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Posted at 4:00 PM ET, 03/ 7/2010

Oscars 2010: Live tweeting the Academy Awards

By Liz Kelly

Jen Chaney goes to the Big Showbiz Dance -- the Oscars! -- and live tweets from the red carpet, inside the press room and the after-parties.

-- Online Oscar Party: Starting at 6 p.m. ET, grab your bev of choice and join Liz Kelly to chat through the red carpet and ceremony.
-- Full Oscar 2010 coverage

Update: A transcript of last night's tweet fest (in reverse chronological order, of course) follows. -- 9:52 a.m. Monday, March 8

What a bummer end to an otherwise exhausting, exciting day. In protest, I refuse to listen to Crocodile Rock for the next year.

Well that sucked. After dragging my butt across town I was told I am not on the list. Elton John party, you suck.

Now en route to what's left of Elton John party.

Also spotted: Christoph Waltz with his Oscar, Travolta w/ his cell phone. #Oscars

Had a nice littlen conversation w/ Duckie Dale aka Jon Cryor. Said the Hughes tribute was shortened a bit for time.

I just met Meryl Streep. So you know, I can die now.

Also just saw Bradley Cooper who reconfirmed that I sucked during Freeman round of our movie trivia vid. #Oscars

Just chatted with Hurt Locker boys Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner who are pumped and having some drinks. #Oscars

Just said hi to Zac Efron, who is off to Van Fair in a bit to "meet up w/ Vanessa." #Oscars

Heading out of press rm shortly... #Oscars

Bridges in the press room, Oscar in one hand, champagne glass in the other. #Oscars

Wow it's best pic already?

Bigelow win gets big whoops and applause from the press room.

Nice speech by Bullock. But she forgot to thank Jesse.

Bullock wins. #Oscars a

See? Told ya. #Oscars

I predict Oprah makes everyone cry when paying tribute to Sidibe. #Oscars

Getting the audio feed from the theater. They were playing The Clash during the break. #Oscars

Coming into home stretch ... then it's off to the Governor's Ball. #oscars

Man, I think Colin Firth is going to cry. #Oscars

Avatar visual effects winners in press room and taking questions now, being asked if they are sick of accolades. Ha.

Just asked Giacchino a Lost-related question in press rm; he said: "You really just want to know the ending of 'Lost,' don't you?" #Oscars

The Cove wins best documentary. No surprise, and no press room gasps. #Oscars

Eight categories left to go, kids. Does this Oscars feel like it's flying, or is it just me? #Oscars

Hurt Locker sound winners coming through the press room. #Oscars

And a very nice speech from Giacchino. #Oscars

Yay! Michael Giacchino just won an Oscar! #Oscars

The Oscar audience seems excited by the dance performance. In here? No one's paying much attention. #Oscars

I have to say: the Wolfgang Puck crudites in the press rm. are much tastier than what I usually get from the Post's vending machines.

Mo'Nique said she's wearing a royal blue dress and gardenia in her hair as a tribute to Hattie McDaniels, who wore the same when she won.

Mo'Nique totally violating protocol, and calling out whatever reporters she wants to talk to, regardless of who the Academy folks call on.

Mo'Nique is coming into the press room.

Horror montage clearly pandering to the masses. And yet I am enjoying it. #Oscars

Fun fact about press room: there's an Oscar historian/librarian to verify info, like whether Fletcher is 1st black writing winner. #Oscars

Mo'Nique less of a surprise, obviously. #Oscars

First upset of the night with that Precious screenplay win. Another gasp from the room. #Oscars

Mark Boal and the charming Ryan Bingham have swung through the press room and answered questions. Still waiting on C. Waltz. #Oscars

Oh, here comes the Hughes tribute. I don't want to sob in the press room. #Oscars

The Hurt Locker wins. A couple of surprised "Ohs" from the reporting crowd. #Oscars

Oh never mind. I want to know who wins best original screenplay. #Oscars

Chaney is going to try to extricate herself from the table to get food and a soda. Wish me luck. #Oscars

@alicyp Yeah, thanks, I realized once I got inside. It's weird but on the carpet, it's like you're in a little vacuum.

We are elbow to elbow, outlet to outlet in the press room. There is food and drink, but we have to play Twister to escape our seats. #Oscars

Correction on Winslet -- she's in more of a champagne. #Oscars

Kate Winslet is here. Looks fantastic in silver. #Oscars

I just asked Clooney if the Oscars feels any different this year. He says it feels different because I'm here. Funny I feel the same way.

One word: Clooney. He is yards away talking to Matt Damon and now visiting the crowd.

Sarah Jessica Parker stops by briefly and her eyelids are glimmering and we don't even get to get in a question, but oh we adore her.

OMG, I just saw Molly Ringwald. #Oscars

Ack. Gyllenhaals, Moniques, Farmigas. Cant keep up. Madness! #Oscars

Precious producers just rolled by, Pixar guys just passed us by. #Oscars

Here come the Oscar accountants, w/ winners in their briefcases. #Oscars

Still a whole lot of nothing. Reporters resorting to making jokes about Oscar's backside, which is facing us thx to location next 2 ABC ...

Still quiet so far . Manny from Modern Family biggest name to walk by as of yet. #Oscars

Cojo talking to Kathy Ireland right now Don't ask me what she's doing here. #Oscars

Seacrest in effect. #Oscars

Publicists are beginning to peddle their wares, i.e. talent to come and talk to us. #Oscars

Cojo sighting! He's wearing gray tuxedo jacket and getting his face powdered. #Oscars

Half an hour til all press has to be locked in place. It's going to get crowded soon. #Oscars

In the words of Homer Simpson: and now we play the waiting game. Ah, the waiting game sucks, let's play hungry hungry hippos. #Oscars

It's official -- Mary Hart is Barbie. Bleacher crowd going wild with some prompting from the ET staff. #Oscars

News flash -- Mary Hart is on her way to the carpet. #Oscars

I guess those red caps are part of some salute to the carpet bleacher uniform. You know, just to make these people look even less glam ...

Just saw Giuliana Rancic scoot down the carpet in a v pretty gold gown with several assistants fluttering behind. #Oscars

Many people in the bleachers are wearing red caps. Not sure why. #Oscars

I am on the red carpet after an unnecessarily long walk. My spot is next to EW, behind NYT and an E! reporter. #Oscars

By Liz Kelly  | March 7, 2010; 4:00 PM ET
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