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Posted at 3:27 PM ET, 07/24/2010

Comic-Con 2010: Live Tweets from Saturday panels and events

By Jen Chaney

It's day three of San Diego Comic-Con, which means more panels and potentially more breaking pop culture news.

Jen Chaney will again be live-Tweeting during the day You also can follow her Tweets right here starting at 11:30 a.m. PST/2:30 p.m. EST.

Update: The following is an archive of Jen's Tweet's from Comic-Con Saturday panels and events, in reverse chronological order. Scroll to the bottom to start from the beginning. -- 02:14 p.m. EST, Saturday, July 24

On the way back to the hotel ... BTW, Smallville people, I will do my best to get to your panel tomorrow. But apparently people are alre ...

I just saw Bill Hader zooming by. #sdcc

Lots of people from Glee are here now: Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, etc. #sdcc

Just chatted with Greg Mottola and Paul Scheer. Kieran Culkin is here, too, #sdcc

Michael Cera was hitting the candy room. Literally there is an entire room of candy at this party. #sdcc

Ian Somerhalder just kissed my hand. That might have been worth the two-hour wait. #sdcc

I am in the party finally. Danny Devito is holding court poolside. #sdcc

Ming Na just left. Surely there is room. #sdcc

We have been waiting for an hour and 20 minutes. #sdcc

Someone just said Halle Berry is upstairs. #sdcc

This is officially torture. Massive crowd downstairs that can't get up to EW party. #sdcc

People are getting surly. Why does Comic-Con involve so much senseless waiting? #sdcc

Someone in the line threw a snit about having to wear a bracelet and left. #sdcc

Supposedly the party is at capacity but they are letting more of us up to the roof soon. #sdcc

Kodi Smit-McPhee breezed by and into the party; can't I be his plus one? #sdcc

In line for the elevator to go up to the Ent. Weekly party. #sdcc

There is a girl on the shuttle who might explode because Jeremy Renner is in The Avengers. Seriously. She really might. #sdcc

Also overheard, in reference to stabbing: "That was like a stabbing." #sdcc

On shuttle, where people are still freaking about Avengers. #ssdc

All The.Avengers onstage including Scarlett J, Robert Downey, Jeremy Renner and yup Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. #sdcc

They are showing an Avengers teaser and here comes Sam Jackson. #sdcc

Feige says Punisher is coming into the Marvel movie fold. #sdcc

Fan just shouted Ed Norton at Kevin Feige. Feige says Hulk will live on, and the panel "isn't over yet." #sdcc

Branagh says there will be elements of Don Blake version of Thor. #sdcc

Thor footage -- in 3D -- just shown. That's right: a Kenneth Branagh 3D comic book movie. #sdcc

Now Kenneth Branagh onstage, bringing on Thor cast. #sdcc

Director Joe Johnston said he loves Raiders of the Lost Ark. And the Capt America clip definitely had a Raiders vibe. #sdcc

They are about to show a rough scene from Capt. America, just shot last week. #sdcc

Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving onstage for Capt. America. Evans said he just started shooting five days ago. #sdcc

First Captain America trailer just shown. Roars of applause in the hall. #sdcc

Kevin Feige from Marvel is on stage now. #sdcc

Comic-Con 2010: A stabbing at the San Diego Convention Center: A stabbing occurred today at Comic-Con in Hall H, t...

The only thing that could yank the buzz in the room away from the stabbing: Han Solo/Harrison Ford. #sdcc

Comes out July 29, 2011. #sdcc

Just watched a Cowboys and Aliens clip. Looks promising, even though I am not sure about the plot. #sdcc

Favreau is about to show a short clip from Cowboys and Aliens. #sdcc

This is Mr. Ford's first Comic-Con appearance. This is for Cowboys and Aliens, BTW. But whatever. He's Han Solo. #sdcc

Holy @#! Harrison Ford also came onstage at Comic-Con. The place just EXPLODED. #sdcc

Daniel Craig is onstage. People are going nuts. #sdcc

Jon Favreau just jumped onstage and everyone jumped to their feet. #sdcc

"Paul" trailer -- with opener that features Comic-Con homages and an alien with Rogen's voice -- just got massive applause. #sdcc

Sigourney Weaver on Paul panel

About to see sizzle reel of "Paul" at Comic-Con, which comes out next year. #sdcc

Jeffrey Tambor remembers coming to Comic-Con with Max Headroom. Nice. #sdcc

Kristen Wiig not onstage; Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg, Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, Bill Hader are... #sdcc

Oh man, Jason Bateman is on Paul panel. He wasn't on the list!! #sdcc

"Paul" Comic-Con panel is beginning. I assume this means the stabbing wasn't fatal? #sdcc

