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Posted at 4:50 PM ET, 02/15/2010

Quick-moving event to cause few problems

By Ian Livingston

Clearing and windy on Tuesday

* Winter Weather Advisory for far northern suburbs (map) *
* Full Forecast through the weekend | Weather Wall *
* Blizzards and climate change | Must-see photos/videos *
* News, traffic & storm coverage: Local home page | Get There *

Light snow, mixed with rain south and east, that began over the last hour or two is racing through the area. There may be a brief period of snow to moderate intensity into the commute, but temperatures that rose to the mid-and-upper 30s will only slowly fall through sunset. Still, some slick spots are possible, especially north and west of D.C. Much of the activity looks to be out of the area by mid-evening, ending between 5 and 7 p.m. from southwest to northeast. In the winter of 2009-2010... barely a nuisance.

Radar: Latest regional radar shows movement of precipitation over past three hours. Powered by HAMweather. Refresh page to update. Click here or on image to enlarge. Or see radar bigger on our Weather Wall.

Through tonight: Snow (or rain changing to snow) departs this evening. An additional passing rain or snow shower prior to midnight or snow shower after midnight is possible. Accumulation should generally be minor, a dusting to 1" in many spots -- some places a bit higher. Lows in the low-and-mid 20s.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): We'll start with a slight risk of a passing snow shower and finish with clearing skies along with a gusty west and northwest wind. Highs shoot for the mid-30s across most of the area.

See Jason Samenow's full forecast through the weekend. And if you haven't already, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Snowmageddon: The preliminary Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS) ranking is out for the Feb 5-6 blizzard. Though it was a crippling event here, the northward extent limited its overall rank to Category 3 at NESIS 4.30. While the December blizzard hit a larger area, its ranking was slightly lower -- also a Category 3, but with a NESIS number of 4.03.

By Ian Livingston  | February 15, 2010; 4:50 PM ET
Categories:  Forecasts  
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Steady, relatively heavy snow in northern Prince William. Still well above freezing, so little is sticking so far. Hopefully it passes through quickly, otherwise we are going to see some real accumulation!

Posted by: silencedogoodreturns | February 15, 2010 3:03 PM | Report abuse

Centreville VA Heavy snow. 35 degrees.

Posted by: FIREDRAGON47 | February 15, 2010 3:05 PM | Report abuse

Starting to stick to the sidewalks in Lake Ridge. My until doesn't face the street, so I don't know if it's sticking to the roads.

Posted by: meta2 | February 15, 2010 3:13 PM | Report abuse

It's snowing pretty hard here in Centreville (34 degrees). The side roads are starting to get covered.

Posted by: oriolesfan23 | February 15, 2010 3:13 PM | Report abuse

snowy pretty hard in south Arlington. Thankfully temps above freezing

Posted by: VAresident2 | February 15, 2010 3:15 PM | Report abuse

Moderate snow in NW Montgomery but it will be over soon. Huge dry slot coming and not a lot behind that. 31.5

Posted by: MKadyman | February 15, 2010 3:17 PM | Report abuse

Starting to come down pretty moderately in Arlington (Court House Station area). Not sticking though.

Posted by: CourtHouseTiger | February 15, 2010 3:18 PM | Report abuse

Moderate-to-heavy snow in Oakton, VA. It is accumulating quite nicely on the snow cover, not so much on the roads.

Posted by: Kevin-CapitalWeatherGang | February 15, 2010 3:21 PM | Report abuse

Snowing hard for a while now in North Arlington near Ballston - losing faith in the light dusting......

Posted by: platypus6 | February 15, 2010 3:26 PM | Report abuse

Heavy snow in N. Arlington. Not sticking to the roads or sidewalks, but it is accumulating on trashcans, etc. Temp about 36F here.

Posted by: wx_bob | February 15, 2010 3:26 PM | Report abuse

It's snowing very hard in Old Town right now and seems to be sticking.

Posted by: hereandnow1 | February 15, 2010 3:26 PM | Report abuse

Coming down in Riverdale Park, MD.

Posted by: ChickenLady | February 15, 2010 3:28 PM | Report abuse

Doubt this one backs up on us like the last one did. Gonna blow through here in a hurry and be gone. Hopefully those wet roads will have some to dry before nightfall. Go away snow, you're not welcome here anymore.

Posted by: ThinkSpring | February 15, 2010 3:33 PM | Report abuse

Snowing moderately heavy in Oxon Hill/National Harbor. Trying to stick on the driveway but just a little too warm. Sure is pretty.

Posted by: pjdunn1 | February 15, 2010 3:36 PM | Report abuse

Snowing heavily in Leesburg but it has about an hour or so left as I see it. A very quick hit.

