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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 06/16/2006

The Best Celeb Best (or Worst) Ever?

By Liz Kelly

There's nothing I like better than a meaningless honor given to a celebrity. No, I'm not talking about an Academy Award or a Barbara Walters interview. Set your sights even lower: I'm talking about the growing array of "Bests" and "Worsts" that seem to be announced on an almost daily basis. It's not only People magazine's "Most Beautiful" list or Mr. Blackwell's "Worst Dressed" anymore.

Every day we are treated to new -- and increasingly idiotic -- honors hurled at the feet of celebrity. Announced with all the weight of a transparent play for attention by the publication or group bestowing the honors, they are nevertheless entertaining.

Just this week we've had a flurry of them:

-- Tom Cruise named the "Most Powerful Celebrity" by Forbes magazine.

-- Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise named "Most Affectionate Couple" in a survey from In Touch Weekly.

-- Brad Pitt named "Best Celebrity Dad" in a Father's Day poll from Life & Style Weekly.

-- Keith Urban named "Sexiest Man" by magazine Country Weekly.

-- Jay Leno and Condi Rice came out on top when Esquire magazine asked their male readership who they would most like to invite to dinner.

Other celebrity bests in recent months: best mum, best breasts, best lips, worst mum/dad -- the list is endless. There's got to be room for one more, right?

But we need to give this some thought. Or you do. What honor can Celebritology bestow on some unsuspecting star each year -- Best hair? Most idiotic turn of phrase? Best candidate for a reality show? Most fake (insert body part here)?

Submit your ideas in the comments thread. I'll choose the best idea and next week we'll vote to honor one lucky (or not) celeb with the title.

By Liz Kelly  | June 16, 2006; 10:43 AM ET
Categories:  Celebrities, Miscellaneous  
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Best Transparent Ploy for Publicity. The field is endless.

Posted by: KiKi | June 16, 2006 11:11 AM | Report abuse

Seeing as this blog is a sort of clearinghouse of celebrity gossip, how about most ridiculous celebrity headline?

Posted by: Maggie | June 16, 2006 11:16 AM | Report abuse

Most marginalized and irrelevant former star

Posted by: na | June 16, 2006 11:29 AM | Report abuse

Most inappropriate use of air quotes in an interview: Britney Spears in Matt Lauer interview, June 15, 2006.

Did anyone else notice that?

Posted by: What? | June 16, 2006 11:44 AM | Report abuse

Most Vapid
Least Likely to Look Like this at Fifty
Most Likely to Contract Herpes

Posted by: Rita | June 16, 2006 11:44 AM | Report abuse

Most brainwashed by Scientology

Posted by: Anonymous | June 16, 2006 11:45 AM | Report abuse

Most inane comment, demonstrating complete self absorption and cluelessness.

Posted by: jmsbh | June 16, 2006 11:45 AM | Report abuse

Most likely to commit armed robbery after career takes a nosedive

Posted by: ad | June 16, 2006 11:48 AM | Report abuse

Celebrity/Wannabe That You Would Most Like To See Go Quietly Away Forever.

Posted by: WDC | June 16, 2006 11:56 AM | Report abuse

Why is Brad Pitt Best Celeb dad? He has only been a dad for like 2 weeks. Thats lame.

For polls:
Most annoying (i think thats been done already)
Most overrated
Most in love with him/her self

Posted by: lame lame lame | June 16, 2006 11:59 AM | Report abuse

Celeb most famous for doing nothing or for doing something so long ago we have forgetten about it.


Movie star we would most like to realize we don't care what they think, we only want to see them do their jobs well and then go away and hide.

Best female star considered "old" by Hollywood even though male stars of the same age still get parts as "young"

Posted by: leoj | June 16, 2006 12:05 PM | Report abuse

Worst use of animal as a fashion accessory

Posted by: T. gish | June 16, 2006 12:23 PM | Report abuse

Following in the vein of the column, most frequent winner of meaningless awards....

Posted by: Michael | June 16, 2006 12:34 PM | Report abuse

Most inappropriate facial hair displayed in the presence of young children.

Posted by: nate L | June 16, 2006 12:34 PM | Report abuse

How about, Celeb most likely to have their personal life story turned into a Lifetime movie.....

Posted by: Meg | June 16, 2006 12:35 PM | Report abuse

Most ridiculous use of fame/status to mindlessly defend/attack political issue of choice.

Posted by: Bridget M. | June 16, 2006 1:12 PM | Report abuse

Most likely to be ungroomed in public.

