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Posted at 10:18 AM ET, 03/17/2010

'Lost' Dueling Analysis: 'Recon'

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney

In which Jen and Liz appreciate the fact that a Sawyer-centric episode is good, but a Sawyer-centric episode that actually advances the show's central story line is better. Read on for this week's analysis, then join the rest of the obsessed for the 2 p.m. "Lost" Hour live chat. In the meantime, visit "Lost" Central to brush up on your island back story.

Sawyer (Josh Holloway) with his "sad sunflower" and six pack. (ABC)

Jen: Before we even begin our analysis, I need to say something. And that something, Liz Kelly, is this: Somehow, someway, I will purchase a T-shirt that says "I'm the smoke thing" on it. It is my mission.

But enough about MIB. "Recon," last night's completely excellent episode of "Lost," was all about Sawyer. Except in sideways L.A., Sawyer is allegedly no longer a con man. As he told his foxy redheaded blind date -- who we will so talk about later -- "I got to a point in my life where I was either going to become a criminal or a cop. So I chose cop." But did he? I mean, yes, Sawyer is a member of the LAPD. His partner? A wise-cracking ghostbuster named Miles. But as much as James Ford may be inclined to live on the right side of the law, he can't squelch that desire to kill Anthony Cooper, the man who (still) is responsible for the deaths of his parents. In the end, maybe it was us, the viewers, who got conned into thinking that Sawyer could completely fight those dark impulses.

Liz: But, hold up there partner. Where the Sawyer of yesteryear conned his way through the world using and abusing almost everyone in his path, the new Jim Ford, LAPD detective, seems like a pretty law-and-order type of guy. He's just got this one vendetta to settle, see? I don't think his dark side is quite equal to that of Sayid's -- who at this point has fallen so far he's able to sit idly by and watch Claire attempt to shiv Kate in the neck. We'll talk about that later, too.

It was nice to see Sawyer and Miles together again fighting crime, though. Very reminiscent of their days as New Otherton's security men. And, interestingly, sideways world Sawyer's code word for Miles to bust in to that motel room was "LaFleur."

And as for the "I am the smoke thing" T-shirt -- it really is a nice contemporary update on "I am the walrus." Long overdue. I think you should set up shop.

Much more after the jump...



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Jen: Well, koo koo kachoo.

Yes, I took note of the LaFleur code word as well. Again, more proof that shards of their island lives are bleeding into this version of events. Also, just to clarify: I don't think that Sawyer is totally a bad guy at all. He clearly seems to have the right intentions. But I found it interesting that at the end of the episode, at least the sideways portion of events, we verified that he's still capable of murder, or at least the desire to murder. So he's not gone totally vanilla.

And I totally dig the whole cop thing. It was like Lethal Weapon" without the sight of Mel Gibson's hideous mullet. Like "Cop-Out," except really good and compelling and not full of stupid Tracy Morgan jokes. Like "Starsky & Hutch," but instead, we could call it, "Hottie and Straume."

Liz: I see you've given this some thought. Maybe you could write up a one-pager on it while wearing your "I am the smoke thing" T-shirt.

Jen: I could do a good many things while wearing that T-shirt.

Liz: Back to Sawyer choosing cop over criminal in sideways world. Which really means choosing not to follow Anthony Cooper into the con game and thereby become the thing he most hates. Anyhoo, back on the island, he's made a different choice and is still making use of those duplicitous skills by attempting to pull a fast one on both Widmore and MIB. But I get the feeling that at least one, if not both, are aware but letting him out on a long leash.

And speaking of his sideways world search for Anthony Cooper -- since we know that sideways Locke has a relationship of some sort with his dad, who we saw in that photo on his desk a few episodes back, well, I'm wondering if that man is still Anthony Cooper.

Jen: That's a great point about Widmore and MIB, and a really great question about Anthony Cooper. That name was an alias Locke's dad used, if memory serves. So it's possible that he's looking for a completely different guy.

Before we go delving into all the island craziness, maybe we should focus on sideways L.A. first. I like it there. It's where Sawyer is hot and wears a badge on his bare chest and says things like, "That's the only way to cut it" when people tell him he's cutting it close. Awesome.

Liz: Clarification: Sawyer is also hot on the island.

Jen: True. Just no badge. Let's talk about the chick who flipped the script on him in the beginning of the episode.

Love that unlike the woman Sawyer conned in "Confidence Man" back in season one, an episode that serves somewhat in tandem with this one, this lady had the moxie to tell him she was on to him. And, in total Sawyer fashion, to refer to him as Dimples.

Liz: Yes, the tables were totally turned on our man. Or so it seemed. I have to admit, I did get the warm fuzzies when I saw him working his falling briefcase con again. But it rocked that much more when it became apparent that he was conning for Johnny Law.

But if we're talking sideways L.A., maybe we should talk about Liam Pace showing up or, better yet, the other woman he encountered there: A certain red-headed archeologist?

Jen: I found it interesting that Sawyer seemed to have a thing for redheads in the sideways world -- the woman married to the con man (who totally got busted) and of course, that lovely archeologist you mention, the one that Miles set him up with ... none other than Charlotte! Red, BTW, is a hair color that falls on the spectrum between blond (Juliet) and brown (Kate). Just sayin'.

Liz: Though by the end of the show -- in both worlds -- Sawyer seemed to be back to the brunette end of the spectrum. He ended the hour -- in both story lines -- with Kate.

Jen: Sure did. But I enjoyed his flirtation with Charlotte. And good for Rebecca Mader for getting to actually wear nice clothes and make-up on this show.

Liz: And, maybe I'm jumping ahead here, but his promise to take Kate off the island in the sub sounded a lot like a promise he made to a blonde once. And that didn't work out so well.

Jen: Yes. But it didn't work out so well because a certain brunette got in the way. But again, getting ahead of ourselves. A point about Charlotte: Was she really trying to find a T-shirt when she started rummaging through Sawyer's drawer, or did Miles set her up with Sawyer on purpose to do some (ahem) recon work on his behalf? She seemed pretty intent on finding something.

Liz: She was looking for an "I am the smoke thing" T-shirt.

No, seriously, it did look to me like she was searching for something specific, though I don't think the "Sawyer" file she found was what she expected. And if Miles did indeed set her up to do some checking on Sawyer, well, she sure did take that job seriously.

Jen: Perhaps that explains why she was so quick to slam the door in Sawyer's face when he showed up at her place to apologize with a sunflower and a six pack. I mean, who says no to that guy when he's got flowers and beer? Or just beer? Or nothing at all in his hands?

By the way, I like that Sawyer is still reading "Watership Down" and has a soft spot for "Little House." Sure, he wants to murder a guy. But he still loves bunnies and Half Pint.

Also, the fact that Miles said that Charlotte works at the museum with his dad indicates that Dr. Candle is living off the island, maybe even with a pair of working arms. So it seems like everyone's fathers are present and accounted for and having healthy relationships with their sons. Except Sawyer's.

Liz: Indeed and, if we're to believe MIB, we may have a new familial angst factor: Mommy issues.

Jen: This means we need to go back to the island and start talking about Claire and her wacko fake baby, doesn't it?

Claire (Emilie de Ravin) jumps Kate (Evangeline Lilly). (ABC)

Liz: I think it does, yes. And yet another huzzah to Emilie de Ravin for doing a fine job of playing a total nut job this season. And speaking of that wacko fake baby, she joked to New York magazine that she's thinking of marketing them as the next Tickle Me Elmo.

Jen: It was pretty obvious that Claire was not going to let the whole Kate thing go. I mean, her hand gestures were saying, "We're BFFs" but her eyes were saying "It's your fault I've been playing house with a freakotronic, half raccoon half-crocodile-mouthed pretend infant."

Liz: Yep, Claire was just waiting for her moment to let Kate have it. And despite all the hugging at the end, I'm not convinced she's made her last attempt on Kate's life yet. The freakier thing to me, though, was watching Sayid look on blankly as Claire attacked Kate. Clearly, he's sticking with the whole dark side thing.

Jen: Yeah. Although he seems aware that things are amiss. When Kate asked if he was all right, he did say no.

I'm actually slightly less concerned about Claire's hatred of Kate than I am about MIB's. Because I think he's not terribly happy with her either.

Liz: That's an interesting take because when MIB made the whole "my mommy was nutso, so I have issues" speech to Kate I got the distinct feeling that he was setting her up to somehow keep Aaron from Claire. And not only keep Aaron from Claire, but have Kate be the one to stand in between them. How, I don't know, but it felt manipulative.

Jen: Well, I feel like everything that dude/smoke thing says is manipulative. But I sensed some animosity, or at least the desire to make Kate think he has animosity toward her, when he said that "now Aaron has a crazy mother." The unspoken implication: she's nuts, it's your fault, and now another kid -- namely Aaron -- is going to be just as screwed-up as I am.

Liz: So we both agree that line was loaded, we're just using different powder.

Jen: Slightly different powder, that's a fair way to put it.

Liz: My assumption: MIB is on to both Kate and Sawyer. Again, he's just giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Speaking of on-island Sawyer, maybe we should talk about his jaunt over to Hydra Island. Which does, it turns out, have a sub dock. Last week, I said it didn't -- but I don't think we'd seen it before, had we?

Jen: I feel like we had. We've certainly seen the sub before.

Liz: Well yes, we've seen the sub before. And we've seen a sub dock on the main island. But not on Hydra in my memory.

Jen: Ah, okay. You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic Sawyer was looking for. And by that I mean: Widmore. Locke/MIB clearly sent him to the island on purpose, knowing that he'd find Widmore and his band of gun toters there, right? Not to mention Tina Fey.

Liz: Speaking of Tina Fey -- who my husband was calling "Dirty Tina Fey" -- I spent about five minutes staring hard at Zoe before I realized who she is. She's actress Sheila Kelley who is now a TV mainstay. But I recognized her from her role in "Singles" as the dippy 20-something in search of love, the one who uses the cheezed out "Expect the Best" dating service to get mismatched with Peter Horton. You can see her in the "Singles" trailer here at second 00:29.

Jen: Totally! She's also married to Richard Schiff, formerly of "The West Wing."

Liz: So anyhow, Zoe -- or Dirty Tina Fey -- is one of Widmore's lackeys. Widmore is setting up a sonic fence perimeter, so clearly he expects a visit from Locke. But, again, I'm left wondering which side Widmore is on in this war. He's clearly not aligned with MIB, but as we established last week he's also not in Jacob's camp. So is there a third front in the war? Or are MIB and Jacob -- as you said in yesterday's pre-show questions -- two sides of the same coin?

"I am the smoke thing." Let's cuddle. (ABC)

Jen: Well, wait a second. I'm not making any assumptions on either point. Let's keep pretending, for now, MIB and Jacob are two different entities.

As you suggested earlier, MIB and Widmore may both be onto Sawyer's lies and schemes. Perhaps because they're working together for ... um, some reason I haven't figured out yet. But seriously, Widmore was the one who insisted on getting Locke back to the island, and pretty much facilitated the whole process. Could he have known MIB needed his body as a host?

I want to know what's locked in that little room on the submarine.

Liz: It's Widmore's cache of T-shirts. I think you know the T-shirts of which I speak.

Jen: The ones that say "I am the smoke thing" on the front, and "I am Sawyer's sex robot" on the back? All the kids are wearing those these days. Seriously, any theories on what might be in there?

Liz: Desmond, sealed in a slab of carbon?

Jen: I like the carbonite touch, Han Solo. And guess what? The people over at Dark UFO overwhelmingly agree with you. In a poll about what's in the crazy little room, Desmond is winning in a landslide.

Liz: Great minds and all. Do I win a T-shirt?

Jen: So let's flashback to season one for a second, as I so often am inclined to do these days. At the end of that "Confidence Man" episode I referred to earlier, Sawyer and Kate shared a significant moment. Kate confronted him about his letter, and he confessed to her about the deaths of his parents. That moment replayed itself in two different ways tonight.

On the island, when we saw Kate and Sawyer on the beach again, talking. But this time Sawyer was confessing about his plan to hijack a submarine so he and Freckles can head home. And off the island, where he told Miles about the situation with his parents and the Anthony Cooper vendetta. And who did he encounter -- courtesy of a crazy car accident (which may have been semi-inspired by that Steve McQueen movie Sawyer mentioned earlier in the show), followed by a mad foot chase -- right after that confession to Miles? Kate.

Every time he opened his heart to talk about his most private pain, Kate was there. I have to think that means they should be together. Sorry, Liz. Sorry, Jaters.