Looks like the Comic-Con program might be resuming... #sdcc

Everything is on hold for nearly an hour. This is unbelievable. #sdcc

Thanks to this incident, we have to watch the same trailer reel again for the next hour. #sdcc

If this Comic-Con chair/stabbing incident is not a clear indication that this event needs a larger venue, I don't know what is. #sdcc

Drama continues: an arrest allegedly made. Someone on Twitter says stabbing weapon was a pen. Which is vaguely comforting. #sdcc

Now someone is saying that someone in the back was stabbed. Good lord. #comic-con #sdcc

I'm hearing there was a fight over a chair & someone got hurt. Once paramedics resolve, the panels will continue. Yeesh. #sdcc #comic-con

There's still some medical situation being resolved. The head of Comic-Con is going back to investigate. #sdcc

Announcement asking everyone to make room and return to their seats. The situation is under control ... whatever the situation is. #sdcc

Medical situation in the back of the Hall. Whole back half of the Hall is standing up. (We're in between panels.) #sdcc

Fan just told Milla Jovovich that Angelina Jolie is nothing compared to her. Milla's fine, but that fan might want to see "Salt." #sdcc

Oh, thank God. Bob Stencil: Do you think that zombies will be like the next Draculas? Answer from Milla J.: You know, zombies are zombies.

Um, is it time for the Paul panel yet? #sdcc #comic-con

Resident Evil people are kissing each other's butts onstage right now. #sdcc

Oops, I was wrong. It's Resident Evil: Afterlife, THEN Paul. Milla Jovovich and co. now on stage. #sdcc

@Rigel6 A studio or insider has to give it to you, but they clear out seats after each panel. You can't keep the seat for the day.

Awaiting the beginning of the Comic-Con panel for "Paul," with Greg Mottola, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig, et al. @SDCC

Still in midst of trailer park session; someone behind me called Drive Angry the Jonah Hex of 2011. #SDCC #Comic-Con

Is Comic-Con the appropriate venue for a Zac Efron trailer? #SDCC

Chloe Moretz says she still hasn't seen all of Let the Right One In. Mom won't let her. #SDCC #Comic-Con

Another intense clip of Let Me In; this honestly looks good. #SDCC #Comic-Con

Reeves now talking about his decision to remake Let the Right One In, and how much he loved the original. #SDCC #Comic-Con

Director Matt Reeves is taking too long to answer questions. #SDCC

First clip from Let Me In shown and I am indeed intrigued. #SDCC. #Comic-Con

Let Me In underway -- trailer is gripping, if reminiscent of Let the Right One In. #SDCC

Piranha 3D trailer -- much excited. Paranormal Activity 2 -- not so much. #SDCC #Comic-Con

The words "From the Mind of M. Night Shyamalan" on the trailer for Devil just got huge laugh from the Comic-Con crowd. #SDCC

Apparently there are technical difficulties in the hall at Comic-Con. So now we are seeing trailers. #SDCC #Comic-Con

Buzz in the Hall is that Green Lantern footage was so-so and too brief. #SDCC #Comic-Con

Let Me In panel to start shortly... #SDCC #Comic-Con

I'm in! Reserved seating is the BEST. #SCDD #Comic-Con

Attempting to get back in Hall H now ... Pray for me. #SDCC

Just ran into Wesley Snipes very briefly on the Exhibit Hall floor; he's here in conn. with his work on comics. #SDCC

Comic-Con 2010: 'Super 8' amps up the viral marketing: What the heck is a Rocket Poppeteer? It's got something to ...

I will be back in the Hall (I hope) for Let Me In Comic-Con panel, if my reserved pass for that panel is worth anything. #SDCC

Ryan Reynolds took the Green Lantern oath on stage. Clearly playing to the audience. Well done. #Comic-Con

CinemaBlend is live-blogging Lantern Comic-Con panel, for those trying to keep up.

@TheMovieGod Now, given the madness Comic-Con has become, I am starting to agree about moving it, or at least improving access...

So sorry about Green Lantern & Potter. Friend who saved me a spot in line got there 3 hrs before showtime. I'll RT any good info I see...

Just tried to pop in to The Event preview; shut out of that, too.

I have found the super-secret pressroom, but they are not simulcasting Hall H footage in here. So no Green Lantern or Potter. Sorry, guy ...

Comic-Con 2010: Live Tweets from Saturday panels and events: It's day three of San Diego Comic-Con, which means mo...

Crud. The hall is full. And now, plan B...

Still outside the hall, trying to get in for Green Lantern, etc. Is there anything more fun than waiting in line? #SDCC

Overheard in line: "Stan Lee said Excelsior to me. I can die now."

In line for Green Lantern ... This should be a fun 2-plus hours. #SDCC #Comic-Con

By Jen Chaney  | July 24, 2010; 3:27 PM ET
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