Posted by: stinkerflat1 | February 15, 2010 3:38 PM | Report abuse

Just started around 3:15 in College Park, coming down fast and thick at 3:45. Not sticking yet on the parking lot, though.
What are we going to call this one? Snowtopia?

Posted by: dlove1 | February 15, 2010 3:44 PM | Report abuse


Looks like back edge is about to go thru Leesburg now. So, an hour might be a stretch.

Posted by: ThinkSpring | February 15, 2010 3:46 PM | Report abuse

Moderate to heavy snow in Camp Springs. Not accumulating on roads (thank goodness). Covering dirty snow piles on the sides of the roads. Looks like a huge dry slot will quickly bring this event to a screeching halt.

Posted by: johnnierat | February 15, 2010 3:47 PM | Report abuse

Gonna call this one "SnoBigDeal"

Posted by: dcawx | February 15, 2010 3:47 PM | Report abuse

Centreville VA back to light snow. We have a slushy dusting. The ugly old snow piles have been brightened up a bit.

Posted by: FIREDRAGON47 | February 15, 2010 3:48 PM | Report abuse

You mean there is no coastal low off the coast of North/South Carolina or Virginia that will interact with the Great Clipper from Texas to create Blizzard #4 and end life as we know it?

Posted by: seasejs | February 15, 2010 3:53 PM | Report abuse

sure looks pretty out there! stall, storm, stall!

actually, i'm sure this is a snow even you "haters" have got to love, right? just puts a fresh coat of white over all those ugly gray piles.

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | February 15, 2010 3:53 PM | Report abuse

this is the Snow Whitewash

Posted by: apeirond | February 15, 2010 3:56 PM | Report abuse

dcawx - nice name idea!

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | February 15, 2010 3:57 PM | Report abuse

Interesting how doppler radar has been reflecting the precip over Prince Georges County as rain, yet it's been snowing to beat the band here in Camp Springs for well over an hour. Not a drop of rain.

Posted by: johnnierat | February 15, 2010 4:03 PM | Report abuse

Camden, thanks! Feel free to use it.

Posted by: dcawx | February 15, 2010 4:05 PM | Report abuse

i really don't mean "haters" you know. just used to contrast w/"lovers".

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | February 15, 2010 4:06 PM | Report abuse

Done in Ashburn. Nice and fast.

I can only hope those are the last flakes I'll see this year. Time for Mother Nature to balance things out a little.

Posted by: ThinkSpring | February 15, 2010 4:06 PM | Report abuse

Johnnierat, the radar can't tell what kind of precip is falling. An algorithm is used to process the data and assign colors. The algorithm is assuming rain due to the air temperature at the surface.

Posted by: dcawx | February 15, 2010 4:07 PM | Report abuse

We've got about a FOOT AND A HALF of snow outside now!

Oh, wait.

I think that stuff was already there.

Posted by: Joel_M_Lane | February 15, 2010 4:11 PM | Report abuse

Still *very* lightly snowing near the Warren/Fauquier line despite no precip showing on radar... 0.75" accumulation.

NWS posted at 2:37p that the heaviest precip would occur between 3 and 8... Not sure if it moved faster than expected or if expected wraparound/backfill did not materialize...

Posted by: spgass1 | February 15, 2010 4:11 PM | Report abuse

@Thinkspring, we get it you hate snow. But cant you just let us snowlovers enjoy this special winter. 6 years out of 7 you get what you want, this however is a winter for snowlovers.

Posted by: samdman95 | February 15, 2010 4:11 PM | Report abuse

@sandman -

We get it that you love snow. The constant posts about its beauty are a dead giveaway.

But, some of us would like to return a normal life and maybe go to work, school, or just get out of the house for something other than shoveling.

If you don't like my posts, you don't have to read them. I certainly will skip yours.

Posted by: ThinkSpring | February 15, 2010 4:16 PM | Report abuse

It's pretty has stopped snowing here in the City of Manassas. For a while it was snowing at a pretty good rate. It's only managed to stick to the existing snow on the ground.

Posted by: irish031 | February 15, 2010 4:19 PM | Report abuse

So far so good for my forecast--now more than a day old--of little or no measurable snow for DC. It snowed quite hard for a while downtown but didn't whiten anything, not even trees. Now it's let up a lot. I think we're about done, at least for a while. We'll see if anything stuck in Glover Park.

Posted by: doubtingdavid | February 15, 2010 4:19 PM | Report abuse

@thinkspring you post multiple comments saying how you want "mother nature to balance things out". one comment will get your message across just fine.

