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Posted at 7:59 AM ET, 03/19/2008

Morning Mix: Heath Ledger's Family Feuds Over Estate

By Liz Kelly

Donatella Versace, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn at the Barney's New York launch of Versace menswear in New York. (Getty Images)

Headlines: Heath Ledger's family feuds over estate management... Sarah Jessica Parker miffed at Maxim "Unsexiest Woman" designation... Halle Berry names her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry... Will Smith again denies he's a Scientologist... Kirstie Alley signs TV development deal with Oprah... Director Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient," "Cold Mountain") dead at 54... Sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke dies at 90... Tina Fey disses "The Daily Show"... Simon Cowell gives $162,000 to three-year-old cancer patient... Old Ashley Dupre "Girls Gone Wild" video surfaces.

Crime Watch: Busta Rhymes gets three years probation in assault case... Judge issues warrant for court no-show Shia LeBeouf.

Spears Watch: Sam Lutfi wants to oust Brit case court commissioner.

Rumor Mill: New Miss USA judge Heather Mills dumps glass of water on Paul McCartney's attorney... Katie Holmes to unveil baby clothing line for Armani... Lindsay Lohan rages over Paris Hilton event tie-in... Amy Winehouse offered $1 million to play New York gala.

Just Because: Celebs As Famous Portraits (Some NSFW)

By Liz Kelly  | March 19, 2008; 7:59 AM ET
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Heather Mills is c.r.a.z.y.

Donatella Versace needs to stay away from the knife-and-putty jockeys.

...and it is so far, far, far from surprising that the young Ms. Dupre is in the GGW archives.

Posted by: Pompous Magnus | March 19, 2008 8:51 AM | Report abuse

Uma Thurman would have been much better in Rubens' The Straw Hat. She is a dead ringer for the actual model.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 19, 2008 8:52 AM | Report abuse

Yikes. That is one scary trio in that photo. Are any of them actual humans anymore? Donatella is as horrifying as Michael Jackson at this point. *shudder*

Posted by: jaybbub | March 19, 2008 8:55 AM | Report abuse

The 'Us' story skimps on the picture of the outfit Heather wore to court. There's a much better one at the Telegraph's website.

Also, you can probably find it on one of the outtakes from the cover shots of Sgt. Pepper.

Posted by: byoolin | March 19, 2008 8:57 AM | Report abuse

It looks like someone missed the warning label on Donatella that said "Inflate to 50 p.s.i. maximum."

Posted by: byoolin | March 19, 2008 9:00 AM | Report abuse

Donatella is truly hideous. Was she ever beautiful? (It's a serious question, almost. Can we blame plastic surgery for messing her up, or was she never pretty to start with?)

Posted by: h3 | March 19, 2008 9:08 AM | Report abuse

The judge in the McCartney divorce gets off some good lines in his judgment:

"If the wife feels aggrieved about what I propose she only has herself to blame. If, as she has done, a litigant flagrantly over-eggs the pudding and thus deprives the court of any sensible assistance, then he or she is likely to find that the court takes a robust view and drastically prunes the proposed budget."

I love that 'over-eggs the pudding' line.

And at the end, he writes:

"If the wife considers that my adjudication to be unfairly low, then I would say this. In the end it is for the applicant... to make a rational and logical case for the award that is sought. If an applicant puts forward an excessive, indeed exorbitant, "claim"... then the applicant has only herself (or himself) to blame if the court awards much less than what the applicant expects.

"This case is a paradigm example of an applicant failing to put a rational and logical case and thus failing to assist the court in its quasi-inquisitorial role to reach a fair result."

That's some nice judge-speak for 'Lady, you have GOT to be kidding.'

Posted by: byoolin | March 19, 2008 9:09 AM | Report abuse

Heather Mills makes me so angry. I can't believe her settlement was so large (compared to what she should have gotten), and that she continues to get away with crap. Like the judge's statement, though.

Posted by: surlychick | March 19, 2008 9:21 AM | Report abuse

donatella looks like the puppet "janice" from the muppets. i think she plays bass in dr. teeth and the electric mayhem band.

it's sad to see woody allen hanging out at a versace party like he's one of those people really cares about such things.

Posted by: methinks | March 19, 2008 9:25 AM | Report abuse

On Monday night, BBC America covered the judgement and (IIRC) stated that Ms. Mills' award came out to 700 pounds per hour of marriage.

