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Posted at 1:00 PM ET, 07/25/2010

Comic-Con 2010: Live Tweets from Sunday panels and events

By Jen Chaney

It's the final day of San Diego Comic-Con. But you can't stop the Tweets.

Jen Chaney will again be live-Tweeting during the day at You also can follow her Tweets right here starting at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST.

Update: The following is an archive of Jen's Tweet's from Comic-Con Sunday panels and events, in reverse chronological order. Scroll to the bottom to start from the beginning. -- 12:05 p.m. EST, Sunday, July 25

Actually, I think Murphy *did* mean Brittany is doing a Britney song, not Spears. Sorry for misunderstanding -- clearly Tweeting 2 quickly.

@JasmineBritney That's what I thght he said in press conference, unless when he said one of them will be sung by Britney, he meant Brittany.

I will be posting more Comic-Con-related posts this week at, including one on Glee. #sdcc

Think I'll take one last spin around exhibit floor, then I have to start getting ready to head out. #sdcc

RT @funnyordie: Fans react to Hall H Comic-Con stabbing w/ costumes the next day. Too soon? Probably. Still hilarious. #sdcc http://twit ...

I desperately need to eat, but rest assured that I will post Glee video and more in Celebritology blog soon. #sdcc

Crowd of fans at stage trying to snap pictures of the Gleeks. #sdcc #glee

And that wraps up the panel. They're playing us out with (coincidence?) "The Time Warp." #sdcc #glee

Fan asks if Glee will feature any songs from golden era of Broadway. Maybe "Guys and Dolls"? Murphy sounds intrigued. #sdcc #glee

Fan asks Amber Riley if she'll have any solos. Murphy says yes; in religion episode, we go to Mercedes's church. #sdcc #glee

Murphy says they will explore family lives of certain characters. "I really want to see who Rachel's gay dads are." #sdcc #glee

Fan asks for specifics abt Kurt's boyfriend. Murphy says: "I think he should have a boyfriend and they should be prom king and king." #sdcc

Murphy confirms that Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth will both return next season on "Glee" (not as regulars). #sdcc

Murphy says working on an episode in which Tina falls out of love with Artie. Not sure if he's joking, but don't think so. #sdcc

Jenna Ushkowitz, Ryan Murphy admit they both were in glee clubs. #sdcc #glee

When asked about pet peeves, Chris Colfer complains about Amber posting a video of him on a treadmill on Twitter. #glee #sdcc

Everyone says they were nervous about performing for Obama. But Oprah was a scarier gig than the president. #scc #glee

Heather Morris: Glad we have such a fan base because we (she and Naya Rivera) are best friends in real life. #sdcc #glee

Murphy: "Funnily enough, we are doing a Rocky Horror episode." #sdcc #glee

Chris Colfer wants to do "The Time Warp." (He told me that earlier.) #sdcc #glee

Shouted suggestion to do Justin Bieber episode booed by crowd. #sdcc #glee

In negotiations to do big tribute ep for Super Bowl, but Murphy says he can't say who it is. #glee #sdcc

Cast to get Britney ep tomorrow; Murphy says they are doing it in a weird "hallucinogenic" way. #sdcc #glee

Britney Spears episode to be called "Britney/Brittany." #sdcc #glee

Ryan Murphy: "I want to see a whole episode of Brittany, I want to see more of Tina and Artie." #sdcc #glee

Ryan Murphy notes that there will be another Madonna episode. He does not say when. #glee #sdcc

Naya Rivera on Santana: "She's a bitch. And she's always going to be a bitch." #sdcc #glee

Jenna Ushkowitz just confessed her love for "Vampire Diaries." Tina, however, still not a vampire. #sdcc #glee

Chris Colfer talking abt Kurt and his dad: "It's the 1st time in television history that a father has accepted his son for who he is." #sdcc

Clips finally done. Panel proper beginning, with thanks to the fans. #sdcc #glee

Whole room is clapping to Safety Dance right now. #sdcc

Massive round of applause for pending Artie-dances-dream-sequence. #sdcc

Okay, I honestly think they are showing the entire season at this point. #sdcc #glee

Wow, this is a long clip reel. #sdcc

Showing the Single Ladies vid with Tina and Brittany. Non-stop screaming. #sdcc

This place is going bonkers just from the clip reel. Dear God. #sdcc

Watching highlight reel of season one now. #sdcc

@HstryQT: I didn't get to ask your Kurt question, sadly. Raised my hand but they didn't call on me. #sdcc

