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Posted at 5:00 AM ET, 12/27/2010

Forecast: Windy today, then warming trend

By Jason Samenow
Today's Daily Digit
A somewhat subjective rating of the
day's weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.


It's really windy, it's cold, it's Monday & suffering a let down from underperforming storm.
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Today: Very windy and cold. 30-34 | Tonight: Windy and quite cold. 19-24. | Tomorrow: Breezy and chilly. 35-40. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail


Thankfully, we're not going to have to spend the upcoming week tracking a winter storm threat. Instead, we experience a warming trend. Temperatures probably rise above 50 by late in the week or the weekend. But before we can enjoy the warmth, we have to endure very high winds today (wind advisory for gusts up to 50 mph) along with cold. The winds relax some tomorrow just as temperatures begin their slow, steady ascent.

Snow Potential Index: 0 (↓) - No snow threat in the next week.

The SPI is a daily assessment of snow potential for the next week on a 0-10 scale. Get the 'SPI' on Twitter

Today (Monday): Powerful winds from the northwest behind the New England blizzard rage through the region. Gusts as high as 45 to 50 mph are possible with sustained winds of 20-30 mph. That might be strong enough for some scattered power outages. Temperatures are no treat either, only rising into the low 30s despite increasing sunshine as the day wears on. Confidence: High

Tonight: Winds remain gusty but not as strong as during the day. Under mainly clear skies, lows fall from 19-24 (suburbs-city) with winds of 15-20 mph with gusts to near 30. Confidence: High

Keep reading for the forecast through next weekend...

Light snow Christmas morning inOakton, VA. It was heavy enough to coat the ground white, perfect timing for gift opening. By CWG photographer Kevin Ambrose

Tomorrow (Tuesday): It's breezy, but the wind isn't nearly as bad as Monday. Temperatures also begin to moderate. With sunny skies, highs range from 35 to 40 with winds from the west at 10-20 mph with some higher gusts. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow Night: Winds finally subside. Clear skies coupled with some lingering cold air allow temperatures to drop from the high teens in the colder suburbs to the mid-20s downtown. Confidence: Medium-High


Wednesday through Friday are tranquil as temperatures gradually climb. Highs in the low 40s on Wednesday warm to near 50 by Friday. Day time sky conditions are generally partly to mostly sunny. Overnight, it's clear and cool, with lows 19-26 Wednesday night and 23-30 Thursday night (suburbs-city). Confidence: Medium

The first weekend of 2011 begins on the mild side Saturday with highs climbing into the 50s. Clouds may increase some during the day and there's a chance of rain at night, with lows near 40. Sunday - at the moment - appears to be cloudy with a chance of showers. Highs should be around 50. Confidence: Low-Medium

By Jason Samenow  | December 27, 2010; 5:00 AM ET
Categories:  Forecasts  
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I think you guys should have a poll, asking something like this.

How, if any, did the snow storm that brushed the DC region change your opinion of snow forecasting?

A - Completely. From now on, I will believe it when I see it.
B - Somewhat. It showed the uncertainty.
C - Only a little, they usually get it right.
D – None, forecasters always do the best they can

My answer is D, but I would be interested to know how others feel.

Posted by: jaybird926 | December 27, 2010 5:11 AM | Report abuse

I am very ready for the warming trend this week since this month has been especially cold and windy.

I run outside several days a week, and it seems to me this month has been especially colder and windier than normal. The winds are brutal this morning!

Posted by: david_in_stafford | December 27, 2010 5:21 AM | Report abuse

D. This was a very difficult forecast. Thanks to the gang for all of the bleary eyed updates and measured analysis.

Laytonsville received flurries on and off, but no accumulation. Flakes were being whipped by a NW wind. We had more flurry activity in the morning than the rest of the day, but no accumulation then, either. My in-laws in Brookeville (5 miles East of us) got a nice coating/dusting.

Looks like New England will be remembering this one for a while, though.

