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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 11/ 9/2006

'Lost' Fall Finale: Dueling Analyses

By Liz Kelly

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) getting all cagey. (2006 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.)

Jen: May I start out by saying, holy &!@#, how are we supposed to wait until February -- date of next episode 02/07/2007; figure out the numerology there -- to find out what happens next?
So much in tonight's episode -- sex, lies, surgical shenanigans. I'm not sure where to begin.

Liz: In case you missed it, BREAKING NEWS tickers are incredibly annoying during a frigging "fall finale." I'm as much of a news junkie as the next girl, but not when Sawyer is macking on Kate.

I seriously need to have my head examined. Maybe before the next election. I'll put it on my to-do list.

Anyway, last week's flashbacks fleshing out Mr. Eko's story were an intrinsic part of wrapping up his storyline. They fit in perfectly with the parallel island story and worked on so many levels. Really, bravo, producers. This week the flashbacks -- a short-lived marriage between Kate and a cop -- were memorable only for containing "Serenity's" Nathan Fillion. Aside from that, they were a waste of valuable time in a season-ending episode trying desperately to hook us deep enough to come back in February.

Jen: Weird, I didn't have breaking news tickers on my screen. Could it be because I was watching in HD?

I also was confused about the relevance of Kate's flashback. It showed us, I guess, that she was capable of loving someone on a certain level, but not enough to be completely honest. So maybe she's not being honest with Sawyer, either? I don't know.

One useful piece of info from the flashback -- the fact that she took a pregnancy test and it was negative. This suggests she might possibly be infertile, which could make her of little use to The Others/Juliet. Unless, like Sun, she becomes magically pregnant once on the island.

Much more after the jump...

Liz: Maybe a good place to start is with a gut check. I'm still there with the Losties. But is the rest of America? The show actually lost the ratings war last week to CBS's "Criminal Minds" -- a first. Crepe-hangers are already busy dissecting where "Lost" went wrong and topping off most analyses with a three-month hiatus as the final nail in the coffin (to echo Ben).

And Kate has so got to be pregnant now. That's probably the purpose of the flashback. So we'll all be stunned by the power of the island when she starts upchucking her fish biscuits in the a.m. By the way, I was figuring that at the rate time is passing on the show, Sun should be having her baby two to three seasons from now.

Jen: I'm sensing some frustration from you, Liz, and not just because of the election results. (Although it should be criminal for them to do that during "Lost," especially since we basically knew Webb won already anyway.)

I'm still not sure I'm on board with the entire concept of the six-episode arc. I personally didn't mind last season, when they ran new ones throughout the season but occasionally stuck on a repeat. Having that long break could really hurt the ratings, I agree.

But I think some good stuff is coming starting in February. I'll elaborate in my next message...

Liz: I think my frustration is because of the hiatus. I'm hurt. I feel abandoned. No "Rock Star," no "Lost," none of my favorite HBO shows on right now. And I am so not watching Taye Diggs try to save his girlfriend/wife/model every week until February.

Oh, I again made the mistake of reading Doc Jensen in EW again this afternoon. I think he needs his head examined before me. Still, if your thing is trying to retrofit the show with an incredibly complicated mythology, definitely check him out. This week, the key to everything is "The Writer's Journey" and, oddly, "It's a Wonderful Life."

Jen: Both Michael Ausiello's blog and the always entertaining official "Lost" podcasts share some interesting tidbits about what's coming next.

Among them: something significant will happen to a major character in the first three episodes (another death, perhaps?); we will find out how Locke ended up in his wheelchair before season ends; and we'll also find out what happened to all those children who were kidnapped. Sounds like they are most definitely connected to our Stephen King-loving fertility doctor.

Liz: Okay, that does sound good. I read that Cindy the flight attendant will also return in the spring. Perhaps she's playing au pair to all those kids. Seriously, though, it'd be nice to get some idea of where they are and perhaps find out what happened to Miss Klugh -- the Other doc who seemed to be charged with Walt's care.

I just peeked at IMDB and the only additional cast they list for episode 7 ("Not in Portland") is Tania Raymonde (Alex Rousseau) and Kimberly Estrada (Sherry). Wait, who is Sherry?

Jen: I read Jensen today, too, and thought his theory about the island being a place where people cleanse their sins, then go back in time to start over again, oddly logical. Eko's death illustrates that perfectly. And "Lost" producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse suggest on one of the podcasts that the image of Yemi is a manifestation of the black smoke, so we weren't off base about that last week.

Liz: Help me out here -- Locke discovered "Lift up your eyes and look north" on Eko's cane. Where have we heard that before?

Jen: We discussed the meaning of that phrase a few weeks back because Locke noticed it on Eko's stick.

Speaking of Cindy, did you ever read that "Lost" tie-in book, "Bad Twin"? Being the nerd that I am, I actually did. Supposedly the "author," Gary Troup, was involved with Cindy. The book was dedicated to her. Just a random, apropos of nothing factoid.

Re: Sherry, I'm not sure who that is. I'm also wondering who Jacob is. Pickett said in tonight's ep that Shepherd wasn't even on Jacob's list. Could Jacob be the bigger boss Henry/Ben alluded to? And what is his list?

Liz: Good point, because Sawyer was on the list Michael had (the one listing Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer as targets). The Others are clearly listmakers.

Rodrigo Santoro and Kiele Sanchez, aka Paulo and Nikki. (2006 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.)

Ya know, I've reconsidered and I think I am a little peeved. We've gone through the entire "fall season" (I hope this isn't the start of a trend) without picking up the thread of the arctic monitoring station or Desmond's girlfriend, who seemed to be intent on finding him. And we haven't seen Sun and Jin since the first or second week. Have they been spirited off to wherever Rose and Bernard are hiding out? Nikki and Paulo are not worthy substitutes. They are so out of place in this show, I'm waiting for Jason Voorhees to jump out of the woods and stab them.

Jen: I also don't get the Nikki/Paolo thing. Seriously, why was Paolo sad tonight during Eko's funeral? He didn't even know the guy. To me, those two are the Poochies of the show, if you catch my "Simpsons" reference. I also miss Rose and Bernard and am wondering just where the heck they've been. Speaking of being peeved, I think the speech Locke made tonight got at the very frustration you and other fans are feeling:

"I'd like to think you died for a reason, Mr. Eko," he said during the service. "I just hope it's not too long before we find out what the heck it might be."

Amen, my brotha.

Liz: Yep, I thought a comment left on last week's analysis by one Booyah said it well, too: "Oh yeah, and if the writers are being truthful that they don't know how the story is going to end, they need to sit down during the hiatus and make a solid outline for the rest of the story. Then have them sign a loyalty oath about it. If there's no plan with something this complex, the story will be lucky to make it through the end of season 4 before it turns into an incoherent and unsalvageable mess."

Jen: Before I forget, wanted to mention a couple of interesting things Ben said on the operating table.

1. He inquired as to whether Alex had asked about him. Is it possible he's her father, at least adoptively speaking, since he may have stolen her from Rousseau?

2. Before he went under, he said, "See you on the other side." It sounded familiar because we've heard that line several times before on "Lost." Desmond tells Jack he'll see him in another life; I believe Dave may have said the same thing to Hurley. And when Locke and his dad went into surgery together, his father also said, "See you on the other side." (And by the way, didn't that operation involve damage to a kidney, too)?

Suggests the island is purgatory, or perhaps a blip in the time continuum as Doc Jensen posits.

Liz: Or a "Game"-like environment, as Doc also theorized.

Speaking of Ben. He was asked by E! online about the Others and didn't offer much, but he did say: "I think their real mission has more to do with science fiction, genetics, reproduction, something like that. I think they're scientists or they're descended from scientists."

Interesting that he'd include "science fiction." Maybe you were right about that Scientology connection.

Jen: It sounded all wacky at the time, but it could be true. Speaking of, I wonder if J.J. Abrams is going to TomKat's wedding.

Maybe I'm naive, but I actually think they do know how the story will end. Or at least what the island is all about. Trouble is, they have to keep developing new issues to keep things interesting since neither they nor we know when the show itself will come to a close. But they need to do that without frustrating the viewers.

