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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 10/17/2007

Resume Redux: Bill Maher

By Liz Kelly

The road to the top -- or even the middle -- is often paved with excrement. Today we inaugurate a new semi-regular feature: Resume Redux, a look at the credits our favorites stars may well wish we'd forget.

This political wag once worked with science fiction siren Adrienne Barbeau. (AP)

Before he became a fixture of the liberal left, talk show host Bill Maher was best known (or not) for parts in blockbusters of the B-movie circuit (today we call that "straight to DVD") and guest spots on TV shows from "Max Headroom" to "Murder She Wrote." What better way to prepare for his eventual career of political punditry than sharing screen time with Mr. T and Shannon Tweed?

Bill Maher's Resume Redux:

-- "DC Cab": This 1983 classic is actually a must-own for any self-respecting Mr. T fan. Co-starring Garey Busey, Paul Rodriguez and Irene Cara. (Catch a brief glimpse of Maher in this clip).

-- "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death": "The U.S. government, eager to protect the nation's avocado supplies, recruits feminist professor Margo Hunt to make contact with the Piranha Women, an all-female tribe who believe men are only good as a source of food."

-- "Ratboy": Co-starring Sondra Locke (Clint Eastwood's ex), the film's IMDB keywords tell us all we need to know: "Fart Scene / Exploitation / Mutant / Independent Film."

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By Liz Kelly  | October 17, 2007; 10:43 AM ET
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IMDB *really does* say "Fart Scene / Exploitation / Mutant / Independent Film."


As for "men are only good as a source of food," well, I'd rather eat Hodges.

Posted by: byoolin | October 17, 2007 11:03 AM | Report abuse

Not much has changed. Maher has helped reduce political discourse to a fart scene five nights a week.

Posted by: DFC | October 17, 2007 11:08 AM | Report abuse

Sounds like Bill Maher is well-qualified to be least as well-qualified as the incumbent.

Posted by: Mister Methane | October 17, 2007 11:25 AM | Report abuse

Y'know, you kinda wonder - do the people in these movies KNOW just how bad they are? While the filming is going on, I mean. Do they say, Well, what the f*%^, it's a paycheck (however small)?

Or do they just maybe think they're making "art"?

(as opposed to the flatulace word that rhymes w/ art?)

Posted by: Bogota | October 17, 2007 11:36 AM | Report abuse

I think the Piranha women are on to something.

As for do they know, Michael Caine said when he asked why he chose to appear in Jaw 4 "It paid well and the Bahamas in January" I'm paraphrasing a tad here. But that was it basically, he wanted to be somewhere warm for January and he got paid to be warm.

Posted by: ep | October 17, 2007 11:44 AM | Report abuse

I want to star in a horrendous low-budget and cheesy movie with a title like "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death." I would wear it like a badge of honor.

Posted by: niceFLguy | October 17, 2007 12:09 PM | Report abuse

Maybe we're on to a Friday list here? Either a) B- or D- list movies that you wouldn't mind being in or
b) movies that should have been cr%p, but were actually kind of fun.

I know that I keep watching House Party. Should have been garbage, but somehow - I don't know. Reminds me of being young and having fun and trying to fall in love...

Posted by: Bogota | October 17, 2007 12:12 PM | Report abuse

OMG I've SEEN that cannibal movie! Do you remember when USA was doing that cheese-ola night schtick called Up All Night? back in the 90s? HAHA! That movie was AWFUL!

Posted by: not bluto | October 17, 2007 12:13 PM | Report abuse

How about a presidential campaign that included Bill Maher AND Stephen Colbert? Imagine the stump speeches, think of the debates, and dare to dream of the verbal shots they would take at one another and the other, bought-and-paid-for candidates.

Now there's a campaign I could get excited about!

Posted by: Libidinous Johnson | October 17, 2007 12:19 PM | Report abuse

Sci Fi channel is great for really bad movies starring has-been celebrities. The special effects and dialogue are so bad, its laughable. My favorites are giant mutated insects/arachnids.

Posted by: Anonymous | October 17, 2007 12:22 PM | Report abuse

notbluto, I remember those USA Up All Night shows. I think that's where I saw Cannibal Women too.

I think I've seen Ratboy too. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. I don't remember much about so it that may be good.

Posted by: Bored @ home | October 17, 2007 12:23 PM | Report abuse

House Party WAS two ways about it. As long as you didn't pretend it was anything other than a "star" vehicle for Kid 'n Play.