Posted by: dprats21 | December 27, 2010 6:36 AM | Report abuse

I think it'll hit 37 or 38 today, since it's already 30. In the brief moments when the wind dies down it feels almost warm!

Posted by: HenryFPotter | December 27, 2010 6:43 AM | Report abuse

I give the day a 2.5. I hate wind and it looks like it's going to really roar, but thank God no snow.

Posted by: tinkerbelle | December 27, 2010 7:09 AM | Report abuse

DC's empty for the holidays, snow there would have been a waste of time...;-).

Besides, I think your "Storm Caller" is herself busy getting snowed under in Europe - because she isn't the actual "Storm Caller". lol.

It is The Winter Of Our Discontent. lol.

Posted by: darkasnight1234 | December 27, 2010 7:13 AM | Report abuse

I have the perfect name for the storm yesterday- in honor of the fact that the storm got away, i think we should refer to it as SNOW-J simpson

Posted by: samd95 | December 27, 2010 7:25 AM | Report abuse


Good one.

Posted by: Jason-CapitalWeatherGang | December 27, 2010 7:46 AM | Report abuse

I am sooooooooo jealous of NYC!

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 8:14 AM | Report abuse


Have you identified any possible snow potential within the next several weeks? If so, what would the odds of it hitting us be?

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 8:19 AM | Report abuse

I love today's SPI!!!

Posted by: SouthsideFFX | December 27, 2010 8:19 AM | Report abuse


Ah, I see you are not a snow lover. I must ask, why???

Bob Miller

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 8:22 AM | Report abuse

Final snow total from yesterday in the Blue Ridge Mtns east of Front Royal: 0.75"

Currently 16.3F

Posted by: spgass1 | December 27, 2010 8:27 AM | Report abuse


Please don't try to fool us - - we all know it's not 16 in Front Royal. According to the weather channel, it's 28 in Front Royal.

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 8:41 AM | Report abuse

Bob Miller- please save the bolding of comments for the capital weather gang, it allows us reader to see important weather information and not your comments.


Posted by: see1 | December 27, 2010 8:43 AM | Report abuse

A, but we were headed for the Jersey Shore for an after-Christmas gathering, so we stayed home. Glad we did--NJ was blasted!!

Posted by: mnwillett1 | December 27, 2010 8:45 AM | Report abuse

@see1 - ok, but do you mind if I italicize?

Sorry if I was bothering you :)

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 8:46 AM | Report abuse

It's 22 in Front Royal, according to

And in Rio de Janeiro, it's 28. But that's 28 C so it's nice and warm there.

Posted by: Murre | December 27, 2010 8:47 AM | Report abuse


I believe that 28 C, the current temp in Rio, is equal to 82 F.

Rio is a great city... you should visit there sometime.

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 8:53 AM | Report abuse


I'm training for a half-marathon so I agree. Looking forward to running in warmer weather. What use is the cold without snow? So,definitely. I agree.

Posted by: Rcmorgan | December 27, 2010 8:54 AM | Report abuse


I believe that 28 C, the current temp in Rio, is equal to 82 F.

Rio is a great city... you should visit there sometime.

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 8:54 AM | Report abuse

I salute the CWG team for their tireless efforts to give us an accurate forecast. You did your best on the latest winter storm and convinced me that we in Silver Spring would dodge the bullet. I look forward each day to your forecasts.

Posted by: dick1932 | December 27, 2010 8:57 AM | Report abuse

Also, I must add I'm happy not to have another winter storm threat to track all week and then ultimately be disappointed about because it doesn't materialize.

Posted by: Rcmorgan | December 27, 2010 8:58 AM | Report abuse

i totally agree w/the "0" for the daily digit - especially in light of what i had let myself believe today would look like. going to bed christmas night i figured it was "game on" for the snow again... alas, yesterday's nomageddon, combined with the scorching temps (50s!) predicted for later this week has really got me down weather-wise...

further, i've heard people talking about a warm-up for january. is there anything to that?

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | December 27, 2010 9:00 AM | Report abuse


Good luck with the half marathon! I run outdoors all year long, and this December has been especially tough because of the cold and winds.