They set the bar very high for themselves. People, as a woman of faith (not of science), I'm still believing they can pull this off.

Jorge Garcia holds his new "Hurley" action figure. (Getty Images)

Liz: Not that I'm hinting around about holiday gifts or anything, but a limited run of "Lost" action figures goes on sale Monday at Toys "R" Us. They sound highly geek-i-fied -- they're dioramas, each toy comes with a prop and, eventually, there will be boxed sets. My husband's "Simpsons" collection (and, you know, I don't think he has Poochie) might be forced to make some room. The first characters in the series will be Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Charlie and Shannon. I wonder what Charlie's prop is?

Jen: I also want to mention the final words in tonight's episode. Jack refers to the story he tells Kate right after they first met. If you remember back (or, like me, consulted your season one DVD), he tells her about how scared he was while doing a spinal surgery on a young girl. He goes on to tell her how that experience taught him to let fear take over for a few seconds, and then to emotionally move past it. Kate's response was that she would have run. Jack says, "I don't think that's true. You're not running now."

Hence, the irony of his saying, "Kate, damn it, run." The theme of Kate running also was a chord that ran through her flashback, too.

Liz: Good points, all. So, same time, same place in February?

Jen: Oh, I hope Charlie's prop is a copy of a Driveshaft CD. Does it make me totally lame if I kinda sorta want one of those action figures? I'm thinking it might, but I can't help myself. The first episode of season three, part deux is the week I'm expecting to go into labor. But if I have to, I will watch "Lost" between contractions. You have to keep your priorities straight. So yes, I too will see you on the other side.

Liz: It's not lame that you want an action figure. Now naming your kid Hugo Hurley Chaney... that would be lame.

By Liz Kelly  | November 9, 2006; 10:43 AM ET
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I'm sticking with the show, but I am beginning to have some problems with the pacing. Jen writes, while discussing the interesting things we know about what will happen when the show resumes, "something significant will happen to a major character in the first three episodes (another death, perhaps?)" Well hell, shouldn't something significant happen to a character every episode? Maybe a couple of significant things?

Posted by: eric | November 9, 2006 11:05 AM | Report abuse

OK, whatever show you two are watching, I'm not sure it's the same show most of us are watching--at least, used to be watching since people are starting to tune out in drooves.

That's because a.) Lost has become too in-insider; b.) Too many breaks in the show to keep up with or actually care about all these minute if not ridiculous little references; c.) Most of us have lives that revolve around something other than trying to figure out what the hell a TV show is talking about week to week, season to season.

I've reached the point that while I like the show and rarely miss it, they should wrap up things at the end of spring 2007.

Posted by: RickNmd | November 9, 2006 11:09 AM | Report abuse

I was equally annoyed with Channel 7's "breaking news" ticker. I think everyone could've waited 2 hours for the 11 o'clock news. (or 10 if they switch to Fox 5) or even the following day. It's not like a tornado warning where you have to make preparations for. ("Oh my God!! Webb won!! Quick, everyone in the basement!")

Interesting that Jack did not decide to follow through on Juliet's plan to have Benry die in surgery. If Ben dies now after Jack's hyjinx, Jack is surely a dead man.

btw, I think Charlie's prop is his guitar.

Posted by: Buck Dharma | November 9, 2006 11:16 AM | Report abuse

Man, I LOVED last night's episode! But when Jack told Ben "he had to get off this island" and Ben agreed, my first thought was that Ben could just put him back on the old island and he'd be keeping his word, even though Jack wouldn't be getting what he thought he bargained for, which is back home.

And first, people (on other comment sites)were complaining about all the repeats from last season, so the came up with the split season idea, but now people are complaining about the long break. Sheesh, no matter what they do, they're going to end up with give up on the show, but so what? I believe the Lost writers, directors, and producers do know the big story picture and it'll flesh out in time, and I'll stick with them to the end!

Posted by: Dee | November 9, 2006 11:16 AM | Report abuse

Seems like about half of the total content of the Fall episodes was filler. Like the writers are vamping until they figure out what to do next. Why did we need ANOTHER "Kate's on the run and just sick about it" flashback? When are they going to give us a CLUE as to why the Others have been so negative from the git-go? If you look atthe whole body of the Fall episodes, it seems to be meandering a bit. We don't even know WHAT they hell they might be doing on the beach. It is, mor eor less, week after week of (for the most part)unexplained sadistic treatment of Our Heros by the Others. To what end, is what I'm wondering.

Posted by: Not Hurley | November 9, 2006 11:16 AM | Report abuse

Seems like about half of the total content of the Fall episodes was filler. Like the writers are vamping until they figure out what to do next. Why did we need ANOTHER "Kate's on the run and just sick about it" flashback? When are they going to give us a CLUE as to why the Others have been so negative from the git-go? If you look atthe whole body of the Fall episodes, it seems to be meandering a bit. We don't even know WHAT they hell they might be doing on the beach. It is, mor eor less, week after week of (for the most part)unexplained sadistic treatment of Our Heros by the Others. To what end, is what I'm wondering.

Posted by: Not Hurley | November 9, 2006 11:19 AM | Report abuse

I agree with RickNmd that Lost has become too 'insider' and written for people who spend hours each day on Television Without Pity dissecting every nuance of dialogue and speculating on what is going to happen next.

I still have Lost as 'must see' TV on Wednesdays at 9 and it is one of the programs saved on my DVR. However, the tedious plot reveals and the multiple unresolved threads are become way too much to keep track of. We have at least seen Jin and Sun this season, but Cindy the flight attendant (who?) and Alex are made to seem like critical characters, but I can hardly remember who they are or why they are important to the show.

Why did we waste 20 minutes on Kate's flashback in order to get the weak payoff with the pregnancy test? Why didn't Kate tell Jack that there was no where to run to? Why didn't Jack pistol whip Ben in the monitor room? WHY ARE NIKI AND PAOLO EVEN ON SCREEN?

Sure, procedural dramas like CSI get old after a while, but serialized programs like Heroes, Lost, and The Nine need to resolve SOMETHING for viewers instead of becoming the 2006 version of Twin Peaks or X-Files.

Posted by: Lester Burnham | November 9, 2006 11:28 AM | Report abuse

I agree with RickNmd that Lost has become too 'insider' and written for people who spend hours each day on Television Without Pity dissecting every nuance of dialogue and speculating on what is going to happen next.

I still have Lost as 'must see' TV on Wednesdays at 9 and it is one of the programs saved on my DVR. However, the tedious plot reveals and the multiple unresolved threads are become way too much to keep track of. We have at least seen Jin and Sun this season, but Cindy the flight attendant (who?) and Alex are made to seem like critical characters, but I can hardly remember who they are or why they are important to the show.

Why did we waste 20 minutes on Kate's flashback in order to get the weak payoff with the pregnancy test? Why didn't Kate tell Jack that there was no where to run to? Why didn't Jack pistol whip Ben in the monitor room? WHY ARE NIKI AND PAOLO EVEN ON SCREEN?

Sure, procedural dramas like CSI get old after a while, but serialized programs like Heroes, Lost, and The Nine need to resolve SOMETHING for viewers instead of becoming the 2006 version of Twin Peaks or X-Files.

Posted by: Lester Burnham | November 9, 2006 11:30 AM | Report abuse

Jen "suggests the island is purgatory."

Not you too?? Man, I do *not* have the energy to go through this again this week....

Posted by: Cato of Utica | November 9, 2006 11:34 AM | Report abuse

My greatest fear is that if the show continues to lose viewers, they won't really finish it and conclude with something mediocre that doesn't answer our questions. Or it will decline in quality as the network lets its support erode. If the creators really don't know how it will end, we may be in for something along the lines of "Twin Peaks", which for half a season was one of the best things ever on television, then for a season and a half was one of the worst. I miss Eko, who was just a fascinating character. I still like Jack and Sayid, but most of the other characters have lost my interest. Kate makes me sick; I just find her incredibly annoying.
I'll keep watching though, mostly because my wife, like Jen, is a huge fan and also expected to go into labor the first week of February!

Posted by: Derek | November 9, 2006 11:36 AM | Report abuse

Rose and Bernard are hiding out in fear of Bernard's life after the deaths of his fellow "Tailies." Although since he wasn't actually seated in the tail section, maybe that'll spare him from death.

