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Stevens Wins Alaska Primary, Young in Dead Heat

UPDATE 8:30 AM EST: With 98 percent of precincts reporting, Young now leads Parnell by 145 votes.

ORIGINAL POST: The two longest-serving -- and now, scandal-plagued -- pillars in Alaska politics faced the state's Repubican primary voters Tuesday, as Rep. Don Young was locked in a battle that was still too close to call Wednesday morning while Sen. Ted Stevens won a clear victory but faces both a corruption trial and a tough general election race in the fall.

With 89 percent of precincts reporting in the state, Young trailed Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell in the House primary by just 132 votes out of roughly 84,000 counted so far. Both men were at 45 percent, while state Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux trailed with 9 percent of the vote.

"What a night," Young said in a statement issued a couple of hours ago. "This has been an extremely spirited and hard-fought primary and now it appears as if we won't know the results until sometime Wednesday, at the earliest. There are several precincts still to be counted and an additional 4,000 Republican absentee ballots. Once these ballots are counted, Lt. Gov. Parnell and I will be able to determine what course our campaigns will take.

In a speech Tuesday night, Parnell said, "We're confident about the numbers ... but obviously this race is just too close to call," according to the Anchorage Daily News.

The winner of the Young/Parnell contest will now face former state Rep. Ethan Berkowitz, who defeated 2006 candidate Diane Benson in the Democratic primary, 55 percent to 37 percent.

Stevens, meanwhile, cruised to a solid GOP primary victory. With 88 percent reporting, the incumbent had 63 percent of the vote, while banker David Cuddy earned 27 percent and self-funding millionaire Vic Vickers had just 6 percent. He now squares off in November against Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich (D), who has led Stevens by double-digits in recent polls.

As Paul Kane laid out in Tuesday's Post, and Karl Vick also illustrated recently, both Young and Stevens faced increasing peril during the primary season as stories of their alleged ethical wrongdoing proliferated.

Young has been square in the sites of both national Democrats and some fellow Alaska Republicans for several months. He faces multiple ethics investigations, some related to the wide-ranging federal corruption probe in the state and others concerning a controversial earmark benefitting a Florida developer. Parnell entered the GOP primary in March against the 35-year incumbent with the encouragement of Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who has been an advocate of cleaning up corruption within the Alaska Republican Party.

Parnell has had political help from Palin, but a big chunk of his financial support has come from Club for Growth, the fiscal conservative group whose members have donated several hundred thousand dollars to the challenger's campaign. As the primary contest came down the home stretch, Young attempted to make that support a liability for Parnell, lamenting the interference of an outside group and its non-Alaskan donors in state politics (and conveniently omitting the fact that Young has raised millions of dollars over the years from donors and PACs in the Lower 48 states).

Parnell, meanwhile, focused his campaign on the need to clean house in the Alaska delegation, while also hitting Young for having previously proposed an increase in the gas tax. National Republicans quietly hoped that Parnell would win the primary, betting -- with polls seeming to back them up -- that he would have a better chance against Berkowitz in November. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee made the same calculation, trying late in the race to hurt the challenger's primary campaign by sending out a mailer attacking the "big-taxing" Parnell.

While the two GOP candidates have squabbled, Berkowitz has worked to fortify his position for the general election contest. Through Aug. 6, the Democrat had raised an impressive $705,000 for the cycle, though he only had $96,000 on hand as of that date.

Stevens had the easier political challenge Tuesday, but he faces a tougher legal road. The longtime Senator was indicted last month on charges that he failed to report gifts and favors he received from the oil-services company Veco and its executives. Veco has been at the center of a wide-ranging FBI probe of corruption in Alaska politics that has already resulted in several convictions. Stevens' son, former state Senate President Ben Stevens (R), has been investigated and had his office searced by the FBI, but he has not been charged with any crime.

Ted Stevens has proclaimed his innocence and is scheduled to go on trial in a D.C. court Sept. 22, after he tried and failed to have the proceedings moved to Alaska. That means he will be out of the state -- but in the news, unflatteringly -- at the height of the general election campaign.

By Ben Pershing  |  August 27, 2008; 7:40 AM ET
Categories:  2008 Campaign , Ethics and Rules  
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This certainly says it all about Republican voters. They simply don't care about corruption - must push that R lever regardless. They deserve what they get.

