PM | Report abuse

Shheeessshh! Miss the OBVIOUS trip and call too many men... At least the linesmen are paying attention to what's happening on the ice!

Posted by: Greg S. | March 9, 2008 1:53 PM | Report abuse

where was the penalty when they tripped OV??? im getting really tired of this reffing

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 1:54 PM | Report abuse

oh my god no

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 1:59 PM | Report abuse

I have officially ******* had it with this team.

Posted by: Kip | March 9, 2008 2:00 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 2:00 PM | Report abuse

Ladies and Gentlemen... your 2007-2008 Regular Season Capitals. Now preparing officially for 82 and out.

Posted by: Kurt | March 9, 2008 2:00 PM | Report abuse

Caps 4 Pens 1

Posted by: stuffedinvader | March 9, 2008 2:01 PM | Report abuse

i am sick of this team not being able to seal the deal

Posted by: renstar | March 9, 2008 2:01 PM | Report abuse

Oh, damn! Boor Backstrom!

I hate Pittsburgh.

Posted by: Greg S. | March 9, 2008 2:02 PM | Report abuse

undoubtedly we'll see puckguru tell us how backstrom was never good

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 2:02 PM | Report abuse

argh!!! I appreciate what Nicklas was trying to do, but &$#@!!! Well maybe we can look at it this way, they can't beat us without us helping them??? Sorry, that was stretching a bit...I just don't know what to say.

Posted by: *sigh* | March 9, 2008 2:03 PM | Report abuse

are u f'en kidding me? what the h...ll is backstrom thinking

Posted by: wendel | March 9, 2008 2:03 PM | Report abuse

What a way to lose a huge game :( Huet was spectacular, but what is he supposed to do when his own players start shooting on him? Oh, Beckie, Beckie, what did you do?!!!

That pretty much is a dagger right in the heart as far as our playoff chances go :(

Posted by: ranndino | March 9, 2008 2:04 PM | Report abuse

Season's over. Caps are done.

Posted by: Sam | March 9, 2008 2:04 PM | Report abuse

All this talent and yet this team still finds a way to lose not only to the hated Pens. But once again another huge game and just an awesome game. And they found a way to lose. Backstrom has got to know his surroundings better. This us unreal.

This team just continues to limit its margin of error but it's done. They will not make the playoffs and they can look back to this weekend. Two HUGE games and nothing but a fat zero for points. Carolina has won the division.

The only way the Caps turn it around is to go on a terror and from what I've seen this past weekend - not happening. This was just a disgrace to lose what was one hell of a great game. They're still my team and I hope they make it to the playoffs but I think it just ended after this weekend. It'll be a good test to see if they can resurrect themselves. Let's go Caps.

Posted by: Jonathan | March 9, 2008 2:05 PM | Report abuse

He was trying to put it behind his net into the corners, which is the right thing to just came off his stick wrong or something.

he looked me, he's feeling it more than any of us

Posted by: czechsmix | March 9, 2008 2:05 PM | Report abuse

You know, I really am done with the Caps for this season. I spend a bunch of money on cable and Center Ice just so I can watch this **** every year. Every year. I am an idiot. Congrats, Caps - see you next year.

I've been following this team for so ******* long and I'm so ******* sick of watching the same old choke jobs and listening to the same old excuses. I'm ******* done, I have better things to do with my life than watch a sport, get wound up, then get cranky. For a sport. I give up on this team. It's up to them to win me (and the money I spend on them) back.

Every ******* time. EVERY ******* time. Set your clock by the choke jobs.

**** this team.

Posted by: Kip | March 9, 2008 2:05 PM | Report abuse

The worst was hearing Crosby squeaking with girly voice "he shooted in his own net"...

This was one hell of a game decided by one very, very unfortunate episode. Both team played well - but the Pens weren't going to score. I hope this won't affect Nicklas.

Nothing to be ashamed of. Proud to be a Caps fan today.

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 2:06 PM | Report abuse

Also, I've just officially given up hope on the playoffs. This is a team that can't seal the deal in a game that matters, and one that for whatever reason, just can't play a 3rd period to save their lives.

I was concerned from preseason about the conditioning of this team, because they couldn't keep up in the third without constant stick infractions. Now, late in the season, it's looking like either mentally or physically, they just don't have the gas left in the tank by the third, and they make constant mental errors.

I hope they all have to stay in the locker room all afternoon and just watch the last ten minutes of every choke this season, consecutively. This is a team that needs to feel SOMETHING to get better, and since a drive to the playoffs wasn't doing it, maybe some self-reflection will.

Posted by: Kurt | March 9, 2008 2:07 PM | Report abuse

The season has ended.

Posted by: Colin | March 9, 2008 2:10 PM | Report abuse

Mauree... I just have to disagree. I saw in today's taem more Hanlon than BB... they couldn't put it away when they got the chances, they couldn't control anything in the third period (including the puck, their sticks, or their play), and they just didn't look to have that killer instinct after the first two periods.

They're a fantastic team in the first, a pretty good team in the second, and a disgrace in the third unless Ovie steps up and gets them going.


Posted by: Kurt | March 9, 2008 2:10 PM | Report abuse

argggggggggg!!! talk about an embarrassing way to lose on national television! glad i didn't get a ticket for this one cause i'd probably be in a brawl with some drunken loser from Pittsburgh right about now.


Posted by: Jambon | March 9, 2008 2:11 PM | Report abuse

It will take a miracle for this team to make the playoffs. Yea yea the 8th spot is within reach but this team can't keep it together. You go back to that NJ game (phenomenal) game and then they come back lose to TOR. Then they hand two games away this weekend.

