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Posted at 12:38 PM ET, 05/10/2010

'Lost' Superlatives: Cast your votes!

By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney

Dr. Jack Shephard: Most attractive male or biggest drama king? Both? Cast your votes!

In a way, the "Lost" island -- with its cliques, secret crushes and occasionally long-winded lessons about physics -- has always been a little like high school. So with the series coming to an end, what better way to honor our favorite characters than by selecting "Lost" superlatives?

With only two regular episodes and a two-and-a-half hour finale to go, we're in a valedictory mood. In that spirit, we want you -- our fellow students of all things "Lost" -- to vote for the Losties who deserve special recognition. Who is most likely to succeed off the island? What about the cutest couple or most lovable BFFs? We've also got titles for the biggest flirt, gossip, most terrifying -- and scads more.

John Locke: Most likely to succeed off island? Cast your votes!

Click here to review the (ahem) candidates and cast your votes for the Lostie who most deserves each title. Then come back on Monday, May 24 -- the day after the "Lost" finale -- to see who was selected as the winner in each category.


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By Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney  | May 10, 2010; 12:38 PM ET
Categories:  Lost  | Tags:  Lost, Lost Superlatives  
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Under the "Worst Parent" category, you've listed Anthony Cooper but the pic is of Charles Widmore.

Posted by: wadejg | May 10, 2010 12:51 PM | Report abuse

Thanks for the catch. We went back and forth on whether to include Cooper or Widmore there. Cooper won, but somewhow Widmore's photo didn't get subbed out.

It's fixed now!

Posted by: Liz Kelly | May 10, 2010 2:38 PM | Report abuse

The only one I really had to think about was the last one, "Who you'd most like to be stranded with on a desert island."

My gut & naughty bits said Sawyer or Des, but when I thought about it, I had to go w/the man w/military training AND the hotness that is Sayid.

Posted by: wadejg | May 10, 2010 2:57 PM | Report abuse

Ahh, gotta love the 0% tally for Ana Lucia as Smartest Female.

Posted by: charlesbakerharris | May 10, 2010 3:58 PM | Report abuse

I'd like to submit a write in candidate for most attractive male, Jin-Soo Kwon.

Posted by: felipeanuel | May 10, 2010 4:36 PM | Report abuse

Eloise Hawking isn't a candidate for smartest female?

Crazy talk! Crazy talk, I tell you!

Posted by: KevFromArlington | May 10, 2010 4:52 PM | Report abuse

Only 6% for Vincent to be stuck on a desert island with? He's the only one that hasn't killed someone so he'd be the least threatening, not to mention the most loyal. And, if we ever ran out of wild boar...!

Posted by: Fate1 | May 10, 2010 10:30 PM | Report abuse

Agree re: Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) being hot. For that matter, Harold Perrineau (Michael) is very attractive, as is Alan Dale (Widmore) and Fionula Flanagan (Eloise Hawking--the one whose photo you should have used, not that bad young actress who showed up in one episode).

Posted by: chunche | May 10, 2010 10:51 PM | Report abuse

Most evolved is James, by far.

Posted by: ooyah32 | May 11, 2010 2:29 AM | Report abuse

I'd like to be stranded with either Ana Lucia or Anna. It must be my 'red shirt' fetish.

Posted by: JoStalin | May 11, 2010 7:23 AM | Report abuse

How did Claire not make the "most irritating" list?

Posted by: gtrain82 | May 11, 2010 2:36 PM | Report abuse

what about eloise hawking as worst parent?

Posted by: stepheli | May 11, 2010 3:06 PM | Report abuse

How did Ben Linus not end up on the "worst parent" list?

Also agree that Sawyer is, by far, the most evolved.

Posted by: floof | May 11, 2010 3:47 PM | Report abuse

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