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Posted at 5:04 PM ET, 12/29/2010

Heard on HBO's "24/7": Capitals, Penguins talk hockey

By Washington Post Sports Editors

We knew hockey players liked to have fun, but we didn't know quite how funny -- not to mention foul-mouthed -- they could be until the premiere of HBO's "24/7" series documenting the Capitals' and Penguins' journey to the Winter Classic.

Check out our random quote generator here. Episode three airs tonight at 10 p.m.

By Washington Post Sports Editors  | December 29, 2010; 5:04 PM ET
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What are you guys nuts ? Yea, it's OK to stand over a fallen Caps wing like Clay stood over Sonny Liston. The entire league knows this team is soft as butter. You goofs are encouraging it. Get real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much meat would the Flyers have pulled off Subban if he had done that to Danny B.
I bring up the Flyers, because they sign guys that constantly put them in the Finals. Since 1974, we've been once. They've been there SIX times, since they won their cUps.

Tough, cUp winning guys with character don't let that happen to their teammates. That was humiliating for Chimera. Hendricks needed to pound Subban. Erskine then needed to nail him a second time. There should have been two fights. This is the same wimpy attitude that has kept us golfing while tougher teams move on in the Spring.

I watched Varly cave under the pressure of game 7 against the Pens at home. Vokoun would be a nice addition. He will not fall apart. He is a "beastly" goal tender

Posted by: Hunterforcoach | December 29, 2010 5:56 PM | Report abuse

Vokoun is 34. Not 41. Yes I would take him. However, I think trading for a goalie should be at least third on mcphee's list right now.

Posted by: Dizruption | December 29, 2010 6:31 PM | Report abuse


That's it. I've had just about enough of your "never win a cUp (sic.)" nonsense. Are you completely deranged?

I think that your irrational hatred for BB and GMGM has blinded you to the fact that--aside from the ongoing power play troubles--last night's game was a solid 60-minute effort for which the Caps were duly rewarded, including:

--a PERFECT penalty kill on 5 enemy chances against one of this year's top power play units,

--A SHUTOUT by Varly. Repeat: ZERO (0) GOALS-AGAINST,

--Bäckis possibly getting his mojo back on the sweet feed (through 3--count 'em: THREE Habs defenders) on the Green goal,

--ditto Green, with his second goal in 3 games,

--Shultz & Erskine playing better than anyone would have expected against MTL's speedy smurfs,

--Caps' back-checkers frequently clogging the neutral zone to thwart MTL entries,

--Even more fun to see the look on Jacques Martin's face (wasn't he supposed to be the über-coach?) as BB did back to him what was done to the Caps in Game 7 last spring...and the only "adjustment" Martin was able to make was to pull Price as time ran out in the 3rd.

I bet Bruce was thinking: "Who's "out-coached" now, 83330TCH!?!?!?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!"

OTOH, Jacques Martin definitely needs more fiber in his diet...

Lack of grit? "Soft as Butter"? I'm not so sure. Knowing when to fight is just as important (if not more so) as the fighting itself. If Subban runs our goaltender or one of our stars, then I say yes, a response is mandatory.

Otherwise, for what? So you can give the other team a power play? Although the Subban "run" and its (apparent) lack of consequences were certainly disturbing, it also unmasked Subban--not as a genuine "tough guy", but rather as a low-rent version of Sean Avery (a.k.a. Maximum DB of the Galaxy).

Also I think Subban was displaying Roid Rage and the League needs to drug-test him ASAP.

Now I enjoy a good dust-up as much as anyone--no Damian Cox I!--but sometimes the smart response to a would-be agitator is not to respond at all. Last night was one of those times.

Fact is, after being ignored, Subban--like a misbehaving 3-year-old--grew increasingly desparate for attention as the game progressed, trying so hard to hit everything in sight that he eventually took himself completely out of position in a way that directly contributed to Mike Green scoring!

So, although I agree that it might have been momentarily satisfying to see Subban get Erskin-ized, I think it was extremely smart of the Caps NOT to let that punk get under their collective skin and cause an unneccessary penalty.

Translation: I'll take the win. The Caps deserved it!