Glee panel to start momentarily... #sdcc

In the front row at the Glee panel! Way off to the left but still... #sdcc

"We still feel like the underdogs ... that hasn't changed," says Kevin McHale. #sdcc #glee

Murphy says if Justin Timberlake ever guest stars on Glee, he will play Matthew Morrison's younger brother. #sdcc

Murphy says working on Glee ep about religion that will feature "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M. & "Papa Can You Hear Me" from Yentl. #sdcc

Ryan Murphy says the only Glee movie he can imagine would be a 3D concert film. He said in a way that made me think it might happen. #sdcc

Ryan Murphy just joked that Brittany is the one character who can flunk repeatedly, thereby keeping "Glee" set in high school. #sdcc

Naya Rivera says Jennifer Lopez. #sdcc

Amber Riley wants Maxwell or Queen Latifah to guest star. #sdcc

Chris Colfer says he wants Julie Andrews to play his grandmother on "Glee." #sdcc

Murphy says there aren't plans for as much guest star stuff on "Glee." Many online rumors about who will make a cameo are wrong, he says.

Ryan Murphy is very obsessed wth the "sexy girl" look at Comic-Con. And that it might be fun to do a Comic-Con episode. #sdcc

Ryan Murphy says Glee seaso starts shooting Wed. and that Britney Spears ep includes six songs, one of which will be sung by Spears. #sdcc

Glee cast members walking in. Hmm ... Puck isn't here. Thought he was going to be #sdcc

Whole Glee crew about to do short press conference, then their panel, which starts at 1:30 PST. #sdcc

Just shot short video with a few Gleekers -- Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Artie -- which will be posted later in Celebritology. #sdcc

@Erick_Fo_Real I Tweeted it because I did a reader survey and a ton of Smallville fans voted to have me cover. So I wanted to oblige. #sdcc

Doing Glee interviews in a bit; @HstryQT, I will aim to ask Colfer that question about Kurt and gay rights awareness. #sdcc

@LoisLaneLovers You're welcome. More of you asked me to cover that than any other panel, so I wanted to oblige. Hope it was useful. #sdcc

Lots of emotional thanks to the crowd from Smallville cast and crew. Panel wrapping up. #sdcc

Welling just signed his placard and gave it to a female fan for her 18th birthday. #sdcc

Chloe will return next season in some episodes, Smallville panel says. #sdcc

In 200th ep, Smallville will provide a glimpse of past, present and future. Whatever that means. #sdcc

Fan just asked if Batman or Wonder Woman will be on the show; no but members of the Suicide Squad are. #sdcc

Cast asked what their plans are post-Smallville; no one seems to have plans except Schneider and Welling. #sdcc

Schneider just put his driver's license in front of his mic, then removed it when he realized whole room could see his address. #sdcc

Erica Durance says she will be in 22 episodes this season. #sdcc

After Smallville ends, Welling will focus on new show is producing. #sdcc

Fan just asked if there could be a Justice spinoff TV show or movie. Response: never say never. #sdcc

Smallville writers getting a round of applause from audience. #sdcc

John Schneider is returning next season. He has joined the cast onstage. #sdcc

Tom Welling will be wearing a traditional suit next season, switching up from the dark. #sdcc

Smallville panel

Erica Durance says she enjoys the opportunty for Lois to have power over Clark. #sdcc

Smallville Cast and producers heading out ...#sdcc

Clip just finished; lots of whooping in the hall. #sdcc

And I am in! #sdcc

I am still in a moving line but Smallville might be underway already. #sdcc

On the plus side, for those of you who are Gleeks: I have a reserved seat for that panel. So I will get into that at least. #sdcc

Smallville starts in 25 minutes. This is not looking good. #sdcc

Line is moving a little. I am almost out of the marina. #sdcc

I am pretty sure this Smallville Comic-Con line now stretches to the airport. #sdcc

People continue to get in line -- are we all this delusional? Apparently. #sdcc

Guy just walked by, talking on his cell while heading to end of line: "I think it's all these (bleeping) Gleekers."

Just to put this line in context, I am near the marina, behind the Marriott next door to the convention center. #sdcc

I am standing in this line for you, Smallville fans. You demanded it. I am like the Paranormal Activity of Comic-Con. #sdcc

Partial view of the Smallville line

People are lined up for Smallville, Supernatural and Glee, all in same room today. #sdcc

I am now in perhaps the longest line ever for the Smallville panel. Possibly the longest Comic-Con line I have ever stood in. #sdcc

By Jen Chaney  | July 25, 2010; 1:00 PM ET
Categories:  Comic-Con, Pop Culture  
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