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Posted at 5:37 PM ET, 07/ 6/2008

Testing... Jacko Memorial Posting/Tweet page

By Christian Pelusi
blah blah blah
  • ASurdin: Lights up. People leave. And with that, so do we.
  • ASurdin: Hands are found by many. Heads hanging. And, er, a cell phone or two recording.
  • Celebritology: Okay, we're done. Thanks again.
  • ASurdin: Err, hard to catch a hand when there a chunks of empty seats. Some hug. Or just stand alone.
  • ASurdin: People continue to leave, though show is still wrapping up.
  • Celebritology: No -- Family friend Pastor Lucious Smith says we should all look at the man in the mirror, yada yada.
  • Celebritology: Thanks to everyone who read along with us for the past few hours.
  • Celebritology: And finally the Jackson brothers lead MJ's casket out of the Staples Center.
  • Celebritology: Paris Jackson says she loves her daddy so much.
  • ASurdin: Janet gets her own primal scream. Paris gleans gasps.
  • ASurdin: Not everyone clapping on "Now Michael maybe they will leave you alone."
  • ASurdin: The crow will not sit. NO one leaving early. Fixed in their spots.
  • ASurdin: YT2BD: incomprehensible primal scream.
  • Celebritology: In closing, Jermaine declares himself Michael's "voice and backbone."
  • Celebritology: I can't help thinking that if Michael were alive and attending, his three kids would be wearing veils or masks.
  • ASurdin: Free Willy Curse shattered: hand waving among audience.
  • ASurdin: At least a dozen people are breaking the no video rule. Let the cameras roll.
  • ASurdin: We Are the World broke the Free Willy curse: crowd up, dancing, clapping and singing. Woah.
  • Celebritology: Oh no -- we're not getting out of here without about 40 kids taking the stage in honor of MJ's storied love of children.
  • Celebritology: We've got to be nearing the end here... the entire Jackson family is on stage.
  • Celebritology: And now a performance choreographed for the MJ London concerts -- We Are the World.
  • ASurdin: Collective awwww when we're told MJ invited the kid.
  • ASurdin: This kid is making the seats vibrate. No one trying to start a clap, though.
  • Celebritology: Some kid from "Britain's Got Talent" is now belting out "Who's Loving You?" Where's Susan Boyle?
  • ASurdin: Crowd lovin' Smokey. Laughs at every joke.
  • Celebritology: Smokey Robinson -- who started things out reading a letter from Diana Ross -- returns to the podium. Says MJ will live forever.
  • Celebritology: Finally -- some footage of young MJ singing w/ the Jackson 5. Can't we just watch this?
  • ASurdin: YT2BD: We love you Janet! Another: Michael, you're my greatest love!
  • Celebritology: Usher approaches and sings to MJ's casket. Is this is thing getting a little too indulgent?
  • ASurdin: Crowd glitters at Usher. Room is a disco ball. Flash, flash. People lean in. "He's soooo good!"
  • ASurdin: YT2BD: Power to the people!
  • ASurdin: Smaller claps and cryin' baby during Lee's speech, but mega claps at end.
  • Celebritology: Brevity, it has been said, is the soul of wit.
  • Celebritology: Says a colleague: "Knew it was going to get this way. It's like passing around the mic at a bachelor party."
  • Celebritology: Sheila Jackson Lee eulogizes MK -- says he is what America and the Declaration of Independence are all about.
  • Celebritology: MLK III takes the stage.
  • Celebritology: Corey Feldman in Jacko garb:
  • PostRock: Kinda wish it was Jemaine Clement there instead of Jermaine Jackson. But that wouldn't have made too much sense. Bout as much as Mayer, tho!
  • Celebritology: Jermaine Jackson struggling through "Smile."
  • ASurdin: Can't see, but certainly hear, a woman stifling sobs after Shield's told us to look up.
  • Celebritology: Brooke just addressed MJ's kids: "Prince, Paris, Blanket."
  • ASurdin: Lot of eye-wiping now at Little Prince poem.
  • ASurdin: YT2BD: Michael you changed my life! From non- yeller: Whaa?
  • Celebritology: A tearful Shields says she and MJ were "two little kids having fun" when together.
  • ASurdin: Yellers tring to be different (YT2BD): You'll always be MY King of Pop!!
  • Celebritology: Longtime Jackson friend Brooke Shields -- who bonded with MJ over their shared past as kid performers -- says MJ was one of a kind.
  • ASurdin: Mayer broke the Free Willy clap curse: a healthy beat broke out among crowd.
  • PostRock: The King of the Bad Guitar Face pays tribute to the King of Pop. This was not a good idea.
  • ASurdin: During break, a chant of "Michael Michael" broke out.
  • Celebritology: John Mayer, who took a break from Twittering to attend, is riffing on Jackson's "Human Nature."
  • ASurdin: Unanimous standing O on "thank you, Michael" from Sharpton.
  • ASurdin: "Ain't nothin' strange about your Daddy" -- again, not a unanimous ovation.
  • Celebritology: MSNBC shows a shot of the three Jackson kids as Sharpton says "Ain't nothing strange about your daddy."
  • ASurdin: That last standing O on TV --about how MJ made us love each other -- by no means unanimous. Just toward the front.
  • Celebritology: Sharpton -- who has shouted his entire speech -- says MJ's pioneering career made Barack Obama's presidential victory possible.
  • ASurdin: Appears that somewhere between Stevie and JHud, the place has filled up.
  • ASurdin: Some are trying to get a clap going for this Free Willy moment. And...not gonna happen.
