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Posted at 8:10 AM ET, 09/20/2007

Morning Mix: Britney Parties Following Custody Case Ruling

By Liz Kelly

Headlines: Britney Spears celebrates custody ruling with a little clubbing (and ice cream)... Justin Timberlake says he doesn't really know Britney anymore... O.J. Simpson makes bail, heads back to Florida home; alleged victim in case arrested for parole violation... Saying he was made a "scapegoat," Dan Rather sues CBS to restore his reputation... Denise Richards asks court to "protect children" from ex Charlie Sheen... Amy Winehouse gives disheveled performance at British awards show... Show me the money: Patriotic crooner Lee Greenwood cancels concert for vets over payment dispute... Matthew McConaughey takes over Owen Wilson's role in "Tropic Thunder"... Radio host says Stephen Colbert stole his joke... Kate Moss, what's going on?

Rumor Mill: Paris Hilton banned from Munich's Oktoberfest... Publicist says Jennifer Lopez not pregnant... Did Hayden Panettiere threaten to kill a reporter on the Emmys red carpet?... Russell Crowe to play Moe in a "Three Stooges" update?... Demi Moore changes her last name to "Kutcher"... Rose McGowan loses role because of plastic surgery OD.

Bonus: Heidi Montag, pop star?

Celebritology field agent Christian Pelusi contributed to this report.

By Liz Kelly  | September 20, 2007; 8:10 AM ET
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So I guess if she's not allowed to drink 12 hours before having the kids, she must not have them today...

The Amy Winehouse video is weird for multiple reasons. (1) For parts of it she might as well be singing "blah blah blah" as she's looking at the floor. (2) English people swaying and dancing along is really funny. (3) Multiple close ups of the flute player?

Posted by: Em | September 20, 2007 8:56 AM | Report abuse

I wish Denise Richards will either get a job or get a man so she will stop exploiting her children for publicity. She's pathetic.

Posted by: Lisa1 | September 20, 2007 9:13 AM | Report abuse

That closeup photo of Britney in the article looks like the picture between the "before" and "after" photos of someone becoming a meth addict.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 9:19 AM | Report abuse

Do you ever get the feeling that Britney and Amy W. are the last two contestants left in some sort of Starlet Goes To Hell reality show?

Posted by: byoolin | September 20, 2007 9:20 AM | Report abuse

oh come on, there is NO WAY that Heidi is actually singing in that clip, that's gotta be lip-syncing. And come on with all of the gestures and "dancing" - she looks ridiculous.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 9:41 AM | Report abuse

Between Denise and Kim I'm not sure which one is least likely to win a mom of the year award.

Brit and Amy the "just say no to drugs" poster children of the century.

Posted by: petal | September 20, 2007 9:45 AM | Report abuse

At least Amy can sing... Poor Brit doesn't even have that going for her. Question for any UK folks reading this, do you view Amy's husband like K-Fed was viewed over here when he married Britney, or was Amy well on her way downhill before she met him?

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 9:53 AM | Report abuse

Some of those other rules re: Britney are really important and probably the ones she is most likely to break. Her childcare choices have appeared to be a revolving door and not necessarily based on any qualifications and now she has to give K-Feds side 48 hours in advanced before any childcare changes are made and said childcare individuals have to have actually certifications.

Posted by: MGC | September 20, 2007 9:55 AM | Report abuse

well isn't part of the allure to AW her smokey comatose style? i mean the party image doesn't really hurt her or her singing or record sales, right? she never wore a school-girl outfit and said "hit me baby one more time."

it's like comparing shannon doherty and nicole eggert in the 90s. or something. haha. need coffee.

Posted by: not bluto | September 20, 2007 10:04 AM | Report abuse

The only explanation seems to be that Britney WANTS to lose the custody battle.

Amy Winehouse still sounded decent, as coked out as she was and despite her hacking crack-pipe cough.

Like Colbert needs to steal jokes, and Star Trek ones at that. Did you see the interview where the guy (I don't remember his name) took Colbert's blue note-cards, attempting to expose Colbert's weak spot. The guy gave them back and Colbert flung them to the floor and said, "I don't need *bleeping* cards. Who do you think wrote them?" He did the whole interview, totally ad-libbing, and was hilarious. Made the guy look like an a-hole.

He's great at improv and really smart. I can't wait to see his retort. I'm sure it'll be worth watching.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 10:09 AM | Report abuse

Since no one has commented on it I just have to. Britney can't even fold her kids stroller?! I realize some are harder to figure out than others but come on. Three people, one of which is the Mother, can't figure it out so they just throw it in the convertible.

Also, is the picture of Rose McGowan before or after the surgery?

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 10:14 AM | Report abuse

Wait, I don't think it's fair to judge Britney's mothering skills based on stroller-folding, especially when there are so many other things worse than that, like feeding them nothing but junk food. And besides, those strollers can be tricky, damn it.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 10:27 AM | Report abuse

I'm not judging her mothering skills on the stroller, just getting a good laugh about it. She has way more against her than the stoller but it really is just icing on the cake, and funny!

