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GOP Candidate Speeches Scrapped

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- While much of the attention Monday was on Hurricane Gustav and the cancellation of appearances here by President Bush and Vice President Cheney, a handful of prominent Republican congressional candidates also lost their chances to speak when the convention schedule was altered.

The original schedule for today included several current lawmakers as well as National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) and five GOP House candidates: Rick Goddard (Georgia's 8th district), Erik Paulsen (Minnesota's 3rd district), Chris Hackett (Pennsylvania's 10th district), Jay Love (Alabama's 2nd district) and Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming-At Large).

The appearances were to take place during the day, certainly not during the prime-time network broadcasts and likely not on any cable news networks either. Only the attendees here at the convention and C-SPAN viewers would have had the chance to see the candidates' brief moments in the sun.

Still, the national platform afforded by the convention could have provided the hopefuls with a boost, particularly since so many big Republican donors are here in St. Paul and might have cracked open their wallets after catching the speeches. Most GOP candidates in heated races seem to have skipped the convention altogether, since they need the time on the campaign trail and, as the person who approves Capitol Briefing's expense report will attest, a trip here to the Twin Cities this week is definitely not cheap.

Democrats were more fortunate last week, as several of the party's top candidates appeared on the Denver stage on Tuesday.

By Ben Pershing  |  September 1, 2008; 4:15 PM ET
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How the politicians can kill you by legal power

I was called to the local police station the second time, a couple of days ago.
Both times because of my e-mails, that I wrote in the last years to a lot of
addresses , asking for help. This is almost the only answer to my numerous
proofs of the facts, that I try to explain all the time. They show without
any doubt that the Croatian Government took everything away from me –
beside my property and family, also all the documents that prove that I exist
and am right. . ( certificates of schooling, all documents about my work in
Croatia and of the undertaking I owned at that time, and more). The documents
are probably still at the Croatian court and Police, and I don't see a way
anymore to get them back. The conflict with the Croatian Government is going on
for 14 years.
Without all the documents I am not able even to try starting a normal life in
Slovenija, where I live now ( or anywhere else). I can practically do anything
more now. And I have tried everything… I asked the Croatian Government to
settle the problem, other institutions there too, the President of EC, European
comissionars , politicians, lawers, Interpol, even President Bush and a number
of other different organizations.

Whoever has read my letters in the net knows, in what need I am now and what are
my charges against Croatia.
O don't ask anything impossible. I' only asking for my documents and at least a
part of the money which should I get already years ago. I only want them to
enable me to survive the next few years. I'm only a shaddow of the man I used
to be and have a load of deabts. I had to borrow money for medical treatments,
lawers and other things relating to the conflict with Croatian Government.


SLOVENIA, 04.03.2008

Strasbourg, 09.11.2005 ---------
Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 -------------

As an EU citizien I`m fileing charges for:

1. Attempted murder (which is going on for 11 years),-14 years !!!

2. Torture and stealing all of the human rights (11 years),-14 years !!!

against present and former leaders of Croatia.

I place the charges to this institution with a request to send it to public
prosecuters of the members of EU.

I`m stating the accused person:

1. Mr. Stjepan Mesic - president of Croatia,
2. Mr. Mladen Bajic - state I.,
3. Mr. Ivo Sanader -prime minister,
4. Mr. Nikica Valentic - ex prime min.,
5. Mr. Bozo Prka - ex. minister

Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 - SLOVENIA 04. 03. 2008

Franjo Egri

Posted by: feniks13 | September 2, 2008 9:40 AM | Report abuse

Dear Mr. Pershing,

Show some balls and write an article about the following comment.

For uncensored news please bookmark:

One out of five Colorado voters purged from voter registration
Outcome of 2008 election likely to be skewed by unethical tactics

Steal Back Your Vote!

By David O. Williams

August 27, 2008 — Robert Kennedy Jr. had a pretty good excuse for skipping his scheduled appearance with investigative journalist Greg Palast to promote their latest project, “Steal Back Your Vote” — a report on voting irregularities and fraud in the 2008 election.

Palast, speaking at the Progressive Democrats of America gathering at a downtown Denver church during the DNC Tuesday, excused Kennedy’s absence to be with his uncle, Monday’s inspirational surprise speaker Sen. Ted Kennedy, and introduced a surprise replacement of his own, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.
Progressive investigative journalist Goodman asked a delegate to hold up a goody bag with sponsor logo from AT&T on one side and decried the influence of big corporate money on the modern American political process.

She talked about trying to get into a delegate gathering at Mile High Stadium Monday and being denied access by towering security guards. Goodman said delegates at a corporate party are in training for just how skewed by campaign contributions politics in America have become, and added that there can be no good reasons to keep the press out, only bad ones.

“When you’ve got money saturating politics, and even if you care deeply about the public good, you’ve got to see where the money is and that’s what this is about every four years,” Goodman said. “It’s about teaching (budding politicians) big-money politics.”

Goodman said AT&T’s sponsorship of the DNC is the Democrats’ reward for refusing to block a bill several weeks ago giving telecom companies retroactive immunity for facilitating domestic spying by the feds. She also urged support of independent media during both parties’ political conventions in order to limit and expose excesses by police against protesters in Denver and Minnesota.

Palast took back the microphone to talk up his project with Kennedy, which will be the subject of a feature in a major national magazine next month and which also will be released as a 24-page comic-book-style PDF illustrated by three top political cartoonists. The report will be available on the Web site

Palast said former Colorado Secretary of State Donetta Davidson has made the state the epicenter of the rampant practice of purging voter registration lists for alleged irregularities — a tactic now even more en vogue in the wake of new legislation backed by the Bush administration.