Liz: Yep. And not only that, he fondled her polar bear cage dress. But, hey, I'm just glad he was able to get over Juliet so quickly. What has it been -- two, three days?

Jen: I don't think he's over Juliet. And I really liked that moment with the dress. It would be weird, too, if he just completely forgot about the feelings he once had for Kate.

Liz: I was just being smart. Things to seem to be looking up for Skater fans.

Something to think about based on all the episodes we've seen so far: The characters almost all seem to be out for themselves. Each one -- Widmore, MIB, Jacob, Sawyer, Jack, Kate -- has his or her own private agenda. The only one who seems to be acting selflessly so far? Hurley.

But maybe we can talk about that at 2 p.m.?

Jen: Sayid is acting selflessly ... as in, he has no sense of self anymore. But yes, let's table that conversation until 2. Until that time I shall remain, as always: the smoke thing.

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney  | March 17, 2010; 10:18 AM ET
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I knew you two would be extra silly and giggly after this half-naked redneck epi. Well, it was a good one nonetheless. For once a Lost character is calling a plague on both their houses, letting the schemers fight it out, and planning on just slipping away with the otehr innocent bystanders, instead of arbitrarily casting his lot with one faction.

"Flirtation" with Charlotte? What would people have to do for you to say they're getting serious? I guess you probably can't describe it on this site if you call what they did flirting!

I have to disagree re t-shirts. They're were no t-shirts in that drawer, just jeans or cutoffs (maybe Cletus is a nevernude?) Totally Sawyer's fault for directing to a drawer that a) had no t-shirts, but b) did contain his most precious secret. It didn't seem at all like she was gaming him, if anything it seemed more like he had set her up, as deliberately sending her to the wrong drawer would be akin to his earlier letting the briefcase open. *If* that's what happened. Actually I think he just screwed up big time; not her fault.

Not sure where you get that FLocke is trying to express his disapproval of Kate to her? That's sure not what he said. He took the blame for Claire's feelings about Kate. If anything he's trying to manipulate Kate and the others into liking him by reassuring her like that, patting the kids on the head (classic politician move) and being unexpectedly honest. His forthright admission to Sawyer about being Smokey has me thinking he's conning the con man. Admit to one charge to hide more vaulable info, whatever that may be.

Posted by: UniqueID | March 17, 2010 10:42 AM | Report abuse

Something to ponder with regards to Widmore and the island. Is it possible that he was not able to find the island so long as Jacob (and Dogen, too, maybe?) was alive? That would give Charles the motive to push Locke back to the island without having to necessarily be in cahoots with the MIB.

Posted by: kglost | March 17, 2010 10:47 AM | Report abuse

So Ben thought he was on Jacob's side against Widmore, and Ilana is definitely on Jacob's side against Widmore. Had she previously known Ben before making him dig his own grave last week? And then it turns out that Fake Locke is (against?) Widmore (and Jacob). So at least 3 teams.

Posted by: HardyW | March 17, 2010 10:48 AM | Report abuse

Clearly there are too many teams to keep track of. Alls I know is that I'm on Team Shirtless Sawyer (that's what my husband named last night's episode).

I'm glad you two liked the show this time! I did too. Charlotte looked gorgeous.

While I agree that Flocke and Widmore know something's up with Sawyer, I did not get the sense that they (Flocke/Widmore) were on the same team.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 10:54 AM | Report abuse

I enjoy the banter, the show was ok, not the best(that was Dr. Linus), but ok.

Now Kate, like Jack and Ben, has figured out that she came back to the island for nothing. What she thought was her "purpose" in life turned out to be all wrong (like Richard, Jack and Ben). I just wonder how Jack is going to convince everyone to stay on the island and die again so that Sideways world can be their future/past.

Looking forward to Richard's story, although I'd like to see Sun/Jin's story play out in sideways world as well. That's really the only missing piece to sideways world that I want to know more about, I think the rest of the stories for the sideways characters are predictable. Things are going better for them overall and they are working out their demons--because the island was destroyed and Jacob/MIB didn't screw up their lives.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 17, 2010 10:57 AM | Report abuse

Sideways Sawyer is a cop now because Jacob talked to him, right? I forget exactly what he said, but clearly when he told him to let go of his hate it put him on a far more virtuous path. Just another proof that we're seeing the epilogue at the same time as the final chapter

Posted by: echovector | March 17, 2010 11:01 AM | Report abuse

Charlotte was most definitely looking for something in the drawer. She was rummaging a little too frantically for just a t-shirt.

Posted by: Osteph | March 17, 2010 11:02 AM | Report abuse

I also, did not think that FLocke was disapproving of Kate. He extended his hand to her and was buttering her up telling her he took her to the water so that he could talk to her. I think he is trying to earn her trust, for whatever reason.

And while we're talking about FLocke reaching out his hand - if Jacob's "touch" has powers, does MIB's as well? So was it important that Kate refused the help?

Posted by: Mia13 | March 17, 2010 11:09 AM | Report abuse

Also ... I thought Flocke's response of "Nobody's perfect" to being accused of being the smoke monster... should also be up for a vote for best line.

Posted by: Mia13 | March 17, 2010 11:13 AM | Report abuse

Did anyone notice Sawyer's comment "Trust me, God has nothing to do with it." I feel like that was a direct message for us, the viewers. I think the writers were trying to tell us that all our theories of MIB=Devil and Jacob=God or vice-versa or some version of that are dead wrong.

Posted by: jules325 | March 17, 2010 11:14 AM | Report abuse

It's still entirely possible that Widmore and Ben are on the same team--it always seemed that their differences were due to more personal power struggle issues, as opposed to ideological good-vs-evil differences.

Posted by: distance88 | March 17, 2010 11:15 AM | Report abuse

You guys really need to get over the Sawyer thing. This was an ok-to-lame episode. That show did little to nothing to advance the storyline, except for the Widemore scenes, and some lines from Locke..most of which had nothing to do with Sawyer. You were just happy to see him with his shirt off.

The last two weeks did much more to move the story forward.

Posted by: DaveB2 | March 17, 2010 11:21 AM | Report abuse

I thought the best line of the night was when Miles asked Sawyer "Do you want to die alone?" That was a great throwback.

If widmore didn't kill the ajira passengers, who did?

i also found it funny that MIB Locke told saywer he was the best liar he knew, and so far sawyer has stuck to truth. I think that is a good move on his part and might be his saving grace.

Sun & Jin need to reconnect, it has been 3 years and they are so close!

Posted by: The_Dude_Abides1 | March 17, 2010 11:24 AM | Report abuse

I thought the best line of the episode was when Widmore said something to the effect of "It's sad how little you really know about what's going on." Because I thought he was talking to me.

Posted by: sunfleck | March 17, 2010 11:25 AM | Report abuse

Was Flocke telling Kate about his crazy momma in order to keep Aaron away from Claire & the island?

Posted by: wadejg | March 17, 2010 11:27 AM | Report abuse

I agree with Dude Abides. Deliberately ironic that Locke sent Sawyer over there because he's a great liar and he "can tell them any story he wants" and Sawyer promptly tells the truth. Then he tells Locke the truth about telling Widmore the truth. Sometimes the best way a liar can deceive is bying selling the truth...maybe as with FLocke being so "honest" these days.

Looks like the Sun and Jin reunion may take a while. They're going to draw that out and really make us anticipate it.

Posted by: UniqueID | March 17, 2010 11:36 AM | Report abuse

It's hard to think about this week now that I know NEXT WEEK we finally get Richard's story . . .

Posted by: bethesdaguy | March 17, 2010 11:52 AM | Report abuse

Im sorry, can't see how you think this episode was excellent?? first, Unless the alternate time-line comes into play in the end, there is no reason to spend that much time in it...we get Sawyer is a good cop and he hooked up with Charlotte and miles the the tough guy, wait huh???

anyway, all the important stuff for the story pertains to the Island...all we got was, Locke told another person he is smokie, we already know that, Widmore is on the island, we already knew that, "hot mess" Claire would eventually attack Kate, we knew that, and BTW-how is it Kate can kick guys butts but not jungle jane???? flocke sends Sawyer to the other island for recon??? C'mon...that gave us nothing except dialogue between MIB/Widmore.....that is it...oh, and Sayid is messed up...he did make me laugh with his comment of just "NO" this "lostie" was disappointed

Posted by: danstep43 | March 17, 2010 11:52 AM | Report abuse

"Sideways Sawyer is a cop now because Jacob talked to him, right? I forget exactly what he said, but clearly when he told him to let go of his hate it put him on a far more virtuous path. Just another proof that we're seeing the epilogue at the same time as the final chapter"

I see it as the exact opposite. Sawyer became a cop because Jacob did not touch him. Jacob gave Sawyer the pen at his parents funeral so he could write the note to the con man. Sawyer kept this note an hatred with him his whole life. I found it interesting we did not see the note in the Sawyer file that Charlotte found.

Posted by: adam_peritz | March 17, 2010 11:53 AM | Report abuse

So anyone else thought it was going to be Ana Lucia running away in a hooded sweatshirt at the end of the episode? I mean, she was a cop in "real life," so I thought maybe the roles were reversed.

It is funny, now that we know that Sawyer is a cop, that he just helped Kate escape like that in the elevator right after the flight.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 11:57 AM | Report abuse

Oh, nice nod to the fans though, when Sawyer referred to the Other's village as "New Otherton"! I cracked a smile at that...

Posted by: DaveB2 | March 17, 2010 12:02 PM | Report abuse

Actually, I think it's interesting that MIB Locke never lies. He may not offer information if he's not asked, but by my reckoning he answers questions directly and - as far as we can tell so far - truthfully.

Posted by: Skeeterrific | March 17, 2010 12:05 PM | Report abuse

At first I was disappointed with last night's episode because it didn't send with Sawyer falling in with either with either camp. The more I think about it though, it makes sense if Sawyer represents the Everyman (very hot Everyman). In traditional everyman stories, he is the one who just wants to gets where is going but gets caught in the middle of larger philosophical debates.

Posted by: mo_in_va1 | March 17, 2010 12:09 PM | Report abuse

OK, two (possibly dumb) questions are bugging me about this episode.

First, didn't Sawyer sleep with the con's wife at the beginning of the episode? I'm all for suspending disbelief for purposes of fiction, but I just could not get past the implausibility that a cop could do that, with his backup waiting (and listening) outside.

Second, I'll admit I may not have been completely paying attention, but what was it about Zoe's story that prompted Sawyer to call her on it? I mean, I get that he had reason not to believe her, and no one can spot a con like another con, but what was the specific giveaway at that point?

Posted by: Janine1 | March 17, 2010 12:13 PM | Report abuse

smynola06: I was thinking the same thing! How did Cop Sawyer just let Kate get away at the airport? That's a little too unbelievable to me. (Because so many things about this show are SO believable! LOL) I also had a hard time with the interaction between Cop Miles and Cop Sawyer. What is Miles--his mother? I just thought it was cheesy and contrived. In the last two episodes, I couldn't wait to get back to Sawyer, but last night, I really missed Jack and Hurley!

Posted by: BethBH | March 17, 2010 12:14 PM | Report abuse

Janine, I think it might have been because she hesitated slightly about where the plane was going and whom she was going to visit. Maybe she mentioned earlier that she was married? single? And then suddenly said, "to see my boyfriend" I don't know though, I'd have to rewatch. But I did notice her hesitation in answering that question.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 12:19 PM | Report abuse

I'm surprised nobody is exploring the relationship between the Egyptian figure and the possibility that MIB is the Egyptian God Set.

And if you want some really good stuff, check out the Temple of Set, Michael A. Aquinos, and Project Stargate.

Everyone wants answers, and they seemed to have dropped them right in our lap with MIB's mommy issue talk.

Posted by: twozigs | March 17, 2010 12:21 PM | Report abuse

Sideways Sawyer is a cop - okay, fine - but then why did he help a handcuffed Kate escape from the airport earlier in this season? It doesn't seem like Sawyer the Cop would aid a handcuffed person who is trying desparately to escape officers....

Posted by: Markroberts | March 17, 2010 12:22 PM | Report abuse

Mia13 said: I thought Flocke's response of "Nobody's perfect" to being accused of being the smoke monster...should also be up for a vote for best line.

I agree! But I thought that line was in response to Kate observing that Locke was dead. (Later on, he clarified that he was not in fact dead.)