When I heard that figure, my first thought was, "Hmm... my financial needs aren't that heavy. Perhaps I could marry Paul for 24 hours and just ask for the going rate?"

Posted by: CentrevilleMom | March 19, 2008 9:27 AM | Report abuse

Donatella is terrifying, but what I'm struck by in that photo is Soon Yi. I just checked Wikipedia and according to them she's still in her 30's, but she looks like a mid-forties matriarch in that picture, and she's dressed like a grandmother. I HOPE it's just a bad picture, but it speaks to me of how her childhood & youth were stripped from her. I guess they are a "happy" couple now and everyone's gotten over the skeeviness of what Woody did, but she sure doesn't look happy to me.

Posted by: tl | March 19, 2008 9:43 AM | Report abuse

methinks refers to the lady on the far right in this photo:

Posted by: byoolin | March 19, 2008 9:44 AM | Report abuse

So Joe Francis was "surprised to find Ms. Dupre in our archives." Surprised? Really? That somehow doesn't surprise me one bit.

Posted by: kw | March 19, 2008 9:45 AM | Report abuse

How could the tape be that old? Unless she was one of the gals who faked her age it can't be more than 4 years old.

Wow, Donatella's making Woody look good in that photo. Soon Yi looks fine. I think it's just the flash lighting her face up weirdly.

Posted by: EricS | March 19, 2008 9:53 AM | Report abuse


Thanks for the link to the Telegraph photo of the outfit Heather M. wore to court. Hopefully she can take her settlement and find a decent stylist. Oh wait, I forget, according to her, she's a pauper.

Posted by: NW DC | March 19, 2008 9:54 AM | Report abuse

thanks for looking that up byoolin!

Posted by: methinks | March 19, 2008 9:56 AM | Report abuse


Posted by: Janice... | March 19, 2008 9:57 AM | Report abuse

If Ms. Mills can can take a couple of bob out of the £25M, I'd be happy to take her shopping and help her select something nice but inexpensive.

I'm thinking TJ Maxx - they've got slacks at 50% off this week.

Posted by: byoolin | March 19, 2008 9:59 AM | Report abuse

"It looks like someone missed the warning label on Donatella that said "Inflate to 50 p.s.i. maximum." -- HILARIOUS!

Sarah Jessica Parker is far from "unsexiest" but she's no raging beauty either. She makes the most of what she has. Ranting about Maxim serves their purpose well. As for Matthew's feelings about this as a reflection on him, he might want to stay away from the donuts lest he get a similar "honor" soon.

Tina Fey should spend more time watching The Daily Show so she can learn what funny is. Clearly she hasn't yet.

And Kirstie Alley could read the phone book and I'd watch it. She kills me.

Posted by: td | March 19, 2008 10:08 AM | Report abuse

For those of you who watch Rock of Love, I think Angelique is the long-lost, French-raised, twin of Donatella Versace.

Posted by: Magnolia | March 19, 2008 10:11 AM | Report abuse

Arthur C. Clarke was one of my favorite authors. I was saddened to hear he died.

Also, Tina Fey, SNL has only recently become funny again. Don't forget all those years of bad jokes when you were head writer.

Posted by: michael | March 19, 2008 10:16 AM | Report abuse

Donatella looks like what I was afraid was in my closet when I was 4.

When I glanced at the picture I couldn't figure out why Woody would be sandwiched between Donatella & that dour 'b' Victorya from 'Project Runway'.

Posted by: jes | March 19, 2008 10:18 AM | Report abuse

Dear Sarah Jessica Parker:

I suggest you recognize the Maxim designation of you as one of the "unsexiest women" as a fine example of irony. That makes it funny. You can laugh as you take the tens of millions you earned from a TV franchise with the word "sex" in it, along with your hair product and clothing endorsements to the bank.

Oh, and stop smoking. THAT alone takes you down that unsexy road.

Posted by: MoCoSnarky | March 19, 2008 10:19 AM | Report abuse

Yeah, but the Daily Show really has gone downhill as of late..anyone?

Posted by: jEN7 | March 19, 2008 10:22 AM | Report abuse

What we need is an e-Disharmony service for matchups made in hell. Take the 32 question survey about all your most annoying characteristics and we'll match you up with the person you deserve to be with.

