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Posted at 1:05 PM ET, 10/ 8/2010

Friday List: 10 excellent celebrity and pop culture Halloween costumes

By Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly

A Halloween costume that goes the ROYGBIV Internet meme route.
(Photo courtesy of epicponyz, via Buzzfeed)

Halloween is three weeks away, which means that, technically, there's still plenty of time to put together a costume. But if you want to do something really awesome this year -- and by "really awesome" we mean better than throwing on that Steve Urkel outfit you've been wearing every Oct. 31 since 1993 -- it's best to plan ahead.

As always, we at Celebritology are here to help. We've compiled a list of 10 Halloween ensembles -- each one inspired by timely celebrity and pop culture trends -- that are sure to attract attention at any "Dead Man's Party" (or at least impress a few greedy trick-or-treaters). In the interest of providing even more suggestions, we've also created a photo gallery where you can upload photos of your own past celebrity and pop culture-inspired costumes. By all means, share your images with the masses -- even if said image is a picture of you in that Urkel costume -- and add your own 2010 costume suggestions by posting a comment.

1. The YouTube Double Rainbow video: As you'll see in other items on this list, Internet memes provide endless Halloween costume fodder. Dressing up as the trippy Double Rainbow video that made the rounds this summer -- as one dude (per the photo above) already did -- strikes us as a particularly inspired choice.

Want to go as a couple? Have one person dress as the rainbow and another person dress like a hippie hiker with a video camera in hand and a sign attached to his or her outfit that asks, "What does it mean?"

2. Katy Perry on "Sesame Street": Ladies, you could dress up as a sexy boxer or as slutty Strawberry Shortcake. But why do that when you can don the (allegedly) most provocative outfit ever: that green, low-cut-ish dress worn by Katy Perry in the banned "Sesame Street" video? London's Canada's Globe and Mail has already singled it out as the season's hot Halloween costume option.

Alternate option: Go as Perry on "SNL," completely with snugly fitting Elmo T-shirt.

Want to go as a couple? This is even better. Wear the "Sesame Street" outfit, then have your partner go as Elmo. What the two of you do at a Halloween party to play up the "inappropriateness" of this pairing is totally your business.

3. The cast of "Glee": Easiest group costume ever. The tallest female among you slaps on the tracksuit and goes as Sue Sylvester. A male or a female could easily assume the persona of football coach Shannon Beiste. Throw a couple of cheerleader costumes on friends willing to be Brittany and Santana; select a miniskirt, knee-highs and weird-looking sweater combo for Rachel Berry; find an uber-stylish dandy to be Kurt; add a dude with a mohawk and a guitar as Puck and you've got yourself the cast of a wildly popular Fox series.

(Warner Bros.)

4. The zero-gravity scene from "Inception":This one will require some work on your part. Also, walking might be a challenge. But your nerdy, Christopher Nolan-loving friends will worship you like some sort of dreamscape-re-creating deity, so it will be worth it. Dress as Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character does during this scene: dark pants with a vest, white button-down and a tie. Then create a large-scale diorama of sorts -- a box that looks like a hotel hallway shifted on its side. Cut out some holes so you can slip that diorama over your head, poke your arms out of the sides and wear it for the evening. You're all set.

Want to go as a couple? Have a friend or significant other dress up like Leonardo DiCaprio's maddening spinning top, thereby ensuring that people will spend the whole night asking your friend or significant other whether he/she eventually stops spinning after the final scene.

5. Ramona Flowers: So not many people saw "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World." So what? Ramona Flowers is the essence of hipster superhero cool and -- whether you technically base your look on the comic or the movie -- easy to emulate, as many Comic-Con attendees have already demonstrated. Dye your hair a funky color (blue, purple or green will do), wear a pair of shorts with tights underneath, a hipster hoody and a pair of goggles on your head. Oh, and if possible, carry around a star purse like this one.

Want to go as a couple? The obvious option is for your date to dress as Scott Pilgrim. But why not mix it up and -- Internet meme costume alert! -- persuade him to dress as Prancing Michael Cera instead.

6. Random supporting players from "Lost": For "Lost"-aholics who want to pay tribute to the show in the wake of its final season, why not do something a little different than the Kate-and-Jack-with-backpacks routine? Gather your friends together and go as various lesser-known characters from the series. One person can be Neil Frogurt, complete with fake flaming arrow attached to his or her chest; another can sport the crunchy, burlap-sack look popularized by Allison Janney's Mother; still another can throw on the mutton chops and temple garb worn by Dogen. Only the hard-core "Lost" fans at your Halloween party will have a clue who you are, but you don't really want to talk to non-"Lost" fans anyway, right?

Lady Gaga's grade-A frock.

7. Lady Gaga: Two options. The safe option: Party City offers wigs, makeup kits and an impressive range of Gagaesque get-ups for under $50. The daring (and possibly food-borne-illness-causing) option: The VMA meat dress. Find a nude bodysuit and glue-gun or staple a couple hundred dollars worth of sirloin to it. Also be sure to save enough meat to cover a pair of tranny heels and to serve as a jaunty headpiece. Flies are optional. Also be aware that you may be asked to leave any club or party after a few hours -- as well as be lambasted by PETA. (A safer variation involves using something like these plastic T-bone dog chews.)

8. "Jersey Shore": If, like me (Liz), you can't get enough of MTV's darling fist-pumping Guidos and Guidettes (I wrote about them yesterday, too), you may be interested in Party City's "Situation" shirt -- complete with fake abs and tattoos. You'll need to supply the witty asides yourself.

Want to go as a couple? Find your shortest friend (hey, Jen!) and pop her into a too-tight mini-dress and black wig modified to sport the signature Snooki hair pouf. Below, Snooki demonstrates:

9. Justin Bieber, daredevil: Both Justin Bieber lovers and haters can agree that dressing up as one of the Bieb's 2010 Internet memes is much more exciting than just slapping on a wig ( and a hoodie. That's right, take your Bieber costume into high-concept territory by gluing a glass door or a water bottle (preferably empty) to your head. Your inspiration?

Justin Bieber hit with water bottle:

And Justin Bieber hits head on glass door:

10. Kanye West's tweets: "Interrupting Kanye" is so 2009. Update your Kanye-inspired Halloween gear by seeking inspiration in the man's words. Specifically, his Twitter account. We suggest starting with Kanye's "Power" video garb -- a pair of black slacks (non-pleated, thank you), drapey black T-shirt and a gold chain with a big enough gauge to tow an oil tanker. Then navigate over to Twitter and print out your favorite tweets (which recently inspired yet another Kanye-related meme, Kanye is Tracy Jordan). Last, affix the tweets to your clothes haphazardly. Bonus: Give them out as party favors at the end of the night.

Some recent candidates:

"Remember the museum plastic spaceship toys that were molded right in front of you?.... Those use to smell awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"It was always sucky when my parents chaperoned me on field trips ... until I was the only kid with Mcdonalds and a museum toy."

"People saying that the verse on Christian Dior Denim Flow is very [rhymes with glass]-pirational."

ahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah aaand 140

By Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly  | October 8, 2010; 1:05 PM ET
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The Globe and Mail is not a London paper. It's Canadian, hence the maple leafs everywhere.

Posted by: tel4 | October 8, 2010 3:50 PM | Report abuse

The Globe and Mail is not a London paper. It's Canadian, hence the maple leafs everywhere.

Posted by: tel4 | October 8, 2010 3:50 PM | Report abuse

Toronto ain't no London.

Posted by: Yoki | October 8, 2010 4:16 PM | Report abuse


Posted by: sasquatchbigfoot | October 8, 2010 4:27 PM | Report abuse

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