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 12:25 PM | Report abuse

MIB/Locke's sharing about his mommy was riveting. I don't know what it means, but I'm sure the MIB-&-Jaoob-are-one-person crowd will be having a field day with that one.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 12:28 PM | Report abuse

Janine, I think Zoe's clumsy questioning gave her away. Sawyer may have caught on earlier, but I caught on when Zoe started pressing him about how many people where in his group, where they were, how many guns they had, etc. No way a shocked sole survivor would be so insistent on getting those particular answers, whereas a plant would.

Posted by: UniqueID | March 17, 2010 12:28 PM | Report abuse

@twozigs-along those lines when Flocke was explaining his Mommy issues, the first thing that popped into my head was greek and/or roman mythology, but I don't know enough about either to have any idea who I'm thinking of. Could be Egyptian mythology instead. In any case, I also thought that was very important.

I really feel like Charlotte was looking for something other than a t-shirt in that drawer. Not sure she found what she was looking for, tho.

@smynola06- I agree about the hesitation being the tip off. I thought it was pretty pronounced, although I loved how that scene mirrored what happened in the beginning of the ep in the hotel room.

@Mia13-I also thought "nobody's perfect" was the best line of the night and I knew as I was thinking that, that I would never remember it by the time the discussion rolled around, so Thanks!

Oh, yeah and cop Miles WAS acting more like Sawyer/Ford's mother than his partner and it is weird that Sawyer/Ford helped Kate escape.

Posted by: talleyl | March 17, 2010 12:32 PM | Report abuse

Thought it was interesting that MIB had earlier told Ben to meet them on Hydra Island when Widmore was there.

and jeez Widmore had quite the nerd army.

Posted by: PindarPushkin | March 17, 2010 12:33 PM | Report abuse

Sunfleck, you are totally right! The best line of the night was Widmore's "It's sad how little you really know about what's going on."

I too felt like he was talking to me, LOL!

Posted by: womanofscience | March 17, 2010 12:33 PM | Report abuse

I agree with Mia13, Not-Locke's "Well, no one is perfect." was the ep's best line (and also a great homage to the classic film "Some Like it Hot.")

MIB/Locke's mommy-issues confession and his reference to Aaron seemed directed to the kid on the Island that Sawyer and he encountered. I'm pretty sure that's Aaron acting out his own mommy issues and giving Was-Locke a hard time.

Posted by: CafeBeouf | March 17, 2010 12:34 PM | Report abuse

K, I just rewatched. Yes, she clearly hesitated AND she also did ask a whole lot of questions that your typical sole survivor would not care too much about. I'd be more worried about "do you have food and water?" than "do you have guns"

Widmore did have a nerd army, I pointed that out during the episode to my husband.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 12:39 PM | Report abuse

Thanks for the tip, twozigs. I'll check out those sites. In the meantime I did some basic wikipedia browsing and found:

"In art, Set was mostly depicted as a mysterious and unknown creature, referred to by Egyptologists as the Set animal or Typhonic beast, with a curved snout, square ears, forked tail, and canine body, or sometimes as a human with only the head of the Set animal. It has no complete resemblance to any known creature, although it does resemble a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, and a jackal[citation needed], all of which are desert creatures...

Set had a brother called Osiris and two sisters called Isis and Nepthys. His Mother was the sky goddess Nut and his father was the earth god Geb...

A sacred symbol of Nut was the ladder, used by Osiris to enter her heavenly skies...

Isis, the mother of Horus, whose story is central to that of her brother-husband, the resurrection god Osiris. Osiris is killed by his brother Set and scattered over the Earth in 14 pieces which Isis gathers up and puts back together. Osiris then climbs a ladder into his mother Nut for safety and eventually becomes king of the dead."

Posted by: UniqueID | March 17, 2010 12:44 PM | Report abuse

I think Sawyer let Kate get away at the airport, because the real reason Sawyer is a cop is to track down Anthony Cooper.

I'll admit also that I may not have been paying attention (cuz this ep kinda sucked), but I think Zoe was asking too many questions of Sawyer--how many others are there? do you have guns?--and that tipped him off.

Posted by: beaker1 | March 17, 2010 12:45 PM | Report abuse

Well, now, if FLocke had said "my mother was a Nut..."

But I didn't see anything in the Wikipedia write-up to suggest that Set's mother was "crazy." And isn't that the word FLocke used? (I need to rewatch it tonight.)

Posted by: Janine1 | March 17, 2010 12:52 PM | Report abuse

Sawyer isn't hard on the eyes and all, but I'm totally with danstep43. This episode did nothing. We already knew all of these things -- Claire would try to attack Kate, Widmore had arrived in the sub, Flocke would continue to manipulate his groupies, Sayid has gone to the dark side, etc. Plus, we got a lot of replays, like Sawyer being emotionally unavailable and sensitive, and Widmore's employee pretending to be someone else. These things could easily have been condensed. I don't see how you two could find the epi where Sayid turns to the dark side to be so bad and not have issues with this one. The only things I learned: Flocke's mom was as loony as Claire and Sawyer is a cop in Sideways world, still hell bent on finding Anthony Cooper. Really? This took an hour?

I have been on the Lost train since day one and I have to say, especially after hearing that the producers just ran out of time and can't fit everything in, I am tentative about my on-board status. How about trashing this episode and taking another hour to give us something substantial? Here's hoping the Alpert episode is the complete opposite of this one.

Posted by: allymarie | March 17, 2010 12:56 PM | Report abuse

MiB/FLocke/Smokey most definitely does lie. He told Claire that the Others had taken her baby (and that didn't exactly make Claire a better person).

Posted by: MrDarwin | March 17, 2010 1:03 PM | Report abuse

What? No comments on how Sawyer was watching an episode of Highway to Heaven? Seems like an odd choice for a good/bad cop to watch. You know that was thrown in there for some reason, but not sure what...

Posted by: samster77 | March 17, 2010 1:10 PM | Report abuse

Was wondering if anyone else had noticed the vertical scar on Locke's right cheek? It's not always visible, and sometimes is very apparent as it was during the entire episode last night. I know it's a stretch, but it makes me wonder if the man in black has used Locke's body previously and we weren't aware. During the first crash on the island, Locke was occasionally fickle in his decision making and I wonder if this could be why...I know like I said, a stretch. And for the record I think this episode blew chunks. Why did Charlotte and Sawyer meet off island...speaking of stretches.

Posted by: stive21 | March 17, 2010 1:10 PM | Report abuse

Pretty sure it was "Little House," not "Highway to Heaven." But I don't know why it was so prominently featured.

I'm curious about the museum where Dr. Candle and Charlotte work. If Dharma/Hanso/etc. set up a museum, what do you think it would focus on? I hope we'll learn more about it.

Posted by: Janine1 | March 17, 2010 1:20 PM | Report abuse

allymarie -
"While many fans have griped that the sideways story lines have been an unnecessary distraction this season, Lindelof emphasizes that they're very important. "People are saying [they] don't need these stories and all we can say is they're absolutely 100 percent necessary to tell the story of Lost, and hopefully by the end of the season it will be more obvious as to why," he said.

So funny everyone mentioning Widmore's nerd army ... they had the pylons and everything - do you guys think it's Dharma from Ann Arbor? Maybe they've teamed up? (Dharma was the one with the original pylon technology, afterall).

Posted by: Mia13 | March 17, 2010 1:21 PM | Report abuse

Agree with other comments that Flocke's line "Well, nobody's perfect." was best of night, particularly when combined with Kate's, "Very insightful, coming from a dead man." I laughed out loud.

When I saw the hooded figure running from the cops, I immediately thought it was going to be Charlie, who was often dressed that way in his dark moments on the island.

Posted by: raheintz | March 17, 2010 1:23 PM | Report abuse

There was some discussion in earlier shows regarding the colors Jacob and MIB were wearing on the beach – Jacob in white and MIB in black. I thought it was interesting to take note of what the other characters are wearing during the on island scenes. Hurley and Ilana are both plainly wearing red. I thought this was really significant until I noticed that some of the Temple Others are wearing red. Lapidus and Jin are both wearing white, although Jin’s shirt is very dirty making it almost grey. Sayid is clearly wearing black, which he has the entire time. Jack, Richard, Sawyer, Widmore, and Miles are all wearing blue. The remainder of the main characters; Kate, Claire, Flocke, Ben, and Sun, seem to be wearing shades of grey and brown.

My initial reaction was that Hurley and Ilana are special since they are wearing red. Jack, Richard, Sawyer, Widmore, and Miles all have their own intentions at heart. Lapidus and Jin are good because they are in white, just as Sayid is bad because he is in black. The rest of the characters are “Lost” which is why they are wearing shades of grey and brown. The only two people that don’t seem to fit well are Claire and Flocke.

Posted by: vaphotogal | March 17, 2010 1:24 PM | Report abuse

I'm sorry to have to say this about a Lost episode --


Posted by: ooyah32 | March 17, 2010 1:29 PM | Report abuse

"No comments on how Sawyer was watching an episode of Highway to Heaven?"

Probably because it wasn't Highway to Heaven. Try Little House on the Prairie.

Posted by: privacy3 | March 17, 2010 1:30 PM | Report abuse

Samster, that was Little House on the Prarie, I'm afraid. Whole point there I think was to talk about how life should be happy and dead people go on in our hearts etc etc.

And Liz/Jen, I feel love for you both in my chest, I really do, but could you *please* not perpetuate the misspelling (and by journalists) of archAeology?? Pretty please?

Posted by: esmerelda123 | March 17, 2010 1:30 PM | Report abuse

Enter the Spelling Nazis.

Posted by: corrections | March 17, 2010 1:35 PM | Report abuse

The conversation that the smoke monster in the shape of Locke had with Kate on the beach was very intriguing. In this conversation he referred to his mother as being not well in the head. A similar conversation took place in season 1 between Sawyer, Kate, and Locke in the episode where Sawyer is after the boar that had rummaged his tent. In this episode Locke talked (I think I remember) about his mother and a dog, and the belief that the mother had somehow reincarnated in the dog. Or something along those lines.

I wonder if at times season-1-Locke had already by been impersonated by the smoke monster. I believe that this season 1 episode took place after Locke had the encounter with the smoke monster.

I also think that the boar episode in season 1 was the 2nd in the show to feature the whispers.

Posted by: for33 | March 17, 2010 1:43 PM | Report abuse

For those asking why Sawyer didn't arrest Kate at the airport...could it be because he wasn't supposed to be at the airport or on a plane with her from Australia? Remember, he had told Miles that he was on vacation in Palm Springs. There would have been too much explaining to do.

Posted by: moondust | March 17, 2010 1:49 PM | Report abuse

Line of the night (IMO): That was inappropriate. (Locke to Claire/Kate after Kate tries to slice and dice Kate.)

Also, the sonic fence could also be used to keep MIB caged up. Fences work both ways, remember.

As to why Jimmy Ford (he's not Sawyer in sideways LA) didn't stop Kate in the airport, he was supposed to be in Palm Springs that weekend. He didn't want to blow his cover. Also, since the airport rent-a-cops wouldn't give him the information he needed, he wasn't about to help them out by giving them information they needed.

Posted by: SamFelis | March 17, 2010 1:49 PM | Report abuse

**As to why Jimmy Ford (he's not Sawyer in sideways LA) . . .**

AND, he has not been "Sawyer" for more than three years on the Island, except by those who insist on keeping him in his former life. James has not been Sawyer since Hugo conned him into being nice to people on the beach. He certainly was not Sawyer during his Dharma time.

Posted by: ooyah32 | March 17, 2010 2:01 PM | Report abuse

Good point, If Ben had gone to Hydra Island to "meet up", it is quite likely he would have been shot on sight. I suspect MIB was trying to get Ben killed.

Posted by: chrisp339 | March 17, 2010 2:02 PM | Report abuse

I've always suspected that the Dharma people who were off island during the purge were teaming up somewhere ready to attack. Several times last season I wondered if Widmore wasn't a part of that "Dharma team." Maybe he is!

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 2:05 PM | Report abuse

Samster, that was Little House on the Prarie, I'm afraid. Whole point there I think was to talk about how life should be happy and dead people go on in our hearts etc etc.
Also, Sawyer admitted to Kate in a Season 1 ep that he watched Little House. Just another way to tie in island reality to sideways reality.