Some lessons to be learned from this weekend:

Coach Boudreau - don't put your goon out in a one-goal game with five minutes remaining at all.

Nicklas Backstrom - try shooting when it's at the opponents net not your own. Anybody remember the rush down the wing moments earlier when Backstrom passed when he had a quality shot staring him in the face.

Pathetic pathetic pathetic. And a wasted effort by Huet. Talk about great goaltending and kudos to the Pens netminder...he was solid. Great game that had to end on a fluke. Ugh.

Posted by: Jonathan | March 9, 2008 2:13 PM | Report abuse

The way these two games have turned out this week are undeniably a shame...but I am just amazed at how bitter so many get...
Does anyone understand how much energy it takes to get out of the hole they were in after 22 games? It would have been nearly impossible to keep that going, especially with a team that is still a work in progress.
They have not been able to finish around the net in some of the bigger games recently...why is that a surprise? That is terribly common for a team that lacks experience in these kinds of games. These guys came out and played a heck of a game less than 24 hours after having their guts ripped out in Boston. Time after time, this group has demonstrated their resiliency. They are learning right now and this experience is so valuable. We will win the SE going away next is awfully hard not to be proud of what this team has done over the past 3 months and to be excited about the future....hope everyone can get a little perspective...

Posted by: cw | March 9, 2008 2:24 PM | Report abuse

give some credit to the Pens, they are not among the first w/o reasons. Plus the Caps played one hell of a game 20 or so hours before.

Today's not the game that lost us the playoffs. Yesterday's, and all the losses against SE opponents were.

I do agree however that a general decline of play in the third is the cause of many losses. But I'm proud of the boys today. They won't go in the playoffs but if they did, they showed that they could play at that level.

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 2:26 PM | Report abuse

To show their resiliency, they really have to come out and WIN one of the tough ones... it seems like the close ones all go to the last six or seven minutes and then swing the other way.

I don't really see losing consistently in a painful, close fashion as bouncing back. And they're wasting effort by putting all this energy into games they blow themselves (because let's face it, these close losses are caused more by the Caps then the opposition)... I'd rather see them get blown out 10-2 one night and come back for a win, then see them fight hard two consecutive nights and lose both.

Posted by: Kurt | March 9, 2008 2:28 PM | Report abuse

I agree with you, cw. I'm a relatively new Caps fan but even I have seen an improvement since the beginning of the season. Whether or not they make the playoffs this year, I'm looking forward to next year...

Posted by: Nat | March 9, 2008 2:28 PM | Report abuse

Huet's had to win this 2 games, he dont deserve that can of lost. He made some great stops and leave is team on a 2 on 2. And, his player score fo the Pings. That's to bad. I hope that coach not gonna blame Huet and let him play more games. Huet is the best. Continue your great work my first goalie.

Posted by: Melanie | March 9, 2008 2:28 PM | Report abuse

Guess that's why it is so bitter. We know this is a great team with great character and great resiliency. That's why it hurts so much so see them go down in the worst possible way.

Posted by: Scai | March 9, 2008 2:28 PM | Report abuse

Either you are a Capitals fan or you aren't. Even if the prospects of the playoffs are quickly dimming, can't we all agree that this team is very young and has its best years ahead of it? This stretch is effectively the first playoffs atmosphere for many of our players.

Keep in mind, too, that BB took over this team when it was in a BIG hole. The team has grown this year, and it is not completely out of it yet. Need some help from the Canes, Flyers, etc. to gain some ground back.

So Backstrom errantly sent a clear into the net. So what. Hasn't he more than contributed to the offense this year?

The defense continues to improve (even Schultz). Add Alzner and things will get even better.

Lastly,I really hate Crosby and Pittsburgh! Oh, and Mike E, the cloying, annoying NBC announcer who love the clean cut boy wonder and doesn't know anything about the game.

Go Caps!

Posted by: TJ2 | March 9, 2008 2:33 PM | Report abuse

xoxox to the playoffs!!!!!

Posted by: GO SOX GO | March 9, 2008 2:41 PM | Report abuse

For those of you who haven't been Caps fans for as long as some of the rest of us, please let me enlighten you to the one crystal clear truth of the universe that will never ever change:


If it can hurt us, it will happen, no matter how improbable.

You may now go about your pointless lives......

Posted by: Sapper | March 9, 2008 2:42 PM | Report abuse

They have come so far and worked so hard. To foul it up in the end like this hurts. They need help now from other teams. They need to keep being a physical team. They let up on the Pens today. When they pounded them, they had chances. When they didn't, the Pens were in our zone.

They could still make it, but only if they win them, and others ahead of them lose.

Oh, and if the refs make GOOD calls! Cripes! I've never seen worse officiating than these last few games!

Posted by: Greg S. | March 9, 2008 2:48 PM | Report abuse

Huet is great. He made a couple spectacular saves that Olie wouldn't have.

Do other teams lose like this -- with horrible luck -- so often?

Two straight games where we outhit, out-shot and out-chanced the other team ... sigh.

Posted by: Caps fan in TN | March 9, 2008 2:58 PM | Report abuse

The thing I loved about today is that we completely outworked the Pens. Their fans were almost non-existant except for the goals..Too many times this year we outplay but lose. How often have we been outplayed and picked up points?

last 2 games outplaying the opponent= zero points...It stings...

Posted by: SA_Town | March 9, 2008 2:59 PM | Report abuse

For all those wanting to pack it up as Caps fans after this weekend when we got beaten by Boston refs on Saturday then played our hearts out Sunday to only lose to an awful bad-luck play...enjoy the fair-weather on your ride out of town on a wagon.