“Now under the Help America Vote Act the entire nation is Floridated, but the champ, [former Florida Secretary of State] Katherine Harris, ain’t got nothing on Colorado,” Palast said. “We’re sitting at purge ground zero. The reason that there’s a convention here is this is a swing state where Democrats are piling in, tens of thousands of new voters in Colorado at the top of the bucket, but at the bottom of the bucket the spread sheets are going (poof).

“What’s happening? Donetta Davidson, who had been secretary of state in the state of Colorado, removed 19.4 percent — one out of five voters in the state of Colorado, she removed their names. And what happens to Davidson as a result of this? The answer is George Bush made her head of the brand new Election Assistance Commission, where she can train all 50 secretaries of state in her purging ways. In fact, President Bush, instead of calling her chairwoman of the EAC, was going to call her the Purging General.”

Posted by: che | September 2, 2008 10:34 AM | Report abuse

Wonder why Guiliani is bumped off from schedule of RNC convention tonight?

Is it because of his infamous general practice of questionable 'sweetheart exchange deals' that may be illegitimate and or criminal?

For example, it is alleged that during the 90's, NYC Mayor Guiliani lessened felons' jail times in exchange for crimes committed on his behalf without public scrutiny or suspect while he enjoyed the publicity of crimefighter.

Did anyone hear whether his protege Bernard Kerik, ex-NYPD commissioner got 140 years of jail time for his mob-related activities?

Will ex-mayor Guiliani get Kerik to commit one of his own crimes/murders in exchange to lessen Kerik's 140 years of jail time?

If so, wonder which opponent is Guiliani targeting today and how? Car tampering and accident? A gun shot? Food tampering?

And would Kerik utilize his mob ties to do it?

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 2:16 PM | Report abuse

You can put crap in a fancy bag or a plain bag, a pink bag or a blue bag, but it's still a bag of crap.

Posted by: This just in | September 2, 2008 3:21 PM | Report abuse

The Republicans should scrap the candidates along with the speeches! They are both so crooked that when they die, they will have to be screwed into the ground! The only chance for a Republican victory in November, is for them to steal, yet again, another election. It's my belief that if something like that happens, things will get real ugly!

Posted by: ChingarraSan | September 2, 2008 3:51 PM | Report abuse

The Republicans should scrap the candidates along with the speeches! They are both so crooked that when they die, they will have to be screwed into the ground! The only chance for a Republican victory in November, is for them to steal, yet again, another election. It's my belief that if something like that happens, things will get real ugly!

Posted by: ChingarraSan | September 2, 2008 3:52 PM | Report abuse

In Effect, There Is Virtually No Candidate
Increase Decrease

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 2, 2008

The inside information is, contrary to anything different that only foolish people might believe, both putative Presidential candidates are now doing nothing as much as losing the general election. The voters are panicked by the state of the economy, on which neither of the two has a clue, or is likely to ever discover a clue.

Unless Vice-President Cheney can start World War III very soon, in which case neither Obama or McCain would ever be President. The situation right now, is that the election could be called off, while the nation operates under an unelected "emergency government," for the duration of the presently onrushing global, economic breakdown-crisis.

The only leading issue on the electorate's mind is the plunging state of the U.S. and European economies, which means that Obama's constituency as November approaches, will be, basically, the serried ranks of some Buppies and Boomers, that is, if the chain is not pulled on Obama, as has been expected, by some time during September-October.

Meanwhile, Senator McCain's virtual breakdown in accepting the Governor of Alaska as a stand-in for the Senator Lieberman whom he really wanted, combined with the effect of several factors on the Obama candidacy, means, that, as of this moment, it is probable that neither will be a standing candidate come November. Gustav came as a welcome excuse for many Republicans' non- attendance at this week's opening of the nominating convention. Of course, nothing is certain, except chaos, unless we become lucky and get an option I would prefer.

British thuggery pushed Hillary out, but it also wrecked the Democratic Party's likelihood of winning the election.

The problem is not limited to the intellctual incompetence of the two Presidential candidates. In effect, letting the British (e.g., Rohatyn, Soros) steer muddleheaded Nancy Pelosi into virtually shutting down the U.S. Congress for most of the past two years, and eliminating the only leading pre-Presidential candidate who has shown the ability to think like an actual President, the U.S.A. does not have the prospect of an actually functioning, properly elected President assuming office come January.

It is the reigning Federal political system, in the Executive Branch, and the leadership of both branches of the Federal legislature, together with the leading press, which are responsible for the general breakdown of the Federal political system at this time.

I am not proposing that that will be the situation come November election-day. In a situation like the present global financial and strategic crisis, the candidates nominated by the time the Republican conventions ends, may not be candidates when election-day arrives. Past Labor Day, the fact of the incompetence of the present top leaders in the Congress, the candidates, and the major press, will have begun to kick in.

You can nominate a zero, but no sane person would ever believe for long, that it was actually our President. So, Gustav saved many leading Republicans from disgusting themselves by attending the Republican nominating convention. As things stand now, the name of the next President of the U.S.A. might turn out to have been "None of the Above."

As usual, when I am abroad for a few weeks, there has been a bit of an emotional breakdown in places such as Leesburg. Don't let that discourage you; it happens regularly, and we have always survived such fits by the usual suspects before. In the meantime, we shall continue to do our job, and pay little attention to the perenniel gaggle of silly gossips.

Many things are about to change, and that more or less profoundly, very, very soon.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 2, 2008 9:34 PM | Report abuse

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