If you--for all you claimed hockey expertise--still don't recognize this, then you've gone off the deep end for sure, boyo! Take your meds and come back when you can think straight.

Posted by: Rhino40 | December 29, 2010 7:21 PM | Report abuse

Vokoun would be a nice addition. He will not fall apart. He is a "beastly" goal tender

You sure? Vokoun is a very good goalie but he's 3-8, 2.47GAA in two playoff series with the Preds.

Varly has had more playoff experience than him and with more success... 10-9, 2.49GAA and 12 years YOUNGER.

Posted by: joek443 | December 29, 2010 7:21 PM | Report abuse


It is not smart to fight every time someone does something you don't like. You then become predictable and easy to manipulate.

It is best to pick and choose what times are best to step up and fight(or push and shove) based on the circumstances of the situation. It was apparent that Subban was out of control last night.

Not confronting Subban made him even more frusturated which led to him making bad plays that led to Caps goals. If Chimera would have confronted Subban he would have done exactly what Subban wanted him to do. If all Caps fought all the time in those situations they would be continually manipulated by opposing teams to fight when it benefits the opposing team.

Using your head to think about the totality of the circumstances in deciding whether to fight, punch, push and shove, or ignore is the best approach to the situation because you are weighing what is best for the team, and not because you got your feelings hurt.

Also, games and styles that happened in the '70s is meaningless in terms of today's game. It is completely different.

In addition, the current Flyers team, organization, everything is completely different than it was in the '70s. Just because they have the same team name does not make them the same.

Posted by: sgm3 | December 29, 2010 7:23 PM | Report abuse

There is room for improvement in just about every position if you look closely but quite frankly the goaltending would be dead last on my list of priorities for upgrade.

Posted by: joek443 | December 29, 2010 7:32 PM | Report abuse

I was at the game last night. It looks to me like Ovi has some kind of hand injury. His usual hand-eye coordination isn't there. I suppose it could be his eyes. Anyone else notice this?

Posted by: ccCapsfan | December 29, 2010 8:30 PM | Report abuse

Gearing up for the WC, I read some comments a few threads back about difficult lineup decisions BB will be facing. Because BB said icetime would be based on merit, I was disappointed to see the same backhanded compliments and marginalizing of #4 JOHNNY E by some folks. To help everyone make better decisions, here are the numbers for the backline since Hannan was acquired (14 games):

Carlson (14gp) 1g 5a 6pts +3 9hits 23blocks 20shots 10giveaways 12takeaways

Alzner (14gp) 1g 2a 3pts +3 26hits 14blocks 22shots 5giveaways 5takeaways

Green (12gp) 2g 2a 4pts even 32hits 29blocks 33shots 11giveaways 8takeaways

Erskine (12gp) 0g 2a 2pts +2 35hits 19blocks 13shots 7giveaways 0takeaways

Poti (10gp) 0g 5a 5pts -3 1hit 11blocks 10shots 7giveaways 0takeaways

Hannan (13gp) 0g 0a 0pts -7 18hits 19blocks 4shots 11giveaways 1takeaway

Shultz (5gp) 0g 0a 0pts even 5hits 7blocks 1shot 2giveaways 1takeaway

Sloan (2gp) 0g 0a 0pts -2 1hit 1block 0giveaways 0takeaways

Fahey (2gp) 0g 0a 0pts even 1hit 1block 0giveaways 0takeaways

Of course Hannan has looked ok recently; playing w/Green usually has that effect. (Green makes ****55 look good, too.) The numbers don't lie, and the declaring of him "top-4" while the rest of the guys (who've been here all year and longer) battle for time reminds me of......Joe Corvo.

Alzner, Carlson, Green, and Erskine deserve their spots. BB's decision on the backline should solely be who to pair Green and Erskine with.

Posted by: vermontcaps | December 29, 2010 9:20 PM | Report abuse

crosby's streak is over.

Posted by: natresgroup | December 29, 2010 9:53 PM | Report abuse

From tonight's HBO, three comments:

1) Bylsma told his team to watch for Caps going from D to O, noting that some of the Caps forwards "sometimes start playing offense when they should still be playing defense." As if we didn't know.