Posted by: capone1 | August 27, 2008 8:26 AM | Report abuse

Reminds me of DC residents who re-elected Marion Barry after he was busted for crack.

Apparently, self-righteous Alaskan Republicans who point their neochristian fingers in judgement of others, aren't bothered by a little good old neocon All American corruption.

Posted by: Roy | August 27, 2008 8:37 AM | Report abuse

Why would anyone be surprised that Republicans would re-elect a thief? How many times has this been re-enacted?

Posted by: Donny | August 27, 2008 8:49 AM | Report abuse

Just when you didn't think republicans could be any stupider, they throw all pretense of sanity out the window and vote for a thug, crook and liar - AGAIN. Way to go Alaska, no doubt you will all go to church this Sunday and call yourself "Christians". What a pack of hypocritical morons.

Posted by: Pearl77 | August 27, 2008 9:41 AM | Report abuse

As usual alot of GOP haters out there with alot of irrational comments. Let's see if I can help out...

1. Can a Christian not vote for a man under investigation?
2. Stevens is not currently guilty of anything
3. Marrion Barry was caught with crack, not just accused...
4. This is a primary all the levers are in the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY will be R's.
5. Neo is not an insult, but you do insult everyone else's intelligence by using it as a random prefix in your slobbering rant.

Posted by: AustrianOak | August 27, 2008 9:52 AM | Report abuse

Given the low IQ of the average Alaskan, this comes as no surprise.

Posted by: Yuri Lipitzmeov | August 27, 2008 9:52 AM | Report abuse

didn't cold cash jefferson from louisiana also get nominated in his primary?

Posted by: Dwight | August 27, 2008 9:56 AM | Report abuse

it's only a crime when a democrat commits it.

Posted by: T-ONE | August 27, 2008 10:04 AM | Report abuse

Alaskans aren't stupid: they just know which side of the bread the butter is on. And until it's all over, Senator Ted for Life is the still the senior senator in a state that makes a lot of money from the federal treasury.

Thanks for the update on the voting; I wish you'd have recorded actual votes in addition to percentages. I could have learned how many votes my high school classmate Dave Cuddy actually received this time around [he ran against Stevens for the seat in the 90s].

Now it's on to November where Nick's kid gets to knock of Ted in the general.

[Nick Begich, was the U.S. Congressman from Alaska until he disappeared in a plane crash with Congressman Hale Boggs in 1972 (?)]. The plane, crew, and passengers have never been found.

Thanks much. HLB, Mt. Lebanon PA

Posted by: HLBeckPE | August 27, 2008 10:20 AM | Report abuse

Prime example of why this country's democracy is a pathetic joke, due mostly to the ignorant, arrogant and plain stupid american voter. Oh yeah, americans hate pork, unless it's coming to them. Oh yeah, americans hate political corruption...unless it's their guy who is a lying, thieving criminal, or their party that's destroying the country. What a nauseating electorate. Party over results at all costs. Dopes.

Posted by: CSD | August 27, 2008 10:40 AM | Report abuse

Republicans are an awfully stupid bunch.

Wah, wah... the price of gas! Wah, wah... too much pork! Wah, wah... we hate lobbyists!

But when it comes voting time, they pull the lever for the guy who's palms are greased by all they claim to hate, pulling in pork, kickbacks and bribes by the fistful.

Conclusion: stupidity. Upshot: we now have proof.

Posted by: Ricardo Malocchio | August 27, 2008 11:02 AM | Report abuse

Whle there is talk about the country being most important and not wanting pork barrel politics, when all is said and done voters in all states often reward the politicians, like Stevens, who can bring home the bacon. This happens across party lines and in many countries. It's still a shame.

Posted by: sutter | August 27, 2008 11:22 AM | Report abuse

If Young wins we should give Alaska back to Russia.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 27, 2008 12:10 PM | Report abuse

The Republicans are a bunch of criminals.

Posted by: mnjam | August 27, 2008 12:10 PM | Report abuse

I agree, Republicans have once again demonstrated that corruption/dishonesty and thievery works. After all someone would have benefitted from the "Bridge to nowhere". And the money didn't leave Alaska, even after the great revelation.
I am more interested in the gold rush. Did Alaskan voters destroy the last decent Salmon fisheries in order to dig gold?

Posted by: CarmanK | August 27, 2008 12:10 PM | Report abuse

Looks like Alaska has their very own version of DC's Marion Barry.

