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Celebritology 2.0: May 3, 2009 - May 9, 2009

Rihanna Spikes the Red Carpet

Rihanna, she of "Umbrella" (ella... ella...) fame and Chris Brown infamy, has long been a fan of prickly costumes (witness the get-up she wore for her 2008 MTV Video Awards performance or this pointed outfit), but the ring she wore to a leukemia treatment fundraiser was miles over the top: Rihanna walks the red carpet at Thursday's DKMS Gala benefit in New York. (AP) But it gets worse. Throwing all caution to the wind, Ri-Ri actually picked up children while wearing this spiky sea-urchin-esque monstrosity. She could've inadvertently put an eye out. Rihanna with gala honoree Isabelle Huurman. (Getty Images) Can someone please explain to me the recent trend for futuristic "Metropolis" meets "Thunderdome" meets "Fifth Element" style adopted by pop songstresses? Here are two more recent offenders: Left: Beyonce's on-stage gear and handwear. Right: Lady Gaga. (AP) Your kind attention to this matter will enable me to sleep tonight....

By Liz Kelly  | May 8, 2009; 10:42 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (17)
Categories:  Fashion  
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Paula Abdul Denies Admitting Drug Addiction; Armstrong Blames Crowe's Biological Clock for Split

Headlines: Paula Abdul says magazine fabricated drug addiction story... Lance Armstrong blames Sheryl Crow's "biological clock" for breakup... Most moms would trust Ellen DeGeneres with their kids... No more children for Octomom after weekend operation... Oprah snags Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell... Oprah offer causes pandemonium at KFC... Liam Neeson pays tribute to Natasha Richardson... New book details how Patrick Swayze handled cancer diagnosis... Charlize Theron takes up gay marriage cause... Jennifer Hudson gives fiance 5-carat engagement ring... Jennifer Aniston says she's now close to once-estranged mother... Mary Stuart Masterson expecting first child. Crime Watch: Kiefer Sutherland surrenders to police, charged with assault... Judge dismisses Roman Polanski's bid to throw out sex case... Chris Brown's lawyers say leaked Rihanna photo tainted jury pool. Video: Taylor Momsen's band plays New York (some NSFW language)... Nicole Kidman's bizarre new Indian-themed French Schweppes ad: Rumor Mill: Despite rumors that she's losing her...

By Liz Kelly  | May 8, 2009; 7:42 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (45)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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'Lost' Dueling Analysis: 'Follow the Leader'

In which Jen Chaney and I ask you to grab your box of Dharma-brand vanilla cookies and settle in for this week's penultimate season 5 analysis. Then lull yourself out of the cookie-induced sugar coma for this afternoon's "Lost" Hour chat at 3 p.m. ET. In the meantime, visit "Lost" Central or make your plans for next Wednesday evening's "Lost" Happy Hour. John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) leads the way to Jacob. (ABC) Liz: Last night's episode was all about trust. Or the lack thereof. John doesn't trust Alpert. Alpert doesn't trust John. Kate has no faith in Jack and Jack has placed his trust -- wisely or not -- in Eloise Hawking. And Pierre Chang has thrown all caution to the wind and placed his bets on the (now dead) Daniel Faraday's prediction of an island catastrophe. Perhaps none of us should be trusting Locke after all, but first...

By Liz Kelly  | May 7, 2009; 10:00 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (143)
Categories:  Lost  
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Assault Charge Could Land Kiefer Sutherland Back in Jail

Headlines: Former spokeswoman sues Michael Jackson for $44 million... Jimmy Fallon wins Person of the Year Webby... Kirstie Alley blames skewed vegetarian diet for weight gain... Hayden Panettiere, Bristol Palin team up to talk about teen pregancy... Joel Madden blasts paparazzi for scaring daughter Harlow. Crime Watch: Headbutt assault charge could land Kiefer Sutherland back in jail... Tyler Perry's alleged stalker indicted. Pix: Victoria Beckham's new Emporio Armani ad... Lindsay Lohan channels Marilyn Monroe yet again. Video: Zach Galifianakis interviews Natalie Portman on the latest "Between Two Ferns" (use headphones -- some slightly NSFW language): Rumor Mill: Alleged Jon Gosselin mistress says her brother's lying... Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson in heated late night tete-a-tete... Did Miss California lie about topless photos?... Stanley Tucci loses wife to cancer... Ryan Reynolds "X-Men" movie in the works... Details of supposed Sarah Jessica Parker surrogate surface online... Reps deny secret meeting between...

By Liz Kelly  | May 7, 2009; 8:35 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (35)
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Christina Aguilera: Major Movie Star?

Christina Aguilera, ready for her close-up. (Getty Images) Thus far, Christina Aguilera has managed to keep herself -- both creatively and personally -- light years ahead of one-time contemporary Britney Spears, but could a step to the silver screen signal disaster for the diminutive songstress? According to Daily Variety, Aguilera has just signed a deal to star in her first movie. Tentatively titled "Burlesque," Aguilera will play "an ambitious smalltown girl with a big voice who finds love, family and success in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club." Did I mention it's a musical? Here's to hoping Christina looks long and hard at other popsters who have tried, and in most cases failed spectacularly, to cross over into the movie biz. Mariah Carey's "Glitter" stands out as particularly wince-inducing (note co-stars Terrence Howard and Padma Lakshmi): Add Spears's "Crossroads," Madonna's mostly noxious film ventures and Jessica Simpson's freefall -- from...