Posted by: samdman95 | February 15, 2010 4:21 PM | Report abuse

Now stopping/stopped in Fairfax at 29/Nutley.


Posted by: Gunga2009 | February 15, 2010 4:22 PM | Report abuse

I guess this is a chance for snowhaters turn to complain, since we snowlovers have been complaining about a lack of snow last six years.

Posted by: crazer | February 15, 2010 4:24 PM | Report abuse

Peace and love, people, peace and love...

Posted by: natsncats | February 15, 2010 4:25 PM | Report abuse

I wish I could get an answer from the mets about when this pattern will end...

Posted by: steske | February 15, 2010 4:46 PM | Report abuse

Stopped in N. Arlington. Never stuck to the roads or sidewalk - barely wet them. Snobigdeal - I like it.

Posted by: wx_bob | February 15, 2010 4:48 PM | Report abuse

The NESIS map forcefully depicts why DCA is a snowjoke for official measurements for the entire metro area. One small area, including DCA, gets less than 20 inches and most of the rest of the metro area is 20-30". Might as well take D.C.s official measurements at Pax River.

As for today's accumulation at DCA? it will probably be a TR to 0.1". Especially since the dry slotting from the SW has begun.

Posted by: JerryFloyd1 | February 15, 2010 4:49 PM | Report abuse

Light RAIN in Centreville :(

Posted by: oriolesfan23 | February 15, 2010 4:52 PM | Report abuse

Was coming down with unnerving vigor here in Greenbelt for a while there, but never started sticking to the pavement and only amounted to a dusting overall.

Posted by: kevinwparker | February 15, 2010 5:05 PM | Report abuse

No real accumulation in downtown DC where I am, either. But I am watching the snow showers that are currently in the mountains, moving through here before dawn. Nothing major, but could give a coating of snow to colder spots.

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | February 15, 2010 5:21 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: owensm | February 15, 2010 5:24 PM | Report abuse

Light snow again in Oakton. I just measured 0.6" of new snow. I have a thick layer of slush on my driveway that I need to go out and shovel before it freezes.

Posted by: Kevin-CapitalWeatherGang | February 15, 2010 5:34 PM | Report abuse

It hasn't really stuck on non-snow surfaces here in Silver Spring. And now it is barely snowing.

Posted by: Murre | February 15, 2010 5:35 PM | Report abuse

A mix of light rain, sleet, and snow now in NW DC.

Posted by: CapitalWeatherGang | February 15, 2010 5:38 PM | Report abuse

Very pretty light dusting here in Greenbelt.

Posted by: Groff | February 15, 2010 5:51 PM | Report abuse

CWG, if we get any snow from the upper-level low west of D.C., when do you expect it to move through our area?

The "when" and amount could be very important. An inch of snow at 5 a.m. and we could have a Friday a.m. rush hour redux.

Posted by: JerryFloyd1 | February 15, 2010 5:53 PM | Report abuse

I'm a snow-lover, I just stopped loving it this winter about 20 inches ago. It's not fair (Walter and others) to call people "haters" because they don't want nine feet of the stuff.

Tell ya what ... when we get to summer, if we have a three-week span of highs near 100 and no rain to cool things down, I won't call you "sun-haters" if you comment that it's unpleasant.

Maybe the ice dam dripping into my living room window will be gone by then.

Posted by: mhardy1 | February 15, 2010 5:56 PM | Report abuse

@walter-the-sharkmaster: The difficulty is that your "fresh coat of white over ugly gray piles" also means a fresh coat of SLIP on the ground, and a fresh coat of DRIP on my perpendicular glacier of a roof icicle...which must be 10' long and 50 lbs already.

Posted by: tinkerbelle | February 15, 2010 5:58 PM | Report abuse

Yeah, let's pile on Walter...


Posted by: tinkerbelle | February 15, 2010 6:01 PM | Report abuse

1 inch here

Posted by: deveinmadisonva | February 15, 2010 6:08 PM | Report abuse

Anything in the next two weeks worth keeping an eye on?

Posted by: dustinmfox1 | February 15, 2010 6:11 PM | Report abuse

Bob Ryan said DCA got .1" this afternoon so that brings the seasonal total to 56". Of course, most of us have had 70-80".

Posted by: JerryFloyd1 | February 15, 2010 6:26 PM | Report abuse

ThinkSpring if you have not been out of the house except to shovel then there is something terribly wrong with your situation.

