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Posted at 5:00 AM ET, 08/20/2010

Forecast: Typical summer heat, humidity moderate

By Camden Walker

Some shower & t'storm threat Sunday & early next week

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Very warm in 90s - yet conditions will be dry, & air will feel less muggy as well! Not too shabby?
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Today: Sunny, very warm. Low-to-mid 90s. | Tonight: Few clouds. Mid-60s to around 70. | Tomorrow: Sunny a.m., partly cloudy p.m. Low 90s. | Sunday: Partly sunny. 30% chance of shower/t'shower. Mid-to-upper 80s. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


A. Camden WalkerHave we transitioned from "oppressive" heat to "tolerable" heat? Well, it's progress and I think we've acclimated to whatever summer 2010 throws at us pretty well by now! We will get to dry out a bit, and maybe sweat a little less in the next couple days. But even so, the sun will still beat down on us at times and it will be quite warm until showers & storms potentially creep back by Sunday and Monday afternoons (and even a remote chance Saturday). But any rain we get should not be anything like Wednesday's deluge.

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map powered by iMapWeather (base map by Google). Click and hold on map to pan. Double-click to zoom. Refresh page to update. See larger map on our Weather Wall.

Today (Friday): Humidity won't be as bad as it's been, but still the water vapor will combine with the hot air to make lower 90s (perhaps a few mid-90s) feel very summer like. No doubt it is still August--but the good news is that our average temperatures really are on their way down. Slowly but surely! Mostly sunny skies and a light, mostly variable breeze will make it a tolerable day. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Not a bad evening to be out with no chance of rain and slight, but refreshing, breezes. Temperatures will fall through the 80s and end up before sunrise right around 70 degrees downtown. A few spots outside of the Beltway could see more pleasant mid-60s at dawn. Confidence: Medium-High

What do you think of today's weather? Vote your call for today's Daily Digit (see Daily Digit box above). And keep reading for the forecast into next week...

Tomorrow (Saturday): Just as warm as today, with moderate humidity levels bordering on high (dew points mid-60s). Highs should top off in the low 90s. Winds stay light out of the east and could throw a few afternoon clouds our way. Perhaps even a small (20%) chance of a shower or thundershower. Nothing to plan around, really. Just keep an eye to the sky and check back with us through Saturday afternoon. Overall, a pretty darn decent weekend opener of a day! Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow Night: The evening should feel nice -- still not terribly muggy -- with temperatures dropping into the 70s. Overnight, lows reach the mid-to-upper 60s (suburbs) to the low 70s (downtown). There may be a few clouds around, and consider checking radar before you go out. I still say there is about a 20% chance of an evening shower! Though you likely could ditch carrying an umbrella with you. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunday: Continued warm but tolerable, with highs in the mid-to-upper 80s likely. But you'll notice a stickier feeling to the air with humidity back up -- blame a light a breeze from the south & southeast. The increased moisture in the air leads to the increase of shower/storm chances, but for now only around 25-35%, which continue in that range Sunday night as lows fall back to the upper 60s to low 70s. Confidence: Medium


Monday and Tuesday feature a humid and partly cloudy start to the week, along with highs in the 80s. A weak high pressure system in Canada will tryyy to build in some dryer air from the north by Tuesday. But it could have to fight with our subtropical air overhead. This means a 30-40% chance of showers and storms as the weather attempts to clear Monday night. Tuesday could, hopefully, be slightly less humid and give us clear skies! Confidence: Low-Medium

By Camden Walker  | August 20, 2010; 5:00 AM ET
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I noticed on some other websites (none are as good as yours) that temperatures really drop by next Thursday. I am heading to Philly next Thursday to catch the Phillies game and I've seen 81 for a high! Surely this must be a typo, right?!?!

Posted by: authorofpoetry | August 20, 2010 8:20 AM | Report abuse

I was too generous with a "7" rating for today. Mid-90s is HOT. But, ok, it has been worse this summer. So I was grading on a curve I guess?? ;-)

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 8:21 AM | Report abuse

authorofpoetry, haha - we commented at about the same time but I also chuckle at your reaction to AVERAGE high temperatures :) in Philly for late next week A)that is about average for later August! B) doubt that is a typo! C) enjoy!

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 8:23 AM | Report abuse

Camden - Nice!!! That is good news! Bring those averages down!

I also noticed that the crickets have started creeping into my basement, which is surely a sign of fall. I saw the biggest cricket ever last night in my downstairs bathroom. After I caught it in a cup I promise I heard it say, 'you're gonna get it human.'

Posted by: authorofpoetry | August 20, 2010 8:55 AM | Report abuse

authorofpoetry - ha! nice. Hm, was it one of the big green ones? or black ones? I think the green ones can fly. And no, they are bigger than grasshoppers. I think they are different species lol

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 9:35 AM | Report abuse

Camden - This one was dark black and mean looking! We get those brown crickets that resemble spiders and those jump as well. I think they are called mold crickets or something.

Capturing of insects in the home does lead to a moral discussion between my wife and I. I would prefer releasing them outside while my wife says that if they come into the home, they die. You would have needed a machete to kill the cricket from last night though.

