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Celebritology 2.0: May 30, 2010 - June 5, 2010

Celebritology Weekend: Sandra Bullock goes public; Sheryl Crow welcomes new son

We're guessing Oscar winner Sandra Bullock won't be thanking soon-to-be-ex-husband Jesse James at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. (AP) The three celeb-centric stories on our radar (and yours) this weekend... 1. The MTV Movie Awards -- which recognize cinematic achievement in highbrow categories like Best Kiss and Best Fight -- are hardly the Academy Awards. Oh, who are we kidding? It's not even the People's Choice Awards. But the promotion-filled celebration of youth-centric moviedom may be worth watching this Sunday night because of one person: Sandra Bullock. The Arlington, Va., native and recent Oscar winner has confirmed that she will attend the L.A. ceremony to accept the MTV Generation Award, the trophy show's equivalent of a lifetime achievement honor, which will make the event her first high-profile public appearance since the rupture of her marriage to Jesse James. What will she say in her acceptance speech? We're guessing she won't...

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney  | June 5, 2010; 9:29 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (1)
Categories:  Celebritology Weekend  
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Jason Bateman locks lips with Dustin Hoffman

Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman, pre-kiss: For a moment like this, some people wait a lifetime. (Getty Images) In what was clearly a last-minute bid for a Best Kiss nomination at this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, Jason Bateman and Dustin Hoffman shared a very special smooch during last night's L.A. Lakers/Boston Celtics NBA finals game. The Kiss-Cam reportedly zeroed in on the Academy Award-winning Hoffman, who was seated next to his wife. But he also happened to be seated next to one Jason Bateman. And if you were seated next to Jason Bateman while a Jumbotron demanded that you kiss someone, what would you do? There's really only one option, and Mr. Hoffman demonstrated sound, delicious judgment by exercising it, as the photos prove. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a true Wonder Emporium, Mr. Magorium. Aside from making me feel hungry for an immediate "Arrested Development" marathon and...

By Jen Chaney  | June 4, 2010; 3:23 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (7)
Categories:  Celebrities  
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Friday List: A 'Celebrity Rehab' dream team?

Dr. Drew Pinsky is having a heck of a time recruiting actual celebrities to star in a fourth season of his popular VH1 reality show "Celebrity Rehab." In the past week alone, both Fergie (Duchess of York) and Liza Minnelli have either turned down offers to appear on the show or denied that they've even been approached. Ditto for Lindsay Lohan, who rebuffed an alleged $1 million offer weeks before she was ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet. Tila Tequila. So far, the cast is looking, well, a bit thin on star power. Tila Tequila has signed on to deal with an unspecified addiction (perhaps to Twitter?), habitual DUI-er and former "Hills" cast member Jason Wahler is also in, along with Playboy playmate Shauna Sand and, allegedly as of this morning, Pointer Sister Bonnie Pointer. Has Dr. Drew exhausted Hollywood's supply of chemically-addled celebs (and quasi-celebs) or, after three...

By Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly  | June 4, 2010; 12:14 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (14)
Categories:  Celebrities, Friday Lists  | Tags:  Celebrity Rehab  
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Miley Cyrus simulates girl-on-girl kiss; Parents want custody of Gary Coleman's remains

Updated at 9:50 a.m. ET to add Pop Culture Mix. Celebrity Beat: Miley Cyrus simulates girl-on-girl kiss during "Britain's Got Talent" performance... Gary Coleman's parents seek custody of his remains; ex says she pulled the plug on life support because "he wouldn't have made it anyway"... Betty White says Rue McClanahan's death "hurts more than I ever thought"... Sean Penn says ex Robin Wright is "a ghost to me now"... LeAnn Rimes doesn't regret affair with Eddie Cibrian... David Carradine's widow suing film company for husband's death... Four-year-old Suri Cruise has her own iPad... "Saved by the Bell's" Mark-Paul Gosselaar and wife split... How many Justin Biebers can you take in a fight? Crime Watch: Lindsay Lohan tested positive for cocaine at the time of her 2007 DUI arrest (but has passed two recent drug tests). Rumor Mill: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt laughing over "fake" split, claims pal... Dad...

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney  | June 4, 2010; 8:20 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (27)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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Predicting the MTV Movie Award winners

The couple to beat in the Best Kiss category: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. (Summit Entertainment) The MTV Movie Awards -- or as I like to call them, the Oscars for Hot Topic Shoppers -- are this Sunday night, which means that film lovers everywhere are currently agonizing over their predictions in the hopes of winning big in their office MTV Movie Award pools. Wait, they aren't? Okay, fine, so the MTV Movie Awards are actually nothing more than a silly summertime diversion that gives studios the opportunity to push their latest projects directly in front of the faces of anyone who falls into their hip, young target demographic. Still, give some credit to MTV for doling out high honors in categories most trophy shows don't dare to touch; I mean, would the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ever have the guts to poll its members in...