Posted by: Tiff in the OK | November 9, 2006 11:38 AM | Report abuse

Okay, I'm confused. Why is everyone (or, at least, most of you) turning on the show? At the end of last season, we were all made aware that "everything was about to change." Well, that exactly what's happened. Okay, so embrace the change! Come on, we'd all be complaining if they didn't change it up and keep us guessing. The show is evolving, the plot is thickening and yes, there are a lot of different story lines being introduced... Well, HELLOOOO... That's exactly why I stay intrigued!

Posted by: LoveLost | November 9, 2006 11:38 AM | Report abuse

Gee - so Jack finally figured out he had some power to bargain, as the only one who could do spinal surgery on Henry Gale. Ben. Whatever.

It's abundantly clear that the writers haven't figured anything out at all. I don't think they know what the black smoke is, I don't think they know who the Others are. And I'm pretty sure they don't know who they're gonna kill off until the nightly Honolulu PD drunk driving reports come in.

And now we know that the creepy Others spend all their time commuting from their suburban houses and Stephen King book clubs to supervise rock-breaking performed by Kate and Sawyer and to watch everyone via closed-circuit tv - they really aren't scary anymore. Lost needs new Others.

The writers desperately want us to shift perspective on the Others, like we allegedly did with Sayed (oooh, he's IRAQI, and a TORTURER), and with Jin (an ABUSIVE SPOUSE). This was a serious mistake. They shoulda stayed mysterious and creepy.

Posted by: Definitely Not Kate | November 9, 2006 11:43 AM | Report abuse

The whole Kate and Sawyer getting it on was pointless to me and boy was it ever irritating. You're being held captive and rather than taking the opportunity to run, maybe find Jack, they stop to have sex. In the words of Izzie Stephens "seriously, seriously!!"

Why are they so d@#$ eager to believe what these people are saying, there's no curiousity, no fight or flight instinct that would cause Sawyer(con man my aunt fanny) to think that maybe just maybe the others are feeding him a line o crap. No, no just stay in the cage and get it on. I mean you're only being held in friggin cages, they've only drugged you to get you there and the best part of the stay is the fact that you get to break and haul rocks all day long. Ask for a ariel view of the d#$@ island, something but stop taking everything they say as the absolute truth. Seriously!

The only saving grace is that Jack seems to be growing a pair and they are coming in nicely. Telling Benry that he won't have to be disappointed for much longer and the nick in the kidneys. Yes!! finally, that was the coolest part of the whole show for me. Now he's starting to move like a leader, he's got some kind of leverage. Hopefully he's got a way out other than Benry's word, which is worth crap. The only issue was that he had to enlist Kate, who's judgement is beyond wonky. How does she propose that the three of them get out of there? Was she not listening when he said they had about an hour? If she's the next to get bumped off, it won't be that bad but if that chick sheds one more tear instead of thinking, I've got to find something else to watch.

So I'm guessing Rose and Bernard are off living in remission bliss, Desmond's girlfriend is getting the last bits of sleep before continuing the search for her man and Walt and Michael are having an uneventful sail back to reality. Loose ends writers, loose ends.

To end this rant, I've got to say the Taye Diggs show seems interesting. It's got my time unless or until it craps out.

Posted by: petal | November 9, 2006 11:52 AM | Report abuse

Not sure why I haven't read anyone's take on Kate's statement "I'm not leaving without you." She said that to Jack on the walkie talkie but was looking at Sawyer. Any comment?

Also, my first reaction to Ben's "okay" when Jack said he must leave the island was the same as Dee's post. He means for Jack to leave the subordinate island, not the larger island.

Posted by: New to This | November 9, 2006 12:08 PM | Report abuse

I am so confused about the Benry tumor storyline on two levels. First, what happened to the amazing healing powers of the island? Do they not effect the Others?Did the tumor just spring up since the hatch explosion? Also, Juliet's scheme to have Jack kill Ben during surgery...WTF? Isn't he already dying of a huge tumor on his back, hance the need for surgery? If so many of the Others want change, why the need for the ruse? She is definitely sketchy.

Posted by: Dean | November 9, 2006 12:11 PM | Report abuse

Let's all repeat: "We're being m-a-n-i-p-u-l-a-t-e-d." Man, I feel like I've really been yanked during these fall episodes. Started off with so much promise and ends with my brain numb from all the filler and inconsequential garbage being shoveled at me. The story is going no where, the teases are getting tedious and just how stupid do they think we are? Hello, Others! Don't you think Jacko might try some tricks of his own once he gets Benry on the OR table? Didn't see that one coming, did ya!

The show is truly trending towards Twin Peakdom. Maybe they'll do a movie after the show is cancelled, too.

Looks like "Heroes" is the new "Lost."

Sweet dreams 'til February. The snoring was getting loud anyway.

Posted by: Castaway | November 9, 2006 12:17 PM | Report abuse

I also agree about the show being too in-insider nowadays. Think about it:

We have been watching this show for over two years, we still have questions unanswered from Season 1, we are almost forced to read a blog to figure what the heck is going on, and the blog writers are just as confounding in their analysis as the show writers are in their presentation!

Shame on you, ladies!

I'm all for good television writing and I'm not cow-towing to the cop out of attention spans and viewer restlessness, but for more than a year this show has needed to wrap up old storylines to make a healthy forward movement to new ones.

The writers don't do that, so you reach a point where you say there's something less maintenance to watch ("Criminal Minds") and you'll pick up the "Lost" DVD box set in the summer. You reach the point where you feel like you've "Lost" nothing by not watching . . . except, as RickNmd said, having your life back.

When last night's episode ended, I actually yelled at the TV, "three more months??!!"

Posted by: Rex | November 9, 2006 12:30 PM | Report abuse

Does anyone else think it's odd how everytime someone gets the upper-hand on the others, Kate ends up as a hostage and foils it -- how many times now?

(1) In the woods, when she was following Jack, Sawyer et. al. and made them lose all the guns.

(2) At the rock quarry when Juliet got her hostage.

(3) The latest last night, when Sawyer has the gun.

I do not think this is coincidence, the reason being that in her 1st flash-back Kate was a "fake hostage" at the bank. She may be in with the others.

Posted by: Griggs | November 9, 2006 12:34 PM | Report abuse

One negative pregnancy test does not guarantee infertility. But a Kate pregnancy would make as much sense as anything else in the next arc.

Dee, I totally got the same vibe, that Benry's promise meant *only* that Jack would get off the island he was on - not that he'd be going home.

ABC's "newsbreak" was just plain WRONG. Break in to tell me Karl Rove resigned, OK, but not that I was right to wear Blue State Blue yesterday. The Lost details are too important to be scrunched up in a little box. Maybe I need to get me one a them big screen TVs...

And my last comment - I kinda dig the 6-episode arcs, because now I can have a life on Wednesdays (yes, I know, I need to get Tivo, too, but I want to retire some day.)

Posted by: KiKi | November 9, 2006 12:34 PM | Report abuse

RickNmd and Rex, thanks for saving me the exact words, especially to Jen and Liz. You have three months to fine tune your post-game analyses. The last two weeks were a waste of time to read. "Confounding" was a perfect description.

Posted by: Sean JP | November 9, 2006 12:35 PM | Report abuse

>>I am so confused about the Benry tumor storyline on two levels. First, what happened to the amazing healing powers of the island? Do they not effect the Others?Did the tumor just spring up since the hatch explosion?

Perhaps since the island they reside on does not have the magical powers (perhaps this is why Benry went over to the other island.) We know he had the tumor 2 days before the Losties landed, so it has nothing to do with the explosion.

Posted by: Buck Dharma | November 9, 2006 12:37 PM | Report abuse

Where have Sun and Jin gone? All of a sudden, Sayid's back at camp- what'd he do, leave them with a "sayanara suckers". At least that would have been interesting to watch.

I don't think I can take much more of this, where are there cows on the island for cripes sake?