Posted by: Alan | August 27, 2008 12:15 PM | Report abuse

If Mr. Stevens wins 88% of the Republican primary and strives to get repositioned then we have truly lost our Republic. Where are the patriots of America? How can we as a nation allow these folks to continue their charade? Mr. Stevens we are watching you very closely.

Posted by: timbrusky1 | August 27, 2008 12:37 PM | Report abuse

Why wouldn't Alaskans reelect the crook? He is THEIR crook. The people won't care what Stevens does as long as he brings home the pork to Alaska. He can still deliver so the people will keep voting for him. I don't like it, but that's how it is.

Posted by: Jimbo | August 27, 2008 1:08 PM | Report abuse

Re-electing Stevens is like re-electing mayor Barry in DC or Mayor Naggins in New Orleans. That Detroit mayor could probably win again too. And tell us about the Chicago and Texas political history electing LBJ and the great society(using our taxes to create democrats) which we are still paying for.
Come on, brag.

Posted by: Jack Kinch (1uncle) | August 27, 2008 1:16 PM | Report abuse

New Stevens bumpersticker, "At least he doesn't play footsie in the bathroom"

Posted by: Big Walt | August 27, 2008 1:17 PM | Report abuse

Stevens has gone down in history as another corrupt, bought-and-paid-for politician.

Like all republicans in office.

Why don't you guys find an honest man for office?

Posted by: JBE | August 27, 2008 1:19 PM | Report abuse

How sad the people of Alaska haven't learned by not defeating this crook in the primary. They deserve whatever they get.
Shame, shame, shame.

Posted by: vegasgirl | August 27, 2008 1:21 PM | Report abuse

After reading all of your comments on here Alaska is not as corrupt or stupid as many of you are. Senator Stevens is not guilty till proven so. Bill Allen the individual that is saying Stevens accepted these gifts will say anything to keep his butt out of jail. Bill Allen was caught on video bribing State legislators. He had his trial and was found guilty. All they have to show for Ted Stevens is a couple e-mails and Bill Allen's testimony. Bill Allen is yet to be sentenced or incarcerated because he is singing like a bird and the Government wants to show they are doing something about corruption. So lets find a state that has just under 700,000 people in it and show everyone how corrupt we are. Lets be for real here. There is more corruption in Washington DC than there is in Alaska.

The alleged $250,000.00 as a gift could have torn down Senator Stevens home and built a new one. You also don't mention the amount of money that the Senator paid out of pocket for the renovation.

As for pork barrel projects lets discuss some of them. The bridge to no where in Ketchican. The bridge to no where would take care of some residents that resides on that island but the biggest reason for the bridge is to connect the airport to the town. The airport is accessed by using a ferry. This entails you taking a cab to the city side of the channel. Carrying your luggage to the ferry down a steep hill. Cross the channel on the ferry and then climb up a long steep hill with your luggage in hand. How many of you can carry all your luggage about 1 mile up and down hills?

Now lets talk about some of the native villages in western Alaska. Everyone on this site how many of you have ever been in an Alaskan native village? I could probably venture to say none of you. Some of these villages do not have the things you take for granted like running water, flushing toilets, and reliable electricity. How many of you know what a honey bucket is? That is a bucket you use to crap in. Then you dispose of it. Senator Stevens pork goes to getting these people sewage facilities, water wells and access to airports because there aren't any roads to western Alaska. Everyone has to fly in to Anchorage or Fairbanks for medical care or to shop. You will send money to third world nations but don't want to spend a dime for Americans on American soil that live in conditions like a third world nation.

What about corruption in the lower 48 states. Massachusetts still votes for Ted Kennedy the man who killed his lover by drowning her and not reporting the accident for 8 hours or more. Money talked in that scenario. You see I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I still remember how he got away with it. Never mind the "BIG DIG". I flew in for 20 years to Boston to visit family and what a joke that is. Talk about bribes and pay offs. The ceiling tiles fall from the ceiling have killed a motorist. Give me a break folks. That job made many people wealthy.

Lets see, Washington DC has a major crack problem. Seems they can't keep it out of the government. Talk about a cesspool the nations capital you can't walk around and feel safe. What a shame.

How about Louisiana? None of our folks kept $100K in our freezer.