By Jen Chaney  | June 3, 2010; 2:13 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (4)
Categories:  Movies, Pop Culture  | Tags:  Award Shows, Movies  
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Rue McClanahan dead at 76

Rue McClanahan. (AP) And then there was one. "Golden Girl" Rue McClanahan died overnight of a stroke, manager Barbara Lawrence tells People magazine. McClanahan, 76, also suffered a stroke earlier this year while recovering from bypass surgery. The death of McClanahan leaves the prolific Betty White, 88, as the only surviving member of the "Golden Girls" cast. Bea Arthur passed away last year and Estelle Getty died in 2008. Oh, and yes, McClanahan was a busy working actress before landing the role as oversexed Blanche Devereaux on the CBS sitcom, which ran from 1985-1992. She began her career on stage in New York before transitioning to TV with a brief stint on "Another World" and a regular role as Arthur's best friend on "Maude" from 1972-1978. Below, a couple of McClanahan's choice "Golden Girls" moments: Share your thoughts about the passing of Rue McClanahan below......

By Liz Kelly  | June 3, 2010; 12:02 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (11)
Categories:  Obits  | Tags:  Rue McClanahan  
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Fashion Statement: Hanging out with Christina Ricci

(AP) Context is everything, so we should probably note that Christina Ricci wore the dress at right to an event honoring performance artist Marina Abramovic's MOMA exhibit, in which the artist spent the past several days -- possibly catheterized -- sitting stock still in a chair while her naked underlings elsewhere in the museum did their best to shock and awe titillated visitors. But back to Ricci. The frock is Givenchy and may have been absolutely stunning on a gazelle-like, willowy runway model. But from the rigid black half moon (described by some Internet commenters as a pirate's hat that seems to have slipped down over her torso) at her shoulders to the waistline -- which gives the impression of a beer gut -- to the mismatched floofy skirt to the stray piece of fabric trailing behind her, nothing about this look works for the diminutive Ricci. But forget...

By Liz Kelly  | June 3, 2010; 10:30 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (18)
Categories:  Celebrities, Fashion  | Tags:  Christina Ricci, Fashion, Fashion Statement  
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Kristen Stewart likens fame to rape; Robert Pattinson bust sells on eBay for $1,399

Celebrity Beat: Kristen Stewart likens fame to being raped... Kevin Costner and wife welcome their third child, daughter Grace Avery (it's the seventh child for Costner)... "Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Danielle Staub records pop song. Of course. Video: "Real Housewives of New York's" Kelly Bensimon tapes DIY anti-bullying PSA: Crime Watch: "New World" actress Q'orianka Kilcher arrested protesting outside White House. Rumor Mill: Is Prince William ready to pop the question?... Apparently the fact that Mariah Carey dropped out of Tyler Perry's upcoming movie project is proof positive that she's pregnant... Liza Minnelli turns down "Celebrity Rehab" offer... Jennifer Aniston to join cast of "Scream 4"?... Tabloid claims British Fergie slept with "oil tycoons" for cash... Miley Cyrus taking a break from boyfriend Liam Hemsworth?... Did Gary Coleman's ex-wife have authority to pull life support plug?; Shannon Price on 911 tape: "I'm gagging. I've got blood on myself....

By Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly  | June 3, 2010; 7:28 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (12)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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Your take on Russell Brand

Russell Brand (with Kristen Bell) in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." (Universal) Russell Brand: comic genius or non-funny sleazoid undeserving of our attention? That's the question I'm asking you to answer today. But before you do, consider a bit of Brand's backstory. Although he emerged as a comedic force in Great Britain in the early '00s, most Americans didn't know who he was until he hilariously slithered his way onto the big screen in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," in the role of pompous, preening rock god Aldous Snow. The guy -- who happens to house a bird's nest and, possibly, a few other zoo animals in the crown of his frizzed-out hairdo -- pretty much stole the movie. Yanks started to think he was cool. Then some weird stuff started to happen. A few months after "Sarah Marshall's" release, Brand hosted the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, where he compared Britney Spears...

By Jen Chaney  | June 2, 2010; 2:08 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (15)
Categories:  Celebrities, Movies, Pop Culture  | Tags:  Celebrities, Movies  
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Instapoll: Fergie apologizes on 'Oprah.' Now what?