Posted by: I now hate Lost. | November 9, 2006 12:46 PM | Report abuse

Jack finally gets Ben in a position of weakness and doesn't ask a single freakin' question!? He has Ben "promise" he'll get off the island if he saves him, but doesn't think to ask any questions at all, not even a simple, "Hey, Ben, before you go and I put away this pistol I have pointed in your face...I'm kind of curious, where the hell are we?"

I was really hoping they'd at least dangle a few teases to give us more insight into the island, the Others, Darma, anything! But NO! Damn the writers. They missed a perfect opportunity to throw us some kind of bone (or maybe a fish biscuit) and make us crazy with anticipation until February.

Think about it. If you're Jack (and by extension the average viewer since we all have the same limited perspective as him) you've spent the last few months on an island you first thought was deserted, but then you got attacked by a polar bear, found a pirate ship and a crazy French lady, not to mention odd pillars and clouds of black smoke. You found a crazy hatch with a "magical" button that was obviously part of some large-scale science experiment (and let's not forget that colossal foot statue). You finally meet face-to-face all these people you thought were essentially Fantasy Island hillbillies but they capture you and take you to a huge compound with all these cages, good food, and state-of-the art operating room equipment (yet, oddly enough, they still have broken 50-year old intercoms). To top it all off they seemingly have real-time contact with the rest of the world, and can access your permanent record, and a tape of the Red Sox winning the World Series. C'mon, you're telling me Jack's not the least bit curious about any of this? Aargh!

FYI, I saw Groundhog Day, so I'll be skipping the Lost-replacement show. Here's to waiting for February.

Posted by: Aargh | November 9, 2006 12:54 PM | Report abuse

I thought that in Kate's flashback, the cop husband was that same guy at the beginning of LOST that wasn't on the passenger manifest. Kevin? The one that took Claire?

Posted by: Danny | November 9, 2006 1:02 PM | Report abuse

Pardon Me; but I miss the old TV shows where we had an episode every week or two and it didn't take as long to produce an episode as it does for another version of Halloween xx movie.
I remember when Maverick had a bum sheriff in one episode like the Gunsmoke sheriff James Arness and I remember when Gunsmoke had an episode where two gambling tramps came to town-the maverick brothers. Those were great spoofs and shows and neither of them took two months to produce!
If lost loses viewership--it may end up like those shows that never do get resolved; in which case we should tell the producers and writers to get Lost.

Posted by: OldTimer | November 9, 2006 1:04 PM | Report abuse

in February Desmond takes the Blond? ( sorry the story has been away from the beach too long!? )away from Charlie; so he stalkes off and tries to take Rose away from Bernard. Bernard and he wrestle at the top of the plane cliff and both fall of on the top their heads on Echo's plane and kill themselves. this has the added feature of doing in the last of the Taillies; as well as getting rid of Charlie!!

Posted by: No Charlie | November 9, 2006 1:09 PM | Report abuse

Didn't the producers say the show is going to run for five years. I seem to remember they said they didn't want to end up like X Files at the end - lame plots and no drama.
So, assuming that is true, I believe we are at the halfway point. Remember, the promo talking about hope. I think we are going to start getting some answers in the spring.

Posted by: Jeff | November 9, 2006 1:13 PM | Report abuse

The Nutwerks have to preview a new show; so they preempt the spot of a hit show and save the money on its production for 3 months; so they can waste money on an unproven product; er show.

Posted by: The Nutwerks | November 9, 2006 1:17 PM | Report abuse

I do not think that we can use Sun and her pregnancy as an indicator of the islands healing powers. If I remember correctly, Sun isn't infertile. Jin is sterile. The doctor couldn't tell Jin this information because of some cultural influences and telling a powerful man (re working for Sun's father) he can't reproduce. Thus, I wouldn't compare Kate and Sun.

My attention span is a little short too, but we need to relax a little. You might be bored now, but extremely intrigued later. I mean, every show can't end with great writing involving the Red Sox winning the World Series. Take a few minutes and relax and repeat after me, "It's ok if everything isn't my way all the time."

The official LOST Podcast is hilarious. Yesterday, I found myself laughing out loud on the metro. Looking around making sure I wasn't getting the "how dare you make noise on the metro and disrupt my commute stare", I realized that I was the only one who was actually enjoying something about life on the metro.

Posted by: Rose | November 9, 2006 1:19 PM | Report abuse

LOST is a good show. Embrace the changes. I personaly missed the first season when the second season began because it was "different" until I adjusted. I hated the whole idea of the button pressing and the hatch. Then I got into the storyline again. I'm sure the same thing will happen this time. If you're soooo into it that you can't take the change, maybe you SHOULD stop watching. I agree with everything said here about Twin Peaks except that this show is headed in that direction. I personaly like the way this season began better than the way last season began. I like that's although it's convaluted, it's moving forward. How long can we watch the crew cower on the beach picking fruit and hoping for an Others siting. That would get old very, very fast.

Posted by: lostisnotmylifebutiloveit | November 9, 2006 1:21 PM | Report abuse

I think the reason for Kate's flashbacks was to allow us to see Nathan Fillion without a shirt. Seriously, they could have been reading the phone book, and I wouldn't have minded.

Posted by: Dot | November 9, 2006 1:24 PM | Report abuse

Listen, I think that everyone is being way too hard on this show. First of all, I think it's great that Jack has finally figured out how to use his temporary leverage to his advantage. Of course the Others were worried about whether he would take advantage of the situation, but they have no alternative - it's Jack or death for Ben. This is really the first time we've had the upper hand on the Others, which is something we've all been waiting for.

Secondly, I don't think that there is any reason to think that the writers have lost their way. They haven't fully explained some of the original mysteries like the nature of the smoke, but we're a lot closer to knowing, and we have a lot more clues than we did six weeks ago. I would be worried if they were introducing a lot of new mysteries without resolving any of the older ones, but this is just not the case. There is a big picture here, and we are gradually seeing more and more of it as the plot unfolds.

I mean, really, name one really new mystery we have been given this season. We have known since season 1 that there is black smoke, Others, paranormal experiences, bears, visions, etc. While the writers keep feeding us clues, it's not like they're introducing new mysteries while forgetting the old ones.

Go back and watch some of the first season's episodes again. You will not find yourself saying, "what happened to this plot line, and why does this episode seem so different than this year's?" Instead, what we've seen since then gives the older episodes more context, but there is no sense of disconnect. For example, the black smoke killed the pilot (in the pilot) the same way it killed Eko two seasons later, so now it doesn't seem so strange that only the pilot was killed originally while everyone else was left alone.

The scene with Kate and Sawyer making love in their cages is NOT gratuitous, and neither is her flashback with the pregnancy test. The children of the island are one of the keys to this mystery. We have Claire's baby, Sun, a fertility doctor, and now Kate possibly getting pregnant. This is obviously part of a larger story line which will hopefully be revealed. Personally I think that the reason Kate and Sawyer were in the cages in the first place is to throw them together; this is a controlled breeding experiment.

Two final thoughts. First, I'm tired of hearing that it is an inconsistency that Ben can get sick despite the island's healing powers. This is not an inconsistency - it's a mystery. The writers are not stupid, and I am sure that they know why Ben can get sick when the survivors can't.

Finally, Locke's statement about "I hope we get some answers soon" WAS MEANT FOR US. The writers know we need some closure - they just can't give it all to us in a 6-show arc.

Patience, grasshopper...


P.S. Nikki and Paolo must die... ;^)

Posted by: Steve | November 9, 2006 1:25 PM | Report abuse

If you go back and review comments made by Lost creator J. J. Abrams at the outset of the series, he said that the show was designed to run for 5 years and had very definate conclusions to the mysteries of the island. They have made a small change to the characters on the show however. Originally the character of Ben was not supposed to play a major role. However, his performance so impressed the producers they expanded his role. The show has an overall arc and the creators are very aware of the other shows (namely Twin Peaks and X-Files) that left fans scratching their heads at unsolved mysteries.

Posted by: Viva Pedro | November 9, 2006 1:33 PM | Report abuse

With that ticker announcement your country literally just took a 180 degree turn in everything which will affect you, taxes, health care, etc., and you're bothered that they used a ticker to announce it.

I mean like DUUUHHH!

They should have cut in with a live announcement, so you mental midgets could get a clue as to what's happening to you.

"Get a life!" is understatement here.