Don't mean to be harsh, but jeez, these guys battle back from last in the league, are playing playoff-caliber hockey, and will finish way above where anyone thought they would a few months ago, and it's time to give up and never watch a Caps game for the rest of your life. That'll be a shame for you guys then not to watch when they win the division next year and shine in the playoffs with a great goaltender and two of the best offensive lines in the league.

Also, for those who say "I've been watching them for so long, and they always do this, so now I quit,"....that makes a lot of sense. Why did it take you so long to quit on them? And why not quit on them back in November when they were really pathetic? Now they're finally good and it's time to hitch the wagon after being a loyal fan?

Come on. We all are fortunate to live in a city where we get to see Ovechkin 41 games out of the year on a young team that's growing and will soon be lifting silver above their heads in the coming years.

Lets go Caps, indeed.

Posted by: Pete | March 9, 2008 3:01 PM | Report abuse

As mad as I am about this weekend..better to lose games like this now than in the playoffs.

Of course I still want to see this team make the playoffs but an earlier poster hit the nail on the head. I couldn't tell you the last time I remember a national TV appearance and watching two skill teams go at it back and forth. I can remember watching games like this over the years when the Caps were not up to this kind of level of play. They are now and to know that years of this lie ahead is very exciting.

Either way I'm ready to strap into my seat and ride with this team the rest of the way as I always do. If they come up live and learn. As far as they've come..I'm proud but anything is possible. All it takes is one bad week from any of the teams above the Caps and things get interesting. Go find something to get your frustrations out fans. Then it's time to get back at it Wednesday night.

Ice Breakers. Goal Shakers. :)

Posted by: Jonathan | March 9, 2008 3:02 PM | Report abuse

I'm sick of these AP leads ...

"Sydney Crosby again got the better of Alex Ovechkin..."

What should then follow that absurd statement is "...but Ovechkin is still the better player."

If you're going to make a big deal about individual players, then tell the whole truth. And please ... the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the W.

Try this: Crosby got the better of the Washington Capitals. Period.

Posted by: Caps fan in TN | March 9, 2008 3:02 PM | Report abuse

As far as the officiating...ovie clearly gets tripped in the third going wide to the net and no call. Gordon gets hooked and hauled down in the bruins zone yesterday and they call a bs slash on Poti! then you have to consider the 2 5 on 3s we had today and a couple of ghost calls on the pens. End result has been bad officiating but we are losing the games ourselves.

terrible defense in front of huet(who stood on his head and kept the caps in the game) poti has been shaky and has not cleared people from in front of the net...eddie O even mentioned it on the telecast today.

Hearing crybaby squeal like a pig is awful. i hate nbc and their obsession with clean faced boy wonder. he wont hit anyone like ovechkin...he'll never be the point producer or the physical player that ov is. but yet despite leading the league and hitting everyone nbc loves the cry baby. God i hate pittsburgh so much. from their stupid yellow towels...this isnt football you idiots, to the fact they all invade our city bc theirs is nothing but a trash heap in between some mts., and finally bc of how obnoxious they are...worse then those fight everyone bcuz we're goons from philly.

that said i think the state of pa pisses me off in general. horrible drivers and a turnpike that has been in the process of being complete for the better part of 3 decades. see how mad and irrational i get when the caps lose to the biggest cake eaters on earth?

please god, why cant we beat pittsburgh?

Posted by: Pat | March 9, 2008 3:02 PM | Report abuse

It just shows that this team is just not ready to be legit cup contenders yet. The defense pretty much killed us IMO. They can't clear the puck half of the time. Our D is just to young and inexperienced. McPhee should go out and find a big, veteran defenseman that can teach these young blue liners.

Posted by: elicea | March 9, 2008 3:04 PM | Report abuse

I was riding the escilator today, and had a pens fans in front of me. He was looking at the Movie theatre connected to Verizon...He said.."Man I hope our new stadium is like this..the place we are at is a freakin hole!!!!"

We might of lost, but at least we dont live in a dumpster.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 9, 2008 3:13 PM | Report abuse

they gave the 3rd goal to Crosby. Oh my goodness... you got to be kidding me. Why not give all the Pens goal to him if he watch the puck? Oh, and if he watch another game at home, he should be given all those goals as well. Then maybe he can reach Ovie in goal scored.


Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 3:14 PM | Report abuse

@Caps fan in TN

I agree about NBC. At least TSN got it right.

They're headline: "Rookie Mistake."

They even pointed out that Sid was credited with a second goal, only because Backstrom scored it:

>>A rookie gaff cost the Washington Capitals their game on Sunday, and perhaps their shot at a postseason berth. Sidney Crosby was credited with a pair of goals but his game-winner in the final minute was accidentally knocked in by Nicklas Backstrom as the Pittsburgh Penguins edged the Capitals 4-2.

Posted by: Pete | March 9, 2008 3:17 PM | Report abuse

The team deserved a better fate than this weekend from hockey hell.

The attention now officially shifts to Ovie getting 60. GO Alex!!!

...Poor Backie.

Anyways, if we can manage to play next year the way we did under Bruce Boudreau Coach of the Year this year then we'll make the playoffs and hopefully do some damage in 2008-09.

This team still had too many weak spots (namely the first 25 games) this season ultimately. Time to buy one veteran 2-way D-Man to get our improving corps under control.

I love Huet.

Posted by: MTB | March 9, 2008 3:18 PM | Report abuse

It's interesting to see what happens to a team when the pressure is on - just like the past two weeks. Coaches under pressure, and we see Boudreau clapping at the officials "questionable" calls.

We see a veteran like Poti take a stupid penalty with the game on the line. Brashear (please release him) takes an unfortunate high-sticking penalty, but kills us by punching a guy in the face after the whistle?

