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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 04/26/2007

'Lost' Dueling Analyses: Revelations Aplenty

By Liz Kelly

Yet again, movies editrix Jen Chaney and I get together to talk about our favorite escape from reality (and reality TV). Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Sun (Yunjin Kim, right) and Jack (Matthew Fox). (Photo courtesy ABC)

Liz: Maybe it was the lack of Sawyer or the zillionth shot of the Losties arranging a tarp on a lean-to or perhaps Sun's semi-irrelevant flashback -- but something about last night's episode killed some of the momentum picked up over the past couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong: There were plenty of juicy bits (Mikhail is alive, Sun is directly responsible for Jin's induction into the Korean underworld, Juliet hinted that she's no fan of Ben and -- the big shocker -- Naomi says Oceanic 815 like totally crashed), it's just that they were surrounded by so much blandness.

We received several important plot points, but the episode as a whole was filler. There, I said it. What say you, Jen?

Jen: I think there was enough forward motion to outweigh the filler.

Look at the things you just mentioned, plus these two major points: Sun finds out Jin is her baby's daddy (allegedly) and Juliet not only hates on Ben but says she is gathering "samples" from other women and will have Austen's (read: Kate's) soon. And whoa, Naomi's contention that there were no survivors of 815 was a crusher of an ending, one I'm sure has got the believers of the "Lost" purgatory theory all atwitter. For my dime, that's better than watching Celine Dion sing a lame duet with a dead Elvis.

Now back to that "allegedly" I mentioned. When Sun said the baby was Jin's, I detected a distinct look of doubt on Juliet's face. It seemed like she wanted to tell Sun something but held back. Was that my imagination?

Much more after the jump...

Liz: There it is -- the purgatory theory. Welcome back! We'll come back to you, shortly.

Yes -- totally agreed that Juliet looked cryptic/perverse/wistful when Sun assumed that Jin was her baby's daddy. Perhaps she's envisioning another paternity suit aimed at Eddie Murphy? Seriously, though, I fully expected Juliet to contradict herself when she returned to the medical hatch to leave her taped message for Ben. But she didn't -- unless, that is, she's also lying to Ben. (Let me spin this out a bit -- if Juliet knows that Sun's baby was conceived off island she knows that baby and mother will likely survive. Now, if she tells Ben that the baby was conceived on island he will assume that Juliet has finally cracked the island's fertility problems and, as promised, release her from her duty there. I'm liking this theory.)

Jen: Quickly on Juliet, your theory intrigues me. I also was thinking of something even more out there, that the baby was conceived on the island but not by Jin, even though apparently he has super-sperm now that he's on the island. I still think there may be an effort afoot to impregnate the women through Other means, but I could be very wrong.

Liz: Back to that shocker (and the purgatory theory) -- what's your take on Naomi's assertion that the wreckage of Oceanic 815 was found and that no one survived the accident? Could the Others (working with Mittelos and whoever) have somehow "managed" the story, allowing the world to think the flight crashed and all passengers were lost -- leaving the Losties at the mercy of the island?

Jen: I actually don't believe the purgatory theory. One, because I believe Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse already dismissed it. Two, because I think it's too easy and would be a cop-out on the writers' part. I'm with your second explanation, that the Others managed the story.

Liz: Or, is it possible that Naomi is an Other and she's just telling the Losties that the world presumes them dead?

Jen: Let's remember the end of season two, when the Portuguese fellows located the island. I still think Naomi is affiliated with those folks (see Portuguese copy of "Catch 22").

Liz: Oh, and I'm glad to see Mikhail back -- he's a louse and, therefore, interesting. Also, he's McPatchy and I can't get enough "McPatchy" usage. Speaking of McPatchy -- what was it Naomi said to him after he relieved her blood-choked lung? Anyone out there catch it, because it certainly doesn't translate to the "thanks for saving my life" that McPatchy would have us believe she said.

Jen: Who has been handling outside communications for The Others? Good ol' McPatchy, aka the Man Who Cannot Be Electrocuted. He showed up as soon as Naomi fell from the sky, and what did he try to steal? Her phone. I think he and the Others don't want outsiders to know about the survivors, or at least not to be able to communicate that knowledge with anyone else.

And right now I'm not thinking Naomi is an Other, but I reserve the right to totally change my theory on this and deny everything I just wrote if the situation calls for it.

Liz: Of course. Reason dictates that we must remain flexible enough to execute total 180s on anything we've previously stated here.

A distinct PR push was mounted in last night's episode with the sudden openness about the island's effect on health and fertility. Mikhail said that Naomi's punctured lung would heal in a day thanks to the island and Juliet told Sun that men basically become walking sperminators when they set foot on the island. All of this must certainly be setting us up for some kind of big-time medical miracle. (Though if this island has such incredible powers to heal, why did Edward Mars (Kate's tenacious U.S. Marshal) suffer such a slow, excruciating death?

Speaking of the unexplained, Doc Jensen raises an excellent point in this week's posting over at He asks "Whatever happened to Henry Gale?" (And by Henry Gale he does not mean Ben, but the man who Ben pretended to be when we first met him -- the man who apparently arrived on the island by hot air balloon and is buried out in the jungle.)

Jen: Agreed. When Mikhail showed up last night, I wrote in my notes: "McPatchy lives!" (What, everyone doesn't take notes during "Lost?" Come on, I know you have a Trapper Keeper devoted solely to the show.)