Posted by: Duh! | November 9, 2006 1:40 PM | Report abuse

just wanted to put in a good word for our gracious hostesses. "Duh!" (previous poster) has much more faith in the Democrats than I do. 180-degree turn? I wish ... probably more like brief rest stop.

And for all those who are having trouble following the discussion, well, this forum seems to be a place for dissecting the show, right?

Posted by: eric | November 9, 2006 1:58 PM | Report abuse

I am skeptical about the theory that the island has healing powers, and I disagree with the theory that people can't get sick on the island. Perhaps it wiped people's slates clean-- like Locke and Rose-- but injuries and illnesses can still be developed on the island. Consider Sawyer, who was shot and suffered from an infection, and the marshall, who had a piece of plane lodged in his chest and eventually died. I suspect Benry's tumor developed AFTER he arrived at the island (or maybe he was born there).

I am confused about the story of Kate's pregnancy. She saw a negative pregnancy test, then told her husband "I almost had a baby." How can she almost have a baby if she wasn't pregnant? Perhaps she miscarried before taking the pregnancy test?

I like the theme of Kate running through this episode. In flashback after flashback she "ran", and as someone pointed out during her first interaction with Jack she told him that she would have ran. Yet now when she has a perfectly good opportunity to run, she can't do it.

One inconsistency that I can't figure out-- Locke and Sayed left Mr. Eko's body to go find a shovel (and secretly do something else). All I remember after that is that they had a brief conversation in the woods before returning for Eko's funeral. Did I miss something? Or is that when Locke went to look for Eko's stick, and if so, why was that such a secret?

On a week by week basis I am horribly frustrated about how slowly the plot moves, but if you look back at the last 2 1/2 seasons, this is how it's always been. It took half a season for them to open the hatch, a full season to find the tailies, etc.

I plan to use the next three months to re-watch Seasons 1 and 2.

Posted by: Regan | November 9, 2006 2:02 PM | Report abuse

"I also was confused about the relevance of Kate's flashback."

Gee let's see, for starters...

A doomed love/relationship: Whatever his name was in last night's show (Mal from Firefly) -> Sawyer.

Promises made that she so much wants to believe, but knows are lies: the US Marshal's promise to leave her alone -> the Others' promise to let them go if Jack does the surgery on Ben.

Posted by: Anonymous | November 9, 2006 2:06 PM | Report abuse

--I'm still reeling over the death of Eko. My favorite character. After last week, I had pretty much decided to quit watching Lost after the 6 fall episodes and wait until the series boxed set of DVDs were released in 3 years (or whenever). Last night's episode may have had enough positive twists to keep me on the hook, tho. Rats!

--I think JJ Abrams has ADD. He's good at the concept and startup phases, but doesn't seem to have any follow through. He did the exact same thing w/ Alias. He seemed to lose interest and the show went downhill fast in the middle of the 3rd season. Marc Cherry appears to have the same problem. Joss Whedon, on the other hand, was the master.

--Kate is beyond annoying. She's pathetic. She reminds me of the Perils of Pauline. She's weak and causes problems. She's not worth the trouble.

--"Steve" is right. Nikki and Paulo must die--soon, and preferably in a truly horrific manner.

--Maybe Jacob is the eye patch guy.

Posted by: sen | November 9, 2006 2:13 PM | Report abuse

Duh!: You are completely wrong. The new congress does not get sworn in until January. The outcome of the election, whatever policies may be forged a couple months from now, etc. are no different than if the ticker had not run across the screen. Telling us that the person who we all know was ahead has won, pending a recount, does nothing to speed up the swearing in of the new congress. And really if people we're that obsessed with it that they can't wait until the late night news, or even the news the next morning, than they should've been watching CNN.

Posted by: Buck | November 9, 2006 2:18 PM | Report abuse

I'd never seen an episode of Lost before, and watched this one solely for Nathan Fillion. It almost wasn't worth the excruciating pointlessness of the rest of the show. I heart Nathan.

My first question in the first five minutes was- how can they get operating room equipment, a working x-ray machine, with x-ray film and processing equipment, and not be able to get an oncologist?

Posted by: Liz | November 9, 2006 2:24 PM | Report abuse

You take a pregnancy test when you think you might be pregnant. She told her husband "I almost had a baby", meaning she thought she was pregnant. She was relieved to see the results were negative.

Posted by: To Regan | November 9, 2006 2:25 PM | Report abuse

Dissapointing move by ABC to hiatus Lost to Feb '07 in what will no doubt become a permanant vacation if ratings and demographics for its replacement are stronger. It's classic ABC as we saw with Commander in Chief.

On Lost: I still enjoy the show, but more out of loyalty than intrigue. It seems the most interesting back-stories have been told; the most compelling mysteries answered. Sure, we don't know who The Others are, or what The Darhma Initiative may be. But those aren't topics that drove story lines in Seasons I and II. And with back stories about Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and other characters already told, I'm afraid we're left with little except classic cliff-hanger techniques to keep this once wonderful TV show interesting.

Posted by: stejay | November 9, 2006 2:37 PM | Report abuse

"I mean, really, name one really new mystery we have been given this season."

Steve...let's start with WHERE THE HELL ARE KATE, SAWYER AND JACK? Is there really a second island as Ben led Sawyer to believe, or is one more elaborate case of misdirection? If it is an island, how is it that Sayid et al have not discovered it on their sailboat and trekking tours? Why were the Tailies introduced last season only to be killed off or simply forgotten? Are the Others actually good or evil? How did the village in the opening scene of the first episode go undetected? Why did the hatch explosion get all of two lines of dialogue? Should I continue?

I really don't want to hate on this show, but some closure would be nice.

Posted by: Lester Burnham | November 9, 2006 2:45 PM | Report abuse

"Lost" lost me at the end of last season, with the polar research station and the phone call to London. The minute I knew more than the characters, the minute they took me off the island, they lost me. And they haven't done anything to get me back. What started out as an homage to "The Prisoner" is turning into some weird cross between "Dallas" and "A Boy and His Dog." Serial television melodrama. Too much soap opera fluff. How much different, and better, these past few weeks would have been after that great season opening, if the Lost Love Triangle had been taken back to that wonderful suburban setting, had taken part in book clubs and teas, watched kids play ball in the taunting that would have been! The menace would have been much more subtle, and much worse. And what a great contrast to the fate of the people back on the beach, grinding it out in the sun, day after day...Anyway, it all comes down to three simple words: who cares anymore?

Posted by: John | November 9, 2006 2:58 PM | Report abuse

What happened to Kate's horse. I'm not a Lost junkie so I don't dissect every episode but it seems that all the animals/monsters are back this fall (polar bear, black smoke). Was this sighting ever explained? I thought Sawyer saw it too?

Posted by: Babs | November 9, 2006 2:58 PM | Report abuse

I am still and plan to be addicted. I remember many complaining (including me) about having new and old episodes mixed throughout the season and I am glad that is no longer. I am not happy about the break but the other option is waiting until Jan and doing all 24 episodes in a row. I don't think that I would have liked that. If Lost has taught me something, it is patience.

Also, I agree there has been a lot of filler when all I really want to do is get to the good stuff. However, when I think back to the first 2 seasons and after rewatching them, there were a lot of "filler" episodes there. There were several that were just duds. We remember all the great ones. These filler episodes are no different than the first 2 seasons - maybe we are just holding the show to a higher standard. The show can only be new once.

Lastly, I am disappointed that the original "Losties" like Hurley, Charlie, Claire, Rose, Sun, etc have been pushed to the side, but since the beginning of this season, we were given the impression that "the Others" would be the focus. Not too keen on the 2 new "losties" (hopefully no flashbacks for them until they serve a purpose).

All and all, still a think it is the best show on network TV and can't wait until Feb.

Posted by: Ch | November 9, 2006 3:00 PM | Report abuse

I agree with New to this' comment about Kate's "I can't leave without you" being directed towards Sawyer even though she said it to Jack on the phone. That said, what does it matter who she said it to?

Also, what does the quote Locke found on Eko's prayer stick mean? It was something about "Lift your eyes to the sky and look north."?