  • Celebritology: Up next, Al Sharpton...
  • PostRock: It's about time for Jennifer Hudson to replace Mariah as the go-to singer when you need someone to really belt one out.
  • ASurdin: Energy blast from Hudson. Drums and her voice ROCKING the joint.
  • ASurdin: About 25 people dressed in white are in floor seating. Told they are members of fanclub. Very teary.
  • Celebritology: An apparently very pregnant Jennifer Hudson takes the mike.
  • Celebritology: Johnson leaves Papa Joe out of tribute to the Jackson family.
  • Celebritology: Magic Johnson says seeing MJ eat Kentucky Fried Chicken was the greatest moment of his life.
  • ASurdin: Stevie got a few "Love you Stevieeeee" shout outs. Soon reverted to Michael callouts.
  • Celebritology: Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant seem to have been tapped to talk about MJ's charity work.
  • ASurdin: Casket has more magnificence on TV, it seems. From here, looks pressed up against stage. Crowded.
  • PostRock: Stevie's heart is in the right place but this is just a bit much.
  • Celebritology: Stevie Wonder, looking dapper -- yet appropriate -- in black suit and red-framed sunglasses.
  • ASurdin: You'd think with all the bodies in here, it would have warmed up. Nope. Shiver-inducing.
  • ASurdin: When cheering stopped: sniffles.
  • ASurdin: Wow. Crowd LOVED when MJ video came on. Cheers and Michaaaellllllll's all round. Resounds as moonwalk flashes.
  • ASurdin: Mother quickly fled with crying baby. Looks from other audience members were fierce.
  • Celebritology: Berry Gordy says MJ is the "greatest entertainer who ever lived."
  • ASurdin: Hold on to you memorial programs, ladies and gets. Leave your seat, and someone will nab it.
  • ASurdin: Richie didn't get a standing O, but hefty, quick applause. This audience isn't moving to music so far. At all.
  • Celebritology: And each Jackson man is wearing a single glittering glove in honor of their fallen brother.
  • Celebritology: The men of the Jackson family all appear to be wearing matching yellow ties.
  • ASurdin: A sea of flashes just met Lionel Richie. And they aren't ceasing. A circle of glitter.
  • Celebritology: Lionel Richie (for you kids out there that's Nicole Richie's pop) is expressively singing "Jesus is Love."
  • ASurdin: Can see some rubbing others' backs. Some have smiles on their faces; others look serious. Some cleary tearing up.
  • ASurdin: The audience is really filling up now. And now they are rowdier, calling out MJ's name. During Latifah's speech too.
  • ASurdin: So quiet in here. Hear mostly coughs. Sombre.
  • ASurdin: Someone with binoculars says his family came in. All rose. Now all seated.
  • ASurdin: Jesse Jackson had a handful of people with him. They melded in with others gathered near stage. Just standing now.
  • Celebritology: Queen Latifah takes the stage, says "Michael was the biggest star on Earth."
  • PostRock: I hope all of the performances aren't as somber as that one. Sad day, but there should be some celebratory aspect to things.
  • Celebritology: Nice of Mariah Carey to sing a tribute to MJ, but style her hair as a tribute to Farrah.
  • Celebritology: Michael and Corey, back in the day:
  • Celebritology: Us Weekly reports a tearful Corey Feldman has arrived dressed as Michael Jackson.
  • Celebritology: This pause in the proceedings makes for some bad TV.
  • ASurdin: Jesse Jackson just walked in. Heading toward stage.
  • PostRock: Never thought this memorial service would start with a cover of John Cage's 4'33" -- who knew?
  • Celebritology: While we're waiting: RT @ pia1996: "mj's funnel is on everychannel. kinda mad cause i dint get to see the tyra show." Poor Pia.
  • ASurdin: People seem unsure what to expect. Small applause broke out, but when no one appeared it died off.
  • ASurdin: The room is quiet, then someone yelled out 'We love you Michael!" Cheers. All eyes on stage -- or cells.
  • ASurdin: People still trickling in. Press section is one of the more filled. Floor has many empty still.
  • Celebritology: And we're underway...
  • ASurdin: Being told to clear the aisle now. People are quiet now. Officially late now.
  • ASurdin: People, musicians I think, taking their places on stage. Still clusters of empty seats. Room now freezer-like. Brrrrr.
  • Celebritology: Los Angeles is taking PayPal donations to help defray the costs of hosting the MJ Memorial.
  • ASurdin: Kobe bryant and his wife just walked in, to a throng of cheers. Seemed to pop out of bottom back of stadium floor
  • ASurdin: We've been told three times now to take our seats. Many on floor not listening.
  • ASurdin: Cameras not allowed but TONS of people are taking pics. Spy some recording with cells.
  • ASurdin: People are still filing in but the center is not yet full. Being asked to take our seats.
  • ASurdin: Lights around the stadium just flashed. Told show is starting soon.
  • Celebritology: Jesse Jackson, woman with a massive face-obscuring hat arrive. Meanwhile, helicopter chase of MJ's hearse continues to approach Staples.
  • Celebritology: Barbara Walters has arrived at Staples. Word is that the start of the ceremony has been delayed to 1:30 p.m. ET.

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By Christian Pelusi  | July 6, 2008; 5:37 PM ET
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