Where is the veteran leadership? It's non-existent.

As far as today goes, I only caught the end of the second when Semin scored and the third. While the Caps had a few chances, there was some dominant play by Pittsburgh on a few shifts, and I agree with another poster who said we need an upgrade to our defense corps big time.

I also sincerely pray that McPhail is gone after this season - we're now on Year 10 of either not making the play-off's or being eliminated in the first round.

(PS - If anyone thinks the refs have it in for the Caps, check out the highlights from the Leaf game last night)


Posted by: Jaymagz | March 9, 2008 3:24 PM | Report abuse

One thought until tomorrow, we have already forgotten about the Buffalo News from last week.........."Ruff showing respect is nothing new, but not in recent memory has he displayed so much reverence for a guy on the other team. He was rambling Marty Biron-style, and there was a sense Ruff could have applauded Ovechkin into the weekend if anybody was willing to listen.

"He is unbelievable," Ruff said. "I admire the way he plays. I admire the enthusiasm. He can play a physical game. He can beat you one on one. He has a terrific shot. His energy and his passion, if you could bottle that and stick it inside your players, you would have an unbelievable team."

We are CAPS fans, NBC knows nothing about hockey, but the real focus should be on the cities that see what we see in the future, I consider Buffalo a hockey town and as for Pittsburgh, well I could give about them and their fans, they are fair weather as well! Crosby is the only thing they have had to gloat about since Jagr and Lemieux, but what is being said is that Ovie is the complete player, we all know it and so do all the other players in the league, Pittsburgh has nothing on us except possibly a playoff run, but they will never win it, not this year or with Crosby the way I see it!

I'm proud to be a CAPS fan even though they continue to disappoint, it will just make the Stanley Cup that much sweeter when it happens. One day soon Fans - just never give up!

Posted by: Greenie | March 9, 2008 3:30 PM | Report abuse

What happened to Ovie at the end of today's game? He looked lost out there. For instance during the final power play, he gave up the puck every time he got it. He didn't appear to have his head in the game when it counted most. It almost seemed like he was intent on giving the game away. Am I seeing something that wasn't there?

Posted by: Clarendon | March 9, 2008 3:36 PM | Report abuse

Never really noticed how many UFAs and RFAs Caps had:

Huet (UFA)- I hope Caps resign him
Kolzig (UFA)- I don't know
Fedorov (UFA)- IMO, I don't think he'll be resigned
Cooke (UFA)- Maybe
Bradley (UFA)- Maybe
Eminger (RFA)- Probably not
Morrisonn (RFA)- I hope
Fehr (RFA)- I hope
Green (RFA)- I really hope
Laich (RFA)- I really hope
Gordon (RFA)- Maybe

Posted by: elicea | March 9, 2008 3:37 PM | Report abuse

I meant how many Caps HAVE, not had.

Posted by: elicea | March 9, 2008 3:38 PM | Report abuse

I'd like for us to resign Matt Bradley ... good fourth line grinder.

Fedorov and Cooke? Let em walk.

Kolzig? A front office job.

Huet? Absolutely bring him back.

Posted by: Caps fan in TN | March 9, 2008 3:42 PM | Report abuse

I don't want the team to make the choice for Olie. He's done so much for this franchise. The most Caps can do is let him go on his own.

Posted by: elicea | March 9, 2008 3:44 PM | Report abuse

I know your not asking me about Ovie's performance with two helpers right??? I will refrain from explanation it's not worth my typing energy, unless you think one man can strap a team to his back and carry them an entire season.
Since you missed it my comment was strictly to ease the minds of CAPS fans about the announcing and to reassure them we have a great future with great players.

Definition of a FAN- An enthusiastic DEVOTEE of sports, A fan, aficionado or SUPPORTER is someone who has an INTENSE, AND occasionally OVERWHELMING liking of a sporting club, IN CASE ANYONE FORGOT.

Posted by: Greenie | March 9, 2008 3:46 PM | Report abuse

There has GOT to be something done about the number of Pittsburgh fans at these games. It eliminates much of the home ice advantage, leads to fights and detracts from the game experience. And why was one of the groups that the Caps welcomed on the scoreboard "The Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association"? It appears that Caps sales are marketing Pittsburgh fans. Pretty pathetic.

Posted by: Jim | March 9, 2008 3:47 PM | Report abuse

If there was an award for most frustrating hockey team to be a fan of, I'm sure the Caps would win it. 30+ years of mediocrity or worse. The Detroit Lions of the NHL.

Posted by: ughh | March 9, 2008 3:50 PM | Report abuse

Jim, caps sales and marketing will sell tixs to whoever wants them.

Groups sales are a money maker..kudos to them for going the extra mile to fill the building and get a playoff atmosphere in there.

Posted by: JamesD | March 9, 2008 4:00 PM | Report abuse

For a split second Bakis thought he was playing vs. Canadiens, "Oh my God! I am all alone in front of the net!" It's gotta be Huet mask...

Alright, not funny.

I am gonna get a nap... rest my tall tired body of 6'6"... If we beat Canes twice we might sneak in. But for that Caps have to unleash my secret weapon, my half slap shot. Now or never.

Posted by: Papa Panzer Schultz | March 9, 2008 4:15 PM | Report abuse

Pull the plug on this season, it's dead. The Caps will be playing golf very soon.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 9, 2008 4:17 PM | Report abuse

Was at the game with Lee today. The Al Pacino "inches" speech they use at the phone booth I find ironic. How many times has this team come up just short this season? How many goals against in the last 30 seconds leading to no Caps points?

I hate all things Pittsburg.

This season isn't done yet. The Caps have a mountain to climb, and need some help, but it isn't time to break out the golf clubs. Yet.