Posted by: MKadyman | February 15, 2010 6:28 PM | Report abuse

@MKadyman, I have to agree. Even if you are/were buried in with the snowfall on your particular street, I don't see how you could be such a recluse as to not find something fun to do in it. Heck, I've been trying to make an Igloo/Snow Shelter out in front of my home ever since Snowmageddon! I've had so much to do though, including running with my dogs, having fun with my snowshoes, and just plain enjoying the snowfall, that it has actually taken me this long to do the Igloo thing. Also, I haven't even gotten around to clearing tree limbs yet, like I've been saying I would for over a week. I've found so many things to do in this weather, that I still have a few things on my list that need completing!

Oh, and "ThinkSpring", my Old Man is in his 70's, and he went out yesterday and shoveled through the one huge mound of snow beside our driveway that was still piled over 5 Ft. high, full of icy chunks and rock hard slabs. He did it to create a pathway around the cars for delivery people. He was out there for a while, and he shoveled a massive amount of heavy snow, yet I didn't hear any complaints from him, and he isn't even aching. If you're any younger than him, and not disabled, then you really have no right still complaining about shoveling. I spent four hours in the middle of Snowmageddon until 0100 EST, my mother and I shoveling 13"-16" of the stuff as it was blowing and falling everywhere (Everytime we cleared a spot, another Inch or two would soon appear in place of it). My arms were extremely sore, so I applied a heating pad. The next morning, I was up and shoveling again, with no complaints. I enjoyed my time out there, even when working (The work actually gave me the opportunity to be outside for a long time enjoying it). I remember during an ice storm years ago as well, I spent the whole day outside taking an axe to fallen tree limbs, and I even had to run once as another limb came falling down nearby. I thought it was fun though (Minus the close call lol), and I never complained then either. I understand gripes here and there, because we all have our own difficulties with snow removal and such, but if you really hate it so much, then honestly, move to the Tropics.

Posted by: TheAnalyst | February 15, 2010 6:51 PM | Report abuse

Think there is any chance of the government opening late tomorrow, particularly given all the school closings?

Posted by: edwardappleby | February 15, 2010 6:55 PM | Report abuse

@Walter-in-FallsChurch, I honestly wish that we could keep up a pattern of 6" snowfalls once or twice a week for a while, just to keep things fresh and topped off. I'd like to keep a good snowpack at least through February (PLEASE, I don't want to see grass until sometime in March at the earliest).

Posted by: TheAnalyst | February 15, 2010 6:55 PM | Report abuse


Not seeing much snow from the upper level low. Maybe some flurries late tonight or early in the a.m. -- but wouldn't worry about it messing up the AM commute.

Posted by: CapitalWeatherGang | February 15, 2010 6:56 PM | Report abuse

@TheAnalyst: You and Walter and snowlover and snowlover2 and whomever else are welcome to move to Maine where you can live under 11 months of snowpack for all I care. I moved to the mid-Atlantic expecting 3-4 snowfalls of 3-6 inches each in a winter. I have had more than enough, and when water starts dripping into my house, I am officially done with winter.

Whether winter is done with me is another question and beyond my control, but I do not want another snowflake or sub-freezing day until November at the earliest.

Posted by: mhardy1 | February 15, 2010 6:59 PM | Report abuse

Walter just made NBC4 news!

Posted by: cbvd | February 15, 2010 6:59 PM | Report abuse

i explained that my use of snow "hater" was only meant as a contrast to snow "lover".

sorry people slip....

can you knock that icicle off with a rake or something? or is it too high up? can you reach it from a window? (but take a pic of it first - it's historical, you know.)

i do think 10, 20, 30 yrs from now, we'll be nostalgically (probably exaggeratedly) remembering this winter. those who are now kids will say, "remember the time it snowed up to here" (holding their hand level with their hip).

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | February 15, 2010 7:01 PM | Report abuse

6" snowfalls once or twice a week would be awesome!

heck, 6" once a week every week of winter would set the record (for dc).

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | February 15, 2010 7:04 PM | Report abuse

@mhardy1- Hey, why'd I get thrown under the bus? I love snow, so what? I'm not criticizing anyone else, or telling them where they can go.

And just to be clear, loving or hating snow won't make much of a difference- you know I can't control the weather, right?

Posted by: Snowlover2 | February 15, 2010 7:10 PM | Report abuse

snowlover2: You can't? I was misinformed then. :)

I know, and I apologize for the outburst. I'm just really ready to be done with this, my house is suffering (leak due to ice dam), my car is suffering (had to get an alignment a couple of weeks ago after sliding on ice and hitting a curb), and frankly hearing people wishing for more makes me cringe. Do you folks not realize that this is NOT FUN for a lot of us?