Posted by: beaker1 | March 17, 2010 2:13 PM | Report abuse

I'm surprised that you didn't mention the pile of recently dead people on Hydra Island. Sawyer said they were Aijira 316 survivors, but in previous episodes it didn't look like there were close to that many people on the plane, and he wouldn't know that. Until this episode, we were given no indication that there was on the flight other than the Oceanic 5/6ths, Ben, Jacob's bodyguards (including Ilana and Bram), the flight attendants (who we haven't seen since the flight), Caesar, and a lot less extras than there were people in the pile. So who are the dead people? Not counting the unnamed bodyguards, Lostpedia counts 8 Aijira survivors not accounted for. It looked like there were a lot more in the pile. Anyone have a screenshot?

Posted by: Laura118 | March 17, 2010 2:16 PM | Report abuse

@moondust & samfells-That sorta makes sense about why Sawyer/Ford would have helped Kate go.

Posted by: talleyl | March 17, 2010 2:21 PM | Report abuse

The only problem I have with the theory that Sawyer wasn't supposed to be in Australia, was that it's freakin' LAX, you're telling me that there wasn't one flight that day from Florida in the entire airport? That seems like a huge stretch.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 2:23 PM | Report abuse

Can't believe that Miles asking Sawyer if he wanted to die alone was not one of the options for best line.

Posted by: mattlisab28 | March 17, 2010 2:45 PM | Report abuse

Unfortunately I feel as though I keep watching Lost just because I have to at this point, having watched from the beginning, instead of for the enjoyment I had for the show in the prior seasons. I am ready for the finale to be a letdown. Will it be "oh that sideways stuff we've been showing you, yeah, that's how they all end up". So what then they never got to the island? Or they did, but it was all a big rewind so they didn't the 2nd time around? Should I care that Miles and James know each other in this other timeline? Because I really don't. I guess its kind of funny in a way that its Miles, and Charlotte, etc, etc, but it could be somebody else too and it wouldn't have mattered much.

Posted by: ElaineT1 | March 17, 2010 3:15 PM | Report abuse

Important new mysteries:

1. Who is MIB's mom and how does that relate to who he and Jacob are.

2. Who's responsible for the stack of bodies on Hydra and who were the victims?

Other new mysteries:

1. What is Miles' dad doing these days? Unlike Ben and his dad, Dr. Chang knew a lot about what Dharma was really doing on the island. And now he's chilling in LA X.

2. What is Widmore's agenda and how does it relate to the apparent Jacob-MIB struggle?

3. Who or what is in the locked room on the sub? (Many think it's Desmond, but they're just guessing.)

4. Is Claire faking sanity with Kate?

5. Will it be Skater after all? Or does Ford smashing that mirror in LA X portend a bad end for his island self?

What else? I love the Liz Lemon thing, btw. And Charlotte looked gorgeous in LA X.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 3:26 PM | Report abuse

2 thoughts on last nights episode. (Sorry if they were mentioned earlier in comments from users I only had time to read the post :)

1) Anyone else make the connection that MIB told Ben to go to the Hydra island maybe for him to have an intended showdown with Widmore?

2) We didn't see Miles having his "gift" in alternate timeline-world. So maybe, unbeknown to him, his ability was a result of contact with Jacob?

Posted by: ImNumbaJuan | March 17, 2010 3:39 PM | Report abuse

OK, not really related but husband and I were saying last night as we watched episode that Josh Holloway would have made a great Sonny Crockett in the Miami Vice movie.

Posted by: vjld | March 17, 2010 3:40 PM | Report abuse

I had a much different implication from Locke's talk with Kate. When he said, "she's crazy," what that meant was "YOU have to be Aaron's mother again," giving Kate what she wants. In other words, he was using truth in a manipulative way to get Kate on his side and/or do what he wants.

Posted by: Dr_Bob | March 17, 2010 3:41 PM | Report abuse

Will we be disappointed?

Maybe. But until the show is over, I'm will to trust these guys to do a decent job. We don't know where they are taking us, so how can we judge whether the pace or timing are right?

It's certainly fair game to judge each episode on its own merits. But until you know the destination, you can't know whether the stories they chose to highlight this season were worthy of the suddenly ultra-limited bandwidth.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 3:41 PM | Report abuse

Can someone clarify for me exactly how the 1960's folks merged with the 'present-day' folks? They are all obviously together now, and I think it is supposed to be 2007. Was it when Juliette detonated the bomb that those 60's folks 'woke up' in 2007? I remember Kate peeling herself off a tree in episode one of this season, but that's all I can recall.

Also, during Charlotte and Sawyer's dinner date, she asked him to tell her the truth and not the story he tells all the other women who ask him why he became a cop. He asks her why and she says something like 'you know why'. I wasn't sure what she meant - anyone else have ideas?

Posted by: mlb0310 | March 17, 2010 3:45 PM | Report abuse

mlb, they were talking about the sexual chemsitry. Sawyer saw Charlotte looking at him and said, "What?" and she said significantly, "you *know* what," and the next thing we saw we were rolling around in bed together - or flirting, as Jen and Liz refer to that paticular human activity.

Posted by: UniqueID | March 17, 2010 3:55 PM | Report abuse

Smynola - Sawyer wasn't coming from Florida according the story he told Miles. I believe he said Palm Springs. That's in California and he would have driven there. Maybe you're thinking of Palm Beach.

Posted by: walt5 | March 17, 2010 4:00 PM | Report abuse

OK episode. 2 things annoyed me.
1. having the actors names in the beginning credits totally ruined Charlotte's appearance as I knew it was coming. Was annoyed with that in the past with michael.

2. Sawyer- if someone makes a comment about how little you actually know and that someone likely knows a ton, don't pretend that you do know something and spill your plan. How about asking, well why don't you tell me what I don't know? !!!!!! That would have been more helpful on all fronts.

Posted by: qwerqwer1 | March 17, 2010 4:09 PM | Report abuse

Thanks UniqueID. I think I was reading into it a bit more - like perhaps they had some sense that they knew each other or were referring to some shared island experience, but that certainly makes the most sense.

Posted by: mlb0310 | March 17, 2010 4:14 PM | Report abuse

Yes, I was thinking Palm Beach... *hides in the corner for not knowing basic CA geography*

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 4:20 PM | Report abuse

So how many people that ask questions during the live 2pm Q&A, read this message board beforehand, do you guys think?

Posted by: Mia13 | March 17, 2010 4:33 PM | Report abuse

Others may have commented earlier but wasn't Jacob expecting Widmore? Didn't he enlist Hurley to help a guest find thehir way to the island in the Lighthouse episode?

Posted by: albon | March 17, 2010 4:35 PM | Report abuse

@mia, I do!

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 4:43 PM | Report abuse

Did anyone else think Claire's island baby looked like an ALF doll?

Havent seen anyone bring up the fact that Charlie's brother was in this episode. I cant remember from seasons past but did his brother die or was he the guy Shannon was with? Sorry I cant remember.

Posted by: charlesnoe | March 17, 2010 4:50 PM | Report abuse

They were in the band together, he got Charlie hooked on drugs, then later got himself off drugs (leaving Charlie still on drugs) and got married and had a kid (

Posted by: smynola06 | March 17, 2010 4:53 PM | Report abuse

They never answer my comments/questions! Maybe I am always late.

charlesnoe - I TOTALLY remembered Alf too! And no, Liam didn't die... by "the guy shannon was with" do you mean Boone, her sort-of step-brother? Yes, he was one of the first main characters to die on the show...

Posted by: Mia13 | March 17, 2010 4:55 PM | Report abuse

It appears that Widmore is working for Jacob, or at least working on his behalf, knowingly or not.

Widmore was on the island and was leading the Others, with Richard's blessing before Ben came along and unseated him, not because of anything Jacob did, but because of Ben's own lust for power.

Ben banished Widmore, and Widmore wanted to make it back to the island. Jacob wanted to make it easier for him, as he told Hurley to use the lighthouse to guide him.

Widmore's issue is with Ben, not Jacob. We don't know what Widmore was trying to do when he sent Keamy and his mercenaries to the island; perhaps they were armed to battle MIB.

Widmore tried to help Locke get back to the island on behalf of Jacob, not knowing that Ben was going to kill Locke and inadvertently give MIB a way to get to Jacob.

Widmore is not trying to get back at Ben. He is aware of a higher purpose associated with the Island. Perhaps Widmore was "touched" by Jacob, and brought to the island, and that he is only trying to fulfill his destiny.

He may not even be aware that he is acting on Jacob's behalf, but in the end, I think he is.

Posted by: mo7290 | March 17, 2010 4:59 PM | Report abuse

**I am ready for the finale to be a letdown. Will it be "oh that sideways stuff we've been showing you, yeah, that's how they all end up".**

If they do the Pam Ewing dream ending, a LOT of people are going to be severely P.O.

Like Brian Griffin said when Stewie did that simulation -- if someone watched it from start to finish only to find out that none of it really happened, it would be just like a giant middle finger to them.

Posted by: ooyah32 | March 17, 2010 5:00 PM | Report abuse

Widmore is working for himself and only himself.

But Jacob knows how to bring good out of evil.

Posted by: ooyah32 | March 17, 2010 5:01 PM | Report abuse

mlb0310 asked: "Can someone clarify for me exactly how the 1960's folks merged with the 'present-day' folks?"

Most of the Losties either:

1. left the island in Dec '04 (as the Oceanic Six, or passengers on Penny's boat or via the donkey wheel) and then returned in 2007 via Ajira flight 316 (crash landing in 2007 or time-shifting to 1977); or

2. were whipped back in time to 1974 if they didn't get to leave the island at all, where they lived normally until the Ajira time travelers reappeared.

The two groups who were thereby reunited in Dharma-land 1977 were transported forward by the bomb to reunite with those whose Ajira flight crashed normally in 2007.

There's a mystery gap from the end of 2004 till 2007. What happened on the island during those years? In LA X, the island is under water, but the Otherton barracks had still been built in the 1970s, and Ben and his Dad lived there for a little while. In what we think of as the original timeline, Claire and most of the Others continued to live on the Island during these gap years. And maybe Rose, Bernard and Vincent.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 5:02 PM | Report abuse

Casting fact: One of Widmore's henchmen and a frequently cast as a supermarket employee was none other than Frederick Kohler, who I remember as Chip from "Kate & Allie".

Posted by: phanieb | March 17, 2010 5:05 PM | Report abuse

My bad, it was Little House on the Prairie. I got my Michael Landon shows confused. (But really, weren't they pretty much the same sappy shows with love/heaven/friendship themes just set in different times??) And thanks to whomever reminded me that Sawyer had said he watched in a previous ep.

Posted by: samster77 | March 17, 2010 5:59 PM | Report abuse

@qwerqwer1 I have read that the scrolling of the casts' names is a contract issue, and the producers have no control over it. It really is unfortunate for those who try to remain unspoiled. I was disappointed that Desmond was listed, and he didn't appear on the episode.

Posted by: ImTresbien | March 17, 2010 6:07 PM | Report abuse

ImTresbien said: "I was disappointed that Desmond was listed, and he didn't appear on the episode."

Ah, but he *was* there -- just locked up in that room in the sub. He must have a great agent, though, to get credited/paid for that!

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 6:40 PM | Report abuse

Okay all you Losties, I need some intel. We had a screening of a film in Los Angeles last night and one of our guests either was Himself or was the mislaid identical twin of Josh Holloway. Since I don't follow "Lost" I don't know if they are shooting (in which case he'd be in Hawaii and not here) or whether that might actually have been him. Please advise!!!!

Posted by: sorcerers_cat | March 17, 2010 6:57 PM | Report abuse

I loved the episode. In fact, I can see a cop spin off starring Jim and Miles......

Posted by: st719 | March 17, 2010 7:01 PM | Report abuse

Did anyone else find it amusing that Sideways Sawyer was reading Watership Down and when Island Sawyer asked Kate what was for dinner, she answereed, "Rabbit"?

Posted by: kbockl | March 17, 2010 7:49 PM | Report abuse

Watership Down:

Very cool, kbock. I loved Sawyer's original book report to Kate:

"Hell of a book. It's about bunnies."

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 7:57 PM | Report abuse

where did the term "Flocke" come from? I didn't read the posts last week.

I thought the ep was great and I continue to trust the writers. I want to be an audience member and think about the ideas in the story, i don't want to start nagging at the writers. that's too easy. if you don't like the show, you don;'t have to watch it. i'm just sayin, there seems to be a bit of a snarky tone here that I don't remember from last year or the year before or... etc.

When Locke told Kate about crazy mothers, I wondered if he was suggesting that SHE wasn't/wouldn't be a good mother. just to throw some doubt into her. he's good at that.