By Liz Kelly  | May 6, 2009; 10:52 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (22)
Categories:  Celebrities  
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Paula Abdul Opens Up About Painkiller Addiction; Lil' Kim Out at 'Dancing'

Headlines: Paula Abdul admits to 12-year painkiller addiction... Dom DeLuise dead at 75... Lil' Kim eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars"... NBC to air two-hour Farrah Fawcett cancer special... California pageant org. may sue Carrie Prejean for violations; Miss Universe org. asks National Organization for Marriage to stop using pageant footage...Marie Osmond comes out in favor of marriage equality... Diana biographer Andrew Morton planning to pen Angelina Jolie tell-all book... Russian authorities brand upcoming Madonna concert a "natural disaster"... "The Office's" Mindy Kaling inks development deal with ABC... White Stripes drummer Meg White engaged... "Thriller" video co-star sues Michael Jackson for royalties... Victoria Principal admits she pulled gun on maid, but says she was threatened.... wants to redefine "homeland security." Pix: Jennifer Aniston's SmartWater ad... Michelle Obama's sleek new 'do. Video: Mia Farrow details hunger strike in daily YouTube videos... Denise Richards butchers "Take Me Out to the...

By Liz Kelly  | May 6, 2009; 8:20 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (40)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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Boob Job Doesn't Sink Miss California's Platform, Says Anti-Gay Marriage Group

Carrie Prejean boob job, Carrie prejean NOM breast augmentation, Carrie prejean gay marriage

By Liz Kelly  | May 5, 2009; 11:15 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (87)
Categories:  Comment Box, Insta-Polls  
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Rihanna Cancels Comeback Concert; Eminem Opens Up About Drug Use

Headlines: Rihanna cancels Dubai comeback concert... Eminem opens up about his past pill habit...Supreme Court orders reexamination of Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction... Jenny McCarthy inks talk show deal with Oprah... Malawi court adjourns Madonna adoption case indefinitely... Woody Allen tries to block Mia Farrow from testifying in advertising dispute...George Clooney says Cindy Crawford's husband did not sexually harass employees... Octomom violating California state child labor laws?... Stars to descend on D.C. for Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner... Paula Abdul plans to release new single... Former housekeeper says Victoria Principal pulled a gun on her... Car crash on set of new Nicolas Cage movie sends two bystanders to hospital... Robert Duvall fights to keep Wal-Mart from Virginia Civil War site. Pix: Madonna's ragged Costume Institute Gala look (More gala pix | And even more)... Jessica Simpson's June Vanity Fair cover... Julia Roberts's tattoo... Mischa Barton's overpriced headband line. Video: Better...

By Liz Kelly  | May 5, 2009; 8:41 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (46)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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Mel Gibson, from A-Lister to Train Wreck in Three Short Years

Mel Gibson and girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva make their public debut at last week's 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' premiere. (Getty Images) Do you think Mel has redeemed himself since the DUI? Between that, the weird "Passion" publicity (and uber-Catholicism), and now the divorce stuff, I think his star is quite tarnished. -- From last week's Celebritology Live submissions When Mel Gibson was arrested in 2006 for driving drunk along California's Pacific Coast Highway, he wasn't just another celebrity DUI. In one evening Gibson managed to trash a 30-year career when we found out that not only did he have a problem with alcohol, but with women and Jews. Gibson had been an unquestionable A-lister -- an actor turned director who seemed to have a talent for hitting the sweet spot of big appealing themes and box office bait. He flew high and fell far. Sure, the red hot outrage had mellowed...

By Liz Kelly  | May 4, 2009; 11:32 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (42)
Categories:  Mel Gibson  
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Madonna Adoption Case Heads to Malawi Court; Crawford's Husband Sued for Sexual Harassment

Brooke Shields arrives at Saturday's running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Ky. (AP) Headlines: Malawi court hears Madonna adoption case, biological father surfaces... Amy Winehouse treated for dehydration in St. Lucia... Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard wed in Italy... Dennis Rodman begins outpatient rehab program... Pageant paid for Miss California's breast augmentation... Former "Idol" winner David Cook's brother dies of cancer... Cindy Crawford's husband sued for sexual harassment... Scarlett Johansson's directorial debut dumped from movie... Jay Leno's hospitalization was for exhaustion. Pix: Halle Berry shoos the paparazzi... Beyonce wears oversized jewelled metal corset on stage. Crime Watch: Comedian Robert Schimmel arrested for alleged domestic violence... Stage-storming fan arrested at Britney Spears concert. Rumor Mill: David Hasselhoff hospitalized with alcohol poisoining. (Hoff's rep says story is exaggerated)... Rep says Pink bisexuality admission was fabricated... Swine flu derails Heidi Klum and Seal's planned Mexico wedding renewal ceremony... Susan Boyle headed...

By Liz Kelly  | May 4, 2009; 8:30 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (38)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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