Posted by: Steve R | March 9, 2008 4:24 PM | Report abuse

Hello SEWKS:
The VC was loud today, huh?!? As much as I hate Pens fans, I love the excitement of games like that. I just wish they would turn out differently ... I am SO bummed. BTW, I hope that Leeguru behaved himself?!?

Don't worry about Puckguru - he said yesterday that that was he last post (which was quickly followed by one more post). PUCKGURU HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

Intersting post about soccer earlier. I have this debate with the European soccer fan in my life all the time. I can't stand the way footballers dive ... they're a bunch of drama queens. The way they act you would think someone cut their leg off. I am so thankful that diving in hockey is minimal. Hockey players are more likely to man up, get to their feet and get back in play. I respect that. That whole rolling around on the ground thing, hoping to pull a call, really irritates me. This is why I am not much of a soccer fan.

And back to the Caps ...
While it will be tough, we can still make it, so I am hopeful. If we don't make it, next season should still be a lot more fun, with a lot more highs, than this season was. So as far as I am concerned, it's all good!

Don't give up, boys - bring it on!!! LET'S GO CAPS!!

Posted by: Boo! | March 9, 2008 4:45 PM | Report abuse

As I've posted elsewhere, this was a great game to be at - until the final 30 seconds. The atmosphere was great (Including the rediculously stupid penguins fan gal next to me cheering for staal and talbot and "Geno" when they weren't on the ice and asking me what the whoops were about).
I'll be back to see them play the Flames. The fact that everyone's upset at us losing late in the season is a testament to how far this team has come in the last few years.
Go Caps

Posted by: Whiter Mage | March 9, 2008 4:51 PM | Report abuse

Thanks, you got my point. And I share your enthusiasm for the Caps... despite the 2 points loss, this was one heck of a hockey game :)

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 4:53 PM | Report abuse

Tough, tough loss. Gotta to really feel for Backis. Agree on all comments on NBC, when they Pens scored it was like the home team announces, when we scored, the barely said goal.

Consistent problem, however, is we will still do not crash the net. Or create havoc and pressure in front. Pens got that goal not just because of Backis, but because of the constant pressure. We continue to make the pretty pass and not just shoot the frickin' puck.

Posted by: 3vafans | March 9, 2008 4:57 PM | Report abuse


Good point. We were folding inwards on that last barrage. We probably go to overtime if not for the heartbreaker, but the Pens were definitely sniffing the blood.

Posted by: Pete | March 9, 2008 5:01 PM | Report abuse

There is nothing "great" about fights, near fights and eliminating the home ice advantage. Nothing has changed since the O'Malley Stanley Cup finals when Detroit fans outnumbered Caps fans. Pathetic.

Posted by: Jim | March 9, 2008 5:07 PM | Report abuse

By the way, many Caps fans won't go to games against Pissburgh, Buffalo games because they don't like the antagonistic atmosphere. So Leonsis is shooting himself in the foot by selling to the "Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association.". He'll never get a dominant Caps crowd against those teams.

Posted by: Jim | March 9, 2008 5:09 PM | Report abuse

WOW!! New look CAPS and PENS but same olde result! We lose, more pen fans in the stands then CAPS!

Where is tonya hardings husband when we need him????

Well it was a good run! Great job of getting back into the thick of it!

Hopefully the taste of first place will help us next year!

Now maybe everyone get off Hanlon's back! Hanlon did not cause us not to make playoffs the last few weeks did.

Posted by: CRSCK32 | March 9, 2008 5:11 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: Anonymous | March 9, 2008 5:12 PM | Report abuse

Yes, I did get your point - I just never thought that I would hear an Italian say that he does not like soccer! :-) (Although I am not allowed to call it that - I have been strictly instructed that it is "real" football ... ;-)).

BTW, I feel sorry for Backs - it was an innocent mistake and I am sure it pains him more than any of us. The difference between what he did and what Brash did yesterday is that Brash did not accidentally pop that guy in the face - he had total control over that and acted irresponsibly. I am still disappointed in his actions - he should have known better.

I meant to applaude you for your earlier post - I could not agree more. While these losses were heart-breaking, I would take them with our record since Thanksgiving over a continuation of our pre-Thanksgiving play any day! We've come a long way and it has been incredibly fun to watch it unfold ... I am already excited about next season, and have high hopes for this season. If nothing else, most or all the last 12 games will be real nail biters!! :-)

Posted by: Boo! | March 9, 2008 5:14 PM | Report abuse

is the streak of not losing in regulation still going on? I've kind of lost track.

Posted by: elicea | March 9, 2008 5:18 PM | Report abuse

Greenie and Clarendon...

Love Ovie, he is the best!

I am starting to hate Crosby as much as i used to hate JAGSie and Lemuixies....

What is he now 10-1 head to head against Ovie!

As for today, pens did a good job of controlling ovie. And could you not all feel/see the last second goal coming. Ofcourse not just the way it happened. They were in our zone the last 90 seconds or so of the game!

Have a great night all!

Posted by: CRSCK32 | March 9, 2008 5:19 PM | Report abuse


What a great Post! Excellent points!

Eliceeaaaa----no our streak of regualtion losses is now over!!!

Posted by: CRSCK32 | March 9, 2008 5:22 PM | Report abuse


Yeah after I thought about today's and yesterday's lost, I kind of figured it out. :-).. Anyone know how long it lasted?

Posted by: elicea | March 9, 2008 5:28 PM | Report abuse

About the Pens fans.

They buy these tickets as soon as the schedule comes out. Remember that season ticket holders, and packages come in below full price..i.e. I pay $17 a ticket as opposed to the $35 face.