Posted by: mhardy1 | February 15, 2010 7:19 PM | Report abuse

Bravo, Snowlover2 - well said. If you love snow or hate it, what difference does it make to anyone what others' opinions are?? Isn't everyone entitled to express theirs? The article in the Post yesterday featuring CWG said that this blog "serves as something like a sports talk radio show". I agree!

Posted by: kathyb39 | February 15, 2010 7:19 PM | Report abuse

Does anyone have any good avatars/profile pics for those who are suffering from snow fatigue? I was so excited in Dec with the giant snowstorm-then kind of again with the other big one. Now, cabin fever I think has gotten the best of me (and also I'm sick of the roads still being in such bad shape). I'm looking for something clever/funny. Ideas, suggestions, anything? I live for this blog (CWG is probably the most accurate out of everyone) and read a lot of the comments so I know there are lots of clever readers out there!

Posted by: BruinGirl2001 | February 15, 2010 7:20 PM | Report abuse

I love snow too and am glad that other people who post here do too. My neighbors are very grumbly this week. They act like something catastrophic has happened. ( I can see that attitude if you lost power, but they didn't).

I know what you mean about being outside, I feel the same way.

@walterinfallscurch I am glad to see you have become famous

@snowlover2 I too do not believe that loving or hating the snow causes it to snow or not.


I too like to see that we are haeaded toward spring and like to see the more minutes of daylight.

Posted by: celestun100 | February 15, 2010 7:22 PM | Report abuse

dcawx - Thanks!!

Posted by: johnnierat | February 15, 2010 7:33 PM | Report abuse

Can we all just play nicely here? Your ruining the effect of the crisp, fresh winter chill and the still mostly beautiful snow cover. And I will continue to do the snow dance every day until the last chance of frost, when I'll leave the blog to work on my garden and the spring fling.

Posted by: manassasmissy | February 15, 2010 7:37 PM | Report abuse

sorry for the typo.."you're"

Posted by: manassasmissy | February 15, 2010 7:39 PM | Report abuse

As a snow "hater", I believe what is getting lost in translation is how inconvenient this much snow is for many, many people. If I lived in Maine, or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or near Cleveland or Buffalo, I wouldn't care because those areas are ready and designed for significant snowfalls. The D.C. are is not. My lovely half million dollar home in the Mount Vernon area lacks a garage, as do most of the houses in my area. The roads here in Northern Virginia are, with the exception of a few main roads, are still filled with large patches of solid ice. Traffic moves in alternate patterns on these largely one lane streets. Just this morning, I saw a senior couple standing in the road crying after sliding into another car -- the conditions just overwhelmed them. The point here is that nothing, absolutely nothing, is designed to accommodate anything more than occasional 4 inch snowfalls. Fairfax Schools have been closed for 6 days and are opening 2 hours late for the foreseeable future. Those of you who are not blessed with public transportation into the District from Virginia faced a horrific commute on Friday and one will be just as bad on Tuesday. Listening to WTOP this afternoon, stretches of 14th Street still were down to one lane in each direction. Yeah snow can be fun, but for most of us, these storms, while breathtaking, have made life very difficult, with little relief in sight.

Posted by: griffin1108 | February 15, 2010 7:56 PM | Report abuse

Looks like significant melting this coming week--although not as much as it would be if we had normal temps. My guess is that the ground will be visible in some parts of my yard--those on the south/west side that get sun most of the day--by the weekend. I am keeping my fingers crossed that most of the plants in my garden have survived under this crush of snow, but I have a feeling I will be replacing more than a few this spring. I fear a heavy rain event in the next few weeks also will cause my basement to get leak--more fun...

Posted by: steske | February 15, 2010 8:14 PM | Report abuse

manassasmissy demonstrates just what I'm talking about: "Never mind about the problems you're having, don't spoil it for meeee."

If we're defining "snowlover" as someone who wants every inch possible to fall, and never has enough -- a definition I disagree with but it seems to be the one agreed upon -- the problem is that the snowlover is entirely self-centered.

We've had buildings collapse, motorists stranded for hours, people without power for days, traffic disruptions, school closings and a good bit of property damage -- but hey, the snow is pretty and that's all that matters, right?

Posted by: mhardy1 | February 15, 2010 8:24 PM | Report abuse

shall we dance?

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | February 15, 2010 8:35 PM | Report abuse

but while we're dancing for snow, let's also hope for good things for all the people of the world.

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | February 15, 2010 8:38 PM | Report abuse

Interesting, Kevin, that you got 0.6" in Oakton. I'm just a couple of miles away, on the west side of Vienna, near 123 and Nutley, and didn't even get a quarter-inch.

Posted by: MMCarhelp | February 15, 2010 8:54 PM | Report abuse

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