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 10:31 AM | Report abuse

wait, what? they think that fans won't recognize mcgowan by next year because she looks different now or because they think she'll look much different by the time the movie comes out?

joan rivers still looks like joan rivers.

Posted by: not bluto | September 20, 2007 10:53 AM | Report abuse

Lee Greenwood? In "Celebritology"? The next time this opportunity presents itself, just tell us more about Jane Wyman instead. :-)

Anyone who would pay money for a ticket to a Lee Greenwood concert deserves to show up and find out the appearance is cancelled.

Posted by: byoolin | September 20, 2007 10:56 AM | Report abuse

Brit is well on her way to more chins than the Hong Kong phone book.

Posted by: Stick | September 20, 2007 11:00 AM | Report abuse

In those pics of britney where ther are 4 shots together, is that a pacifier in her mouth? Imagine the diseases she is passing on to her little ones.

Posted by: shari | September 20, 2007 11:10 AM | Report abuse

I have to agree with Em on the AW video.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 11:14 AM | Report abuse

"In those pics of britney where ther are 4 shots together, is that a pacifier in her mouth? Imagine the diseases she is passing on to her little ones."

I thought the same thing! And in another picture (profile) she's either not wearing a bra, or it has no "padding". Ick.

And I'm sorry, two kids later and you still can't fold up a stroller? Poor babies.

Posted by: WDC 21113 | September 20, 2007 11:15 AM | Report abuse

Looks like a pacifier to me.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 11:19 AM | Report abuse

Jennifer Lopez not pregnant...well, duh. Considering her husband is the only adult that Keira Knightly outweighs.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 11:53 AM | Report abuse

a) wow. how bad do you have to be to get banned from oktoberfest? paris hilton bad.

b) a 'three stooges' movie? i'd rather not even entertain the *theory* of a 3 stooges movie let alone imagine russell crowe playing moe.

c) don't blame lee greenwood (yuck) at all for wantin' to be paid in advance. i blame the promoter for attempting to book him.

Posted by: methinks | September 20, 2007 11:59 AM | Report abuse

i'm happy to say i had no idea who heidi montag was until i googled her name. yes!

Posted by: methinks | September 20, 2007 12:24 PM | Report abuse

in the fourth photo of her with the stroller by the car, she has a pacifier in her mouth!!!!

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 12:42 PM | Report abuse

apparently Britney missed the "no alcohol 12 hours before caring for children" part of the order.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 12:47 PM | Report abuse

That Amy Winehouse vid was almost as painful to watch as Brit's VMA opening. At least AW can sing.

And at least it's better than this AW performance:

When it comes to Amy Winehouse, or Wino as some gossip sites call her, I much prefer to listen to her album than see her live. Even when she's sober, which apparently isn't very often lately, she's not the most exciting performer.

Here's a good, sober, live performance:

And here's the pre-beehive version of Amy:

Posted by: Bored @ home | September 20, 2007 1:05 PM | Report abuse

I think Sheen is the crazy one. I would try to protect my kids from him too.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 1:06 PM | Report abuse

I really love Justin Timberlake but he is comments on Britney is total b.s., and his comments on Jessica Biel are the same one he said about Cameron Diaz.

Posted by: Lisa1 | September 20, 2007 1:10 PM | Report abuse

Why do celebs bother changing their names when they get married? Just creates more work a few years later when they get the inevitable divorce.

I thought Brit actually looked better in the glasses ... then I saw her beer gut.

And whoever the person is in her entourage who's wearing the white dress, she apparently has followed Brit into pantyless-cottage-cheese butt-dom. Poor sap.

Posted by: Californian | September 20, 2007 1:28 PM | Report abuse

"Jennifer Lopez not pregnant...well, duh. Considering her husband is the only adult that Keira Knightly outweighs."


Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 3:16 PM | Report abuse

Lisa1, but weren't you impressed by comments like "wow, haven't talked about this in a long time" and "celebrities who don't get married usually break up." Uhh, how is that all that different from non-celebrity couples? Don't most married celebrity couples eventually break up anyway?

I find it funny that such commentary is now considered to be "news" worthy of reporting in the WaPo. Don't get me wrong, I read Celebritology every day and think the Brit/JT gossip is totally appropriate here, but it doesn't really belong in a newspaper article. I can see what JT and Britney had in common -- they are both dumb as a rock.

Posted by: JT is so smart | September 20, 2007 3:54 PM | Report abuse

"I can see what JT and Britney had in common -- they are both dumb as a rock."

And, they both have more money than you.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 3:57 PM | Report abuse

Yes, but less money than either Gates or God...

Posted by: Bogota | September 20, 2007 4:35 PM | Report abuse

Ok, I'm home and can finally watch the amy winehouse video, I agree, she still sounds better than Britney, at least she was singing live and I could actually understand the lyrics, which I couldn't on the CD (which I looooove by the way) and as for the Heidi person, so obvious she lipsycing.

Where do I sign up to get my 15 minutes, because it's obvious they'll give it to anybody.

Posted by: Anonymous | September 20, 2007 6:26 PM | Report abuse

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