All those pens fans pay top dollar for the tickets they get. As season ticket holders, we should pay full face to get a few extra tickets for these games, and give them to our friends and control them ourselves. That is the only way we can keep Pitt fans out, and put money in Ted's pocket like he needs.

Posted by: SA_Town | March 9, 2008 5:30 PM | Report abuse

BB has been able to get more production out of these players than the past 2 coaches.
I'd like for every Cap fan to Imagine BB at the helm back when Wilson or Cassy was fired. Those are the decisions that get a team in place to succeed, Not Trial & Error. If not BB then Imagine Carlyle. That realistic enough ??
McPhee is CANCER.

Posted by: Chief | March 9, 2008 5:34 PM | Report abuse

Actually - I think as a season ticket holder you can buy extra's at the same reduced price. So call the Caps early and let them know you want 4,6, many as possible extra for the Pens...Your friends will buy them...or someone will.

Posted by: SA-Town | March 9, 2008 5:36 PM | Report abuse

FFS! Outplayed them all game and still lose. difference was goaltending: Their goalies was awesome, ours was average.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 9, 2008 5:36 PM | Report abuse

Play full face?!? As STHs, we get discounts on extra tickets ... we don't have to pay full value for extras! :-)

Posted by: Boo! | March 9, 2008 5:38 PM | Report abuse

The doorway to the playoffs is almost closed for our beloved CAPS. All but a sliver of light remains to the post season. For the most part, it was a good game. Typical bs calls but the Caps had opportunities to win this game. Hell, it was so crowded in front of Huet's net, I didn't realize that Backstrom accidently knocked the puck in. Very tough loss to a team I truly despise. I can't stand Pittsburgh and any of its sports teams. I guess the stronger the dislike/hate,the better the rivalry. Yes,the Caps are young and talented. Yes they should be consistent playoff contenders from here on out but it would be so much better to be in the post season this year.

Posted by: the highlander | March 9, 2008 5:38 PM | Report abuse

Oh Chief, there you go using that "c" word ... eww ...

Posted by: Boo! | March 9, 2008 5:40 PM | Report abuse

MArch 9,

Yup...U R right on!

HE kept them in the game!

Huet did make some good saves, one on the pad on malkin that should have gone in!

Posted by: CRSCK32 | March 9, 2008 5:42 PM | Report abuse

Anyone here think Clarkie might play on Wednesday or Friday? I hope he does!

Posted by: elicea | March 9, 2008 5:43 PM | Report abuse

That one really hurt, but I can live with it. Caps appeared to runout of gas with about ten to go. Not good when you are facing a team with two of the five best players in the league.

I also thought Huet played very well. He made several spectacular saves but there isn't much you can do on the own goals. I thought the backchecking forward got a partial deflection on the first Pens goal too. That stuff happens, especially when people are trying. Can't fault effort.

I concede the D has to improve, and I think that very noticeable improvement has taken place in the last 30 games especially from Schultz and Jurcina. And more help is on the way.

I think at this stage, Caps have to win a minimum of ten games to make the playoffs. Not really likely given the number of road games and remaining schedule. next year really does look like more than a hopeful promise.

Posted by: Old Bob | March 9, 2008 5:56 PM | Report abuse

Some of the posts above amaze me. You would think that Pittsburgh (the team)is a bunch of slobs like the genetically inferior collection that show up to root for them. My God, they have 85 points and a few days ago they were leading the conference in points. They have played two games in a week and were probably here yesterday watching the Washington game in their hotel rooms.

The parallels with the 81-82 Caps are almost exact (except for finding some idiot to trade us another Langway over the coming summer). Tons of young talent that got so far off the pace that they could not catch up despite outplaying team after team through the second half of the season. This team is learning valuable lessons and seems to outwork almost everyone they play. They skate better than almost everyone else too.

The funny thing about the NHL is that when you get good, it happens very fast. I am eagerly awaiting next year.

Posted by: Old Bob | March 9, 2008 6:06 PM | Report abuse

Old Bob:
On the post-game show they were saying we need 9 of 12 to make it. So maybe it's 9, maybe 10 ... regardless, I think what we really need is for the Canes and others to lose, already!

Posted by: Boo! | March 9, 2008 6:08 PM | Report abuse

So You_eh let in 2 of the first 13 shots. A bit under 850 save percentage and everyone thinks he is the goalie god. Excuse me, but if that had been Olie everyone on the list would have been hollering about how bad he was. The truth is he played a nice game, should have been good enough to win. We missed 5 open nets in the first period and neither goalie gets to shoot the puck, so hard to blam them for no goals. Hope Alex is not hurt bad, he was having shoulder problems at the end of the game.

Posted by: Bob | March 9, 2008 6:49 PM | Report abuse

Playoffs or no playoffs, two points or not, I'm proud of today's game and the Caps. It wasn't easy to come out to play the way they did after yesterday.

And I wouldn't change the Caps for any other team - whether first in the conference, in playoffs position or not. This team has so much talent, so much heart, no cheating/diving... it's so inspiring. Looking forward for the final dozen games.

(and I'm surely glad I'm not a Pens fan... having to hear that squeak over and over again, ugh)

Posted by: mauree | March 9, 2008 7:10 PM | Report abuse

two tough games that the boys really should have won. i thought they showed a lot of guts today after another scheduling screw job vs. the pens. playoffs still in the offing, but with 0 margin for error.

here's what you need to know about pittsburgh fans. they are good fans but like most, fair weather (see pirates). they show up in numbers at every away venue because either they, or their parents, got the hell out of the burgh when they had the chance. since the teams are now doing well, they feel comfortable putting on the black and gold.

ask your pens fan friends where they were back before the lockout playing before the lowest attendance in the league. in fact, the caps routinely out drew them before sid came to town. wonder why you dont see many ron francis pens jerseys? cause few of the current "fans" rememeber him. the team was barely 10years from back to back cups and couldn't draw flies. face it, the pens are a ping pong ball away from being in kc. even sidney couldn't save the team without the new arena.

but good for them for showing up and until we can beat them, they deserve to cheer their team on. there werent more of them there today, they just had more to cheer about, until they got back on the bus to altoona...