And I totally loved the post above about how Sawyer's telling the truth is now lost in the shuffle of all the lies everyone else has been telling. Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

Posted by: camis | March 17, 2010 10:06 PM | Report abuse

I wasn't thrilled with the episode (maybe cause I couldn't care less about shirtless Sawyer?), but I am curious what MIB/Locke was whispering to Claire about after she tried to shank Kate. Thoughts?

Also, we saw Sawyer bring Jin water or tea or something in the beginning of the episode, but then we didn't see Jin again. Talking about having a good Hollywood agent - what was the point of Jin in the episode? Where was he when Kate had a WTF look the rest of the episode? Like, it would've been helpful for Kate to know that Crazy Claire axed an Other yesterday, right?

Finally, some have suggested Jacob was trying to get Widmore to the island and that's who he needed Hurley to alert via the lighthouse. Ummmm, why does anyone have that impression? The lighthouse was simply to show Jack that he'd been being watched and he's important; nothing to do with showing anyone to the island. Also, Widmore seemed to find the island just fine without any lighthouse pointing the way... which raises another question - why did it take him what looked like 50 years (give or take) to finally get back to the island!?

Oh, and Charlotte was just looking for a T-shirt in the drawer; she wasn't snooping. Don't look into everything so much!!!

Posted by: AndFound | March 17, 2010 10:08 PM | Report abuse

and that reminds me.... i think it was weird that the file in Sawyer's drawer has his name written on it in big black marker ink... I think he wasn't the one who put the file together, someone else did, wrote his name on it and said "Here ya go, this one's yours."

Posted by: camis | March 17, 2010 10:17 PM | Report abuse


Flocke = Fake Locke. Some people were using that name last season.

In the LA X timeline, James does not call himself Sawyer. So the file in the drawer would be seem self-referential to him.

In the original timeline he starting calling himself that -- as bitter irony -- when he became a con man like Locke's dad, whose name he remembered as being Sawyer. But we don't know for sure that Locke's dad was using the name Sawyer at the time -- it could have been a reference to Tom Sawyer, as overheard by a bewildered child at his parents' funeral.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 10:29 PM | Report abuse

I meant: So the file in the drawer would *not* seem self-referential to him.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 10:31 PM | Report abuse

MerlJ -


Posted by: camis | March 17, 2010 10:44 PM | Report abuse

A few responses...

>>>"Charlotte was most definitely looking for something in the drawer. She was rummaging a little too frantically for just a t-shirt."
Posted by: Osteph

Completely agree and Miles hooked them up. In fact, later Miles checks Sawyer's travel records. I wonder if Miles sent Charlotte to find out what Sawyer has been up to. Remember, Miles and Charlotte were both hired by Widmore so in the island story they were working together. Maybe Miles/Charlotte are investigating Sawyer, like a police internal investigation.

>>>"It's hard to think about this week now that I know NEXT WEEK we finally get Richard's story . . ."
Posted by: bethesdaguy


>>>"I'm surprised nobody is exploring the relationship between the Egyptian figure and the possibility that MIB is the Egyptian God Set."
Posted by: twozigs

Where have you been the past two seasons? Must not have been on this blog. We did a lot of talking here about Egyptian and possibly other gods (Minoan?). Anyway, I believe I made a bet with someone on this board that smokey is an egyptian god, a beer for me and a coke for them, but that was many episodes ago.

>>>"So funny everyone mentioning Widmore's nerd army ... they had the pylons and everything - do you guys think it's Dharma from Ann Arbor? Maybe they've teamed up? (Dharma was the one with the original pylon technology, afterall)."
Posted by: Mia13

Now we're getting somewhere. Remember when Widmore was one of the Others the time Ben took Alex from Rousseau? Remember how Widmore was always going off alone, coming back alone? I was pretty sure then that he was sneaking off to New Otherton and had to have provided the knowledge to Dharma on how to construct the pylons to keep smokey out. He also had a child off island, and the only way he could have done that was by taking the sub off island, Dharma's sub. I think Widmore, knowing that Ben was following MIB and not Jacob, but could not stand up to him, sought out Dharma's help, provided the knowledge to construct pylons, etc. That's why Ben and the Others killed off Dharma and Widmore was banished (can't kill him). All done at MIB's direction as an order from Jacob. Widmore is now back with Dharma technology and probably Dharma personnel, to start the struggle again. I'm a little surprised they have not tried to reclaim New Otherton, start up the pylons, start up the stations, all of which I'm starting to think was built to keep MIB and possibly others like him at bay while they worked to destroy the island and MIB.

>>>"Sawyer- if someone makes a comment about how little you actually know and that someone likely knows a ton, don't pretend that you do know something and spill your plan. How about asking, well why don't you tell me what I don't know? !!!!!! That would have been more helpful on all fronts."
Posted by: qwerqwer1

Amen. I was jumping out of my seat screaming "Ask Widmore what the f#!k is going on! But nooooooooooo...

>>>"If they do the Pam Ewing dream ending, a LOT of people are going to be severely P.O."
Posted by: ooyah32

Or maybe like the Bob Newhart dream ending of Newhart. I'm still laughing decades later at that ending. I can still hear Bob Newhart looking at Susan Plechette in bed saynig she should wear more sweaters.

Maybe, when the big secret is finally revealed in the last episode, Sawyer will wake up from the dream, rub his face and say "Son of a b..."

Posted by: Fate1 | March 17, 2010 10:50 PM | Report abuse

Lost Glossary:

While we're at it, "Skater" is shorthand for someone who wants Sawyer and Kate to end up together. (You know, to "flirt.") Someone who roots for Jack and Kate would refer to himself as a "Jater."

Or, if you just want Kate to be killed off at the beginning of any given season, you would call yourself a writer for the Washington Post. (That's just a joke, no offense intended!)

There's also the term Jackface, referring to overacted facial contortions by that other guy. As in, "Cool episode, dude, we got three new Jackfaces in the Lighthouse scene!"

Finally, a long running Lost debate concerns the possible impacts of time travel and uses the acronyms WHH vs. TCC, which is short for:

Whatever Happened, Happened
vs. Time Can Change

For most of us, WHH vs. TCC is a wee bit esoteric. However, the people who are into it are reeeaally into it.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 17, 2010 11:04 PM | Report abuse

Nobody is talking about the real love triangle that apparently got resolved last night. The winner of the cop buddy movie oscar is Sawyer/Miles over Sawyer/Hurley over Hurley/Miles.

Posted by: bowiemd1 | March 18, 2010 9:28 AM | Report abuse

MeriJ - Thanks for your glossary... I just got into this (or any) message board this season, so I wasn't versed on all the proper terminology... ;0)

Fate1 - Thanks so much for your "few responses" ... I think everyone here appreciates that you went through all the posts and took the time to discuss. About Widmore being with Dharma all along... He could've turned the donkey wheel to get out, being a leader and all.... On the other hand... Who does Eloise work for? The two were an "other" pair... and now are both off-Island. Maybe there's a connection there? Maybe you're on to something and they both have been working with Dharma? I always thought she was working with Dharma equipment in her lab, but never made the connection that she used to be an "other".

Posted by: Mia13 | March 18, 2010 9:28 AM | Report abuse

Camis: De nada!

Mia13: I've been reading all along, but I think this is the first season I've posted anything. So we're both newbies to this community. Welcome to us!

Posted by: MeriJ | March 18, 2010 9:41 AM | Report abuse

@DaveB2: I'm pretty sure Sawyer coined "New Otherton" several seasons ago.

Disagree with the comment that Sawyer on-island is all for himself these days. He clearly is planning to rescue his pod of friends. He's also in a better place both in sideways world and on the island.

Very confusing now though, as to whether Jacob's touch, or lack of it, allows the better sideways realities or the worse pre-crash lives that our castaways had.

Posted by: PortlandMaine | March 18, 2010 10:10 AM | Report abuse

I think Aaron is locked in the submarine. The only being MIB seems to be intimidated by is Aaron, as indicated by his reaction to Aaron's appearance in past episodes. I think MIB is counting on Kate to be able to control Aaron if Aaron's intent is to kill or help Widmore kill MIB.

Posted by: Lopaka2 | March 18, 2010 10:55 AM | Report abuse

I thought Sawyer--I mean Ford--didn't care about seeing Kate in the airport in the sideflash because being a cop is just another long con for him to get to Sawyer. Also, when MiB/Flocke said his mother was crazy, I immediately thought that he could be Aaron.

Posted by: rchadha5 | March 18, 2010 11:22 AM | Report abuse

Well, sorry I missed all the fun this week (stupid business trip). After finally seeing the episode last night, I am sort of thinking that MIB and Widmore are both in it together -- that the whole visit was almost like a test to see where Sawyer's loyalties lay. Conning the con man, as it were (the "recon" mission as a "re-con"). Although that doesn't really fit with the big smoke-monster-proof fence stuff, so who knows. But the looks on both Whidmore's and MIB's faces when Sawyer was talking to them were definitely in "con" cagegory.

And here's the other thing: Sawyer takes MIB at his word that MIB is going after the airplane, so he's going to swipe the sub while they're all distracted. But wouldn't the sub be a much more logical escape route, since it doesn't need massive repairs? So I'm thinking that that's MIB's true escape plan (presuming he really does want to escape at all) -- and Sawyer may be his means of getting there. Regardless of whether MIB and Whidmore are in cahoots, I think MIB knew exactly what Sawyer would do: look out for himself and try to play both sides against the middle. And MIB plans to take advantage of that (somehow) to get to the sub himself.

Posted by: laura33 | March 18, 2010 11:22 AM | Report abuse

Over on the chat archive there is more talk of the mirrors/through the looking glass theme.
But mirrors also are a classic film device to indicate split personality...which seems thematic now with the sideways and island realities.
Sawyer/Ford studied himself carefully for a few seconds before putting his fist into that mirror.

Posted by: PortlandMaine | March 18, 2010 11:44 AM | Report abuse

Lost is getting FLocke'd up. It's now obvious how the show will end. Battle between good and evil, collapsing the parallel time lines, and two people left to start over taking care of the island. Yawn.

Posted by: clandestinetomcat | March 18, 2010 12:28 PM | Report abuse

Sawyer didn't arrest Kate in the airport because he didn't want anyone to know he went to Australia, if he arrested her, he'd have to explain why he was in the International Arrivals area instead of Domestic.

I think Widmore is planning to use the sonic fence to capture smokey...

Posted by: bp90 | March 18, 2010 1:41 PM | Report abuse

Thanks Fate1 with regards to Widmore working for Dharma. That helps me understand how Widmore had a child off island (someone can leave the island via the donkey wheel- but can't get back), and Widmore left and came back multiple times. But Widmore, at that time, was the leader of the Others and also working for the Dharma initiative, while Ben was a child/teen. Not sure why Dharma and Others were fighting then (1970s), about the time that Penelope was born and Ben still a kid. Unless Richard and some of the Others were always working for MIB, and Widmore found out and was secretly working for Jacob.

Widmore wants to possess the island (it has a lot of powers).
Jacob wanted to protect the island (yet brought people to it).
MIB seemed to help protect the island from outsiders by killing them, but now supposedly wants to leave it.
Ben wanted to be ruler of the island.
Everyone else is searching for their purpose in life or content to enjoy/study the island.

In the promo for next week, Richard says something about the fact that the island isn't what it seems, not even an island. So hopefully that will explain more about why its important.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 18, 2010 2:04 PM | Report abuse

In the casting call for young Widmore, he was described as "Nigel. British, in his late teens. Smart and mature for his age, if a little rough around the edges."

In the casting call for middle-aged Widmore he was described as "Graham, Caucasian, male, 40. Blue eyes, 6 foot, English/British ONLY, confident, has come into his own and ready to be a leader. He's the SVP of a major financial corporation jockeying for the CEO position...

17-year-old Other Ellie was played by Alexandra Krosney. In the casting call for "Jughead" she was described as "Sophie. British aristocrat in her late teens and appears quite innocent and a little prim, but underneath she is formidable."

Middle-aged Eloise was played by Alice Evans. The casting call for "The Variable" described her as "Sophie. Late 30s - 40s, British. Very intelligent, skillful, prim and proper aristocrat yet someone who is tough and resourceful when necessary to protect her family. Looking for actress 5'0" to 5'4" in height for matching requirements. Must have an English accent..."