You want to talk about corruption we are at least doing something about it. How about you? Think your politicians are clean? Where do you think our hicks learned it from? Most of the residents of the state of Alaska left from some other state to get away from your corruption. Too bad they also bring your bad habits and want to impose them on us that cherish the independent spirit and aren't looking to the Government to do our thinking for us such as the case in Katrina. Why would so many people expect the Government to evacuate them? What happened to taking responsibility for your own safety?

Lets talk about fuel prices. How many of you are paying close to $8.00 a gallon for home heating fuel? That is what the villages are paying. I fueled my diesel truck the other day in Anchorage since I live near the city. Yeah I drive a BIG BAD SUV that gets 19 MPG. Not bad considering it is a Ford Excursion. I paid $5.15 per gallon. Now we are a state filthy rich with oil but we pay higher prices than you do for fuel. It isn't because of taxes either. It is called supply and demand.

Alaska is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a state this year. Many of us feel that you in the lower 48 have locked up most of the state by designating areas such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Do any of you know how big ANWR is? It is bigger than the State of West Virginia. 19.5 million acres people. When you talk about oil development in ANWR you are talking 2000 acres. That is smaller than the size of most major airports. The caribou don't mind the oil facilities as they tend to gravitate to them to get away from the black flies and mosquitoes. But of course none of you would know but you sure do have an opinion.

So before you folks start throwing stones maybe you should clean up your own cesspool and do your own research into issues that will provide jobs not only for Alaskans but for the lower 48 too. Don't believe all you hear and see on TV as it is being manipulated to show a point of view they want you to embrace.

Posted by: Debbie Miller | August 27, 2008 1:30 PM | Report abuse

Man... the Pubbies aren't even pretending to have a moral center anymore, are they?

Posted by: Schadenfreude | August 27, 2008 2:10 PM | Report abuse

This go's to show how corruption and Republicans are one and the same...UN-FLIPPING BELIEVABLE! If Stevens were a Democrat, even if he was innocent, he would not have been voted in to office, THE SCANDAL ALONE WOULD HAVE DONE HIM IN.....



Posted by: nallcando | August 27, 2008 2:12 PM | Report abuse

Teflon Don Young is ahead by 154 votes with 6 bush precincts left to be counted. When all votes are counted Don Young will be the clear winner!

If Don Young had been indicted like Uncle Ted, Teflon Don would have easily won by a landslide!

From Sterling, Alaska 10:40 am Alaska Daylight time and 2:40 pm Washington D.C. time.

Posted by: Bill and Samon Arnold | August 27, 2008 2:32 PM | Report abuse

Debbie Miller: Nice try on your part to defend the indefensible. Too bad we're not buying it.
No one here is defending the other projects in the lower 48 you bring up. The issue here is the fact that decrepit crook, Stevens, won the primary.
And please quit with your "we're so misunderstood" line, especially on natural resources. That's not YOUR land, madam. It belongs to ALL of us. And most of us do not want to see ANWR despoiled. Deal with it.
If you want to continue to elect morally bankrupt people to Congress, fine. Go ahead. You're only contuning the cycle of corruption that doesn't do damn thing to improve your state or your nation.

Posted by: vegasgirl | August 27, 2008 2:34 PM | Report abuse

Let 'em put up whoever they want, the Republicans are going to get their butts kicked in November. In Alaska just like in the lower 48.

Posted by: thebob.bob | August 27, 2008 2:34 PM | Report abuse

Thank you, Debbie Miller, for expressing the views of Alaskans so concisely. As I read all these comments out loud to my co-workers this morning, your arguments echo all that we were saying. So, again, thank you!

Posted by: Erin | August 27, 2008 3:53 PM | Report abuse

Remember that some of those Alaskans who voted for Don Young and Ted Stevens might not be the dummies you think they are. Young doesn't stand a chance in the general election against Berkowitz. Parnell does stand a chance. So who would be the better candidate if you want Berkowitz to win? Same thing with Stevens, but there was no real competition against him (couldn't bring myself to actually vote for him though, voted for some guy with a really cool accent instead). I count 4 family members and 3 co-workers whom did the same thing in a quick informal poll.

Posted by: Alaskan | August 27, 2008 6:52 PM | Report abuse

Hey VegasGirl:

1. The majority of Americans want to see ANWR developed. The rest have no idea where it is or what is all about - if they did, they'd be in favor of drilling in the godforsaken wasteland, too.

2. Stevens hasn't been convicted of anything yet. Don't be surprised if all or most of the case is tossed out of court.

3. The supposed $250,000 gifts added - according to tax assessments - $120,000 in value and Stevens paid - surprise! - $130,000 in where's the money? Where are all these gifts he didn't report?