Glad you asked about what the heck Naomi said. I rewound my DVR several times and the best I could come up with was "Ano istoso," which I don't think means anything in any language. Either that, or she was saying Trey Anastasio, but what the dude from Phish has to do with anything is beyond me. I know this: She wasn't saying, "Thanks for pulling that branch out of me, McPatchy. You're the coolest."

Liz: My "Lost" note-taking is a constant source of hilarity to my husband, who taunts me by actually loafing and eating ice cream while watching. Jerk.

According to the ever-handy Lostpedia:

"After Mikhail and Desmond treat Naomi's wound, she says something in Portuguese not spelled out in the captions. It is not 'Thank you' as Mikhail claims. Instead, it sounds like 'Eu não estou só' which is Portuguese (spoken with a Brazilian accent) for 'I am not alone.'"

Very interesting.

Last night there was also a distinct change in Charlie. He had a take-charge, righteous kind of attitude whereas Desmond seemed to be out of control for the first time in a long while (perhaps his second sight has temporarily abandoned him?). I started to like Charlie again, dangit. That, taken together with Desmond's assertion that he (Charlie) has killed more Others than the other way around, has me convinced that Charlie's number will indeed be up by the end of the season.

Jen: Excellent question about the health thing. Why is it so selective in terms of who heals and who doesn't? Seems like Boone should have lived, for example, if the healing powers are that universal. I also think the island would be smart enough to cure someone as hot as Ian Somerhalder, but that's just me.

I was just reading Doc Jensen's column and also thought that was an excellent question, which, as Guru Jensen points out, may be answered in the Ben episode coming up later this season. I still want to know where Rose and Bernard are, though I hear they may pop up in a forthcoming episode, too.

More importantly, Locke is back next week and, presumably, so is his pops. I'd like to get to the bottom of that whole situation, stat.

Liz: You love Boone.

A few things about last night's episode were a bit hard to swallow. Herewith a listing ("Lost" writers/producers, please print, laminate and tape to your foreheads):

1. Why would Juliet have to spirit Sun away to the medical hatch in the middle of the night? Or, rather, why couldn't she pre-arrange the trip with her instead of sneaking into her tent at o-dark-thirty? And why would Sun agree to go with her? I was utterly convinced that Juliet was leading Sun away from the safety of the camp so a group of Others could grab her.

2. Would Sun really be so keen on outing her pregnancy to Juliet? Sure, Juliet already knew, but Sun didn't know she knew.

3. There was an editing disconnect in the scene where Jin chases McPatchy and karate chops him. One second they're fighting at some distance from everyone else and in the next instant Desmond is pushing McPatchy up against a tree in close proximity to the very area from which Jin and McPatchy had run.

To balance all that criticism with a little praise, a shout-out to the show's stylists -- fab job on Sun's clothes in the Korea flashbacks. I've been salivating over her togs for some time now.

Also, a PSA: Sun guesstimated that she has two months until she reaches the middle of her second trimester -- the time when all other island mothers (excepting Claire) have died. Before anyone gets excited about finding out whether or not she'll make it to that point, remember that two months in "Lost" time is about two seasons worth on ABC. So, maybe by the end of 2008 Sun will start showing.

Jen: I may be alone in this, but I always liked Charlie. Maybe it's because of my admiration of Driveshaft. "You All Everybody" is a rock anthem for the ages.

When Desmond said that, I thought he was referring to a royal "you," as in all of you Losties have killed more Others than vice versa. Either way, it's a good point and implies, again, that the Others might not be the bad guys. Well, except maybe Ben.

We didn't talk much about Sun's flashback. Like Desmond's, I thought it was proof that the characters are confronting the same mistakes again and again. Jin didn't know who his mother was thanks to Sun's secrecy. Her secrecy also kept Jin in the dark about their child's lineage. But it seems Sun may have the chance to redeem herself on the island, assuming she doesn't die first.

Liz: And the show may have a chance to redeem itself (at least to me) next week. According to the ABC press site, next week's episode was penned by dynamic duo Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Bring it on.

Jen: I don't think Sun will ever start showing. I'm still waiting for Claire to gain some baby weight.

On No. 2 and no. 3, I'm with you. But on point 1, maybe Juliet had to take her in the dark because she didn't want anyone to know she was giving Sun the ultrasound. Ben clearly wants her to do research on the women but maybe he doesn't want her to give them too much care and attention, especially if they're just going to die anyway. Plus, it's cooler on "Lost" when people wake up with someone else's hand over their mouths.

In addition to the costume shout-out, big props to the set designers for the medical hatch. The entryway had a subtle egg shape, and there was tons of detail in Juliet's hidden room. The people behind the scenes don't always get the credit they deserve and I'm sure they're craving it from, you know, us.

And with that, should we turn it over to the Celebritology community for comments/questions/demands for the return of Boone?

Liz: By all means and we'll continue the discussion in today's 2 p.m. ET Celebritology Live discussion, too.

Next week: "The Brig" -- A newly focused Locke breaks away from "The Others" in an attempt to persuade Sawyer to help rid them of a great nemesis that has caused nothing but pain in both of their lives. Meanwhile, a new island inhabitant discloses some shocking information about Oceanic Flight 815.

By Liz Kelly  | April 26, 2007; 10:43 AM ET
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