Posted by: authorofpoetry | August 20, 2010 9:43 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 10:03 AM | Report abuse

@authorofpoetry -- I am a capture and release person too. My husband agrees with your wife -- anything in the house dies! Of course it would be nice if my cat had more of a killer instinct, he ignores them. My error is that I release them into the garage -- you should see masses in there! Oh, and CWG a 7? I thought grading on a curve was not allowed? But I love summer so it is okay.

Posted by: erbele | August 20, 2010 10:07 AM | Report abuse

@authorofpoetry - get a cat. Maybe two. That will solve your crickets in the house problem quick.

Posted by: FIREDRAGON47 | August 20, 2010 10:09 AM | Report abuse

ha! the cricket discussion amuses me. my wife is on the kill-the-marauding-invader school. she swears they rear up exposing their giant flesh-eating jaws and/or shoot acid at her. i ignore them, but if my wife is around i'll do catch-and-release, in my hand if possible to totally gross her out. my cat sees them merely as toys, but usually tires of them before they die...

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | August 20, 2010 10:36 AM | Report abuse

A cat is a great idea! Right now my kids, aged 5 and 2 are not quite aware of fear yet so they are amused by the different bugs in the house. They serve as early warning signs for bug break-ins.

Last week I was sitting on the couch and my wife walked past a bug and then instructed me to kill it. I was annoyed because she was up and walked right past it. I got up and swatted the 'kill magazine' that I keep but it was fast and I missed it. She then had the nerve to criticize my killing techniques. It is still a sore subject in our house.

Posted by: authorofpoetry | August 20, 2010 10:47 AM | Report abuse

I usually only kill them when my wife is around. I feel guilty about performing homicide on insects. But that guilt is more manageable than dealing with an annoyed wife.

Posted by: authorofpoetry | August 20, 2010 10:50 AM | Report abuse

We have cicadas in my neighborhood -- loud, plentiful cicadas. A sure sign of late summer for me!

I'm giving today an 8.5 -- so far it's awesome weather.

Posted by: rosilandjordan | August 20, 2010 11:13 AM | Report abuse

erbele - ha! you are penalizing me for the same concern I myself had.. that I was grading on a curve. I really think today is a 6, but I got super exuberant when writing this post. This morning, though, I thought "how can mid-90s" be a 7!!?? haha

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 11:21 AM | Report abuse

rosilandjordan - wow, awesome, glad you like the weather this much-- AN 8.5!? excellent :-)

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 11:28 AM | Report abuse

I AM SO SICK OF CICADAS!!!! I HATE that noise! It's incessant and is driving me NUTS!

PLEASE bring me autumn :(

Posted by: sigmagrrl | August 20, 2010 11:38 AM | Report abuse

Wow, sigmagrrl - sorry about the annoyance. (I am apologizing on behalf of Mother Nature) ... but yes, I want autumn too!

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 11:58 AM | Report abuse

Fall is nice. But this is GREAT summer weather to me.
Here are high/lows at IAD within the past week:

Only one day in the 90s.

Posted by: LoudounGeek | August 20, 2010 12:39 PM | Report abuse

Crickets are fun...outdoors or in a terrarium. I find those huge jars they sell pretzels in ideal for the purpose. Caveat is that I prefer only the CHIRPING crickets...those huge brown wingless camel crickets or cave crickets [which are the ones that generally invade basements and never chirp, which only male crickets do with their WINGS] a big nuisance.

If your "cricket" is large, dark green in color and flies, it's not a cricket but a long-horned grasshopper or KATYDID. However the Europeans refer to our "katydids" as "bush crickets", a term which we use for arboreal or climbing conventional crickets which are generally tan or dark brown in color.

Small light-green or whitish arboreal crickets are tree crickets, [genus Oecanthus] which have the most melodious chirps or trills. We do not have the snowy tree cricket or "temperature cricket" [Oecanthus fultoni, whose chirps sound a bit like sleigh bells] around here, but I did hear some of them chirping near my sister's home in La Crescent, MN while on vacation Monday night. The rule for computing temperature in Fahrenheit is to count the number of chirps in 14 seconds and add 40 degrees. The "cricket" temperature at Skunk Hollow in La Crescent Monday evening was 67 degrees. My sister's two window thermometers read 65 and 67 degrees at the same time.

The large chirping crickets around here are the black species of genus Gryllus and the tan Japanese burrowing crickets of genus Velarofictorus. Velarofictorus micado is thought to have been introduced into this country near Mobile, AL in ornamental plants from Asia. Although these Asian crickets are locally abundant, they do not seem to be displacing the native crickets [in contrast to the situation involving invasive Asian ladybird beetles and stink bugs which have been out-competing the native ladybugs and stink bugs].

Posted by: Bombo47jea | August 20, 2010 1:13 PM | Report abuse

Bombo - cave crickets are nasty little buggers! They can grow enormous and jump very high. I don't recall them being a problem until the last 10 years or so. Surely they would have traumatized my childhood if I had seen them in the late 70's - mid 80's.

Posted by: authorofpoetry | August 20, 2010 1:40 PM | Report abuse

LoudounGeek - I am starting to think you're right, based on your great compilation of numbers (thanks!) :)

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | August 20, 2010 2:57 PM | Report abuse

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