Posted by: JimAK | August 27, 2008 10:08 PM | Report abuse

Thank you Debbie Miller. Another important point is that the Alaska Statehood Act, signed into law by President Eisenhower, required Alaska to be self-reliant and gave Alaska the authority to manage its resources. However, the federal government broke the compact. If it weren't for Senator Stevens, an honorable man, this state would not have an infrastructure. As Ms. Miller noted, we don't have much in the way of roads, nor do we have 20th century living conditions in some villages still. Sewage is a problem when the ground is frozen. Where do you put it? Then it thaws.

Posted by: 3dorganizer | August 27, 2008 10:26 PM | Report abuse

Thoughtful post justifying pork from the defensive Alaskan. I like pork too--just like the former Senator Allen....joke! The biggest problem with Stevens isn't that he's a crook--that's just like saying he's a politician. It's that he's a war-mongering, torture-supporting, habeus-corpus destroying fascist crook. In 2005 on Vote 249: H R 2863, which tried to ban torture, he voted against the majority of both Republicans and Democrats. He's pro-effing torture. Kick him out, please!

Posted by: Will | August 27, 2008 10:43 PM | Report abuse

Another Republican, another felon. How is this news?

Posted by: jad | August 27, 2008 10:44 PM | Report abuse

I'd like to know when "Frank the Bank" will be indicted ... then it's party time !

Posted by: willy | August 27, 2008 10:48 PM | Report abuse

Um...what about innocence before being proven guilty. It would sure suck to be you if someone spread lies about you, resulting in trumped up charges. Let Stevens have his day in court. That's how the rest of us would want it.

Posted by: andy | August 27, 2008 11:22 PM | Report abuse

Sen Steven opponent was his real estate agent on federal funded projects and local media is not investigating Mayor Mark Begich complicity in Sen Steven's profits

Posted by: Anonymous | August 27, 2008 11:39 PM | Report abuse

vegasgirl"That's not YOUR land, madam. It belongs to ALL of us. And most of us do not want to see ANWR despoiled. Deal with it.
If you want to continue to elect morally bankrupt people to Congress, fine. Go ahead. You're only contuning the cycle of corruption that doesn't do damn thing to improve your state or your nation.
". You are ignorant and illiterate. It's spelled "continuing". You appear stupid when you have an opinion but cannot spell. FYI BTW DFTBA

Posted by: snead | August 27, 2008 11:49 PM | Report abuse

Go Debbie -- well said. Folks whom have never lived in Alaska can never understand the undertaking to bring a state, which has been part of the Union for less than 50 years, up to the same standard of living as the lower 49.

I have been to those Alaskan villages...from the Aleutian Islands, to the interior to the North Slope, to the Panhandle and the South Central...there aren't power lines nor roads connecting all of the communities. But there is something more important that connects all Alaskans...a fierce personal independence and a tremendous sense of loyalty and friendship. We help each other out and stand by each a storm, we stand by each other. And we truly understand "innocent until proven guilty."

Posted by: Alaskan and Proud of It! | August 28, 2008 12:12 AM | Report abuse

Republicans sure know how to pick 'em. They know he is a a crook and STILL nominate him. Tells you alot about Republican values.

Posted by: Cal | August 28, 2008 12:18 AM | Report abuse

I just have one thing to say. I voted for candidates other then Stevens and Young, but everyone needs to realize that these men are not thieves, crooks, or any of the above. They deserve a trial just like me and every other American, Innocent until proven guilty. If they are thieves and crooks we will find out in court, until then, they are innocent. If you got a problem with earmarks change the system.

Posted by: Ron Warner | August 28, 2008 12:44 AM | Report abuse

Water seeks its own level. A thief like Stevens gets the vote of the Repugnantcans. 'Nuff said !

Posted by: thorninurside | August 28, 2008 12:47 AM | Report abuse

Stevens should get together with Larry Craig from "Republican" Idaho. He has recently came up with a new campaign slogan; Put a Spud in your pud. Maybe Stevens could come up with something like; Got bail? Or Wanna see my new tatoos? The "Republican" Alaska gets what they deserve. Oh, don't forget Duke Cunningham, another staunch "republican". If I was still a republican, I'd be kinda bummed that Stevens, probably speaking chest deep from his pork barrel jacuzzi bought by dirty money, is so proud to be Republican. Am I missing something here, or is the GOP supposed to be the God fearing, party of Jesus?