Posted by: New to this 2 | November 9, 2006 3:13 PM | Report abuse

OK. I've been following this blog all season long and this is the first time that I felt the need to write.

First and foremost, like some of the posts, I've grown weary of the story not being moved along. Is it just me or has the last year and half move at a snail's pace compared to the first season.

My wife has practically given up on the show with my telling her that it will get better. Sadly, it hasn't. Take last night's episode for example. B O R I N G! The scene with Locke et al's funeral for Ecko was just filler/glossed over. We all knew what everyone was going to say before they said it (i.e. Sayid not believing Locke about the smoke). Also, like a previous log, WTF!!! Kate knocks the lock of Sawyer's cage with three hits from a rock, has the opportunity to run (or, at the very least, take their getting it on to a more private location). No, instead, they do it right in front of the cameras that they know are there.

I don't know if my rants come from the fact the fact that I've watched from the very first episode, and seen a noticiable decline in a show I literally counted the days/hours to the next episode or what.

I join in those who hope that the February shows come out of the gate strong, or sadly, I may very well have to find something else to watch. I hear Serenity DVD's are good :-)


Posted by: Ben | November 9, 2006 3:16 PM | Report abuse

Did anyone else laugh when Kate broke Sawyer's cage lock? I mean seriously. And I also agree with another poster that it was hilarious that instead of running away or trying to help Jack, they do the thang-thang, not trying to be a girl...but, how gross was it that they probably haven't showered or brushed their teeth in days! Eek. Okay sorry.

Oh and also, what would possess a woman who is a fugitive to marry a COP? That is so unbelieveable! Seriously. Seriously?

Posted by: Confused | November 9, 2006 3:20 PM | Report abuse

I have to agree that it was a poor decision on ABC's part to split the seasons like this. I'm glad they're trying to remove the possibilities of repeats, but I would have rather waited until January and seen the whole season uninterrupted. A stand alone episode show like South Park can split its seasons without any real problems, but a serial show like Lost won't have as much success.

The more serious problem is that, despite ABC's advertising, a season finale it was not. A finale is defined, I believe, by a sense of closure as to some element of the story. In season one, we finally opened the hatch. In season two, we found out what happened when the button didn't get pushed. Here... nothing happened; or at least nothing that wouldn't have happened in any other episode.

It also doesn't help that this "mini-season" focused almost exclusively on the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle. I may be in the minority here, but I couldn't care less how that works out.

Posted by: feesimpleabsolute | November 9, 2006 3:23 PM | Report abuse

Lost is like a couple of other TV shows I enjoy watching: Deadwood, and The Wire (only I wish Lost didn't have the annoying commercial breaks, or news trailers).

Both of the fine HBO dramas feature a wide assortment of characters, and we don't see every character in every episode. It also may take several episodes for a particular plot/subplot to run to be resolved or even advance significantly.

It's like reading a book - the author takes as much time as necessary to weave the tale (compared to what usually happens when books are made visual -- storylines are compressed, characters removed, resulting in a general feeling of incompleteness and/or failure to live up the original material)

Posted by: Zizzy | November 9, 2006 3:39 PM | Report abuse

With all the talk about how easily "Freckles" was able to break open the lock with a rock (clearly wasn't a MasterLock) brings me to another age old Hollywood problem.

Kate hands her husband the lemonade (or ice tea or whatever) he takes a sip of it, then 30 seconds later he's out cold. That must be some pretty damn potent stuff to knock him out that quickly after just a sip. Good thing he didn't chug it down, otherwise he'd probably be dead. And with it being that potent, how is it that his first reaction after taking the sip isn't "Damn, this is some foul tasting lemonade!"?

Posted by: Buck Dharma | November 9, 2006 3:51 PM | Report abuse

Yes, Kate and Sawyer could've escaped but we have to think about Sawyer's state of mind. He a con man that has been shown a reverse con: he's shown the island and, because he's morally weak (or something like that), he gives up and becomes trapped by the idea that there's no chance of escape.

The only way Kate could keep him going was to stay with him. Show her love. Possibly get pregnant. For the first time in her life she's actually free to be herself. Her will is stronger because she's met her twin: Sawyer. There are no lies. (At least not that we can determine given what we've been shown.)

So, Kate in essence was willing to sacrifice an escape in order to save Sawyer, demonstrate her love, and live to fight another day.

Similarly, it provides the impetus for Jack to make a unilateral decision to save himself. Or at least, he can act as if he's only out for himself. But all we know, really, is that Jack is using his leverage to save himself and Kate.

I think Jack is smart enough to know that, at least at this point, there's no way he can win Kate back (if he cares) unless he somehow saves all Kate & Sawyer. Again, he'll sacrifice that part of his ego in order to fight another day.

I think that this was one of the critical conclusions of the 6-part season.

We're led to believe that there's decisiveness amonst the captured trio. But, you can also see that somehow the experience is fine-tuning their sense of purpose. That each one provides the other something they need to get through this ordeal.

I think this idea of learning something about yourself through hardship, despair etc has been alluded to by Ben/Henry. Perhaps, Benry needs the trio as much as the trio needs Benry.

I think the overarching story is about how systems are created, evolve, transform and end. By systems, I'm talking about how we are interconnected--how we each hold within us the seed of knowledge, of perception, of empathy and understanding. And also the opposite of these qualities. Equally but in a competing and sometimes contradictory way.

Look North -- as John writes it, I think he means look to God. As it applies here, maybe the meaning is look to salvation to deliver the Losties.

The other side -- a matter of perception, of consciousness.

Posted by: Conrad | November 9, 2006 4:00 PM | Report abuse

Out of all the backstories on LOST, I've found Kate's the most inane, boring and most unconvincing load of BS. The worst moment was when we discovered what was in that stupid little box she was so obsessed with. Cloying, trite stuff. Last night's episode was no different -- her ongoing personal saga is just a lot of cliched angsty stuff that I can't be bothered with. Liked the cliffhanger, tho. By the way, Rodrigo Santoro is a popular Brazilian soap actor (I'm from Brazil). His Engish is amazingly good, hardly an accent.

Posted by: sandrahn | November 9, 2006 4:01 PM | Report abuse

I've decided to chalk Jack's, Kate's, and just about every one else's faulty thinking/poor choices/bad judgement to a combo of malnourishment and lack of sleep. I mean, 2-3 months on an island w/o the daily routine, not to mention a decent mattress, is bound to take some toll.....

Posted by: SAF | November 9, 2006 4:02 PM | Report abuse

I'm surprised noone's thought of another angle on the island/islands thing-that when Ben showed Sawyer the "other" island, it was a deception (perhaps they really were on the same isand, and THAT was the "other" island? Note that it took a LONG time to get to the place they could see it). OR even better, that one of those islands is actually the MAINLAND! Hence the connection to civilization.

The only reason Kate and Sawyer got it on was so Jack could see and get all rattled and decide to operate and do his thing.

I've been so pissed and annoyed by this show this season that the hiatus actually really doesn't bother me. I got to the point of "take it or leave it" after the first two shows of the season. And since the huge number of commercials got me taping it and looking at it later, I no longer have that "Ohmygod I have GOT to be at my TV at 9pm!" kind of feeling I had up until this season. And that is the first step to a rapid loss of audience. Take note, producers!

Posted by: Baxter | November 9, 2006 4:14 PM | Report abuse

One more thing: another REALLY annoying aspect to the whole show is that you can safely say that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that ALL of the Others say is either a lie or a deception. So NONE of it matters! That whole thing of asking Jack to kill Ben on the table? Means nothing. There's at least a dozen possible alternative meanings to all of it. And none of them are fathomable by us mortals (especially if we don't read blogs!) So it all becomes YET ANOTHER loose end that, given the rate they deal with these things, we won't know the solution to until the end of season 5. God help us if they decide to go longer than that!!

Posted by: Baxter | November 9, 2006 4:19 PM | Report abuse

Just thought of something.

Could the inscription on Mr. Ecko's stick be a reference to where the somewhat tragic trio are being held? Are the losties in the southern, eastern or northern end? If their in the north, scratch the thought.