I frequent the CWG website to get updates before I go outside. It is very useful for my astronomy and running hobbies which depend upon the weather.

Posted by: david_in_stafford | December 27, 2010 9:04 AM | Report abuse


This map should answer your question about a warm up in January:

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 9:07 AM | Report abuse

I live in the mountains east of Front Royal at about 1900 ft... here's a nearby Wunderground personal weather station.

Posted by: spgass1 | December 27, 2010 9:08 AM | Report abuse

thanks bob. i guess i'll take "equal chances" (of above and below normal temps). of course compared to lately "normal" will feel warm. i kind of feel like we let this bonus cold december get away from us. what did we have? all that cold all month long and only 2" of snow? like Rcmorgan said, "What use is the cold without snow?"

Posted by: walter-in-fallschurch | December 27, 2010 9:21 AM | Report abuse

That storm may have been very disappointing, but I have to admit I had a lot of fun following it in here with the CWG.

The zigs and zags of the models, the half hour updates, all the comments from experts, snow lovers and snow haters, etc. It was an icnredible roller coaster ride. You guys don't only have a great balance of technical and non-technical information, but you really make following the weather fun and even addictive. I like how you are not just cold and straightforward like the mets on TV or on the radio, but I can see you are really passionate about forecasting the weather.

My fiancée was just about ready to kill me by the end of the weekend because I was literally going to your website every hour to check on new posts and comments.

So congratulations CWG for all your hard work, passion and dedication.

By the way, is there any place were we can see the snow totals accumulated so far in the Washington metro area?

Posted by: dantebouchot | December 27, 2010 9:22 AM | Report abuse

I can't deny that I am ecstatic about not having to go out and shovel endless piles of snow this morning.

Posted by: Finn1917 | December 27, 2010 9:30 AM | Report abuse


Thanks for the really nice feedback. Here's a link to the totally underwhelming snowfall totals:

Posted by: Jason-CapitalWeatherGang | December 27, 2010 9:37 AM | Report abuse

Just want to thank the CWG for doing such a terrific job all week with this storm. Your real-time comments and updates are an invaluable service to many, many people in the area. And we really appreciate you guys working day and night through the holidays.

Posted by: smill30 | December 27, 2010 9:39 AM | Report abuse

It is a true and utter shame that we had so much cold air this month and we had practically no snow. What a waste! Now, come Jan/Feb we may very well have to deal with that dreaded rain/snow cutoff. Luckily, I'm in the western suburbs, so my chances of snow as opposed to rain may be a tad bit better. I bet DCA won't break a mere 6" this winter.


Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 9:41 AM | Report abuse

84 degrees in Rio...

Let's see who's first to answer this question: what is the current temp. in Sao Paulo?

Posted by: BobMiller2 | December 27, 2010 9:46 AM | Report abuse

I realize that all the snowlovers are disappointed, but when I got up yesterday, and read here that the possibility of significant snow was dwindling away, I did the happy dance of all happy dances. First of all, I remember last year. That sucked. Snow removal is no longer amusing in large quantities. Second, my darling daughter's bestie from Texas was flying into Dulles last night, and she made it fine, so my daughter is happy.

I got enough snow last winter to last me a while.

Posted by: Gunga2009 | December 27, 2010 9:48 AM | Report abuse

Wow the snow downtown has sublimated almost completely! Anyone else witness the solid dusting (0.75") at bedtime last night, to wake to nothing this morning? The wind really helped turn the snow from ice crystals into gaseous water vapor!

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | December 27, 2010 10:09 AM | Report abuse

I wouldnt mind one bit if winter/snow storms is all but over this winter!!!! I hope La Nina shows itself in Jan and Feb and brings us no snow.... at all! Last year gave us more than plenty for all you snow lovers out there.... Move to New England ;)

At the very least, you will have a winning football team ;)

Posted by: KRUZ | December 27, 2010 10:17 AM | Report abuse

KRUZ, haha indeed. Well I am glad we can hear a chime-in from a snow disliker in addition to all the snow lovers who comment on CWG :)

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | December 27, 2010 10:23 AM | Report abuse

>believe that 28 C, the current temp in Rio, is equal to 82 F.
@BobMilller2, I believe you are correct.