Posted by: James Patterson | August 28, 2008 12:55 AM | Report abuse

Capone 1 You are quite mistaken.

I'm a Republican and will vote for anyone other than Young and Stevens.

Young will lose all the votes that went to Parnell, which will go to Bercowitz in November.... if he beats Parnell by the slimmest of votes.

Stevens is in the same boat. The third of the voters that didn't vote for Stevens, will vote for Mark Begich just to get rid of the Arrogant Corrupt old man.

These two candidates have made one huge mistake with their corruption charges. We are sick of this garbage.

Begich ,Parnell, and Berkowitz have another thing going for them.......people actually like them. They aren't old badgering bullies.....telling you to vote for them or else.

They actually ask for your vote. What a concept. they aren't an immaculate conception in their own minds.

Posted by: Steven Wilson | August 28, 2008 1:16 AM | Report abuse

These guys are gone. There are only voters hanging on, because they can't fathom voting for someone who will have no standing in the Senate or Congress any longer. They also don't want a pro abortion candidate.

To many Republicans are very upset with these cads and their corruption. Anyone with a brain, knows that Steven's and Young are both corrupt. They got caught in the cookie jar stealing again.

While Democrats will shut down any oil development in Alaska over bogus environmental reasons.....I'm tired of hoping for sound reasoning from Democrats anymore.

If everyone has to walk to work because fuel prices are unaffordable....then so be it. We don't have to supply the United States with oil or natural gas. It can just sit there while our money flows to the Middle East.

Stevens and Young are can count on that. I'm sick of them.

A chicken could win the race against them if you ran him in the November election.

Posted by: Steven Wilson | August 28, 2008 1:29 AM | Report abuse

I like the way Republicans can insist that we pay attention to a lot of unfounded, unproven, and even delusional allegations about Obama, but they have no problem re-nominating an actual indicted felon for the U.S. Senate.

Think about that the next time a Republican starts raising issues of morality and law with you. Then ask them, "Hey, so what's up with that Larry Craig guy?"

Posted by: drossless | August 28, 2008 1:31 AM | Report abuse

These charges against Stevens were not just brought up on some whim. I was talking to a lawyer in Anchorage about this very issue last year. He straight up told me, the Feds wouldn't bring any charges if they wouldn't hold up in court.
He stated that Stevens would ruin your career if these charges against him didn't stand up in court. No one in his right mind would bring an indictment unless it was absolutely bullet proof.

We can all hold hands and say he hasn't been proven guilty.......but why should I lie to myself?

By the way.....The Feds can listen to all your conversations from your cell phone when it is turned off. They pick up the microwave signal and can listen to everything you are saying. The phone (does not) have to be turned on.

The only way to stop this is by taking the phones batteries and components out of it.

The feds have these clowns dead to rights.
They don't take on one of the strongest Senators in the United States without an iron clad case. If you believe are the idiot.

Stevens and Young did a lot of good before they got caught though.We can disagree on that.

Posted by: Steven Wilson | August 28, 2008 1:44 AM | Report abuse

We have plenty of Caribou farming in the near future. Oil will become a secondary thing when protecting the Polar Bears, and Musk Ox, from blood sucking parasites such as the Alaskan Mosquito.

The lower 48 will live on without petroleum""Walk"'....and life will be peaceful and free.

Of course...the combines won't have fuel to bring the crops in. We are thinking about manufacturing shovels for our friends to farm in the lower 48. Farming will be a lucrative job in your future survival.

Lets shut down the oil taps and go back to colonial farming practices. Obama can run his campaign on that promise, from the Democratic party. It will most certainly sound nostalgic, and fun for everyone involved.

America's legacy without oil.....dirt farmers. But hey.....I like farming...I enjoy it. Go Obama!