Posted by: 23112 | October 17, 2007 12:24 PM | Report abuse

Bill Maher is really a libertarian, not a liberal. He holds many views that are anathema to liberals, but at least he's not a neocon.

Posted by: lafred | October 17, 2007 12:31 PM | Report abuse

My favorite is "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes."

Posted by: b | October 17, 2007 12:32 PM | Report abuse

i have seen both dc cab and ratboy. i completely forgot about ratboy until today. i confess that i have dc cab on dvd -- on purpose. i love all of it's cheesy goodness. and it also has that spy guy from chuck in it (how old IS that guy anyway? he was also in my bodyguard and hasn't aged a bit). i haven't seen the avocado cannibal movie....maybe best buy will offer a bill maher triology value pack dvd set.

Posted by: moodring | October 17, 2007 12:36 PM | Report abuse

Classic AOTKT line:
The President: Take air force one.
Jim Richardson: Sir, Air Force one is broken
The President: Broken?
Jim Richardson: Yes sir.
The President: The whole plane?
Jim Richardson: In a sense sir, you remember where the Washington monument used to be?

Posted by: b | October 17, 2007 12:36 PM | Report abuse

I would not describe Bill Maher as the "liberal left"; he is much more of a libertarian politically.

Posted by: CJB | October 17, 2007 12:54 PM | Report abuse

Oops, posted before I saw lafred's post. But I agree with his assessment.

Posted by: CJB | October 17, 2007 12:57 PM | Report abuse

I wouldn't vote for Bill Maher for president because he has poor choice in women. He keeps dating Karrine Steffens aka Supahead. Eeewww

Posted by: Lisa1 | October 17, 2007 12:58 PM | Report abuse


It isn't just the money, trying to break in and make it as an actor is tough. A lot of times, especially early in careers, just getting paid to act and put the credits on your resume is enough.

That said, it doesn't explain established actors taking crap jobs.

Posted by: CJB | October 17, 2007 1:01 PM | Report abuse

Wow...Bill must be so embarrassed by that movie now OR he shares a joint with Superhead, watches it, and laughs like a hyenna.

I heart Bill Maher.

Posted by: Anonimis | October 17, 2007 1:36 PM | Report abuse

the spy guy in chuck is in like his 40s. which is remarkable. the reason I know this is because I confused him with a character in another movie, who turned out to be in his 20s. so he's like found the fountain of youth, or whatever. but yeah, he still looks young.

Posted by: OD | October 17, 2007 1:42 PM | Report abuse

Maher is a moron. He tried to make a small non-profit, The American Chemistry Council look bad. He didn't do his research. The American Plastics Association is part of the American Chemistry Council. I guess that plastic shunt that was placed in artery when he had heart surgey to save his life was made from some non-chemical material. Maybe he and Rosie should look into co-hosting a talk show together as they are both blathering idiots.

Posted by: Sharon | October 17, 2007 1:53 PM | Report abuse

"He keeps dating Karrine Steffens aka Supahead. Eeewww"

Eeewww is right, Lisa1. What the flock is Bill thinking?? There ain't nowhere that nasty stuff hasn't been!

Posted by: MisterBear | October 17, 2007 1:59 PM | Report abuse

Surf Nazis Must Die!

Posted by: ronjaboy | October 17, 2007 3:11 PM | Report abuse

Bill Maher is my hero!

Posted by: Jessica | October 17, 2007 4:59 PM | Report abuse

Bill needs to get a wife if he's running for prez. I dare you guys to pick his potential first lady.
All I can think of is in his book "New Rules" when he talks about not liking women waxing (a-hem) certain places "Brazilian." So that means Brit is out.

Posted by: POS | October 17, 2007 5:26 PM | Report abuse

Hey Liz, don't diss Shannon Tweed! She's the best -- I've loved her ever since she was Savannah Wilder on "Days of Our Lives." (She really can [could?] act.)

And count me in on the House Party list. What a great movie. "I'm making Kool-Aid. Do you want Grape or Red?" Classic.

Posted by: td | October 17, 2007 5:51 PM | Report abuse

Well of *course* nobody could enjoy "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death" when viewed on television. They blurred out all the best parts.

Posted by: Rez | October 17, 2007 6:50 PM | Report abuse

Good lord, Liz. I hope I never become famous. You'd find out that I've had over a hundred jobs and (more scandalous) why I am no longer at any of them. Perhaps you'd better come clean at the outset of this redux series. I'm just sayin.

Posted by: L L L | October 18, 2007 12:11 AM | Report abuse

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