Posted by: Cap Fan 1 | March 9, 2008 7:20 PM | Report abuse

I saw that "Carnegie Mellon Alumni" thing too and was more than a little annoyed. Here the Caps are selling these rivals packages to try to keep fans of other teams OUT and then they turn around and sell to groups that are likely to be full of Pittsburgh fans? Pretty disingenuous if you ask me. And I get more p.o.ed the more I think about it.

Posted by: Peter | March 9, 2008 7:37 PM | Report abuse

I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing, but didn't want to say it ... I am tired of being called an "Olie Lover" as opposed to an objective fan ...

Posted by: Boo! | March 9, 2008 7:47 PM | Report abuse

The shining light in every game he's played has been Huet I really really really really really really hope he resigns. I thought BB's no back-to-back regulation losses was going to last the entire season...damn.

Posted by: DC FURY | March 9, 2008 8:10 PM | Report abuse

Oh and what exactly happened to Shultz's half slap shot thing he used it for like four games then just randomly stopped what's the deal it was about the only thing he did right.

Posted by: DC FURY | March 9, 2008 8:11 PM | Report abuse

This is a great time to be a Caps fan. Never once in their entire history, have the Caps had a team that I could objectively feel had a chance to win the Cup. But I really believe they have one in their future. Even when they made the finals, the sweep by Detroit was not suprising. That doesn't mean that I don't always root and hope. Now, we have a great coach who wants to impose his team's will and style of play on the other team. Murray and Wilson were good coaches, but it seemed like they coached scared and would have rather lost 2-1 than win 5-3. Of course, none of their teams had the talent that is being amassed now. A great coach is really the first step to the Cup. Boudreau is a great coach. The young core we have is as good as any in the league, and they are buulding a bond with each other and with Boudreau. The Caps are a big, fast, smart team who are playing with a great deal of determination. They are exciting. The present is fun to watch as they stumble and grow. The future is really bright. Does anyone really think that when Ovechkin's contract is up, he won't have hoisted the Cup? He is going to be like Messier leading the Rangers to their Cup.

Posted by: rogerr | March 9, 2008 8:54 PM | Report abuse

Well, I'm not to depressed that the Caps season might be over soon. This was a huge step forward and we have so many young talented players in the system. Adding another piece through this years deep draft will only help. I'm curious which free agents they will resign. I think Fedorov will retire or go back to play his final years in Russia.
I hope the Caps decide to resign both Kolzig and Huet. Also, they should sign Green to a huge contract that keeps him here for years.

Posted by: Lowell | March 9, 2008 9:07 PM | Report abuse

@ Pete | March 9, 2008 03:01 PM

Great to hear from fans not ready to pack it all in yet. Yes, the CAPS have a great future ahead, but I don't think that they are done with the season yet, I know I sure as hell am not. Calgary at home on Wednesday, lets go from there.

Oh, am I supposed to repost my name here (c;

Posted by: Super | March 9, 2008 9:10 PM | Report abuse

Backis, Backis, Backis....

At least Brash did punched that Hnidy jerk hard to knock him out... Say goodbye to Rockie of the Year... Sh#t happens...

The sun is up
The sky is blue
You will come back
And you'll be good

Posted by: Yo Momma is so ugly Cindy | March 9, 2008 9:33 PM | Report abuse

Yo ... :
I think Backs still deserves, and very well may win, rookie of the year.

Posted by: Boo! | March 9, 2008 9:38 PM | Report abuse

Some good stuff posted up above; glad to see some positive and supportive words (of course the "fan" who calls himself Chief is doing his usual hate thing). They played well and deserved to win but what can you do? REMEMBER THESE 2 GAMES. We will look back either this year or next and remember them as character building games for this young team. They now know what it takes to win the big games, and they know they have to be that much better to finish the job. This is only the beginning fellow Caps fans...

Posted by: Roose | March 9, 2008 9:38 PM | Report abuse

The way the Pens fans were celebrating across the street from VC after the game you would have thought they had just won The Cup...alchohol is such a wonderful drug.

Posted by: Rodger | March 9, 2008 9:51 PM | Report abuse

It's still not as bad as tikannen missing an open net in the cup finals.

Posted by: pch49 | March 9, 2008 10:30 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: JIM MORA | March 9, 2008 10:46 PM | Report abuse

You know, the more I thought about this Weekend from Hockey Hell, the less angry about the outcomes I felt and the more I thought about how this team makes me proud to be a Caps fan. I love our owner, our coach, our superstar (the best player -- and perhaps most interesting person -- in the game), our new goalie, our team, Kettler, our new sweaters, and I also think GMGM has done a heck of a job.

After the dust settles from this weekend it is JUST two losses. I believe we need 9 of 12 to make the playoffs. Who knows if we will, but wouldn't it be one last incredible feet by a team that has surprised us time and again this year? Boudreau's said all along that we need that "run." Well, now we get to see how our admirable squad responds with their backs against the wall.

They're square against the wall now...Lets go Caps

Posted by: MTB | March 9, 2008 11:03 PM | Report abuse

Pens fans are "trash", no class what so ever. Take the win, get on the bus and LEAVE our city, don't have to act like bunch of immature kids...