Posted by: petal | November 9, 2006 4:21 PM | Report abuse

Part of the problem with LOST has to be this tendency in American television to continue to produce a series for as long as it can turn a profit. What happened to the idea of television as art? I think LOST would be far less frustrating if the writers stopped trying to stretch out the story with random, ridiculous twists and turns, long flashback fillers and pointless/lame new characters.

The British version of "the office" lasted only 2 seasons and was fantastic. Ricky Gervais knew there is only so far you can take a story, and went out on top, rather than stretching the concept until people found it too lame and frustrating to watch (which is what probably will happen with the US version of the office).

My point: I would much rather have one more season of high quality, interesting, exciting, entertaining LOST episodes that actually make sense, than 8 more seasons of mediocre stretched out episodes...

Posted by: grumpy11 | November 9, 2006 4:32 PM | Report abuse

Okay, so the negatives are obvious. Nobody's a fan of Nicki and Paulo - random -. Everyone's missing Hurley, Rose, Bernard, Claire, etc. More questions than answers. Etc. BUT, it's still 99 times better than other TV (Heroes is nowhere near as good, sorry folks!), and I for one am psyched for 4 months of continuous episodes starting in Feb. Patience is a virtue.

Posted by: sticking with it | November 9, 2006 4:34 PM | Report abuse

"The only reason Kate and Sawyer got it on was so Jack could see and get all rattled and decide to operate and do his thing."

That's an intereting idea but not quite right. It's true that once Jack sees Kate and Sawyer together it acts as a catalyst. But that's not why those two got it on. They got it on for love and out of despair.

But what did happen was that the cons got con'd (sp?) by Benry. And so did Jack.

I think, as someone else pointed out, that the purpose of the cages and the "death" threat was to push Kate and Sawyer together. This will serve many purposes and I think it was the singular, defining event of the "mini" season.

What I'm trying to figure out is what kind of system the island operates under. It appears very binary. Think about the hatch and the switch: on/off. Think about the various relationships on the island: love/hate; hostage/free. It appears to be a zero-sum game that is being played out.

Question: how do you perceive life? zero-sum? binary?

Posted by: Cavali | November 9, 2006 4:35 PM | Report abuse

And, essentially, Benry forshadowed the way things would play out with Jack when he said, something to the affect: I was so hoping you'd come around to my way of thinking.

Well, what happened last night?

It appears Jack will do Benry's bidding and save an Other's life. Benry lives and keeps his end of the bargain by, as others have pointed out, getting him off the island but not quite "home."

Posted by: Cavali | November 9, 2006 4:41 PM | Report abuse

You know, I think the poster who raised the Kate-and-Sawyer-breeding-experiment idea may be on to something, something the writers intend to suggest: the caged scenes have been remarkably similar to the "Nova"/Charlton Heston scenes from the old, original Plant of the Apes movie. Didn't those two scientist monkeys hope the two humans would mate?

Posted by: SAF2 | November 9, 2006 4:42 PM | Report abuse

The test results were positive on Kate's pregnancy test, weren't they? Two lines mean a positive test result. Hence, she either got rid of the baby (or lost it) while on the run in Australia OR she is still pregnant.

Posted by: lauren | November 9, 2006 4:58 PM | Report abuse

Watched from the first ep. Don't think I'm coming back in February? What is this show now? Who cares about the others? Where are the Lostaways? Wasn't anyone the least bit scared when the sky turned purple a few days ago and just two months after they were in a plane crash? Huh?

And here's a little thing that's emblematic of the whole show.... When we first met the Others last year, Walt was with a woman named Mrs. Clue or Klugh, I guess. Where the heck is she? And what about all the kids wandering around in the jungle for that matter. I thought that was why they took Walt? What the heck?

Posted by: D.C. | November 9, 2006 5:21 PM | Report abuse

I am one of those people teetering on the edge of giving up on Lost.

Maybe I am blocking things out and only focusing on the bad, but I don't feel like we have learned much of substance during this story arc.

I seem to remember in a Pod Cast at the end of last season that J.J. et al. said that we would get some answers quickly this season. I remember them saying we would get some MAJOR clues who The Others were. And more interestingly, I CLEARLY remember that they said we would learn about the White Light from the hatch implosion.

I definitely feel that we are getting more mysteries without any answers.

I will probably come back in the Spring, but there is a chance Lost has lost me as a fan.

Posted by: NYC b/w/o DC | November 9, 2006 5:45 PM | Report abuse

Eko's "look north" inscription is definitely a clue to finding the Others. Remember last season when Michael contacted Walt through the computer and took off after him? Jack, Locke and Sawyer followed to bring him back, and as they were tracking him, Locke pointed out that Michael was going in a straight line due north. It was while following that north-bound trail that they ran into "Zeke" and his "line in the sand" that they were forbidden to cross.

Also, to everyone commenting on the show's diminishing quality, etc. -- it may have slipped, but good luck finding anything else on TV even close to this good or interesting. (Of course, my frustrations have been mitigated by the fact that I record it and watch it later in the evening, so I skip right through all the commercials)

Posted by: Doc | November 9, 2006 6:00 PM | Report abuse

You're both nuts. The Webb update was far and away the best part of last night's show.

Posted by: Matthew | November 9, 2006 6:06 PM | Report abuse

I don't believe the griping about "Lost" has anything to with comparisons to anything else of quality on TV. The griping is likely because this show requires quite an investment of time, energy and attention span, and we are constantly left with no answers and just more mysteries. The teases and twists continually lead us no where but frustration.

After a while you just stop caring and move on with your viewing habits and your life. The producers and writers of this show have done a magnificent job of aggravating and alienating an enormous audience in a remarkably short time.

Posted by: Rex | November 9, 2006 6:14 PM | Report abuse

In the third episode of this season, Locke seems to be hallucinating, half naked, being pushed by Boone in a wheel chair at the airport, looking at characters going through security at the airport. Jack was being screened by a TSA type person, who turned out to be Ben.

What is the significance of showing Ben at the airport? When he should be on the island as one of the Others?

Posted by: Joenahum | November 9, 2006 6:19 PM | Report abuse

I certainly understand the marketing value and watercooler buzz of making viewers reach out for answers and stir up interest by running to blogs and tossing around (cockamamie) theories and references.

But about the only watercooler talk at my office about this show since early last spring has been "what a waste of time."

We simply live in a society where we have too many entertainment options, too much to do, too little time, too fast of a pace to be forced into 3-4-5 layers of a TV show that reveals absolutely no end to answering itself.

Up til 20 years ago, we just didn't have so many TV options and so many activities for ourselves or kids. For us, like many I am sure, if it's not a sports practice it's a school function. If it's not a late work day it might be a work travel day. And so on.

We are completely fried by the time we get to throw ourselves in front of the TV and one of the truly well-written, well-produced shows has become a mental burden and an emotional tax. I have no problem with new mysteries and storylines--just answer some of the old questions and keep moving us ahead. . . .

Preferably before our kids have to go off to college in 8 and 10 years.

Posted by: RickNmd | November 9, 2006 6:31 PM | Report abuse

I just like trying to figure out whats going on, coming up with my theories and then having them shot right down. I believe that yes, kate and sawyer are supposed to mate. I believe that ben does believe they are the "good guys." That brings me to this..I think there are 2 groups of "others." If you recall, rouseau said the people on her crew got sick..i believe there are "others" on the island that are part of an experiment gone wrong or came victim to some mysterious illness that makes you "sick."

Till February....

Posted by: Joe | November 9, 2006 7:24 PM | Report abuse

What!? No Sawyer action figure? What in the heck were (or weren't) the marketers thinking?

Posted by: Kay | November 9, 2006 7:29 PM | Report abuse

I am new to the show, but my one contribution is that the words on the stick are surely meant to remind us of Sojourner Truth leading slaves north to freedom. Runaways were taught to look for the North Star to orient themselves as they made their way to free territory. It's appropriate that the character who has this "traveling stick" is of African descent, and that he is being a guide for "the lost" as they escape "captivity" even though is he is no longer physically present (while Sojourner did personally guide many slaves, she also gave inspiration and instruction to many others who made the escape without her). It works perfectly for me that Eko is performing the same function as someone named "Truth."