First customers: Heather Mills and Sam Lufti.

Imagine the commercial.

Posted by: MoCoSnarky | March 19, 2008 10:26 AM | Report abuse

Donatella is turning into the next Joyce Wildenstein ("Cat Woman") before our very eyes! Pretty much all that's left to go is the chin.

Posted by: pixie radiance | March 19, 2008 10:33 AM | Report abuse

All Soon Yi needs is some eyebrows & some makeup.

Oh & her childhood back.

Posted by: Bored @ work | March 19, 2008 10:40 AM | Report abuse

MoCoSnarky: she has not smoked since before she got pregnant with her son. At least 5 years.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 19, 2008 10:45 AM | Report abuse

SNL still is not funny. It only was for brief moments years ago when people like Bill Murray were on it. Bill Maher is funny. John Stewart is sometimes funny, but a bit too produced and slick.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 19, 2008 10:46 AM | Report abuse

the last two weeks of snl were High-larious. The digital shorts were alsome.

Posted by: ol | March 19, 2008 10:55 AM | Report abuse

For $48.6 million, Paul probably thinks it is worth it to be free of that lunatic. As stated previously, I do feel sorry for that child.

Posted by: BDWESQTM | March 19, 2008 10:56 AM | Report abuse

I don't get the NSFW on the portraits - but then again I'm European...

Posted by: Hope | March 19, 2008 11:04 AM | Report abuse

"Donatella Versace seen here demanding a recount in the Maxim "Unsexiest Woman" competition."

"Sarah Jessica Parker, standing to Donatella's left, had no comment."

Posted by: M Street | March 19, 2008 11:05 AM | Report abuse

Donatella Versace, Woody Allen, and Soon-Yi Previn, in the menswear department at Barney's.

Wow, that's one bizarre menage a' trois, even by Hollywood standards.

Posted by: MisterBear | March 19, 2008 11:06 AM | Report abuse

Hope, the NSFW comes from
[byoolin looks around to be sure no-one can overhear, then whispers]

(Seeing them out in the open causes a national panic disorder.)

Posted by: byoolin | March 19, 2008 11:10 AM | Report abuse

And can we please go easy on the adorable and sassy Tina Fey? That happens to be the mother of my future offspring that you're dissing (she just hasn't divorced and met me yet).

Posted by: MisterBear | March 19, 2008 11:12 AM | Report abuse

If find Jon Stewart a hell of a lot funnier than Tina Fey. And as for audience prompting (whispering: SNL), when I'm sitting home in my jammies watching The Daily Show, I somehow laugh when I am not being prompted. Can't say that about SNL or 30 Rock for that matter. Considering Tina Fey had a week (with SNL) and longer (with 30 Rock) to write a show and TDS only has hours, not all the jokes are going to be hits. I'd like to see how she does with only a few hours to prepare a show.

Posted by: Tina Fey can bite me | March 19, 2008 11:16 AM | Report abuse

I see Donatella goes to the same plastic surgeon as Lara Flynn Boyle.

She has always looked bad with the too dark tan, but those lips. AAAAAAh. If those suckers explode, someone could be seriously injured.

Of course Brit's Svengali wants the court commissioner gone, the commish is keeping him from Svengaling. He needs to eat, live somewhere rent free, have access to really cool cars, etc.

Love the suggestion of he and Heather Mills getting together.

Posted by: ep | March 19, 2008 11:18 AM | Report abuse

Celebritologists, I ask you- what does it mean if I had an elaborate dream last night featuring an angry Tom Cruise, a desperate Katie Holmes, and their tiny offspring? I don't follow these people, why do they show up in my subconscious?
(And why can't my dreams involve Stephen Colbert and George Clooney mixing me mojitos poolside?)

Posted by: 51 | March 19, 2008 11:46 AM | Report abuse

51, it depends what TomKat and Suri were doing IN your dream.

* If they were yelling "get a life," that means one thing (that's what they do in my dream, only the cast of Project Runway 4 is there too egging them on).
* If Katie and/or Suri were whispering "save me!" that's another.
* If Tom was singing and or doing a parody of Jerry O'Connell, yet another.

Maybe no more mojitos before bedtime will help?

Posted by: td | March 19, 2008 12:01 PM | Report abuse

OMG Magnolia, I think you're right about Angelique!