And it's 24 in Sao Paulo. Otherwise known as 75.

Posted by: Murre | December 27, 2010 10:25 AM | Report abuse

Murre - sounds pretty good right about now! Hope you can avoid the wind today? Brutal out there.

Posted by: Camden-CapitalWeatherGang | December 27, 2010 10:35 AM | Report abuse

Even without a snowstorm terrible weather-related consequences are possible. For example, this morning is trash day and the wind blew an empty box from one of my neighbors into our front yard. When I returned it to the curb in front of our house, my wife was not amused to see it was a box of women's Depends.

Posted by: AsymptoticUnlimited | December 27, 2010 11:00 AM | Report abuse

We had about 3-5 inches where I live in Southern Maryland, so I am happy. We frequently don't get the snow totals the metro area receives.

Posted by: emiloch | December 27, 2010 11:03 AM | Report abuse

Thanks CWG for the great effort this past week - it was (as usual) great reading, and you guys are doing a great job. I was very happy with the outcome - just enough snow to feel like "winter" when ice skating yesterday with the family, but not enough to inconvenience (and happy not to have to shovel - my muscles are hurting enough from the skating anyway!)

Posted by: cwgfan76 | December 27, 2010 11:21 AM | Report abuse

As many locals are heading to Pittsburgh for the Winter Classic hockey game on New Year's day, could CWG provide any info on that day's forecast in the Pittsburgh area? The NHL is getting nervous because the game will be played outdoors, and it's supposed to be very warm (low 50s) with a 30% chance of showers. Apparently, they can deal with warm temps, but any rain will make the ice surface unusable. Any ideas on when the rain may hit in Pittsburgh during that day (game is at 1PM) and is it really looking like rain or not? Thanks!

Posted by: FH59312 | December 27, 2010 11:26 AM | Report abuse

The storm was a relative bust for everyone. Southern Maryland was supposed to get 6-12+ inches. Only the folks up in New York/New England got anything interesting, and Philadelphia got a lot of snow as well.

The nasty thing is all this darned wind. It's acting just like the La Nina of two years ago...plenty of cold northerly wind but little snow to show for it. The next storm is looking like more of a deluge than a blizzard.

Posted by: Bombo47jea | December 27, 2010 11:28 AM | Report abuse

Camden> I woke up around 7am and saw a good amount of snow coating my car. Thinking of all work I have to do to brush off the snow-- a few hours, all of the snow on my car were gone. So nice of the winds to do the dirty job.

Posted by: SanDieganLostinDC | December 27, 2010 11:45 AM | Report abuse

KRUZ & CWG - Looking at the weather pattern through the month of Jan, I think we've seen the last of the snow this least into Feb/March...maybe a surprise storm in there somewhere. But for the most part, we look dry and highs in the 40's/50's...not unusual for a La Nina Period.

Posted by: parksndc | December 27, 2010 12:29 PM | Report abuse

parksndc: sounds wonderful! Hope that is exactly what happens...

Posted by: pbj1 | December 27, 2010 12:40 PM | Report abuse

i think you should consider changing the name from "capital weather gang" to something else. Many school districts now have Zero Tolerance policies with regards to gangs. Children have been sent home simply for wearing T shirts for the band "Insane Clown Posse" because Posse is another word for gang. Any students who view this page, or participate here could be suspended for taking part in gang activities.

Posted by: MarilynManson | December 27, 2010 1:23 PM | Report abuse

@Camden, it sounds wonderful. I wish I was there.

Today I put on longjohns, just to walk to and from the car to the grocery store. It is brutal out there.

What is the wind velocity that if you are walking into it, makes it difficult? Beaufort scale 8? 34-40 mph? I "ran" into that this morning when I was walking to the mailbox.

Posted by: Murre | December 27, 2010 1:28 PM | Report abuse

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