2 Brits on the Island... they def. were not born there, and this makes me think they may have gotten there together. They're both wealthy, and seems like they were wealthy pre-Island. Fate1 got me thinking about Widmore always being on Dharma's side. I linked him to Ellie. Elouise was in charge of the lamp post, a Dharma station in LA. It's one thing to purge the Dharma initiative in an Island where things aren't as they seem. It's a whole other thing to take over their station in the US mainland without much ado. SO, Dharma must be fully aware and willing that Eloise work there.

Maybe Eloise and Widmore were socialites providing behind the scenes funding for Dharma? And since then arrived in the Island and joined the "others"?

In which case it would be a no-brainer that Widmore brought back Ann-Arbor Dharma (in a sub! like the Dharma of old) to try to control the situation?

And I end by agreeing with fate1:
"I'm a little surprised they have not tried to reclaim New Otherton, start up the pylons, start up the stations, all of which I'm starting to think was built to keep MIB and possibly others like him at bay while they worked to destroy the island and MIB."

And that is why the Island is underwater. Because Dharma and Widmore have succeeded.


Posted by: Mia13 | March 18, 2010 2:39 PM | Report abuse

James Ford would most likely have driven to Palm Springs, he is an UNDERCOVER cop, and doesn't care about the rude keystone airport cops anyway.

In alt-world, Ford may not have written the letter to Sawyer (especially if Jacob didn't give him a pen), because we should have seen him looking at it/obsessing over it. Instead he has a file on Sawyer (Anthony Cooper), and still wants to kill him. It's possible in alt-world that Kate got into trouble for stealing the lunchbox changing her life, and putting her on the run for something else.

Differences in the timelines start in the 1970s-- Jack has appendix out as 7 year old, not as thirty-something on island; Ben/father leave the island; and maybe Ford didn't write down his hatred for the con man in 1976. Also, since Miles may not be able to talk to dead people, (born in California instead of the island?), that would place the sinking of the island before 1977. The reason I think Miles can't talk to dead people is because he is a cop now, and not trying to make a living by being a psychic. So differences seem to begin in 1970s. I wonder if Widmore and Eloise (thus Faraday) made it off the island in alt-world as well.

Also, maybe the island itself gives Hurley and Miles their power to talk to dead people, now its gone and so are their powers.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 18, 2010 3:15 PM | Report abuse

I should have said "Kate on the run for something else besides killing her step-father".

Posted by: KevinAF | March 18, 2010 3:22 PM | Report abuse

To those who seem disappointed that this episode did not "advance" the action as much as you wanted, I think Doc Jensen over at EW is right. The whole ep was a "set up".

The other sideways stories have been about the characters' getting their fondest wish - apparently the Devil's Bargain they struck with Smokey. But in this ep, Sawyer did not yet get his fondest wish - which is to avenge his parents' deaths - and to be loved.

So I think for sure there's a Sideways Sawyer Story Pt. 2 coming. He is bound to meet Sideways Locke and Sideways Locke's father - some have speculated at Sideways Locke's wedding - though at the moment I can't see how they'd make that connection. Sidways Locke has connected with both Hurley and Jack - but not yet Sideways Kate or Sideways Sawyer.

So I'm thinking the whole Sideways Cast is yet another "team" - who will eventually all be joined, as they numerically should, in parallel to their Island selves all joining in some big Beach Party Bingo reunion scene - and then we'll know what possible goal each team might possibly achieve.

Posted by: jqw3827 | March 18, 2010 3:25 PM | Report abuse

Sideways Ford has not (yet) gotten his fondest wish, but I think we are to assume that his life is better because he is NOT a crook/con man, but a cop. Even though he is having trouble with the ladies and still wants to kill the person he thinks is responsible for his parent's deaths.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 18, 2010 3:45 PM | Report abuse

What's interesting about Ford is that he got his fondest wishes on the island-- to kill the man responsible for his parent's deaths and find a loving wife and settle down. He has yet to get his wishes on alt-world, and maybe he won't.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 18, 2010 4:29 PM | Report abuse

Widmore being part of Dharma:

Interesting hypothesis, smynola06 et al, but I'm not sure I buy it. Not that I doubt it could be true , but I haven't seen much reason to go that way so far.

Certainly, the relationship between The Others and the Dharma Intiative is one of the mysteries to be resolved this season.

Miles born on island in LA X timeline?

I assumed that he *was* born on the island in the new timeline. I don't remember the details, but I thought that in the original timeline he had evacuated by Chang as a baby along with his mom due to the 1977 "Incident."

Apparently the Dharma crowd returned after they built the Swan, since they were certainly there to be purged in the early 1990s.

I need to look up the Others' leadership roster during the periods we know about. Was Eloise before Widmore? Was Widmore the leader during the purge? Who was the leader back in 1954 or whenever Farraday first showed up?

Posted by: MeriJ | March 18, 2010 5:01 PM | Report abuse

Copy of the Others-DI Truce agreement:

Wow. Just went to Lostpedia. I never knew about this official copy of the truce agreement between the Others and the DI. It was released as part of the recent Lost DVD set:

Definitely worth reading.

Also, according to Widmore, he "protected the island peacefully for more than three decades," so it may be that he and Eloise co-led during the entire period preceding Dharma up through the purge.

Back in 1954, Richard was the leader? I look forward to hearing how that changed.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 18, 2010 5:10 PM | Report abuse

The draft 1973 truce in a nutshell:

Dharma to Others:

1. cut with the military sh!t
2. stay away from one another's territory
3. respect Dharma's right to be here
4. use mediation to resolve disputes

Others to Dharma:

1. stay away from the ruins
2. neither dig nor drill deeper than 10 meters into the island
3. leave within 15 years
4. never exceed a population of 216

I don't know if this draft was accepted by both sides. Hell I didn't even know we had a copy of the draft. But the 1977 dig alone would have violated what the Others demanded. By 1992, the 15 years were probably up as well.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 18, 2010 5:40 PM | Report abuse

Someone should create a Lost March Madness with all the characters. Will Jacob and MIB meet in the finals? Some think they're the same person (despite all evidence to the contrary). Are Widmore and Ben top seeds or mere mid majors at this point? Who's gonna pick the Hurley upset to end up being the chosen candidate!?

Posted by: AndFound | March 18, 2010 6:39 PM | Report abuse

"4. never exceed a population of 216"

216 is 108 x 2. if only we knew what 108 represents..

Posted by: camis | March 18, 2010 6:40 PM | Report abuse

"4. never exceed a population of 216"
216 is 108 x 2. if only we knew what 108 represents.."
Posted by: camis

Well, somewhere above, or maybe it was in last weeks comments, someone mentioned that all the numbers added up to be 108 and on the wall was the candidate Wallace with number 108 and maybe that was Jacob's number, because he is the sum of all the candidates. And if MIB is really just part of Jacob, then 2x108 is 216. See, it all makes sense now. I know this because my nose just started bleeding ... again.

Posted by: Fate1 | March 18, 2010 10:06 PM | Report abuse

Ellie and Widmore were both leaders when Faraday arrived and when Jack took young injured Ben to Richard... which would make me think they were still leaders during the purge. Ben should've only taken over when he ousted Widmore. Which came first, the purge or the Widmore ousting?

That is cool about the truce though, we knew they had some form of it when they were trying to hide the dead hostile in the 70s when Sawyer and co. first arrived in the Dharma Initiative.

I don't think we have any proof that Dharma returned to build the Swan in the alt. timeline...?

Posted by: Mia13 | March 19, 2010 8:31 AM | Report abuse

The Purge would have been before Widmore was bannished from the island-- the Others have possession of the submarine at that point and Ben looks older than when he killed his father.

the only thing we know about Dharma in the alt timeline is that Ben and his father went to the island (1973?) then left at some point, and Dharma built the barracks (on the now sunken island). Nothing else about Dharma has been revealed to us in the alt-world.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 19, 2010 11:14 AM | Report abuse

Fate, you better find your constant!

Yeah I don't know if I even believe the whole Dharma thing, I just think that there is a huge gaping hole in the plot in regards to Dharma. Personally, I need some closure. :) I will definitely go read the truce though, it sounds interesting.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 19, 2010 12:00 PM | Report abuse

Richard seems to be the leader of the others in 1954. Widmore and Eloise did not seem to be the leader.

In 1977 it appears both Eloise and Widmore are leaders.

Widmore claims he was the leader for 3 decades.

Widmore is kicked off the island after the Purge (presumably 1992)--claims he didn't order the Purge.

If he was the leader for 3 decades (and the Purge was in 1992) then he became the leader by 1962. Eloise may have been co-leader and left the island after/during the Incident in 1977 so her baby would survive.

Widmore is definately off island in mid-1990s.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 19, 2010 12:21 PM | Report abuse

I would like to know which museum employs both an astrophysicist (Chang) and an archaeologist (Charlotte) in LA. Unless Miles refers to his stepfather now as his father, or they chose different professions in alt world.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 19, 2010 1:04 PM | Report abuse

I'm a little late but I do read all the comments first!

From Unique ID:
"In art, Set was mostly depicted as a mysterious and unknown creature, referred to by Egyptologists as the Set animal or Typhonic beast, with a curved snout, square ears, forked tail, and canine body, or sometimes as a human with only the head of the Set animal. It has no complete resemblance to any known creature, although it does resemble a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, and a jackal[citation needed], all of which are desert creatures..."

Sounds like Claire's "baby" to me!

MIB is playing Sawyer. MIB can't leave the island to kill Widmore (like he couldn't cross the ash ring), so he needed Sawyer to go to Widmore and spill the MIB info, so that Widmore would come to MIB in a pre-emptiv attack.

Posted by: MDSCP | March 19, 2010 2:20 PM | Report abuse

Closure on the Dharma Initiative:

Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that Dharma had returned to the island post-1977 in the LA X timeline. I was covering too many topics in one post!

As to closure on Dharma, I doubt we'll get much more. It seemed like an important mystery years ago. But since then we've seen that they were island-dillettantes, who had little idea what was really happening and ultimately did not survive past 1992.

In the early years, we thought the Others and the DI were one and the same.

But I do hope it's Dr. Chang at the museum with Charlotte and that he is still an ex-senior Dharma scientist in LA X. I would enjoy at least that much closure.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 19, 2010 2:46 PM | Report abuse

I guess I feel like with the whole spending the 70s with the Dharma peeps in the last season, and the fact that we've had very little info on the Dharma group post-purge, there is still a hole. At least for me there is.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 19, 2010 3:07 PM | Report abuse

The Others, pre-Dharma:

Kind of odd, no? On the one hand, they lived primitively and only moved past bows & arrows when those ill-fated Army guys arrived packing heat.

But at the same time, Richard, at least, could go off-island to witness Locke being born and then again a few years later to test him. (This is long before they inherited the DI's submarine.)

Jacob leaving the island is one thing, but how was Richard coming and going?

MDSCP said: "I'm a little late but I do read all the comments first!"

That's an impressive disply of courtesy, my friend. These comments are an intimidating read if you're not doing a little bit each day!

Posted by: MeriJ | March 19, 2010 3:08 PM | Report abuse

Concerning who was the Others' leader in 1954, I believe that Richard is the regent taking care of things until Widmore and Ellie become of age. Maybe I'm misremembering, but I believe that in Jughead Locke tells Richard that he needs to talk to the leader, after Richard refuses to give Locke the info concerning how to leave the island. I think I remember Richard telling Locke that the leader's camp is one or more days away, suggesting that in 1954 Richard is not the leader; just a counsellor or regent.

In 1977, when Ben is wounded and Daniel is killed by Eloise, at least to me all the appearances and body language suggest that Eloise is the leader. In fact, I think Richard says so to Jack after hitting Eloise in the head to protect (according to Richard) "our leader".

Because Widmore is exiled from the island by submarine (as KevinAF pointed out), Widmore must have been the leader at the time of the purge. On 2007 original timeline Dharma seems to have vanished, as Eloise is in charge of the LA station. Unless the Dharma initiative has become interlinked to Widmore/Eloise.

The condition that Dharma cannot dig more that 10m could perhaps be related to the fact that the others are trying to protect the tunnels. But it seems to me that there must have been some kind of understanding between Dharma and the others given that New Otherton (named accordingly by Sawyer in the last episode of season 4) is built just above the tunnels and with barely hidden communication passages.

Posted by: for33 | March 19, 2010 3:14 PM | Report abuse

Women dying from being pregnant:

I'm sure this is not a novel observation, but it occurred to me that if Eloise Hawking was pregnant with Daniel just before the incident/bomb dropping event in 1977, then that ugly affair about women dying if they conceive on the island must have started after 1977. Which I guess is obvious in retrospect.