I know I'm going to have nightmares tonight and it's going have Heather Mills wardrobe and Donatella Versace's face in it. My therapist is going to love my dream diary next week.

Posted by: no_bs4me | March 19, 2008 12:13 PM | Report abuse

I like Tina Fey, but I'm disappointed that she made that comment. She never struck me as the sort of person who would get her kicks out of trashing other comedians.

I thought the Maxim unsexiest woman label was tacky, even if SJP isn't the most beautiful actress ever, but complaining to the media about it makes SJP seem as petty as the Maxim writers. As for Matthew Broderick, maybe instead of complaining about how the article reflects on his judgment, he should have responded that it was a bunch of nonsense and encouraged his wife to ignore it.

Posted by: meg | March 19, 2008 12:22 PM | Report abuse

Donatella was always, uh, how do I say, "less than gorgeous". Or whatever. Back in the day she was naturally ugly. Now she's that special kind of ugly that only a lot of money and no taste can buy. Wonder if there's any actual homo sapiens DNA left in her body?

Posted by: j | March 19, 2008 12:40 PM | Report abuse

Maybe Tina is just upset that we never see Jon Stewart with a giant tennis racket at the US Open - because THATS FUNNY.

The American sense of humor has become something i'm almost unfamiliar with the last decade. All during Tina's tenure at SNL - I just didnt know why people laughed - id see the same skits and they just made me squirmingly uncomfortable.

Posted by: Quintilus Varus | March 19, 2008 12:58 PM | Report abuse

I like Tina Fey, but I like the Daily Show a lot more. It makes me laugh out loud regularly, while Tina Fey's era on weekend update made me occasionally giggle a little.

Posted by: h3 | March 19, 2008 1:28 PM | Report abuse

SJP you just gave more publicity to Maxim. Congrats! Next time learn to keep your mouth shut.

At least they didn't name you "Ugliest Beard"

"He says: "You don't have to be Jewish to be a friend of Steven Spielberg. You don't have to be a Muslim to be a friend of Muhammad Ali. And you don't have to be a Scientologist to be a friend of Tom Cruise. "
Well played, Will Smith.

If only Tina Fey was as funny as she thinks she is.

Posted by: hangin in herndon | March 19, 2008 1:34 PM | Report abuse

td- What were they doing? Hmmm...I'll just say that if Katie decides to pursue a degree in higher education, and Tom decides to stay home and become a house-husband, I'll know that I can claim to be a celebrity psychic. /rubs temples..."Willie Nelson will astound his fans by swimming the English Channel!"

And hangin in herndon, great quote by Will Smith. He's a great Heather Mills antidote.

Posted by: 51 | March 19, 2008 1:48 PM | Report abuse

'Hogan's Heroes' Actor Ivan Dixon Dies

Ivan Dixon, an actor, director and producer best known for his role as Kinchloe on the 1960s television series "Hogan's Heroes," has died. He was 76.

Posted by: Anonymous | March 19, 2008 2:16 PM | Report abuse

No, the daily show has NOT gone down hill... it is still hilarious. Specifically - Jon Stewart is hilarious. I already disliked Tina Fey, this only cements it... I don't think she is funny at all. I was more uncomfortable watching her do the 'news' on SNL than I have ever been watching the daily show. I think she is projecting...

Posted by: mango | March 19, 2008 2:54 PM | Report abuse

Donatella is one U-G-L-Y woman. I guess that being a fashion designer doesn't necessarily guarantee good taste.

Posted by: Fairfax | March 19, 2008 3:24 PM | Report abuse


Really how many times do I have to request that you place a warning ahead of the scary photos. From left to right that is just unpleasant.

Nahla, cool name coming from Halle Berry.

How bad was "Mad Money" that Katie if Katie is becoming a kid clothes designer for income?

Posted by: petal | March 19, 2008 4:42 PM | Report abuse

After looking at Donatella, I remembered that I need to stop at Home Depot on the way home and pick up some spackle...

Posted by: BDWESQTM | March 20, 2008 9:31 AM | Report abuse

to jes... that is not Victorya from PR... is his wife !!!

Posted by: axel | March 21, 2008 11:20 AM | Report abuse

I think she looks just fine. I wonder who her plastic surgeon is?

Posted by: Michael Jackson | March 31, 2008 8:48 PM | Report abuse

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