Sarah Ferguson's hour-long appearance on Tuesday's "Oprah" was, well, shakier than anticipated. She appeared to be somewhat incoherent for much of the interview. At least when she wasn't busy referring to herself in the third person, blaming alcohol for her attempt to sell access to ex Prince Andrew and claiming that she needed the money for a friend (before admitting she is deep in financial doo-doo herself). As apologies go, Fergie's performance can best be described as "limp." So, what should the Duchess of York -- one-time Weight Watchers spokeswoman, children's book author and philanthropist -- do next to repair her tarnished image? Should she take up the latest offer to appear on "Celebrity Rehab" alongside the likes of Tila Tequila? You tell us....

By Liz Kelly  | June 2, 2010; 10:45 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (10)
Categories:  Celebrities, Insta-Polls  | Tags:  Fergie, Sarah Ferguson  
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'Glee's' Jane Lynch marries; Charlie Sheen likely to get 30 days in jail

Katherine Heigl sports a new darker 'do at the premiere of her movie 'The Killers' on Tuesday in Hollywood. (Getty Images) Celebrity Beat: "Glee's" Jane Lynch marries longtime girlfriend... Heidi Montag on her split from Spencer Pratt: "I needed some alone time"... Move over, Kevin Costner: Government officials seek oil spill advice from James Cameron... Gary Coleman's family plans weekend funeral... Elisabetta Canalis denies tweeting this: "I'm flipping through the new Rolling Stone. Iggy Pop on the cover is the double of Jennifer Aniston"... Kristen Stewart says her family saved her from becoming Lindsay Lohan... Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon files for divorce... Sick John Mayer cancels the rest of his European tour... Kanye West boycotts Arizona to protest immigration crackdown... Dennis Hopper's art to go on display in L.A... "Lost" star Jorge Garcia's dog struck and killed by car... Video: Len Grossman (aka Tom Cruise) strikes again -- this time chewing...

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney  | June 2, 2010; 7:26 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (22)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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Revising the list of 100 greatest pop culture characters

Homer J. Simpson: According to Entertainment Weekly, the greatest character of the past two decades. (Reuters) Entertainment Weekly is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Of course, such an occasion can only be commemorated in classic magazine fashion: with a mega-list. That's why the cover of this week's EW is devoted to the 100 greatest characters of the last 20 years. Entertainment Weekly hasn't posted the full list on its Web site because they want readers to do this old-fangled thing called subscribing or buying a copy off the -- What's that weird thing called again? Oh yeah -- newsstand. As a consequence, Live Journal has published the full list because that's what happens on the Web when you don't publish the list; someone else does it for ya. (Seriously, though, you should subscribe to EW; it is a fine magazine even if it does occasionally keep some of...

By Jen Chaney  | June 1, 2010; 1:54 PM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (12)
Categories:  Pop Culture  | Tags:  Lists, Pop Culture  
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Will Miley Cyrus survive her crossover attempt?

Make no mistake, Miley Cyrus is intentionally pushing her image into adult territory and positioning herself on the playing field with the likes of today's biggest female pop stars -- Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera. But after years spent building up a wholesome image -- selling oneself as the kind of girl who parents of 13-year-olds wouldn't mind their daughters hanging with -- is it possible to shed those years of cred in favor of a decidedly edgy new persona? As mentioned in the Morning Mix, pictures of the 17-year-old popster performing over the weekend in Portugal have again caused an uproar (no doubt, the intention) and launched a debate about Miley's age appropriateness. Is young Miley leading her hordes of heretofore innocent tween fans into a hyper-sexualized zone where grabbing one's crotch and hitting a stripper pole are the natural next step once one graduates from Disney? Or...

By Liz Kelly  | June 1, 2010; 10:47 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (25)
Categories:  Miley Cyrus  | Tags:  Miley Cyrus  
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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt split; Fergie on video sting: 'I was drinking'

Speidi Split: It's official, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have separated after a little more than a year of marriage. Although Heidi has reportedly moved in with a pal, Pratt's sister says she's not buying the breakup, calling Speidi "liars." Could it all be fodder for Montag's new reality project, "The Heidi Show?" Celebrity Beat: Fergie tells Oprah she had been drinking when she tried to sell access to ex Prince Andrew... Celine Dion expecting twins... Lindsay Lohan shows off alcohol-monitoring bracelet; will "Inferno" be too rough for theaters?... Each of Michael Jackson's children inherits $33 million... Miley Cyrus's concert get-up: too hot for 17?... "Celebrity Rehab" postponed due to lack of star power... Kristen Stewart salutes paparazzi with creative hand gesture (slightly NSFW)... Michelle "Bombshell" McGee says Nazi uniform wasn't racist, just anti-Semitic. Video: Tom Cruise reprises "Tropic Thunder" character -- and harasses Robert Pattinson -- in MTV...

By Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly  | June 1, 2010; 7:18 AM ET  |  Permalink  |  Comments (24)
Categories:  Daily Mix  
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