So the original Swan magno-incident was probably the cause of the conceptions going wrong thereafter...

Posted by: MeriJ | March 19, 2010 3:19 PM | Report abuse

Dharma was a generously, privately funded organization that was not only active on the Island, but in Ann-Arbor Michigan as well.
Just because the Hostiles purged Island Dharma doesn't mean they ceased to exist everywhere.
And if the hostiles purged Island Dharma, there's no way US mainland Dharma would've just given up both location and control of the lamp post to a "hostile" willingly.

Which is why I think Eloise is now with Dharma... and why I think that may mean Widmore is as well. And not to repeat myself silly, but he did arrive on a sub with pylons....

Posted by: Mia13 | March 19, 2010 5:22 PM | Report abuse

Yea, I think its pretty convincing. Ellie and Widmore are both part of Dharma and may be the ones that started it. We don't hear much about Hanso, the guy brought up a lot in season 1 who founded/funded Dharma. I'm wondering is he left with Ellie and then came back to the island bringing Dharma. Or maybe he is actually Widmore.

Also, I'm getting confused (hard to believe, right?). Who is the mother of Penny? Do we know? Is it Ellie or someone else? And if someone else, did Ellie ever have a child besides Faraday? Also, considering all the time travel, I'm wondering if Daniel's father was the famous Faraday.

smynola06, Widmore is my constant. I think, in the end, he's a good guy trying to save the island from being sunk. And if the island is not really an island it might be floating, meaning it is not very thick, meaning a nuke could sink it by punching a hole in it. That could have happened in 1977 or in 1954 had the Americans not been killed.

I'm still fixated on the numbers being read over the radio. The voice sure sounded like Hurley. If so we should expect another time shift sending at least Hurley into the past.

for33, the condition that Dharma not dig more than 10 feet was probably to protect them from MIB, who Ben did get in touch with via the secret door/tunnel in his house. Didn't that door/tunnel exist when Horus lived there?

Posted by: Fate1 | March 20, 2010 3:01 PM | Report abuse

Dharma, Widmore, Eloise, Penny:

Who knows, Mia? If you're right you get to crow, for sure! I could buy that Eloise would partner with Dharma off-island or that Widmore would seek aid from Eloise to get back with his sub.

For Ellie, the act of killing her grown son (still in her womb at the time!) must have been an extraordinary life changing event.

It's just that Dharma didn't seem like a power-player organization to me. They seemed like well-meaning scientists who had developed some amazing tools, like the Lamppost. But pretty much clueless regarding the island's meta-battle.

On the other hand, Widmore's current army does seem dramatically more nerdy than his last one (the Kahana mercs) or any of the other non-scientists we've seen working for him in the past. Stand any of these new kids next to Matthew Abaddon or the people Sayid was killing for Ben. No comparison!

So maybe Widmore did need to join forces with Dharma. I guess I just didn't expect to hear much more about the good old DI.

Fate: You are correct that we don't know who Penny's mom is. It's a big gap. But, really, there aren't many plausible candidates whom we've met so far.

One hypothesis I've seen is that Penny's mom is Eloise, who by that time might have been considered an "outsider," leading to Charles' expulsion. That would fit Mia's hunch nicely. In that scenario, Ellie went off-island 1977 or later, gave birth to Daniel, and then later also gave birth to Penny.

For a long time, we only knew Eloise as the time-cop who persuaded Desmond not to change his past by buying an engagment ring for Penny. Until the Ajira 2007 crowd prepared to leave LA, she could see into the future and seemed immune to the normal limitations of linear time perception.

It's a lot to think about.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 20, 2010 4:47 PM | Report abuse

before we close the book on the Dharma Initiative, I want to go back to the number 108.

As many (some) of you know, I have long been interested in the Buddhist references in the story. Buddhist teachings are called The Dharma. the number 108 is a hugely significant number in Buddhism, for a bunch of reasons. While I think there are lots of references to spiritual systems and ancient gods and all that, i think the connection between 108 and Dharma will still have to be acknowledged, at the very least, by the end of the show.

I don't think the Dharma group was based in Buddhism directly, but may have established 108 as "the" number.

But then my sense of the timeline is totally shot.

Posted by: camis | March 20, 2010 6:02 PM | Report abuse

Ok, its time to take bets for Richard's past. Bragging rights for the person who gets it right. Here's my idea:

Richard came with the Black Rock but not as a slave. His name is Ricardus, which is what, Latin? Spanish? Not the type of person who would be a slave in the late 1800s. He's part of the crew who along with the mostly English crew land and meet MIB, who kills many. Jacob touches Ricardus and provides protection for them. They work to trap MIB in a circle of ash in a cabin.

My only question is where Widmore and Ellie came from. Haven't a clue...

Posted by: Fate1 | March 20, 2010 10:53 PM | Report abuse

I agree with most of the last posts that Widmore and Eloise are currently working with Dharma. I would think that Widmore, perhaps through financial means, has taken over command. Widmore and Eloise have an uneasy relation, perhaps because Penny was born off island before 77 (at least to me Penny looks a bit older than Daniel). But I think Widmore and Eloise have always been together in trying to save Daniel once they left the island. They have reason to be interested, as Dharma is the organization that was studying time traveling, and it would seem that only going back in time would prevent Eloise from killing Daniel. Or at least give him another chance.

An intriguing question is what happened to Daniel's body after Eloise shot him. If Eloise left the island by that time, 1977, it might be about then that Widmore and Eloise began their plans, and probably took grown-up Daniel's body with her. Now that things appear to have gone terribly astray for the Jacob followers, to which conceivably Eloise and Richard belong, maybe it's Daniel's body that is in the submarine compartment, to possible be taken by Jacob.

Posted by: for33 | March 21, 2010 1:07 PM | Report abuse

I doubt Eloise is trying to save Daniel.

She seemed to be a believer of WHH (whatever happened, happened -- and can't be changed). I think she wants to ensure that his/her sacrifice counts for something. There are much bigger stakes here -- something truly awful that they believe will happen if MIB wins and the island is destroyed or compromised.

But I do wonder if she lost faith in The Others as the best or only vehicle for stopping MIB.

So, maybe a split with Charles, either over his choice of means and ends, or maybe just an emotional split in their relationship? If I had to guess, I would tie it to his reaction back in 1977 to the news that dead Daniel was their son. Whether on the side of good or evil, he has always seemed like a heartless bastard.

If he's still on the side of good, but doing so without concern for means vs. ends, that would not preclude them teaming up in LA to attempt to save the island.

With an army of young uber-nerds...

Posted by: MeriJ | March 21, 2010 2:51 PM | Report abuse

Charles vs. Ben:

What I love is the ambiguity!

Charles seems like a heartless *sshole. But it could turn out that he's been trying to save the island all along and figured out that Ben was serving MIB for years without knowing it. There's plenty of evidence for that scenario.

Or it could out that Widmore is obsessed with being pushed out by Ben, and all his actions have been driven by a petty revenge fantasy in the years since. There's plenty of evidence for that as well.

I enjoy tossing scenarios around with everyone here, but I never commit to any of them until the writers play their hand. Until they do, we're just blowing smoke, pondering alternative "what if's."

I love it!

Posted by: MeriJ | March 21, 2010 3:06 PM | Report abuse

how do you guys REMEMBER all this stuff? very impressed.

Posted by: camis | March 21, 2010 3:20 PM | Report abuse

>how do you guys REMEMBER all this stuff?

Lostpedia is my constant.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 21, 2010 3:30 PM | Report abuse

Was MIB changed by Locke?

Doesn't MIB seem child-like now that he's in Locke's body? He's alternately strong, earnest, but also stunningly naive, self-pitying, whiny... He has all this power and he's evidently capable of playing the long con. But at the moment he seems like a total amateur.

Makes you wonder if taking Locke's body changed him. Surely we are suppposed to consider that, given the pretty-darn-hard-to-miss clue of him echoing Locke's trademark cry of impotent rage, "don't tell me what I can't do!"

If so, John Locke will have played a crucial role in saving the day. And I do like that thought.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 21, 2010 3:51 PM | Report abuse

Lostpedia is my constant too.

On Eloise:

The last time we saw Eloise (in 2007) she slaps Widmore when he mentions the sacrifice he made by not seeing Penny. She brought Daniel up in such a way (as a physicist) and manipulated events so that she knew she would eventually kill him. I take it from that episode (her conversaton with Penny and then Widmore) that she is not Penny's mother (Desmond and Penny are at the hospital), and her relationship with Widmore is strained, although they seem to be cooperating to get the Oceanic six back to the island. She's definately a leader in 1977 of the Others (with Widmore), and we next see her off island raising her son. When she left exactly, we don't know yet.

It's a good point that Richard also left and came back to the island at will over the years, so the Others must have had a boat or something as well. Therefore Widmore did not have to cooperate with DI to leave the island. Although in Lostpedia there is some partnership between Widmore Corporation and the Hanso Foundation, and Alvar Hanso is supposedly on Widmore Corporation's board. I think it's a good assumption that after he was banished, Widmore took over what was left of DI, off island. He may have had a relationship with them before that as well.

Also we need to note that Ilana and other Jacob supporters think Widmore is working for the enemy.

It's hard to tell who's good and who's bad. The Others murdered most people who came to the island, and believed they were working for Jacob. Widmore killed a lot of people as did Ben, both thinking they were working for Jacob. DI was supposedly just a scientific expedition, yet they had a lot of weapons and made the gas that killed most of them. Not sure there are any good guys, unless its ok to kill a lot of people to "protect" the island.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 22, 2010 9:43 AM | Report abuse

Also, I think it was mentioned before, but Sideways world seems to be Bizarro world. (Bizarro world is where everything is opposite to "normal" world in comics). Hugo is lucky, Locke is a man of science while Jack is a man of faith, Ford is a cop, etc. But also, Jack goes from having daddy issues, to being someone else's daddy issue. Locke goes from rejecting his status (physically and carrer wise) to now accepting both.

Not a spoiler-- just my thoughts:
Therefore, I think if Bizarro world holds true to form: Ford will not kill Sawyer, and will not end up with Juliet, but end up with Kate. Jack will end up with Juliet. Sun and Jin will break up, go their separate ways. Sayid already gave up on Nadia and shows remorse for killing. He'll probably get struck by a car and die in Nadia's arms. Kate should rot in jail for killing her stepfather. I don't know what will happen to Claire and Charlie, they are not as major.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 22, 2010 10:04 AM | Report abuse


Right, Eliose and Widmore are equally heartless...Daniel just wanted to play piano. Although I am still confused as to why she did this knowing the outcome. It seems to negate "whatever happens happens" because Daniel had a chance to do something different. What if Eloise had allowed that?

Posted by: PortlandMaine | March 22, 2010 10:41 AM | Report abuse

"Although in Lostpedia there is some partnership between Widmore Corporation and the Hanso Foundation, and Alvar Hanso is supposedly on Widmore Corporation's board. " - I think that's fascinating. Thanks for the research KevinAF...

As to bizarro world - The writers have told us that the sideways flashes are 100% necessary to the telling of the story... So beyond noting what is different, I think we should think about why it is different? And why is the "reason why" so important?

And for kicks... I think whatever is going to sink the Island is behind that locked door in the sub....

Posted by: Mia13 | March 22, 2010 11:10 AM | Report abuse

PortlandMaine said: "It seems to negate "whatever happens happens" because Daniel had a chance to do something different. What if Eloise had allowed that?"

WHH is a slippery beast. But in this, his death by Ellie happened before he was born. Ellie killed him in her past. Thus it cannot be changed. If you buy WHH...

Posted by: MeriJ | March 22, 2010 11:33 AM | Report abuse

WHH vs. TCC (time can change)

Daniel himself changed his mind about WHH. He was the one who gave us the term, I believe, trying to explain the physics of Time to Hurley.

But while in Ann Arbor, after leaving the island via sub in 1974, he decided he wrong. So he came back in 2007 saying he had focused too much on the constants, missing that human choice was the random variable that could change time -- if the change were big enough.

In this case, he figured it would take a small atomic bomb.

What is means to change Time is what we're puzzling over this final season with LA X.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 22, 2010 11:52 AM | Report abuse

I think Richard was in chains on the ship (as a prisoner, not a slave). I'm still trying to figure out how it got so far inland. It supposedly disappeared about 1881. Krakatoa volcano erupted in 1883 causing tsunamis, so that's a possibility. I'm guessing Magnus Hanso (the captain of the ship) may have made frequent visits to the island, but a tsunami killed him and his crew,and wrecked the boat, also stranding Richard on the island who was befriended by Jacob. That's my guess.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 22, 2010 12:45 PM | Report abuse

Typo: I meant to say Daniel came back from Ann Arbor in 1977.

