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Posted at 2:11 PM ET, 02/ 2/2010

Time to get "Lost"

By Liz Kelly

Ben (Michael Emerson) sticks it to Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) in a scene from last season's finale. (ABC)

Just hours away from tonight's season six premiere episode, Jen Chaney and I channeled the collective angst of the hardcore "Lost" viewer in today's Style section of The Washington Post:

We have gone through a great deal to get to this day and this moment.

Plane crashes. Smoke monster attacks. Nosebleed-inducing time travel. Untimely deaths whose causes have included, but are not limited to, drowning, gunshot wounds, flaming arrows, poisonous spiders and the unfortunate handling of live dynamite sticks.

But we made it. And now here we are, just a few hours away from the sixth and final season of "Lost," the ABC show that has kept an obsessed mass of viewers glued to our televisions (and the Internet, which helps us understand what happened during the "Lost" episodes we just watched on our televisions) for 5 1/2 years.

Read the full essay here.

Of course, as our collective anxiety rises, the temptation of spoilers continues to swirl online. Some sneaky fans who attended the premiere over the weekend in Waikiki shot footage of tonight's episode and posted it on Bittorrent. It also reportedly leaked on YouTube, but that didn't last long; it was removed due to terms of use violation. (You can still see a big, honkin' ad for "Lost" on the page, though.)

A piece in The Hollywood Reporter suggests that fans are rejecting all the spoilers, opting to savor the new episode tonight, in all the HD-richness that God intended. Amen to that.

Whether you choose to spoil or not to spoil, don't forget to check out the new and improved "Lost" Central, our hub for all things "Lost." And to get a leg up on making sense out of tonight's two-hour premiere, text "LOST" to 98999 to get The Post's latest "Lost" news -- and our weekly post-show dueling analysis -- sent directly to your phone.

And for those of you in the D.C. area who'd prefer to watch the show in a communal setting, the Going Out Guide has details about the "Lost" season premiere party at Columbia Height's lounge Social.

That's all for now. See you in another life, otherwise known as tomorrow morning, when our first dueling analysis of the season will be live, right here in this very blog.

-- Liz & Jen

By Liz Kelly  | February 2, 2010; 2:11 PM ET
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18 minutes away (from the recap episode). SO EXCITED

Posted by: eet7e | February 2, 2010 7:42 PM | Report abuse

I got a theory...maybe you guys have already figured it out. It's long and rambly, but here goes.

The dude in the black shirt who wanted to kill jacob on the beach, let's call him bob. Bob is death, or something along those lines. He's able to manipulate the ghosts and spirits of people who die on the island, along with the smoke monster. Somehow, Jacob was able to trap bob in that old cabin a while ago. After trapping smokey, Jacob (and his posse) could control smokey and make smokey/bob do their bidding (i.e. ben using smoking to attack the people who killed his daughter).

Ok, when Desmond stopped hitting the button Oceanic crashes. This is when Bob discovers his loophole. Apparently if you die off the island and then fall onto it, Bob/smokey can manipulate your body. He did this at first with Christian Shephard. Christian convinced the Losties to leave, he was instrumental in getting the oceanic 6 off the island, and ultimately sending Locke after them. Christian also may have broken the ashe boundary around the cabin that trapped Bob/smokey.

So, Bob takes over Locke's body and is now able to manipulate it just like he did with Christian. But for some reason, he can't kill Jacob. So, he uses his smokey persona and manipulates Ben's daughter's ghost to get Ben to do it. Basically it's a battle of Bob/smokey against Jacob's posse.

Jacob can only control the living (hence touching the select few). So it's Bob's dead crew v. Jacob's living crew. I dunno. Don't be mean to me. Just a theory.

Posted by: mmg32 | February 3, 2010 3:33 AM | Report abuse

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