Posted by: 555CapsFan | March 9, 2008 11:35 PM | Report abuse

Nicky win as a team and lose as a team. Come back stronger wednesday night and finish strong this season. WE BELIEVE!

Posted by: 555CapsFan | March 9, 2008 11:37 PM | Report abuse

The NHL loves its poster boy Baby Puff Nuts (Crosby). He gets the 3rd star for the night because of mistake? At least earn the goal legit. Even an empty netter is better than how BPN got credit for his 2nd goal. Game winner...whatever.

Nice to see how most of the Caps fans are still proud of how this team is playing. Its a game of inches. We are livin' and dyin' for that inch.

Posted by: the highlander | March 10, 2008 12:24 AM | Report abuse

I scored in my own net late in a tied game during a tournament once. I tried to clear it to the corner and whipped a beauty right past my goalie. I screamed so loud it's probably still echoing around that building.
I got hell from my team for it that night at the hotel, as if I needed any help kicking myself. And weeks later there were further grumblings.
It wasn't until months later of carrying that guilt that I realized that it was in fact the only game we won in the entire tournament!

Losing like this sucks, but no one game tells the whole story, and no one goal does either. If the team cares about Nicky like I think they do they will win a lot of these last games down the stretch.

Posted by: anonymous | March 10, 2008 1:24 AM | Report abuse

A couple of comments.
First the NHL awarding Crosby a 3rd star is absurd. He was outplayed by OV, Semin, (heck the top lines of the Caps), and Malkin to name a few. Don't take me wrong, i like Crosby as a player, he is a fantastic player, but not on this game.
Second. I see comments like "We deserve ...", ""he deserves ..." . No one deserves anything, they are all well-paid professional hockey players contracted to do a job. Sentimentalities of this kind are as ridiculous as one can get, they should earn their money by playing at their best.
Third. Comments like "They didn't try... They shall have put them away while ... ". To think these players didn't try or to ignore completely the effort and/or the good play of the other team makes these remarks not only foolish but idiotic and moronic.
Fourth, I think the Caps are playing outstanding hockey.
A couple of bad plays and in my opinion one bad decision by the coach cost them the last two games. So what, it is not the first nor the last time it will happen, and, besides, they are not the only ones committing these errors. Get over it. Enjoy the game and keep supporting the team even when they lose.

Posted by: Goalieman | March 10, 2008 2:34 AM | Report abuse

Wow ... if memory serves, the Caps page on Ticketmaster used to have pictures of Clark, Ovie and Olie. Now it has pictures of Green, Ovie and Huet.

Posted by: Boo! | March 10, 2008 5:58 AM | Report abuse

I really feel for Backstrom. I hope he recovers fast. The Caps must fight to the end. Although we all know (pretty sure) that we will not make the top 8.

Posted by: Finn | March 10, 2008 7:28 AM | Report abuse

You can do it!!!

Posted by: Rob Schneider | March 10, 2008 7:30 AM | Report abuse

Wanted to start the morning off positive before Tarik posts anything! Love the CAPS still!!! Always will. We can still make it! With everything said, the best comment had to be......
By anonymous "Losing like this sucks, but no one game tells the whole story, and no one goal does either."
When the smoke clears we love their effort and we know this has been a season of growth. Finally, we have growth and chemistry! Yes, we all know they get paid to play a game, but no human is perfect, and we will never win every game in a season, we all know this, not even
(BPN(Crosby) - highlander - great nickname by the way!)
I would take Ovie any day over that guy, he is not even near as exciting to watch,
Ovie works hard every shift, Crosby is almost Lemieuxish like at times cherry picking, but Ovie's legs move all the time sometimes I loose track of exactly where he is on the ice, no wonder he causes so many problems and the hit he put on Malkin in the first, WOW!!

Posted by: Greenie | March 10, 2008 7:53 AM | Report abuse

I don't know what point I'm trying to make here but here it goes:

The Caps misery vs the Pens started back in the 91 playoffs, right? Back then, Sid would have been 4 and Ovie would have 6.

I guess it means I've been a Caps fan way too long....

Posted by: dave | March 10, 2008 8:04 AM | Report abuse

Considering our playoff situation, the games this weekend were the two most heartbreaking regular season losses in the history of the Caps. The way we lost these games was literally unbelievable and put a dagger in our playoff hopes.

Posted by: Paul | March 10, 2008 8:21 AM | Report abuse

Greenie: I agree 100%!

Posted by: Tess | March 10, 2008 8:48 AM | Report abuse

Pens fans...remember that you were thisdarnclose to being the Hamilton Penguins not too long ago. Great support my fanny. Still a craphole, will always be a craphole. By the way, I learned that the city has a literacy scheme for the downtrodden- if you're from Pittsburgh and cannot read or write, you simply wave a yellow towel at a sporting event and someone will help you learn to read and write. Quite helpful.

After Saturday's kick in the gut, I was very happy the way the Caps came out at the start of the game. That speaks well as to BB's ability. Hopefully they'll come out rarin' to go against Calgary.

Posted by: Gord | March 10, 2008 1:27 PM | Report abuse

Seriously has anyone been in DC I work with people who cannot read there and trust me DC is very high on the list on being below standards I see robbery's drug deals and crap looking buildings. First clean up the city that you think is above Pittsburgh. It is a shame when people cannot post about the game. The game that the caps scored 1 goal on a 5 on 3 and the other right after a 5 on 3 you know how the bruins won on Saturday. But I forgot it is the world against the caps. The caps play themselves apparently because when the caps lose it was never because the other team played good.

Posted by: Bob | March 10, 2008 3:14 PM | Report abuse

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