I make wat too many typos to bother mentioning the insignificant ones. But that one mattered.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 22, 2010 12:58 PM | Report abuse

KevinAF -
Where did you see that Magnus Hanso was the captain of the ship? Is that official?

If so, don't you guys think that's significant? Hanso foundation funded Dharma, Hanso was the captain of the black rock?

Tsunami is an explanation for the ship being in the middle of the Island. But the Island not being an Island could also explain that... Maybe whatever the Island is, popped up from under the water... trapping the ship? Forming a layer of soil, making it look like an Island?

Posted by: Mia13 | March 22, 2010 1:00 PM | Report abuse

Mia13, Lostpedia mentions in several places that Hanso "may" have captained the Black Rock.

Posted by: AlfromAlexandria | March 22, 2010 1:17 PM | Report abuse

So the writers tie in many different old myths/stories to explain Jacob/MIB (siblings that symbolize two sides):

Egypt- Seth and Osirus/Horus
Greece- Apollo and Artemis [Apollo and Artemis 's mother (Loti) has to find an island unattached to the ocean floor so that it isn't considered land, so she can give birth to them]
Bible- Jacob and Esau

and other competing gods like:
Hindu- Shiva and Vishnu/Brahma
Scandanavian- Thor and Loki

Any others?

Posted by: KevinAF | March 22, 2010 1:44 PM | Report abuse

There is only one thing in the TV series that connects Magnus Hanso to the Black Rock:
From Lostpedia:

"Much later (likely sometime between 1991 and 2001), a notation was made on the blast door map at The Swan reading: "Known final resting place of Magnus Hanso/Black Rock." ("Lockdown") It is highly likely Stuart Radzinsky and/or Kelvin Inman (contributors to the map) visited the wreck."

The Lost alternate reality game expands on Magnus Hanso being the captain, and the hsitory of the Black Rock.

Hanso is a Danish/Swedish word meaning "the island or his island". The Hanso family figures into the history of the island somehow.

Posted by: KevinAF | March 22, 2010 1:54 PM | Report abuse

Magnus Hanso:

In addition to the "last resting place" notation on the blast doors, I thought we knew that it was a Hanso family member who put the first mate's ledger up for auction at Sotheby's.

What makes it confusing -- if you read all that stuff back in the day -- is that they introduced a considerable volume of non-canon material about Alvar Hanso and others in their off-shoot websites and games, like the Lost Experience.

So it's hard to know whether to remember that stuff as potentially accurate. I've tried to forget all of it, on the assumption that it's not reliable.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 22, 2010 3:14 PM | Report abuse

Portland said: "Daniel just wanted to play piano."

I'm glad someone mentioned the piano thing, because I was thinking about it in relationship to Jack's son playing piano, David, and how Jack is encouraging him to play while Eloise thought it was a frou frou waste of time for her son.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 22, 2010 3:56 PM | Report abuse

Does Faraday have blue eyes? Maybe his name is David Daniel????


Posted by: Mia13 | March 22, 2010 4:07 PM | Report abuse

nevermind, they're brown!

Posted by: Mia13 | March 22, 2010 4:17 PM | Report abuse

Maybe it's a soap opera... and it's not Jack's kid, but Daniel's, and the mommy is Charlotte.

Posted by: smynola06 | March 22, 2010 4:23 PM | Report abuse

Daniel playing piano:

BTW, young Daniel was playing the same piece that Jack's son perform edat his audition in LA X: Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 22, 2010 4:28 PM | Report abuse

Um ok, seems like this wasn't coincidental. We're on to something guys! ;)

Posted by: smynola06 | March 22, 2010 4:32 PM | Report abuse

I can't get the time loops out of my head. The compass made one time loop, with the compass evidently being the only thing constantly in that loop. Everything else passes through from before the loop to afterward. The compass only exists in the loop from the island's perspective yet there is a compass outside of the loop, in sideways time. Think of our Lostees and Others as compasses, stuck in the loop, with no way out but having sideways versions of themselves outside the loop. The "split" happened when Desmond did not push the button, allowing the Lostees into the loop via the plane crash, something that surprised even Ben who based on his knowledge of future events has been around the loop at least once, but the crash did not happen in the last loop. So by using the island, changes can be made in a loop that did not happen before. Otherwise Ben could not have pre-planted all the equipment he always use to find right where/when he needed it.

And what if there are other loops, bigger loops. Ben use to be very confident, would need something and look under a rock and find it had been placed there just when he needed it. He knew the future and preplanned for it (like at the end of Bill and Ted's Great Adventure :-)

But now Ben seems totally without knowledge of the future. He could not pre-plan escaping from Ilana, or the smoke monster. And he did not know what killing Jacob would do. He seems to be out of a loop where he knew the future, or the loop has been significantly changed.

Widmore and Eloise however seem to be in a larger loop. Eloise said to Desmond that the island was not finished with him. Des has not been back to the island yet. Eloise must have known that Des would eventually return, sometime in the next few episodes. So I think Eloise, and probably Widmore, are in a larger loop that maybe started when they arrived, the event that landed the Black Rock inland being the event that started that loop.

As for Eloise raising Daniel to go back and be killed by her, that is part of the plan, a plan so important she would give her son's life. She trained him for the mission he performed. Getting that bomb and rigging it to detonate was his life's purpose and is likely what sinks the island. But its not just the bomb going off that sinks it because it went off in 1977. So why are the island and the people still around in 2007? I think its because the time loops still exist. Outside these loops (sideways time), none of what we have seen happen from 1977 on happens. All that happens because of the island and its people from 1977 on does not happen in sideways time. So a lot of things will have changed, including Jack meeting someone who in the loop was affected by the island after 1977 and never got to meet Jack and have a child.

The time loops have continued for many loops, each time Ben in his loop, Eloise and Widmore in another larger loop, and Jacob/MIB in possibly yet another loop, continue to refine what they know the next loop around. Actually, if the size and number of loops has anything to do with when someone arrived, Jacob/MIB would be in the largest loop, then Richard, then Widmore/Ellie and Others, then Ben and Dharma, then our Lostees, the most recent and have not yet looped and so seem clueless around those who have seen it all before.

So, if this thesis is correct, the loops must be stopped. To stop the compass loop for example one would need to remove (destroy) the compass from the loop the next loop around. Think of the compass as a constant, continually looping. People could act like the compass too, keeping the loop going, until removed (killed). MIB and Jacob may be keeping the largest loop going. Jacob is dead. Kill MIB and all the loops collapse and vanish, leaving sideways time.

MIB is my constant. Without him all will die, in the loop anyway. I wonder if MIB knows he is in a loop. He does not seem to know the future anymore, unlike Jacob. Widmore and Eloise know killing MIB will end the loops and save the world from being engulfed by the time loops. I don't think MIB is what everyone fears, but the time loops sticking the world into a continual loop of time, never ending.

Ok, enough for tonight. I'm sure I'll have other ideas after tomorrow, probably completely different...

Posted by: Fate1 | March 22, 2010 11:09 PM | Report abuse

Yeah, Laura, I hate being away on business trips as well. Hard to keep up with the comments. I liked the episode but I can't wait for the Richard episode. I suspect this will (finally) answer a lot of questions. My guess is that Richard actually predates the Black Rock. But he may have ended up on the Black Rock as a prisoner at some point because of his ability to leave the island.

Other comments: Richard was never the leader of the Others, only the "guide" as Ben or someone described him.

The Others (or at least some others) could come and go from the island. You have to remember the great Gay-Tom episode where he was in a hotel room in New York with a boy-toy. He left the island in that episode to convince Michael he had to return to the island and it was clear he had been to that hotel many times in the past. Richard obviously could leave the island. Widmore had to have been able to leave the island as well to have fathered Penny. There may be others that I am forgetting but its late.

One last comment tonight, I really wouldn't relay upon LostPedia that much. It may be helpful but they do change facts or draw upon facts from other events than what happened in the actual show. I mean by the latter comment that they draw upon facts from the games and other outside sources they created to keep alive the show's buzz during the off season. My comment about them altering facts is that LostPedia says that the pilot was the one killed by the smoke monster in Season One, Episode One when in fact it was the co-pilot. Review Episode one to see that.

Finally, I was most disappointed by Liz and Jen's review. It was nothing more than a recap of events with minimal to no analysis. Except for being excited by a shirtless Sawyer.

Posted by: dojemc | March 23, 2010 12:47 AM | Report abuse

Couple more late comments:

We know Hanso was the Captain of the Black Rock,or has some connection to the Black Rock, because Widmore bid on his ship's log or diary at an auction and basically told Desmond it was the log of the captain of the black rock. I thought at the time we were going to find out that Widmore was on the Black Rock but since then I have doubted that because he clearly has aged since 1977 and could never have been alive at the time of the Black Rock if he was aging. Unless Fate1's hypothesis about time loops has legs, and it may very well have such legs.

Posted by: dojemc | March 23, 2010 12:56 AM | Report abuse

Concerning Fate1's comments on loops, and people who seem to know the future, I'd like to point out that:

1) I don't recall Ben ever seeming to know the future. In fact he was surprised to find out that he was sick with a tumor. That he found equipment on a hill that allowed him to communicate with the group of Others by mirror signaling does not necessarily mean that he knew he would be in the circumstance of needing a mirror specifically. It could be a supply resource system that the others left in place for emergencies, etc.

2) It is also confusing to understand Eloise's abilities concerning time. Doubtlessly there's a loop going on, as she seems to acknowledge to Penny in the Hospital when she tells her: "For the first time I don't know how things will turn out". But she was able to know that a man with red shoes would be killed in a construction accident while she's talking to Desmond in London. The man seems to be a random victim. An interpretation is that she's already lived the moment in a previous loop. But we see these events while Desmond "self-awareness" time travelled to his "body" in the past. In that sense Penny and Ms. Hawking were those from the past in that time loop. And Ms Hawking seemingly convinced Desmond to repeat the past so that the loop continues. If she knows that the Universe self-corrects, why bother?

3) While the compass seems trapped in a continuous loop, it is not the only object that finds itself in such situation. Faraday's notebook would seem to be trapped in a similar circuitous loop, except that unlike the compass (that doesn't change with time, except for getting old), the notebook is being filled with notes by Daniel and Ms Hawking.

4) I can't believe that all that Eloise and Widmore do is for their own selfish benefit, except if it has anything to do with making amends or to save their son Daniel. It would be completely crazy otherwise, I think?

Posted by: for33 | March 23, 2010 8:48 AM | Report abuse

To ooyah32:

Happier with this episode, I imagine? Whew.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 24, 2010 12:10 AM | Report abuse

I cannot wait for the latest analysis. Tonight's episode was phenomenal. Ricardus, Ricardo, Richard, Nestor Carbonell deserves an award for his amazing performance.

Posted by: sloppyawn | March 24, 2010 1:44 AM | Report abuse

Agreed. Absolute best show of the season. Carbonell was excellent. And the interplay between MIB and Jacob was a terrific bonus. Is that enough
praise : - )

Posted by: dojemc | March 24, 2010 8:02 AM | Report abuse

Big Kudos to Nestor Carbonell! Anyone else think his spanish had a Cuban accent? And what's the deal with MIB feeding the Cuban guy roast pig, such a stereotype! (lol.)

Loved the reveal of some of the mythology last night... keeping MIB on the Island to prevent him from spreading evil around the World. Do you think Claire and Sayid are what would become of the world if MIB got to it?

Also - anyone watch the enhanced version? They totally pointed out that Widmore came on a sub, just like DHARMA, and that his sonic fence was just like DHARMA. Unless it was a red herring, I think they were trying to point something out!

Lastly, why did they bring up Charlotte finding a polar bear in the Tunisian desert? Is that significant?

Posted by: Mia13 | March 24, 2010 8:42 AM | Report abuse

Well, he is Cuban American Mia.

Posted by: Emcdoj | March 24, 2010 10:29 AM | Report abuse

>And what's the deal with MIB feeding the Cuban guy roast pig

Since the boar had been snacking on his fellow captive, he was essentially being fed human flesh. Nice touch, I thought.

Posted by: MeriJ | March 24, 2010 11:19 AM | Report abuse

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