2) Bylsma claimed that Neuvirth "wasn't a very good goalie." I was surprised at that comment.

3) Byslma it seems is more cerebral as a coach to Boudreau being more emotional. Actually, BB doesn't look too bright to be honest. Of course, McPhee would say that if I knew what I was talking about, I would be in the game. Right, George?

Sorry, George, but it's pretty easy to see when one human being is more intelligent than another. And it doesn't take "being in the game" to make that determination.

That said, BB made the right prediction on Malkin. Speaking of Malkin, there's someone who looks like he has absolutely nothing inside his head.

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 29, 2010 11:10 PM | Report abuse

WTg isles.

Posted by: Dizruption | December 29, 2010 11:13 PM | Report abuse

@tominsocal1 it's called being a better public speaker, and it is not usually related to intelligence.

Posted by: dimagus | December 29, 2010 11:22 PM | Report abuse

One more note, credit to Boudreau, when Crosby scored, BB was moaning to the players that he had told them to watch Crosby. This is one thing I pick on (even though I'm not in the game, George) is how can Crosby on a 5-on-5 be standing by himself, next to the net, having a cup of coffee and enjoying a sandwich, not bothered by any of the Caps (our center should be shadowing him), simply waiting with stick on ice for the pass from the point that he can re-direct in with the most minimal of effort.

I don't know who we need to hold responsible - Boudreau for not teaching them (although they should know by now - center covers center) or the players for being boneheads and forgetting.

OK, I'm not in the game, obviously, but two things that always get me, Ersk really blew it last Sunday night when the Canes scored on the 2-on-1. He need not "play the pass." D are taught to do that I thought since they were six years old, so why don't they do it? And the other thing that always gets me is the center on defense has the resposibility I thought to cover the other center. No? Again, I am under the impression that kids playing hockey are taught this before they learn how to ride a bicycle. Yet, time and time again, we find El Sid by himself, munching on a sandwich in the Caps crease until he can receive a pass, unimpeded, for an easy tap in. Where was our center? Getting Sid another cup of coffee? Why is it so hard for them to do this? Is it any different than in baseball the pitcher runs over to first to cover if the ball is hit to the 1st baseman's right?

George: Why is Sid always open?

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 29, 2010 11:26 PM | Report abuse


There is no question Bylsma is a much more eloquent speaker than BB. It isn't even close.

But eloquence does not necessarily mean excellence in coaching(I do think Bylsma is an excellent coach though).

I think the points that BB made to the Caps for the Pens game were right on. The point about Malkin couldn't have been more correct. After the first period he also hammered home the point of not turning the puck over at the blue line trying little horizontal and back passes(i.e. Semin passes)and to get it in deep.

After the 1st he also reminded them about Crosby playing behind the goal line and referred to him speaking about it beforehand. Meaning he spoke about it in the preparation of the game.

BB is more of a motivator but the game plan seemed fine to me.

I was also surprised to hear what Bylsma had to say about Neuvy. He said it on two separate occasions too. Maybe I am giving Bylsma WAY too much credit, but maybe this is some sort of plan by Bylsma to get inside the young goaltender's head since he knew it would likely be aired on the HBO show.

Posted by: sgm3 | December 29, 2010 11:28 PM | Report abuse

@tominsocal1 it's called being a better public speaker, and it is not usually related to intelligence.

Posted by: dimagus | December 29, 2010 11:22 PM

Did you watch the show? Did you see the segment on BB buying his wife a Christmas present? Call it "public speaking" all you want, but to allow yourself to be filmed while making such...ah...statements that make you look really bad shows a lack of judgment, at the least, and in general those lacking judgment are less intelligent.

Look, if I'm going to talk about my wife like that, even if I'm joking, I'm not going to do it while being filmed.

The bottom line is from watching these three episodes, my impression is Bylsma is a better coach. BB is doing well to change the Caps' system, but Bylsma still seems to be in more control of his surroundings.

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 29, 2010 11:33 PM | Report abuse


I forgot, but it was mentioned on 24/7 how Malkin just left the box when that play got set up. Malkin then skated around the goal, passed it to the Letang who shot it towards Crosby.