Posted by: Jennifer | June 16, 2006 1:16 PM | Report abuse

Most successfully marketed birth defect: Angelina Jolie's lips

Posted by: M | June 16, 2006 1:45 PM | Report abuse

Best Exploitation of Children, Biological or Adopted for Publicity

Member of Weirdest Cult

Best Celebrity Whose Time Has Come and Gone Who Just Won't Go Away

Most Likely to End Up in Rehab in the Coming Year

Best Talentless Hack

Best Talentless Hack Trying to Get a Career off the Celebrity of
Spouse or Partner

Most Likely to End Up in Oblivion after Fifteen Minutes are Over and Guest on the Surreal Life

Most Likely to OD

Posted by: Islamorada Girl | June 16, 2006 2:27 PM | Report abuse

Most Likely to be Proclaimed the New Hot Star of a Lifetime, Do Two Movies that Tank and Disappear Forver

Posted by: Isla again | June 16, 2006 2:30 PM | Report abuse

Since movie stars make a living by pretending to be someone/something different than they really are, thus making themselves "Professional Liars", how about:

Movie Star we would most like to see keep their word.

I nominate Streisand - she said she would leave the country if Bush was elected. He was and she hasn't. I'm still waiting.

Posted by: morethan2activebraincells | June 16, 2006 2:31 PM | Report abuse

morethan2activebraincells -

you could use that same one on Alec Baldwin. I wish he would leave. Is his entire career now just SNL?

Posted by: chop-suey | June 16, 2006 2:57 PM | Report abuse

Worst Grammar

Posted by: Kelli | June 16, 2006 3:15 PM | Report abuse

Of the group of babies recently born to Celebrities, the one Most Likely as an adult to write a scandalous tell-all book which documents all their parents' dirtiest secrets, strange habits, records all traumatic childhood events, and questions why their parents gave them such a stupid name that has branded them for the rest of their lives.

Posted by: Erin | June 16, 2006 3:53 PM | Report abuse

The celebrity who's best at: Keeping his name at the top of the 'A' list; Raking in multi-million$ on every film--up front; and who I'd want to have in my house for more than 10 seconds: Tom Hanks. And--maybe--Hillary Swank.

Posted by: cody mccall | June 16, 2006 4:08 PM | Report abuse

Most idiotic best / worst list with award to the magazine. Two categories :

Most idiotic concept for a list - most affectionate couple, worst hairdo, etc.

Most idiotic list per se - my nominee the Forbes list. I checked twice to make sure I wasn't reading a list that was 3 or 4 years old - the Olsen twins? BO poisen Kidman in top 50. Yeah.

Posted by: James Sheridan | June 16, 2006 5:44 PM | Report abuse

Best and Worse Ever?

Burt Lancaster

Errol Flynn


Posted by: Struck In Second Gear | June 16, 2006 9:12 PM | Report abuse

least necessary

Posted by: tom | June 16, 2006 9:18 PM | Report abuse

Most famous one-eyed, jewish singer:
Sammy Davis Jr.

God, I miss that man.

Posted by: Jade | June 16, 2006 9:58 PM | Report abuse

The Oh-I-See Award.

For the most Obtuse, Inane or Contradictory public statement by a celeb.
- - - - - - - - - -

For the clearest evidence of a critical lack of grey matter: The Bronzed Airhead Award.

Posted by: R Burgess | June 16, 2006 11:16 PM | Report abuse

Most likely to hire a hit man to kill his wife.

Most likely to decapitate his wife and knife his wife's lover for cheating.

Most likely to blame columbian drug dealers for killing his wife

Posted by: Anonymous | June 17, 2006 2:29 PM | Report abuse

Best grotesque woman adored by gay men and not too many others.


Posted by: Royal Oak | June 17, 2006 10:17 PM | Report abuse

Or, woman most likely to be played by drag queens.
Who all do her better than she does herself.

Posted by: Yolanda | June 17, 2006 10:20 PM | Report abuse

I'd recommend two categories: Most qualified Anointer, and least qualified Anointer.
For example, this might help put Forbes in it's proper place (long overdue).
Then I'd limit publication any of voting to the most qualified Anointers.
Why, I'd even subscribe to the cat fight edition.

Posted by: Dan Dougherty | June 19, 2006 11:15 AM | Report abuse

The celebrity most likely to be insignificant if it weren't for the papparazzi and the likes of us daily readers of Celeb blogs?(perhaps a toss up between Paris and Nicole?)

Most fascinating and/or anticipated celebrity train wreck (nominees for this year Tom Cruise and B. Spears)

The most ridiculous celebrity comments (Brandon Davis re: Lindsay Lohan "She is only worth like seven million, so that makes her poor").

The celebrity duo we would most like to see as a couple, who never have been (Hopefully their name is not capable of a Bennifer, Brangelina, TomKat combo...when will that ever stop!)

Posted by: Maybe Jones | June 19, 2006 3:59 PM | Report abuse

how about "worst friend" and I think Denise Richards (for getting w/ Richie Sambora) would be a strong candidate

Posted by: BB | June 19, 2006 5:53 PM | Report abuse

It looks like you really had a nice time. nokia6630

Posted by: felicia | July 26, 2006 3:07 AM | Report abuse

i think that Best Celebrity Dad should go to Ryan Phillippe. He DESERVES IT. Are you kidding me, Brad Pitt. I think they based it on looks, not parenting. he has only been a dad for like a month. Please. Ryan Phillippe has been a dad for like forever.

Posted by: Alex | August 11, 2006 6:01 PM | Report abuse

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