Posted by: FirstTimer | November 9, 2006 9:56 PM | Report abuse

A love triangle, a funeral, a spinal surgery, a hook up we've been waiting three seasons for, JJ Abrams directing this episode himself, and yet the writers STILL managed to make this episode into a lame snoozefest! That cliffhanger would have worked as a mid-season episode, but not something to tide the audience over for three months. I hope the writers use their three month vacation to figure out how to undo all the damage they have done over the last six episodes.

Posted by: Tirade | November 10, 2006 12:03 AM | Report abuse

hey yall.

first off....isnt Jacob the guy who pretended like he was in the crash but actually wasnt? like, he came out of the water like the rest but wasnt actually ever on the plane....its from an earlier season and i could just be imagining things.

second....and no one get offended by this...but does anyone else feel like watching lost is like being in an abusive relationship? they get all lovey with you and then hit ya with something and keep you waiting and just as your about to leave they give you something to bring you back in....sick...sick people.

but ima keep watchin, im hooked.

Posted by: jules | November 10, 2006 12:08 AM | Report abuse

Ethan was "the Other" who infiltrated the camp in Season 1, took Claire, tried to kill Charlie, etc. He is not the cop who married "Monica" (Kate). Did they call him Jacob? I completely missed that as I was so excited to see Serenity's captain. They should have stranded Nathan on the island. That would boost the audience!

Posted by: Buffy | November 10, 2006 1:41 AM | Report abuse

I think Kate has feelings for both Jack and Sawyer, and, conflicted, she has tried not to act on her feelings for either one. Although I am rooting for Kate and Jack, I was not dismayed by her hooking up with Sawyer. I saw their intimacy as their attempt to have a human experience in the face of sadistic, inhumane treatment. They are getting the works: beatings, hard physical labor, mind games, the cages, food, and water of animals. Their psyches must be a mess. There is very little they can do for each other, to give each other. And I think knowing Sawyer might be killed was what prompted Kate to reach out to him. The final push was when she realized he had not told her that they had nowhere to run, because he had been protecting her hope for survival. (Each of the three has been magnanimous and has refused to abandon another to save his/her own skin.) Is that the experiment? One more point, long ago, when Sawyer was unconscious from his infection, Kate said that every time she felt something for Sawyer, she thought of Wayne and it made her sick. Her being able to be intimate with Sawyer seems to mean she has resolved some of the Wayne issues. That is very good, because her self-loathing comes from knowing that Wayne is her father, and therefore [according to Kate] she can never be "good". If she can see the good in Sawyer, maybe she can see the good in herself. But my friend and I hope that if she finds peace and resolution, this doesn't mean she will be killed off like the other Losties who made peace with their demons. They can't kill Kate!

Posted by: Marian | November 10, 2006 11:42 PM | Report abuse

The show is starting to drift. While written tightly and giving us an interesting new character (Juliet), the show is leaving its basic premise behind, and appears to be groping in the dark.

Signs of this grope in Season 3:

- Plot-devices that are overly contrived leaving one feeling forced into the story (Ben's tumor, Sayid's stakeout, the guy just can't wait to kill Sawyer so much that his murderous motivation has become ridiculous)
- Eko's Death following oh-so-many other deaths. The island now has a Russian Roulette feel, diminishing viewer attachment to the characters.
- Flashbacks with little relevance to their episode despite their entertainment value (Kate, Jack, )
- Expanding Ben's character. When a minor character becomes a major player, it is an obvious sign that the show has holes it needs to fill.

To those who say "embrace the change," I say New Coke. Change for change's sake is only going to lose fans (and that is exactly what is happening).

The show would have been better served if:
- More than 1 of the Tailies survived. Ana-Lucia was a superb addition. Her write-off, followed by Libby, followed by Eko has weakened the story's overall.
- The Others were kept in the shadows. This could have been accomplished through the eyes of the 12 Tailies kidnapped by the Others (remember those 2 kids, the boy had a teddy bear).

I'll watch the rest of the 3rd Season but I am terribly disappointed. A show that seemed to be smartly building on itself has now taken a comic book/soap opera turn that, for me, is undermining its once tremendous entertainment value.

More's the pity. Lost is losing me.

Posted by: LostisLosingMe | November 13, 2006 2:34 PM | Report abuse

Whine, whine, whine. I find it hard to believe that any of you are giving up on LOST when you took the time to post comments! Is this some sort of pissing contest? "I'm tired of Lost," "No, I'm really tired of LOST, " "No, I'm the most tired." What I'm tired of? Your whining.

Posted by: scandibaby | November 13, 2006 6:43 PM | Report abuse

Whining aside I'm still trying to figure out the big picture. Why are the Others playing all of these games? Why do they go to the effort? I mean, seriously, a plane crashes and you leave your plush houses, put on fake beards and tatered clothes and pretend to be a savage native population. You kidnap all the children, you place one of your own amongst the crash survivors to spy on them. Why? Why is this being done, and in a coordinated way?

There have been many clues, the current Sawyer/Kate scenario is certainly one. They are kept caged separately but in sight of each other. They are forced to harshly work within sight of each other. Also, the Others are not stupid and should know that Kate could get out of her cage. It seems to me they are trying to get them to bond, to rely on each other. And the guy who beat up Sawyer gave the biggest clue. When his girlfriend died he beat up Sawyer in what appeared to be blind rage, yet he had only one question, asking Kate whether she loved the man he was beating the daylights out of. That is not what a man insane with grief would ask of a bystander while beating up someone he thought had some responsibility for his girlfriend's death. So why did he ask that question? I'm thinking the guy was upset but was not so much mad at Sawyer as he was mad at the situation, that playing these games lead to the girlfriend's death. Being tired of the game he wanted the answer that the Sawyer/Kate game was intended to answer, "Do you love him".

So why do the Others want to know whether they love each other? Why is it important? Some people have concluded that they want the two to mate. Maybe, but I think they want the two to realize they love each other. Now why would that be?

The two islands are another question. I don't think there are two islands. Benry even said while Sawyer was looking at the other island that he is a good con man but they are better. I doubt there is a second island. The Others have proven themselves great deceivers. I can believe the image of another island was somehow generated to convince Sawyer he had no way of escaping. This belief kept him and Kate from escaping and has helped to break Sawyer even more. Breaking Sawyer seems to be the point of this season. He has been roughly treated, like a criminal doing hard labor. Considing both have committed crimes before they came to the island that would have landed them in similar conditions if they had been caught, it seems like poetic justice. And maybe that's what is happening. Sawyer and Kate, both criminals, are being rehabilitated so they can join the Other's community in the future, and the Other's know how to do this from the Dharma initiative's work.

Posted by: Sully | November 15, 2006 8:36 AM | Report abuse

I'm having my doubts about there being two islands. I was re-watching the episode where the Others are in their cute little houses when there is something like an earthquake. They run outside in time to see the plane break in two as it crashes. Ben sends one Other to act like he was a passenger with the Tailies and he sends Ethan to act like he was a survivor of the group that has Jack, Kate, etc. These guys took off running to find the crash sites. I'm also 99 percent sure that their little group of houses was shown as being on the same island as the one the plane crashed on. Of course, this doesn't rule out that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are being kept on a different island, but it makes me think it is less likely.

Posted by: Buffy | November 17, 2006 1:26 PM | Report abuse

They are on a different island. When Ben found out the Losties had a boat he said we have to get it or they can find us. The only reason the Losties would need a boat to be able to find the Others is if the Others were on a different island.

I share the general sentiment that the plot is being dragged out and that you can't make viewers wait 4-5 years without wrapping up some plotlines. It's just taking too long to get any significant answers.

In addition, they're making it up as they go. Where was Desmond's fail-safe key when he took off running at the start of the 2nd season? Why would bail on the hatch after the computer was shot if he had a fail-safe key? For that matter, why hadn't he used the key after Kelvin was dead? Because the writers made the key up after those episodes.

Posted by: SteveH | November 17, 2006 4:38 PM | Report abuse

Very good article! Thank you, master!

Posted by: debt | August 16, 2008 5:37 AM | Report abuse

Very good article! Thank you, master!

Posted by: debt | August 16, 2008 5:37 AM | Report abuse

Very good article! Thank you, master!

Posted by: debt | August 16, 2008 5:37 AM | Report abuse

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