Since the Caps still had their PP players on the ice who were in transition, there is an increased likelihood of miscommunication. Especially when the guy who just leaves the box gets the puck.

Posted by: sgm3 | December 29, 2010 11:36 PM | Report abuse

sgm: OK, here's the thing, and it has been pointed out ad nauseum by the anti-BB crowd:

Either BB doesn't teach them the "right stuff" or else the players just don't listen. Either way, coach is responsible.

BUT, hockey, like baseball, has many fundamental plays. Like I pointed out, D are supposed to "cover the pass" on a 2-on-1 and let the goalie cover the puck carrier. Forwards shouldn't break out of the d zone until the team has clear puck possession. And centers cover centers while back on D. It isn't BB who teaches them this, they all learned it (Backie when he was 4 years old from his first coach in Sweden) from when they started playing hockey (just like in baseball as 2B as I taught "the bag is mine" unless it was hit deep over RF head then I go out for cutoff). So why is it things players have known since they were 5 yrs old now they can ignore? Is it because BB "plays favorites" as some claim and lets certain players get away with these things? All right, he beeyatches and moans when they do it, but he doesn't DO ANYTHING to cause the bad behavior to stop. (Except he benches DJ King for months on end like formerly he did Nylander.)

Do you have children, sgm? If you tell them over and over not to do something, but let them get away with it when they do it, GUESS WHAT?

But, by God, not to worry, cuz BB will scratch those from now on "based on performance!"


Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 29, 2010 11:49 PM | Report abuse


Yes, Erskine made a mistake on that two on one. But it wasn't a mental mistake. Erskine tried to play the pass, but he misplayed it. You try to fix the mistakes throughout the season, but if a guy has a solid game and makes mistake, that isn't a mental mistake, I do not support benching him or skating him into the ground for it.

If the player's overall play was good, and it is apparent that he is trying to do what the coaches tell him, then you just keep on reminding and practicing to minimize those mistakes.

On Bylsma, I didn't see Letang or Goligoski(I think he was on the point too at that time) get yelled at, benched, or their ice time cut for giving up a 2-on-1 with 5 minutes remaining in a game, while on the PP and leading 2-1.

So I am assuming that is Bylsma's fault?

"(just like in baseball as 2B as I taught "the bag is mine" unless it was hit deep over RF head then I go out for cutoff"

And I am sure there were times where you misread the ball and took a few steps in the wrong direction.

Posted by: sgm3 | December 29, 2010 11:58 PM | Report abuse

sgm: OK, I'll grant you that, but one of the knocks on the Caps MANY have had is they leave the same guys out there all two mins on the PP only to leave our guys dog tired when the PP ends (opening up opportunity for other team on transition).

Still, did we not have a center out there to watch Crosby?

Let me tell you a little story about "coaching." My father put me in charge of the trash cans, taking out and bringing in, when I was about 12. Well, one time, maybe I was about 15, I forgot to take them out. Maybe it was summer and I forgot the days. Whatever. He (my father) gets home from work and he kicks me backside around the house like I'm a soccer ball. Really. Did I ever forget again? Yes. About 15 yrs later I'm like 30 and owning maybe my 4th house by now and I call him up.

"Yes, Thomas."
"I forgot. The trash cans. Last night."

So I reminded him of how he kicked my bee-hind all over Woodlawn, MD for forgetting and how this was the first time I had forgotten since. Then a few years back I called him again to say, yes, after 20 years, I had gotten the days mixed up again.

Now I can tell you there were a few times like 6 am when I jumped up outta bed with a deep rumbling diesel sound in the distance only to exclaim, "Holy Bejesus! That's the d@mned trash truck and I haven't taken out the cans!" The lesson was so ingrained that even asleep I had been trained.

I'm not saying BB needs to be a little rougher on the boys, but sometimes you get made an example of and then you don't forget.

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 30, 2010 12:02 AM | Report abuse

your not ordering your red wine online at are you? :D

did you get your feb 14 tix yet?