Posted by: Steven Wilson | August 28, 2008 1:59 AM | Report abuse

I am an Alaskan who voted for Stevens and Young. Why? Because both have dedicated their lives to making the best choices to help their Alaskan constituents get the most from the federal taxes they pay. Why wouldn’t they continue to be reelected?
More importantly, why are democrats and the news media upset with the Alaska primary results? Answer: They want increased liberal control of congress and, more grievously, because they have abandoned a fundamental principal of human rights i.e., you are innocent until proven guilty. (Unless, of course, you are a liberal: Remember Clinton lying about an intern and a cigar?)
Do you also remember the Duke Lacrosse players? Stevens and Young became members of their team as non-voluntary draft picks. The young lacrosse players, accused of rape, waited nearly a year for the truth to prevail before they finally got justice. Older statesmen (but still as vital as a college athletes), Stevens and Young don’t have that long a time for justice to prevail because they were (and are) in an election battle. First, they had to counter their “unnamed” and thus anonymous government accusers without the benefit of a timely trial by jury, directly to the jury of public opinion in a primary election. Their day in “court” was last Tuesday when they were acquitted by Alaskans voters.
I expect they will both be reelected to their current positions in November which will be good for Alaska and our country.

Posted by: Edward Morgan | August 28, 2008 2:12 AM | Report abuse

Sorry Debbie, I am not buying the bridge to nowhere explanation...bridges don't cost $220+ million...much cheaper to hire someone to carry your bags for you.

Posted by: Edward | August 28, 2008 2:34 AM | Report abuse

Stevens and Young have been ripping off taxpayers in the other 49 states for decades. I don't know about Young but I believe Sen. Stevens may not have personally benefited very much financially from what can only be described as thievery on a grandscale.

He does his "good works" for Alaska for the heady thrill of power. When you get down to it he is a petty little man with an oversized ego who gets his kicks from getting away with anything he can. Not millions. Not so much in hidden cash. Just a few kickbacks here and there for building materials and work on his property. This sorry specimen has placed himself above the law because many Alaskans look the other way and vote for him no matter what. It wouldn't be so bad if he stole millions for himself. That I could understand. But, he's just a petty piker, vengeful, nasty and for many years unfit to hold high office---or I guess any office where integrity is required.

Posted by: sy astounded . | August 28, 2008 2:38 AM | Report abuse

These guys are getting voted out of office.
Don't kid yourself. To many people are upset with them.

I don't give either of them a chance in Hades of being re-elected.

Of course I am a Republican realist. I see the water coming into the Titanic. Time to get on the life boat.

Posted by: Steven Wilson | August 28, 2008 3:13 AM | Report abuse

I know it's hard for average Americans to keep track of the endless stream of Republican perverts, criminals, and scandals.

So as a public service, republicanoffenders (website) provides a long, long, long list of Republican criminals from the past ten years...nicely organized by category: Drugs/Prostitution, Corruption/Bribery, Rape, Lewd Conduct, Assorted Felonies, Fraud/Embezzlement etc etc etc...and a ridiculously huge section on Pedophiles, as would be expected.

Looks like only about 400 or so Republicans it's obviously a work in progress.

Posted by: wilder5121 | August 28, 2008 4:38 AM | Report abuse

This is a sad time. Us Texas people were proud to have produced more crooked politicians than any other State. Now Alaska is about to catch up with us
If we could only adopt John McCain it might put us back into the running.

Posted by: Westexacan | August 28, 2008 8:51 AM | Report abuse

what the stupid voter looks for in a 'canidate' is someone like 'hisself' a buffoon, an idiot and possibly a criminal. How else could any rational person explain the re-election of the frat-boy? And this is no different. It is not the monopoly of the rebups either...anyone remember Dan Rostenkowski? These criminals get re-elected by stupid voters and when finally they go to jail, they write books! Rostenkowski actually taught a class on ethics AFTER he got out of jail. Hahahahah-a good example of Satan quoting Scripture! The Repubs may get what they deserve, but the rest of us have to suffer too! REMEMBER in a dictatorship the civilian pop is innocent. In a DemoCracy, the civilian population is just as guilty of the crimes their govt commits!

Posted by: yard80197 | August 28, 2008 9:37 AM | Report abuse

Debbie Miller, thank you for all the information which just proves how some voters in Alaska and other states are so self centered and just as corrupt as some of these politicans. You have certainly laid out an excellant case which would make you guilty in a court of law.
Your comments have forgotten the best principle of life. "Just because other do it, it does not make it right".

Posted by: Gordie | August 28, 2008 11:29 AM | Report abuse

I saw smarter moose while on vacation in Alaska than those R's who voted for Stevens!

Posted by: Dave, Allentown | August 28, 2008 12:36 PM | Report abuse

A. I can still serve.

We're talking about a provision that requires me to disclose gifts. And I'm saying I did not receive those gifts. I've pleaded not guilty.

