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Posted at 8:00 AM ET, 08/26/2010

Tiger Woods talks divorce at PGA tour event; Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus split; 'Cake Boss' co-star Remy Gonzalez arrested

By Sarah Anne Hughes


Celebrity Beat: At a PGA tour event, Tiger Woods discussed how his "actions" led to divorce, how the split has affected his golf game and feeling "sadness" now that the divorce is official... Miley Cyrus and her "The Last Song" co-star Liam Hemsworth have split up, his rep confirms... Now that Lindsay Lohan's out of rehab, can she make a comeback? Check out Lohan's first post-rehab picture and get the rundown on what she's wearing (see: all the product placement)... Prosecutors get results of Mel Gibson investigation... Timbaland denies reports that he contemplated suicide after a watch reportedly worth $2 million was stolen from his home by someone close to him... Kelly Preston and John Travolta are expecting a boy... Remy Gonzalez, co-star of TLC's "Cake Boss," has been arrested on sexual assault charges.

Pop Culture: Francis Ford Coppola will receive an honorary Oscar; Fellow recipient Jean-Luc Godard cannot be tracked down by the Academy, may not attend ceremony... The original Kermit the Frog takes up residence at the Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History... "Britain's Got Talent" superstar Susan Boyle will sing for Pope Benedict XVI during UK tour... Did "Mad Men" go too far with Sally Draper's masturbation scene?... The Swell Season will pay for counseling for fans who witnessed suicide at recent show... Want to be in Justin Bieber's 3-D movie?... "The View" creators plan unisex spinoff... Channing Tatum working on "Ten Year," a film about friends reuniting a decade after graduation... Entertainment Weekly's 25 biggest Emmy nomination snubs.

Chat: Talk entertainment news during the Celebritology discussion with Jen Chaney, today at 2 p.m. ET.

Video: Third TBS promo for new Conan O'Brien show (via Vulture):

By Sarah Anne Hughes  | August 26, 2010; 8:00 AM ET
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How Tiger Woods' "actions" have affected his golf game: then, he was 18 or 19 women over par in the marriage, now, he's 18 or 19 over par on the links. Seems like a pretty direct relationship.

Results of Mel Gibson investigation: yep, pretty much everything after "Mad Max" was crap.

Timbaland denies being suicidal over the watch... but is getting close to homicidal every time a friend says, "Yo, Timba, what time is it?"

So someone complained about the Cake Boss' frosting?

Hurry up, Jean-Luc. We learned our lesson and are not going to spend all night waiting for Godard.

"Want to be in Justin Bieber's 3-D movie?" Depends: does the word "snuff" appear anywhere in its synopsis?

Posted by: byoolin1 | August 26, 2010 8:44 AM | Report abuse

'parently Tiger is looking for more "action."

Miley is single again. Can it be any accident that this is right next to news on how Lilo is loose?

It is so cool, and not surprising, that Jean-Luc Godard is MIA.

If John McCain and Lady Gaga can be a couple, I don't see why the Pope and Susan Boyle can't...oh, wait, the vow thing.

The idea of a Unisex "the View" makes my brain hurt. Who would be the lead host, Carson Kressley?

Posted by: reddragon1 | August 26, 2010 8:49 AM | Report abuse

Re the honorary Oscars, don't forget film legend Eli Wallach. He's the real reason "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" is so successful, because Bacon was in a film with him. So the game could just as plausibly have been titled "5 Degrees of Eli Wallach." BTW, he and Anne Jackson have been married to one another almost 62½ years, which must be approaching some kind of record for two major actors:

"The View" creators plan unisex spinoff.

Starring Julia Sweeney's character Pat?

Posted by: Nosy_Parker | August 26, 2010 10:34 AM | Report abuse

So Tiger hasn't mentioned if he'll be taking up with any of his harem again now that he's single, eh? Or has all the polish worn off them now?

Posted by: ronjaboy | August 26, 2010 10:55 AM | Report abuse

Interesting insight into Dame Helen Mirren from the "My Goodness" column in yesterday's "Slate" (I wonder if she buys her bikinis this way, too!):

When on vacation, Dame Helen Mirren (who almost always looked fatigued and rumpled as Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison on Prime Suspect) often buys her holiday [vacation, in British English ] clothes from charity shops. She picks up outfits from thrift stores when she reaches her destination.

The Academy Award-winning actress told the Toronto Sun, "I love a good charity shop, especially when I'm traveling. When I'm going to cold places, I take nothing—just underwear. On my way from the airport I ask the driver to take me to a good charity shop, and I buy boots, socks, trousers, sweaters, hats and scarves—usually for 30 pounds."

The actress doesn't keep those boots and scarves. "On the way back to the airport, I have it all in a big bag and drop it off at another charity shop."

Posted by: Nosy_Parker | August 26, 2010 11:24 AM | Report abuse

Emmy snub? How about Katey Sagal this season in Sons of Anarchy? That omission was more egregious than the entire list combined!

Posted by: fft5305 | August 26, 2010 12:21 PM | Report abuse

"Miley Cyrus and her ... co-star ... have split up" -- I didn't even know they were dating. How Liz Taylor of her.

"Remy Gonzalez, co-star of TLC's 'Cake Boss,' has been arrested on sexual assault charges." -- Does TLC stand for Tabloid Loser Channel? First the Gosselins, now Remy. Will Remy be on "Dancing with the Stars" next season, then?

"Francis Ford Coppola will receive an honorary Oscar" -- It's about time someone recognized the brilliance of "The Godfather: Part III" and gave that man a statuette. His directing of his daughter (what's her name? Sofia?) was masterful.

"The original Kermit the Frog takes up residence at the Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History" -- Getting slime all over Archie Bunker's Chair too.

"Did 'Mad Men' go too far with Sally Draper's ma_____on scene?" -- I didn't realize "Mad Men" was a reference to the writing and production staff. Gross.

"Susan Boyle will sing for Pope Benedict XVI during UK tour" -- Whose tour, hers or his? For a second I thought you meant her. I could just see His Holiness, sitting in the front row wearing his miter and carrying a homemade sign saying (in German), "I Dreamed a Dream I'd See You Sing Live Someday!" ignoring the cries of "down in front" from behind him.

Posted by: td_in_baltimore | August 26, 2010 1:32 PM | Report abuse

"The original Kermit the Frog takes up residence at the Smithsonian Natural Museum of American History"

Heck, td, I'm more worried about Kermy winding up in Julia Child's cuisses de grenouille, not to mention what Julia could do to Miss Piggy (Owe, the porcinity!).

BTW, we got us a real BKD over at the late afternoon post, "Bristol Palin joins cast of 'Dancing With the Stars'":
Props to our favorite Cryptid for this gem: "Maybe we'll get a shot of Alaskan beaver." (4:18 PM)

Posted by: Nosy_Parker | August 26, 2010 5:07 PM | Report abuse

From the Post's Ed O'Keefe, Wanda Sykes "worked for the National Security Agency as a procurement specialist":

Minds out of the gutter, folks.

Posted by: Nosy_Parker | August 26, 2010 5:34 PM | Report abuse

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