Posted by: Capt_Kirk_in_AZ | December 30, 2010 12:04 AM | Report abuse

1) For the last time King was not on the active roster. BB couldn't play him if he wanted to because he was not on our active roster he is on the IR. Now that we have sent down two more Bears he might be activated then it is on BB if he doesn't play which I still say is not a bad thing. We don't need a player who gets 4 minutes of ice time a game. Even on St. Louis last year he was only getting 4:30 a game. So other coaches, not just BB, don't think he can play a regular shift.

2) There are many different kinds of coaches there are the Tony La Russa type who study the game and seem like Bylsma and there are some who have more personality like Lou Piniella. Both styles can work as both have World Series rings to prove it. As for not covering Crosby, in case you haven't noticed he is great at finding open space, that is how you get 25 straight games with a point. If Ovechkin was standing beside the net were Crosby was everyone on here would be complaining about him not going to a high scoring area.

3) BB was spending time with his kids joking around having fun so was Bylsma they just did it in slightly different ways, is looking goofy on a wii or whatever really that much better then joking around in a mall?

Posted by: icehammer97 | December 30, 2010 12:13 AM | Report abuse

And I am sure there were times where you misread the ball and took a few steps in the wrong direction.

Posted by: sgm3 | December 29, 2010 11:58 PM

You're a liberal, aren't you?

I say that not with disdain, but because you sound like my wife. And, yes, she's a liberal (and I say that not with disdain). BTW, I'm a fence-sitter just like here.

There's a big difference between trying to do the right thing and failing (maybe that was case with Ersk) and just doing the wrong thing. Like, with Crosby, time and time again, we see him left open. In this case, NOBODY IS TRYING. Our center, although taught while he was still in the womb that he must cover the opposing center, has simply decided NOT TO DO IT.

And BB moans, "Come on, boys! You need to cover him!"

"Right, boss," our center thinks sarcastically.

It's been happening with Crosby over and over and over and over since May, 2009. At a certain point you need to as coach make them do it. Or at least f'n try. Can we agree on that?

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 30, 2010 12:14 AM | Report abuse


I agree with you about leaving the Caps on the PP for all two minutes. I am not in favor of it. BB, like all coaches, makes mistakes also.

However, in support of the PP staying out for all 2 minutes at that time, was that it was in the first 4 minutes of the hockey game, so no one was tired at that point. In addition, the PP was generating a lot of pressure and chances on that 1st PP and it seemed like they were about to score. So BB took the chance and kept them out there in an attempt to score.

Unfortunately, the Pens cleared the zone just as Malkin was leaving the box and it led to the goal.

No decision will ever lead to 100% positive results. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Now I am in agreement with you that the PP should not be out for all two minutes, and the point men should be two defensemen when there is less than 30 second left on the PP(obviously, if there isn't a clear or stoppage in play in the last 50 seconds the point men will not have a chance to change).

But if there was a time to leave the point men out for all 2 minutes, that time in the game against the Pens actually made some sense.

Posted by: sgm3 | December 30, 2010 12:21 AM | Report abuse

"You're a liberal, aren't you?"

I'm a fence sitter. I make my decisions topic to topic based on substance, not on which side supports it.

Posted by: sgm3 | December 30, 2010 12:26 AM | Report abuse

icehammer: I will grant you that there's no "one style" that can be wrapped up with a copyright and sold as the only way.

Let me tell you about the best manager I ever witnessed year after year:

Earl Weaver.

He cussed like Boudreau. Rode his players like they were rented mules. And studied the game like Thomas Jefferson fretted over the words to the Declaration.

More Piniella there than LaRussa (I think in fact Piniella at one point might have played under Weaver, unsure, but Sweet Lou was an Oriole farmhand once in early 60s.)

As for DJ King, he has been on IR far longer than he has been hurt I believe. I think the seven days min IR was up about two weeks ago. He could play any time.

One thing about Earl Weaver is he ALWAYS got the 25th man on the roster into the game whenever he could. There were never favorites. You don't believe me, ask the greatest pitcher of his time, Jim Palmer, and you will find how hard he was ridden by Weaver. Fact is, Weaver rode the best ones the most because he expected more from them. That's what I call leadership.

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 30, 2010 12:29 AM | Report abuse

Capt Kirk: Oh yes, got the tix some time ago. Thanks again. Only, what, seven weeks?

