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Posted at 2:21 PM ET, 04/20/2010

The 'Lost' 5: Questions ahead of 'The Last Recruit'

By Liz Kelly

Is Jack (Matthew Fox) the one? (ABC)

Okay, things are getting a little sketchy. Jen and I try to maintain a near-constant state of denial about the imminent end of "Lost," but it must be said: after tonight's show, we'll have only three episodes left before the May 23 finale and, tempus fugit, time is a'wasting and there are questions yet to be answered. Big questions.

Below, I pose some that are on my mind ahead of tonight's show. Again, the spoiler averse may want to take a pass if sneak peek footage is likely to ruin your viewing experience.

1. Is Jack THE ONE?

Our favorite hot-headed spinal surgeon has been a relatively low-key character so far this season. Aside from smashing a few mirrors out of frustration, he's largely allowed Hurley to guide his path through the island. Last week, one of the show's parting shots showed Jack and MIB staring one another down. And, this week, we'll apparently get to see MIB and Jack finally sit down for a friendly face-to-face chat. And it makes sense that the two would clash like the Titans they are -- as long as Jack is indeed a Titan. Meaning, the one, the candidate destined to take over for Jacob as MIB's keeper. Things seem to be pointing in that direction, but we may not get our final answer tonight. According to Carlton Cuse, speaking on this week's official "Lost" podcast, despite the fact that it's time to "stop lollygagging around and get through it" tonight's offering is not a character-centric episode. So, you know, don't expect too much on the Jack front. But, next week in two weeks, expect all you want since the episode is unambiguously titled "The Candidate."

2. Is Sun about to have her own sideways world breakthrough moment? And what about that reunion with Jin?

If this week's promo is to be taken at face value, we will finally see the long-separated and long-suffering Jin and Sun reunited on the island. But, get me, talking about taking anything having to do with this show at face value.

Then, there's this sneak peek from tonight's episode that shows sideways world Sun (who was shot by one of Keamy's henchmen a couple episodes back) being loaded into the E.R. side-by-side with one John Locke who had an unfortunate run-in with Desmond's BMW at the end of last week's show:

How should we interpret her "No! No! It's him"? Is her "altered state" (the gunshot wound) opening her mind to memories of island life or is she just flipping out for a more mundane reason, like maybe she recognizes him from their flight to LAX?

3. Why is Desmond missing from this picture?

Earlier this week, ABC released what is being billed as the "final cast photo" and, well, someone's missing. The Hollywood Reporter and some other sites are making much of the exclusion of Desmond from the pix, but I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, too much is being read into his absence. Although Des may be our favorite character ever and totally re-energized the season with "Happily Ever After," Henry Ian Cusick is not a regular cast member this season. So it makes sense that he wouldn't be included. He's hardly superfluous (like Dogen or Lennon), but official promo shots -- like the "Lost Supper" image released ahead of the season premiere -- are reserved for full-fledged cast members.

4. Will Locke's realization of what's going on in the flash sideways cause him to "wake up" on the island somehow?

Good question and all credit for it goes to @norris_pete who sent us this question via our Twitter account. After last week's stunner of a closing scene, in which Desmond runs down sideways Locke, there was much speculation about his motivation. Did Des resort to such an extreme measure to punish Locke/MIB for throwing him down a well on island (don't blame me for that theory, it came straight from the mouth of Carlton Cuse) or was he trying to push Locke into remembering his island life, as Hurley did last week when he kissed Libby? I'm leaning towards the second scenario, but the question is what effect would Locke's sideways world realization have on island Locke/MIB since -- on island -- he is basically a dead man walking?

5. Is "Lost" really ending in (as of this writing) six hours worth of show or is this all some crazy dream?

Oh, it's coming to an end. No doubt. Which is why as we creep closer to the end, we're bound to see more valedictory pieces like this one from Sunday's L.A. Times in which Jorge Garcia gives an insiders tour of "Lost" locations on Hawaii.

Oh, and that rumor about Damon and Carlton appearing on Jimmy Kimmel after the May 23 finale? Not so, says Damon. The show runners plan to tape something on May 21 that will air on Kimmel's post-"Lost" broadcast, but say they plan to maintain radio silence after the finale and allow the show to "speak for itself."

Bonus: For those of you out there who -- rather than viewing "Lost" as a nuanced, multi-layered puzzle that puts the likes of "The DaVinci Code" to shame -- see it as a soap opera starring Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway, then this vid's for you. While you watch, I'll be in the corner choking back bile:

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By Liz Kelly  | April 20, 2010; 2:21 PM ET
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But someone who is already dead is in that picture. So maybe HIC wasn't around for the promo shoot?

Posted by: phanieb | April 20, 2010 2:31 PM | Report abuse

That photo is not a promo shoot, but a combination of separate photos of each individual cast member. Note the lack of correct proportion between individuals. So, that tells us that they released this photo to mess with viewers.

Posted by: lydandy | April 20, 2010 3:01 PM | Report abuse

Wow. I think there are more direct questions and straight answers in that clip of Jack and the MIB than in the entire show up until now.

Posted by: chrisfarnsworth | April 20, 2010 4:07 PM | Report abuse

Perhaps - and this is just conjecture - Mr. Cusick's lack of full cast status might stem in part from his recent legal unpleasantness. The show's been rather strict with folks who bring undue legal attention to the show. The character's "specialness" may have jammed the producers up as far taking any further action goes.

Posted by: jhusson1 | April 21, 2010 2:15 PM | Report abuse

If you think its all right that Henry Ian Cusick is missing from the cast photo because he is not a full fledged cast member, then maybe your question should be Why isn't he? He was a main star for 3 seasons.
I understand, his character wasn't needed for countless episodes, & ABC might not have wanted to pay him full wage, but there is absolutely no reason to leave Desmond out of a cast photo. Its just a picture & Des is a fan favourite. Inexcusable!
Ok, I guess you can tell, I am a big Des fan. LOL

Posted by: louise16 | April 23, 2010 9:16 PM | Report abuse

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