(To a Daily News reporter): Your paper sort of continues to presume I'm guilty. Your questions presume I'm guilty. Why don't you be an Alaskan, and presume I'm innocent until someone proves that. OK?

Posted by: JimAK | August 28, 2008 12:59 PM | Report abuse

Many Alaskans have an inherent distrust for the Federal government, so it's not all that surprising they would be able to continue to vote for someone under investigation for that kind of corruption. Besides, in many ways, it's in their best interest to keep the kind of seniority in Washington that Stevens and Young embody. And with no major opposition to Stevens in his primary race, he was a safe bet for renomination.

Posted by: Budikavlan | August 28, 2008 1:39 PM | Report abuse

Please consider this perspective, from yet another Alaskan.

1. So many of us Alaskans talk about our "fierce independent spirit", etc., as did the lady above. It's a lie folks. We are hypocrites. We don't want the rest of the country telling us what to do; we don't want the local governments here zoning our land; and we don't want the darned environmentalists closing off ANWR; but we sure as heck like our government handouts because....whine...we've only been a state for 50 years and we gotta catch up. Please, America, give us some more subsidies. Please, Exxon, we need more corporate handouts as well.

Yes, we are the most hypocritical state in the union.

2. The bridge to nowhere in Ketchikan is just that. And thankfully there are plenty of folks with common sense that will stop it. Our leaders in Ketchikan are fools (I live here). The town is a dump, we've sold our souls to the cruise ship industry, and we want a bridge that will ultimately cost half a billion dollars because the ferry ain't good enough for us any longer? Please. Give us some more handouts so we can run into our dirty bars, smoke plenty of cigs, cavort with our local corrupt politicians, and destroy Gravina Island, where the bridge is supposedly headed. (By the way, America, did you know you have already paid 40 million for a 3.2 mile road to this imaginary bridge that is already being built?)

3. We 'independent' Alaskans should focus on a few other things before whining about how our handouts aren't big enough, how you folks down south in the lower 48 won't let us rape and pillage our land, etc.

a. we should clean up our darn yards and paint our houses. Ketchikan is a dump, in part, because those of us that own private parcels don't have the gumption to take care of it. Maybe then the local government will actually clean up the public parts of this town. Similarly, most of the rest of the state's communities are dumps for the same reason. Why we trash one of the most gorgeous and rare regions of the planet is a mystery to me, but we do.

b. stop voting for those people on the local, state, and national levels that enable our bad behavior. we need to take real responsibility for ourselves before running to Exxon, BP, and congress for more handouts because we need jobs, or a road off the island we live on, or whatever. Clean our yards, pay attention to the kids we neglect, run ourselves for local know, common sense solutions to our everyday problems.

c. stop destroying our backyard so we can make a quick buck. pay attention to the salmon runs, and what makes them sustainable. stop clearcutting the Tongass and other state forest areas so the gorgeous areas surrounding our dumpy towns don't suck as well.

d. grab a dictionary and look up the word 'independent', and get some backbone. Alaska could be the greatest place on earth, and our home here could be fantastic and perpetual for future generations if we could find a little backbone in ourselves to do for ourselves and help our neighbors besides.

with love from Ketchikan.

Posted by: Another Alaskan Perspective | August 28, 2008 3:33 PM | Report abuse

Get ready to take it in the rear America!

Posted by: Harry Reid | August 28, 2008 4:37 PM | Report abuse

i'm sorry but I have to take offense at all of this. I'm an alaskan. I've never voted for Ted Stevens, but I nevertheless appreciate the enormous role he has played in keeping our state going both politically and economically since before statehood. This is not nixon. This is not mob infiltration. this is not iran-contra. This is not gotham city. this is an ancient man who forgot to report gifts from Veco. I say, shame on him for such foolish action. But dont call him a thief and don't call us a pack of hypocritical morons. thank you.

Posted by: Desmond | August 28, 2008 4:44 PM | Report abuse

Young is now ahead by 151 votes with some of 4,000 absentee Republican ballots yet to be counted, and questioned ballots likewise. Young dispatched one of his staffers in 2000 to participate in the Florida elections riot to stop the count. Perhaps he'll get the idea and make sure no one has unaccompanied access to the uncounted ballots and that the counters are monitored. After all, they work for his opponent.

Posted by: Frank | August 28, 2008 11:56 PM | Report abuse

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