And, no, don't touch that goat's blood. Nor Kool-Aid. I believe I'm "one hundred percent objective."

Of course, everyone else on earth thinks the same about their opinions, don't they?

(Message to everyone else on earth: I'm the "objective" one and all of you are lanted one side or the other.)

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 30, 2010 12:35 AM | Report abuse

(Message to everyone else on earth: I'm the "objective" one and all of you are lanted one side or the other.)

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 30, 2010 12:35 AM

you can have custody of the fence. in my world almost everything revolves around the kool-aid dispenser :)

Posted by: Capt_Kirk_in_AZ | December 30, 2010 12:39 AM | Report abuse

sgm: OK, the only time I get really upset with professional athletes (or people of any profession) is when they ignore the fundamentals.

Now, maybe I'm an idiot, maybe it's just WAY HARDER than I can imagine, but I'm telling my centers that their A-#1 job this game is "cover Crosby."

As you pointed out, he has (had) a 25-game point streak or whatever, but OTOH it seems like the Caps especially grant him access to our crease with all the latitude as Paris Hilton's lawyer at the LA County DA.

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 30, 2010 12:47 AM | Report abuse


Ok, I took my meds. sgm3 the Flyers field basically the same type of "play off ready" guys every year. As Caps fans we've had to watch this team for 100's of hours.
It's the same MO, and it often gets them to the finals:76,80,85,87,97,2009.

Rhino, you know we're soft. DjK needed to be out there to "put a beat down" on Subban. That's what the Flyers do, and they're constantly knocking on that door that has the cUp (oops, I did it again!)
behind it.

Don't care what folks say, but we need to become more like the Flyers (and Pens)as an organization. I hate 'em, but I recognize success.

Posted by: Hunterforcoach | December 30, 2010 12:53 AM | Report abuse


The HBO series is really shinning a light on BB's lack of understanding of the NHL level game. He's a goof!

Bylsma is an NHL coach. He may be trying to get into Neuvy's head. But, I've always thought that if we win a cUp it will be with Varly (or Vokoun) in net.

Posted by: Hunterforcoach | December 30, 2010 1:01 AM | Report abuse

BB is Earl Weaver. Man, Varly throws a shut out against the Smurfs and people forget the Ranger's game. This team looked like monkey dung for two weeks due to lack of effort, and now BB is Earl. WOW!!!!

Posted by: Hunterforcoach | December 30, 2010 1:07 AM | Report abuse

BB is Earl Weaver. Man, Varly throws a shut out against the Smurfs and people forget the Ranger's game. This team looked like monkey dung for two weeks due to lack of effort, and now BB is Earl. WOW!!!!

Posted by: Hunterforcoach | December 30, 2010 1:07 AM | Report abuse

Here are some coaches:

Phil Jackson, Scotty Bowman, Earl Weaver, Bill Belichek...

4 coaches, 4 sports - what do they have in common?

You watch the game and you watch the coach and you get the feeling that the coach is "in control."

Now Red Auerbach, lighting the cigar, late in the game, that was CONTROL.

Boudreau however seems instead to be reactive to what has happened or is happening rather than proactive to make it happen. That's my opinion. As George McPhee might say, "I'm not in hockey so what the he!! do I know?"

Well, George, I know you had really, REALLY lousy drafts in 98, 99, 00, 01, 03, 05!!! and (less Alzner) 07.

Then again you won't take my word for it since if I knew what I was talking about I would "be in hockey" but two words for you, George:

Sasha Pokulok. Wasn't even rated in the top 2 million hockey players but you took him 15th overall. What the he!! do I know george I'm not in hockey but I wouldn't've touched Pokulok even with Bill Clinton's um, er, laser pointer.

And if DJ King is so awful that you are defending BB for not using him, how on the same hand can you defend McPhee for that trade? Well, how can you?

BTW, someone needs to tell me where McPhee buys his scarfs. I wouldn't wear one to save my a$$ even if I were to die otherwise but I'm just curious what kind of man in the hockey business would wear a scarf. I've never seen a picture of Gordie Howe in a scarf if that means anything.

Posted by: tominsocal1 | December 30, 2010 1:38 AM | Report abuse

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